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New SPLC Report: ‘Patriot’ Movement Swells for Fourth Year

By Mark Potok on March 5, 2013 - 9:28 am, Posted in Editor's Pick, Hate Crime, Intelligence Report, Patriot Groups

The number of antigovernment “Patriot” groups on the American radical right hit an all-time high in 2012, the fourth straight year of explosive growth, according to a report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). As the new year began, serious talk of gun control, prompted by a Connecticut school massacre in December, fueled even more rage on the right, and the threat of violence loomed .

The new report, contained in the latest issue of the quarterly investigative journal Intelligence Report, found that the conspiracy-minded Patriot groups, which numbered only 149 in 2008, soared over the first four years of Barack Obama’s presidency to 1,360 in 2012 — an astounding 813% increase. At the same time, it found that hate groups remained at near-record levels of over 1,000 (see interactive map and state-by-state lists of 2012 hate groups here).

The resurgence of militias and other Patriot groups and an uptick over recent years in non-Islamic domestic terrorism caused SPLC President Richard Cohen today to write (letter pdf) U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to request the creation of a new interagency task force to assess the adequacy of federal resources devoted to the threat. “As in the period before the [1995] Oklahoma City bombing,” Cohen wrote, “we are now seeing ominous threats from those who believe that the government is poised to take their guns.”

Patriot groups generally adhere to variations of a conspiracy theory that suggests that the federal government has secret plans to impose martial law on the United States, most likely with the aid of foreign troops; seize all guns held by American citizens; toss all those who resist into concentration camps run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency; and, ultimately, force the country into a kind of socialistic one-world government, commonly known as the “New World Order.”

The resurgence of the Patriot movement, which first rose and fell in the 1990s, has largely been a reaction to the election of the nation’s first black president in 2008 — and the demographic change, including the loss of the country’s white majority predicted for 2043, that he represents — as well as the difficult economy. The recent talk of gun control, which has sparked state legislative efforts to “nullify” any federal legislation and also a movement of rural sheriffs who promise to resist, is now adding fuel to a fire that was already burning at white-hot temperatures (see also my editorial).

Other articles in the new issue of the Intelligence Report (table of contents is here) include:

  • An investigative story looking at women in the white supremacist movement and the sometimes explosive secrets they keep.
  • A broad look at the comeback of the John Birch Society, once exiled from the respectable conservative movement, and its role in furthering a leading conspiracy theory about the United Nations sustainability plan known as Agenda 21.
  • An account of the way that Warren Jeffs, the racist polygamous leader now serving time for sex crimes against young girls, continues to rule two towns on the Arizona-Utah border from his cell.
  • A piece about the nation’s largest “sovereign citizens” group and its apparent weakening in the aftermath of the arrest of its leader.
  • An interview with an Iowa politician who left mainstream politics to take up as a “senator” with a major sovereign citizens group.
  • An account of the sputtering rage and name-calling of the radical right that was prompted by President Obama’s re-election last November.
  • A description of the rapid decline of the once-powerful movement of hard-line citizen border patrol and other nativist groups.
  • An examination of the troubles besetting Stormfront, the world’s largest white supremacist online forum.
  • A look at Christian extremists who have moved from worrying about the War on Christmas to launching their own War on Krishna.
  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Why is SPLC so concerned about the “Patriot Movement”, but shows no such concern about President Obama using drones to kill thousands of innocent women and children overseas?”

    Because the SPLC has long dealt with issues of domestic political extremism, as near as I can tell. You might as well ask as to why the NRA doesn’t say anything about gun control laws in Japan.

    “And where’s SPLC outrage about civil rights violations which can occur under the NDAA and what the NSA is doing?”

    You might want to check out this organization called the ACLU. No wait, never mind, you probably hate them.

    “who only care about maintaining the superiority of a government that has been bought and paid for many times over by a gaggle of international financiers. ”

    International financiers = Jews.

  • Brock Henderson

    Erika, tell me where I ever said, for ONE MOMENT, that I believe in, haha, let’s call it Brock supremacy. I said WHITE supremacy is what I believe in and support, and that alone. I’m an English major. I have no doubt that there are many a black, red, or brown, person out there who can analyze literature better than myself. But the number of white or yellow people who can make that claim is likely to far exceed the number of black, brown, or red.

    So, I’m saying your sex is a handicap, and hence belittling you, if I think women should not be lawyers, politicians, or corporate executives? Only to a woman who takes it upon herself to begin struggling for power and competing with men, and who thinks she needs to assert herself in that way towards them. Only to a woman who says to herself when she gets up in the morning that she is the Patriots, and men are the Colts or the Giants, and it’s game time.

