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Bombs and Racist Propaganda Found in Connecticut Home

By Bill Morlin on January 31, 2013 - 5:22 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, White Supremacist

Just down the road from the scene of the December school massacre in Newtown, Conn., police in Stamford have discovered a home filled with bomb-making materials, assorted firearms, and white supremacist and anti-police propaganda.

Stamford police and FBI agents today identified and interviewed a middle-aged man who apparently had been illegally living in the home, triggering an inspection Wednesday by health inspections. The home is less than 700 feet from a middle school. The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, has not been charged while authorities discuss whether to proceed with state or federal charges.

Police discovered loaded weapons including rifles and shotguns near entry points to the home, white supremacist and anti-police propaganda, a monitoring system to watch the outside of the home, and a reinforced escape tunnel that ran underground through the backyard, the Stamford Patch reported. They also found bombs that were being prepared with PVC pipes loaded with nuts and bolts that were apparently meant to serve as anti-personnel shrapnel.

In addition to swastikas, a poster inside the home depicted a police funeral with a derogatory message scrawled across it, Stamford Police Chief Jon Fontneau told the newspaper. Loaded firearms were discovered near entry points to the home.

“I’ve been on hundreds, if not thousands, of search warrants,” the chief said, “and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

D.J. McAneny, a reporter for the Stamford Patch, told Hatewatch today that police and explosives experts were at the house at 170-172 Vine Road throughout the night, but had cleared the scene by midday today. Stamford is 25 miles from Newtown, where 26 people were murdered on Dec. 14.

Anne Fountain, director of the Stamford Department of Health and Social Services, said her department had received the initial complaint about the property in May, but workers were refused entrance when they went to the home, the Stamford newspaper reported.

“We had received a complaint of an illegal dwelling with several code violations, but he wouldn’t let us in,” Fountain told the newspaper. “We’d been there a second time prior to [Wednesday]’s visit, so this was on ongoing complaint. We had to obtain a search warrant to access the home, which is why the police were present.”

The Stamford police chief said that when one of his officers, accompanying the health department worker, discovered explosives, they evacuated and police took over the investigation.

Tax records show the property is owned by William Hertle Properties LLC, and Debra Saturno-Galang is listed as co-owner, the Stamford Patch reported.

The police chief said health workers and his officer who initially entered the home were overcome by the smell of urine and feces from the basement, apparently from dogs that weren’t let outside, Fontneau said.

  • Reynardine

    Sher, they need probable cause to get a warrant, and truly exigent circumstances to enter without it. I have had some of the worst neighbors in the world, one of whom picked a fight with me and then said I had made a death threat. Upon interviewing both me and her, they basically told her to not start crap with people over sixty-five, as the law frowns thereon.

  • Aron

    Sher-w-u I don’t see anyone here asking to give up their civil liberties. And since you sound as though you’re speaking from experience, how about you pick up any beer cans that land in your neighbor’s yard!

  • sher-w-u

    I’m surprised how many of the comments are willing to give up civil rights for others. It is a good thing when police follow the law. Try to think into the future. There are survivalist’s in every state.

    Maybe one of your neighbors complained about you. How should the police handle that? You know you are innocent, you know your neighbor is angry because a beer can was found in his back yard on your side of his yard. He wants to get even and willing to let the police do it for him.

  • Tobias A, Weissman

    With all this reporting by the News Media and the SPLC, exposes these sick organizations from flourishing. Just think that in the late 1940’s thru the early 1960’s, the public had no idea of their existence.

  • Kevin-Lee

    I have recently come accross a very interesting book titled ” Theory of Cognitive Dissonance” and I have found the research to help me understand further the possible reasons that persons such as this man in the above article, and in fact why many such people resort to hate and violence against others.
    This does not provide “excuse” nor does it condone this behavior, but is merely a vehicle for “understanding” this behavior.
    I think it would be good reading for the many various public servants to read it, and give them insight as to possible ways to help combat this type of behavior, and for us, the Citizens, to help us “identify” these elements in those that inhabit our communities.

  • Roger B.

    I guess the days of “The Bridges of Madison County” are over huh? This country has lost it’s mind. It seems like all we can do any more is sit back and observe the insanity we are all in danger of facing almost every day. It feels like we are living in a war zone in this country more and more all the time. Who needs outside enemies when we keep growing our own home grown brand of lunatic.

  • Reynardine

    I read several of the “Dune” novels and saw the movie: a thing well shot, but in consideration of the numerous cans of custard they must have used up shooting a certain sequence, I hope never to see again.

  • Michael Parker

    Our government have for years ignored these White terrorist groups here at home, while destroying terrorist outside the country. I ask, what is the difference, shouldn’t our government destroy these White terrorist groups? They destroyed Black groups in this country that were not even terrorist.

  • Reyn

    Paul “Maud Dib” Atreides, I would remind you, in order to assure the survival of humanity and civilization and to guarantee the golden path (the continued and continuous spread of humanity throughout the multiverse from, I would remind you, a million world empire already) established the most authoritarian and repressive regime seen, with the possible exception of the machine state prior to the Butlerian Jihad, ever. Leto II carried on the tradition after Alia gave in to abomination – and continued it for thousands of years until the cycle renewed. Of all the literary characters you could have represent your Right wing (Objectivist?) views — that is without question the least logical one you could have selected.

