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Serial Threat-Maker and Neo-Nazi Bill White is Charged Yet Again

By Mark Potok on February 8, 2013 - 12:43 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi

Bill White, the wildly obnoxious neo-Nazi who has made a profession of lobbing criminal threats at his enemies, has apparently been at it again.

On Thursday, according to today’s edition of the Roanoke (Va.) Times, White was indicted for threatening to have his ex-wife beaten and “hospitalized” for declining to send him some $400 a month while he was a fugitive in Mexico last year. White was already being held in Chicago, where he is serving time for violating his parole by fleeing to Mexico and also awaiting sentencing for threatening a juror.

White, a one-time anarchist who later became the founder and leader of now-defunct American National Socialist Workers Party, is known for making threats over the phone and via E-mail. His targets have included black tenants of a Virginia apartment complex who sued their landlord for discrimination, a federal jury chairman who helped convict another neo-Nazi leader, a black Miami Herald columnist, and a woman at a credit card company. He once threatened to come to the home of the author of this post some time after midnight, in a car that he said was loaded with guns.

His latest alleged offense, according to the federal indictment, was to send threatening E-mails to his ex-wife, Meghan White. The two reportedly had an informal agreement that she would send him $400 a month in “alimony,” but once he fled for Mexico last May she stopped payment on her first check and did not send any more, enraging her former husband.

Infuriated, White wrote her at one point: “I would strongly recommend that you have the $500 when you are contacted – or you will probably be hospitalized.” On another occasion, he wrote: “I’ve had an offer from a loan shark in Roanoke to split the money you owe me 50/50,” the Roanoke Times reported. “He will send someone to beat you’re a– if you don’t pay, and I will give him half for the service.”

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well put, Kristina. Very thoughtful comment. I will remember that.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Kristina, your response on 2/8 well put!

  • Roger B.

    Even if he did live in such a society it wouldn’t take long for him to get what he wanted from this country anyway. We already have the majority of the worlds arsenal. Both private and military. But then again that’s probably why it’s such a safe and sane country to live in and why there is so little gun violence. Especially since our citizens don’t really have to worry about having to get a back ground check or registering their guns. That of course makes perfect sense so we can by all means protect peoples rights to own their own personal arsenal at any cost..

  • hunglikejesus

    this person is clearly not sane and may need some medicine.

  • KMC

    Hey, pea shooters aren’t harmless!!
    Didn’t your mother warn you that they could put out an eye??

  • Cedric Katesby

    Mr White needs to live in a society where he can get hold of nothing more dangerous than a pea shooter.

  • terrible tommy


  • Shadow Wolf

    “Serial-Threat Maker”(???)

    Hahaha. Sorry I had chuckle. The title itself cracked me up. This guy obviously makes a living out of spreading death threats.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Bill White has a remarkable ability to commit overt and covert acts that lead to his own destruction. For all of his railing against blacks, Jews, and left-handed Baptists who drive De Sotos, he is his own worst enemy.

    The vanguard of the “white race” has hired a loanshark to beat his ex-wife into yielding up alimony that was not agreed in a written contract. Doesn’t speak much for the high standards of the Aryan race in any of this.

    And bringing in a loanshark! Isn’t that the tactics of the enemies he despises and opposes? He has become what he beheld.

    If Bill White had not caused so much unnecessary pain to other human beings and expense to state and federal authorities in his prosecution and punishment, he would be funny.

    I think that back in his childhood, he was a victim of bullying, and has turned the experience both inward and outward.

  • Erika

    Once again everyone, your vanguard of the white race. How long before this White guy (ha!) manages to earn himself a life sentence?

  • concernedcitizen

    Well send this idiot back to jail, and the idiot who promised to split the money. In case they are aren’t familiar with RICO loan sharking is a really BIG crime. You don’t get to threaten citizens with physical harm if they don’t make payments to you; even if they are your ex-wife.

    This man is a fool among fools.

  • Kristina

    Am I surprised? No, but then again, what can you do with someone who delights in suffering and religiously maintains an anti-intellectual identity? People who mock knowledge and self-destruct via violence against other are broken to such an extent that they have no path toward any kind of rational thought. Deep down, they know this. It is the source of their anger & hopelessness.

  • Reynardine

    Well, damme, he sounds just like some of the gun-waggers that have been writing in here recently, doesn’t he?…