  • Brock Henderson

    Didn’t say I was one, Aron, I just told you that you’re quite mistaken if you believe the opposite of the things I said about the character and culture of New England. The level or amount of religious involvement in the civic and civil affairs around there is what I was referring to with the word “spiritual.” The point I made about New England in that regard is quite true, as any tourist or traveller from another part of the country will tell someone back home upon return. There is little appreciation for orthodox religion there. What religion there is consists mostly of the Social Gospel, which is nothing more than secular humanism. And make no mistake about it, Aron, that is where Puritanism, the cradle religion of your home state, was headed right from the get-go when it was born. Puritanism is the root from which the American tree of leftist egalitarian interventionism has grown to the present day. Real religion in the traditional Christian sense is anathema to such spiritually destructive tendencies (Yes it was only a matter of time before I dropped the C-word bomb, and you’re Jewish so you have little understanding of and no appreciation for what I’m talking about). Why do you think the percentage of avowed non-religionists amongst the population is in at least the mid-20s in your state and Vermont?

    Oh, and your prosperity? Why YES, the U.S. economy and tax structure HAVE been deliberately engineered to financially benefit the Northeast at the expense of most everybody else. Good point.

  • Reynardine

    Brock: about three hundred million people don’t agree with you. Take your verbal amebas and go home wherever the Hell you think that is.

  • Brock Henderson

    In terms of the PEOPLE of America, Reynardine, no, in fact they have not ever functioned as one nation with the potential for perpetual feelings of union with each other. They got together to declare independence from Great Britain, yes. You’re saying true nationhood lasted forever after that? Oh yeah, you’re right, there was never ANY us vs. them mentality which took root and manifested itself in any form of internal conflict.

  • Erika

    Oh brockie, i had no idea that you were such a delicate little teacup whose sensibilities are just so easily offended. i would think that a big strong man like you obviously think you are would be able to stand up to criticism from a cute little girl like me – especially since you seem to somehow believe that you are superior to every woman on earth solely due to your being a man now some would find that to be a pretty offensive position. personally i just find it to be pathetic.

    and honey, when you take a completely unsupportable position which attacks the vast majority of the world’s population as being inferior to you based solely upon your race and gender you probably shouldn’t react as if any refutation of it is a personal attack. i realize that you think that you are better than me because of the obvious handicap of my gender, but believe it or not, being told that you are wrong (even by a woman) is not a personal attack. And you are likely to be much happier in life if you are not so sensitive as to see every criticism of your wacky belief in your own superiority based solely upon you happening to be born as a white man as being a personal attack on you..

    personally i think that you are not beyond hope and can be redeemed – but first, you are going to have to stop thinking that you’re smarter than everyone else in the world.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, since you deny the United States has ever been a nation, then you are denying that you have, actually or constructively, in whole or in part, American nationality. I expect now, however, that you will engage in more word games.

    Words actually function as linguistic units only when the speakers and listeners agree on their definitions. These may shift over time in the linguistic community using them, but again, by consensus. Otherwise they are either meaningless noise or instruments of deceit.

    Whichever yours are, they resemble amebas, gelatinous little things with no spines that change shape according to your fancy. As such, they fail to function as linguistic units at all. They are full of sound and fury, but, in the final analysis, a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

  • Brock Henderson

    If African-American is a reference to people of pan-African origin, aadila, can you tell me why the Census Bureau calls people of North African descent and South Africans of European descent WHITE, along with Europeans and Southwest Asians . . . you know, rather than AFRICAN-American?

    Fact: While it is not technically true in the geographical sense, African-American DOES mean BLACK in the realm of American racial/ethnic terminology. Thank you.

  • Aron

    Ok, Mr Eminent Historian Brock Henderson,

    What is the history of my region?

  • Brock Henderson

    Erika, again, take a long, unbiased look at the way YOU have historically addressed your opposition here on this blog, and you will realize that I am no more a condescending and sanctimonious jerk than yourself. Show respect and you get it in return. On the other hand, I love shoving spoons full of lefties’ own medicine down their throats, so here we are, sweetcheeks.

  • aadila


    The term “African American” refers to ethnicity. It does not necessarily refer to skin tone. Again you prove your ignorance (and poor reading skills since I did not use the term “black”).

  • Brock Henderson

    And Reynardine, how dare I forget a moment in history with such a great bearing on our present discourse: The British were quite fond of calling the late-18th century American Colonial patriots “traitors.” No doubt your brainwashed noggin will fail to understand what I’m saying.

  • Brock Henderson

    Reynardine, your definition of treason is historically quite common and popular at the stage of imperialism America is at right now. Just as the Romans said “There is no god but Caesar” in the first few centuries A.D., your infallible god is the government headquartered on the Beltway on the VA-MD border. Newsflash: Mankind is a fallen creature. They do not become perfect and infallible simply because they use the government to perform the tasks which you deludedly believe will perfect mankind in the end. Abolishing slavery, implementing and enforcing egalitarian civil rights and social justice laws, you know. Just like Rome before her, the American Empire will not go on forever, ma’am. Please remember that.

    aadila, I’m going to tell you a little secret. It is a fact, just so that you know, albeit a rather politically incorrect one:

    America has NEVER BEEN a nation.

