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Wonkette Viciously Mocks Stormfront Fundraising Efforts

By Hatewatch Staff on February 27, 2013 - 5:50 pm, Posted in Klan, White Supremacist

Don Black needs money – bad.

It’s gotten to the point that the former Ku Klux Klan leader and founder of Stormfront – the largest neo-Nazi web forum – is begging for pennies. To no avail, though. With February coming to a close, Black hasn’t raised even half of the $7,500 he needs to pay his monthly bill for server space to keep Stormfront up and running.

But his panhandling hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“[I]t now looks like the once formidable clearinghouse of assholes known as is suffering from a cash crunch,” Wonkette said in a post last week, before offering a tongue-in-cheek explanation for why. “Apparently the vanguard of White Nationalism and Aryan Supremacy is being laid to waste by the tyrannical Jewish Conspiracy of decreased server capacity.”

Don’t worry, kids. Even racists have to tighten the old budget sometimes. Given the state of things, its not as if Black is going away.

“Their immediate future might be unsure right now,” the blog reminded readers. “[B]ut given that Don Black’s politics are almost indistinguishable from some members of the US Senate, at this point his little engine of hate is sure to keep on chugging along.”

  • Digitoxin

    It is May. Stormfront is still up.

    Do actual journalists do these articles, or are they just opinionated bloggers?

  • Erika

    Mitch, see also the lead defendant from Virginia v. Black, Barry Black for another example of a Klan leader named Black. His lead defense attorney was black unfortunately he wasn’t named White because that would have been too perfect.

  • concernedcitizen

    @NotAmerican: It is the horrible crucifying of the English language spewed by small minded haters, like the example you gave us above, that makes their presence all the more despicable.

    First we witness their unfathomable moral ignorance only to have it followed up by inability to speak or write anything intellectually comprehensible.

    Thank you for your post NotAmerican.

  • NotAmerican

    Erika – The poor ickle Klansters spend so much of their welfare dollars on keeping their magic sheets snowy white, that they can’t afford to donate to Stormfront. Besides, they’re so cro-magnon that they almost certainly hear “high server costs” and think “Why are they spendin’ so much money on tippin’ the waitstaff at Country Kitchen Buffet?”

    Also, to the troll who’s attempting to impersonate the likes of Aron and Erika – Your efforts in this endeavour might be a tad more successful if you could get a handle on basic English.

    The neurologically numb coalition of “proud patriots”, evangelical American exceptionalists, homophobes, conspiracy mongers, MRAs and racists that gather in droves to wail about “Free speech!!!”, the “liberal agenda”, and their distress over their “TAX DOLLARS!!!!!11″ are a true source of hilarity to the rest of the planet.

    Sub-literate raving about “COUP DA TATS”, “govement conspirices”, “teh secret muslin presedent!!” are funny enough, but when those same commenters attempt to assume the identity of intelligent and thoughtful contributors, well it’s almost unbearably funny. That’s especially true when the troll says something like-

    “ive chainged my mind an now beleive that the wite race is under attack by NATZI hate grups like s.p.l.c. free speech??? could of fool me, your tramplin on teh flag when you slander true patroits like stormfront. com on sheeple!!”

    Keep up the good work Erika et al, you give me faith that some sense prevails in the US.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Erika; about your post on Feb 28th: God Bless you! You must have first hand knowledge of what it’s like dealing with these idiots.

    The ignorance is staggering and when you are first confronted with it there’s several moments of complete amazement. I found myself wondering are there really people this stupid in America? And much to my surprise and disappointment there really are people that stupid and worse.

    As I was reading about how and why Nazi ideals historically spread throughout Germany it had a great deal to do with the falling economics and the working white class. Here we are in America in 2013 and we are faced with the same stupidity being sold to those who would be gullible enough to subscribe to something that didn’t work back then and has no place in any civil society today.

    Our struggling working class in America includes all people of all of colors and many different religious backgrounds. It is far more intelligent that all people pull together as AMERICANS in order to make this a better place to work, live, love and thrive.

    Will we ever be able to solve the problem of brainless and heartless individuals who display moral courage and an active zealous pursuit of their poisonous ignorance?

  • supersonic250

    Okay, the mods need to install some sort of verification, because we have that troll going around pretending to be Aron and Reynardine now. I know they’re probably really busy, but when it’s THIS obvious it’s not them, they really should pull the messages.

  • Aron

    It’s funny when I get really drunk and post comments where I forget how to spell. And then I attack one of my most beloved organizations. And my religion.

    And then I wake up.

    Go away, Barbarotico

    (Mods, you know the email address I use. Please do the right thing, here.)

  • concernedcitizen

    How ironic is it that this man pushes white supremacy with the last name of Black?

    Well let’s all hope that the forces of good will and justice make the hatemongers go away. Far far away to a land we have never heard of and one that we will never wish to visit.

  • Shadow Wolf

    The sign of times. White supremacist will suffer just as much as the non-whites. Unless you are a member of the 1%er Republican elitist. Maybe they will understand the meaning of oppression? But their racist hatred will remain the same. They are vile whether poor or wealthy.

  • Mitch Beales

    Black, a great name in white supremacy.

  • Erika

    You call that vicious mockery? For a mean girl like me that equals a challenge ;)

    But, but the little Nazis and Kluxers have tried to send in their pennies to support Storm Front but the post office keeps returning them because they do not accept homemade stamps with pictures of Adolf Hitler or Nathaniel Bedford Forrest on them and even if it did the address “Strumfruntt, wyte powir, 14-88 Anty-reycsm is anty wyte wyte peeple rool HELL HITTLER” does not exist.

    The little Nazis then tried to send their pennies through their computers but they kept breaking them since those openings in a computer are not coin slots. Needless to say, the Public Library was extremely upset and banned the little Nazis from being able to use the computers in the future.

    Eventually, the little Nazis are planning a third attempt to get their pennies to Stormfront as soon as they can save up enough money from their welfare checks and panhandling out front of the Chik-Fil-A to be able to afford the cost to use the fax machine at Staples. i mean, do y’all have any idea how much it will cost to fax each individual penny on a separate page?

    Vanguard of the white race indeed :P

  • Gregory

    Ah, sweet sweet Schadenfreude… a good German word for these idiots.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Read the article and the troubles of Don Black and Stormfront.

    I’m mildly surprised, highly pleased, greatly amused, and utterly unsympathetic.