  • concernedcitizen

    As a country we need to dig deeper into the festering beliefs and propaganda that infuse citizens with such hate. Sure we study it at a collegiate level, and I’m sure there are those who study it at a professional level; but it still remains a problem that has obviously dug into the deep recesses of hidden areas and found even more monstrous individuals who push hate to the levels of violence.
    It does not matter that these terrorists are American Citizens, it is my belief that they should be treated as any enemy combatant.

  • Reynardine

    Of course, Kiwi. The Kwisatch Haderach does not consider himself civilized.

  • CM

    Paul Muadib said,
    on February 2nd, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    “Anne Kiley- where in the article does it mention how well the department is funded? You’re making an equivocation based on information you may not possess.”

    No, it’s not an equivocation, which is a statement that misleads by using ambiguous language. There was nothing ambiguous about her statement. You could label it speculative or conjectural, but it’s definitely not equivocal. So you’ve demonstrated that you like to use words you don’t know the meaning of.

    “But that’s typical ‘progressive’ speak. Assume all of our problems are proportional to the amount of cash the government steals from us. Why don’t you send them a generous donation to help?”

    Your claims appear to be typical “anti-government zealot” speak. What do you mean by “cash the government steals from us”? I’ve never had a government steal cash from me. If you’re referring to taxation, you’re deploying loaded, inflammatory and misleading language to describe it.

    Taxation is not theft; in return for your tax payments, you receive a wide variety of services, without which you would have a very hard time earning a living or raising a family. Thus, taxes are, in effect, fees paid for services rendered.

    Now, if you’re like most other anti-government zealots, you’ll probably want to claim that the Founding Fathers didn’t intend things to work this way. However, to do so, you’ll have to ignore or explain away the plain meaning of their own explanation of what their purpose was in drafting the U.S. Constitution:

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to Form a more perfect Union, Establish Justice, Insure domestic Tranquility, Provide for the common defence, Promote the general Welfare, and Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    Presumably, you approve of our capitalist economic system. So is there some reason you’d like to advance to explain why you should be exempted from paying your share of the cost of civilization?

  • Paul Muadib

    @Anne Kiley- where in the article does it mention how well the department is funded? You’re making an equivocation based on information you may not possess.
    But that’s typical “progressive” speak. Assume all of our problems are proportional to the amount of cash the government steals from us. Why don’t you send them a generous donation to help?

  • concernedcitizen

    This is very important stuff to know because without reporting the activities and finds of these supremacists the public will be less on guard. And quite frankly I want to know if there is a hate group that has a stronghold in an area because that is no place I would want to settle down. We need strong communities that take active participation in reporting them and stopping their activities.
    The racist that I have witnessed here in the Wisconsin area are big on clandestine type operations. They harass and try to stay under the radar of the Federal Government. But they coordinate efforts to intimidate and coerce based on a racist agenda. And I believe that there is a lot of it going on but there is a failure to report it and a failure to recognize it for what it is: it reminds me of some of what I am reading in Morris Dees Book about how the Klan was sending calling cards and then setting out to disrupt the lives of the Vietnamese.

    But in order for groups like this to exist there must be a community that embraces and allows this sort of cancer to exist in it.
    Anyone who believes in Civil liberties should find that very disturbing and I further believe that when groups such as these fester in communities they can grow with more violent intent because no one is standing up to stop them while they wage their wars upon free American Citizens.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I’d like to know what on earth this jerk was planning to do with all this deadly stuff. I can only speculate.

    What frightens me is knowing that there are heaps of people out there who look at what happened in Newtown and want to do something bigger than that…and then do so.

  • Mary Lewis

    ” The suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, has not been charged while authorities discuss whether to proceed with state or federal charges.” Isn’t this lack of action itself insane? Can’t authorities put him in a mental hospital on a 72-hour hold, at least?

  • Ron P

    How do know it was “guy” that got caught? Debra Saturno-Galang’s facebook page makes for an interesting read.

  • Aron

    Well that’s less than good. Thank heavens they caught him!


    “…her department had received the initial complaint in May..” In MAY! This is a perfect example of what happens when health and social servic agencies are underfunded. Just imagine what this clown could have done since MAY! It’s a disgrace.

  • Jane Schiff

    to Bill Martin – I’m from Connecticut and although Connecticut is small, Newtown and Stamford are very different communities. Stamford is considered a bedroom community of New York. I find these incidents particularly disturbing after reading about SPLC’s excellent coverage of groups like The Connecticut White Wolves and Sovereigns in general. I left Connecticut in the mid 1970’s. After reading about incidents in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New England it’s starting to feel surreal.

  • Reynardine

    About the only relevance of this disgusting find to the normal business of SPLC that I can see is the ease with which the dangerous, bigoted, and paranoid in our society can get access to the means of murder.