    Uh-oh, the cat’s out of the bag, now!

    Anyway, so far, outside of the predictable personalized insults, our other regulars here on this blog have failed to provide a substantive answer to this question: In terms of the real and authentic definition of the word “nation,” what, aadila, do you and I have in common which makes the two of us members of the same? Are we both members of the same America? What goals, beliefs, creeds, and religion do we have in common? Yes, the government calls us both citizens. Words in a government database on a computer screen mean nothing to the common bonds of nationhood you and I may feel or not feel with each other were we to meet in person. Language? We both speak English, yes, but so do Americans and Englishmen. And we’re not members of the same nation.

    When one region of this “nation,” aadila, invaded and waged a war on the other just over a sesquicentury ago, all pretense of American nationhood disappeared. Forever. Thank you.

    Aron, you are ignorant of the history of your region. Thank you.


    “And yes the New Englanders did their part of exploiting the working class, but it was nothing compared to the South. Little wonder that the South is still poorer and worst educated than the rest of the country – probably because the South has always been the most enthusatic about assuring that the richest people get what they want and that everyone else is there to serve them. The South continues to be the most faithful servants of the rich people and corporations which really control this country which no doubt is largely due to the rich amd powerful’s skill manipulation of racism, sexism,ethnic, and religious hostility.”

    Another history op-ed piece for The Onion! You really are good! Love it! Thank you.

  • Randy Weaver

    Someone please explain this to me.

    Why is SPLC so concerned about the “Patriot Movement”, but shows no such concern about President Obama using drones to kill thousands of innocent women and children overseas?

    And where’s SPLC outrage about civil rights violations which can occur under the NDAA and what the NSA is doing?

    This is very hypocritical and it must be because the “SPLC are NOT anti-racists, or liberals, or concerned citizens; they are STATISTS, who only care about maintaining the superiority of a government that has been bought and paid for many times over by a gaggle of international financiers. It’s clear that the SPLC is nothing but a propaganda wing of the Department Of Homeland Security”

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson.

    SPLC is supporting our Tyrannical Gov’t while spreading Hatred against all Patriots who are seeking nothing but Liberty and Justice!

  • Aron

    Brock, you’ve obviously never been here. And for that, I can only say THANK GOODNESS.

    And you obviously know nothing about it, either. Which us HILARIOUS.

  • Brock Henderson

    aadila, black is a race, not an ethnicity.

  • Erika

    aadila, but brock is such a jerk who has some truly bizarre beliefs about race and culture and honestly i’ve gotten tired of responding to him :)

    okay, just this once: brockie, honey, you do realize that the Virginia Company which formed the Jamestown Colony was a for-profit enterprise (the forerunner of these lovely multinational corporations we all so love so much) and that many of the early people who came to the New World were looking solely for wealth (and indeed they found it, the Founding Fathers of the U.S. were among the wealthiest people in the world at the time of the revolution and the American Revolution was ultimately a revolution by the wealthy). The Dutch originated the entire idea of capitalism/stock companies and as you have noted they first settled New York (the greatest center of Capitalism in the world). It was the British who perhaps due to their Viking forebears originated the idea of combining this new Capitalism with the old idea of plundering anything that wasn’t nailed down. That combination resulted in what we know today as modern capitalism an ideology based upon the exploitation of people and the ultimate basis of these United States of America.

    And yes the New Englanders did their part of exploiting the working class, but it was nothing compared to the South. Little wonder that the South is still poorer and worst educated than the rest of the country – probably because the South has always been the most enthusatic about assuring that the richest people get what they want and that everyone else is there to serve them. The South continues to be the most faithful servants of the rich people and corporations which really control this country which no doubt is largely due to the rich amd powerful’s skill manipulation of racism, sexism,ethnic, and religious hostility.

  • aadila

    “That’s because this ISN’T a country. It did have a stronger and more credible claim to being an actual country once upon a time. It is THAT United States they love – the United States of America which was actually AMERICAN, once upon a time.”

    Can you define the moment at which American nationhood ended, in your view?

    You in one breath sweep away contemporary American nationhood as not genuine, and yet decry the origins of American nationhood. I am having a hard time understanding at what point you feel America was America, in between being the period of being degenerate bastards, and the period of being a pathetic excuse for a country.

    When exactly did this “real” America of yours begin and when did it end? I am sure this will be delicious. Go on now, Brock. Do tell.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, your definition of a patriot is a traitor. You have damn well proven our point.

  • Brock Henderson

    Ruslan, for a misguided and ideologically blinded fool, you’re on the right track. No, most people who belong to these so-called “Patriot” groups don’t love this pathetic excuse for a country they live in, not one bit. That’s because this ISN’T a country. It did have a stronger and more credible claim to being an actual country once upon a time. It is THAT United States they love – the United States of America which was actually AMERICAN, once upon a time.

    Aron, why yes, New Englanders do love – in fact, worship – wealth. Generally, people who love the almighty dollar tend to acquire many of them at some point in their lives. The spiritually decadent bastard offspring of Protestant Christianity, Puritanism, laid the groundwork for that mentality you seem to be so proud of, on Day 1 at Plymouth Rock. New England is a total spiritual wasteland as a result. Between a region mostly comprised of friendly, honorable, and humble people who live for something other than themselves, and one full of soulless, pushy, arrogant, self-worshipping misanthropes, I’ll take the former over the latter no matter the average household income.

  • aadila

    “Aadila, why this belligerent non sequitur?”

    Non sequitur non, my sweet.

    It is a salient challenge to the hagiography of American political history, in which the Patriot movement finds moral justification.

  • aadila

    Sorry to disappoint you, Erica but Brock’s dud of a challenge requires little defusing.

    My comment referred to culture, not ethnicity. Ethnicity is genetically based, culture is not.

    Hair splitting over the various ethnicities Brock mentions is quite beside the point.

    Brock, Sacramento’s Mayor is of African American ethnicity. However, he works at City Hall, a concept which came from Anglo Saxon culture.

    Can you see how culture and ethnicity are not the same?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Mary, “patriots”(I don’t believe any of these people love their country) choose their behavior. You don’t choose the color of your skin.

  • Aron

    Yes Brock. Thank goodness the whole of America isn’t based on New England.

    Prosperous, safe, well-educated, historical, DIVERSE New England…

  • Reynardine

    Mary, you dear little twit, you share the same name as my little blue- eyed white girl cat. Perhaps you are even blue- eyed and white. She, however, is intelligent.

    No one is accusing patriots of being haters. We are, however, stating that many Patriots are haters: proper noun, definitive group, though not the football team. Many of us are patriots, who don’t care to see this country given over to haters, traitors, and putschists. Now, learn to read English correctly.

  • Erika

    Oh that adorable little white male supremacist pig in the blanket brock henderson apparently tired of me batting him around is now challenging aadila now. i got my popcorn ready :)

  • http://none mary

    This organization claims to be anti racist but is itself racist and intolerant. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

    Calling all patriots haters is much akin to judging someone by the color or their skin.

    Just as Israel has become genocidal, the SPL has become racist.

  • Brock Henderson

    aadila, only the New England area is ethnically derived mostly from the Anglo-Saxons. In all the other colonies the principal ethnic groups originating from the British Isles which founded said colonies were mostly anything but Anglo-Saxon. Anglo-Celtic, Anglo-Norman, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Scots-Irish, not to mention that New York and New Jersey were originally Dutch colonies. The whole of America is not defined by New England, thank God in Heaven.

  • Reynardine

    Aadila, why this belligerent non sequitur?

  • aadila

    “If the media were truly progressive, they would continually and constantly point out that the largest expenditure in the US budget is military spending, and that this is precisely the thing which must be drastically reduced and the wars must be ended. ”

    I have continually and consistently pointed this out but the gasseous vapor like steamed califlower arising from the morality police over why the US, with its Anglo Saxon derived culture, is so bellicose and weapon-worshiping obscured the message.

  • Reynardine

    D. S., what was that thing? Mini-Rand? It was surely Aynal.

  • DS

    This video is making the rounds and is one of the things that they cite when trying to justify their stated intention of killing liberals and taking down the federal government. They’re a dangerous bunch and their hysterical fears are fueled by their religious fervor. There is no appreciable difference between the Islamic Extremists and the Christian Extremists. They’re irrational and dangerous and they feed their paranoia with videos like this.

  • Reynardine

    Dummy, you are very much mistaken about the time, place, and era when I was in ninth grade. I don’t expect you to be acquainted with actual historical or cultural facts, however.

  • MRJ

    “@MRJ: it sounds to me like you have some personal or real life experience with this sort of thing because what you have listed above sounds like the sort of thing that is going on in America at a very dangerous and alarmingly increasing rate.”

    If for one minute someone who is being stalked like this could really share how they feel with another, I think more people would realize what is happening to minorities in small towns with known Hate Group organizers and members living within blocks of people being targeted and harassed like this.
    I’ve seen your posts.
    Yeah, you too from what I gather, or you are more aware of it than many others.

    It’s not: “seecrut gubbermint orgunizayshuns” (although the Klan, etc. will make false reports to get someone targeted like that), it’s not: “HAARP” and “Duhrectud Enrgee Wepunz” (although computer hacking and phone tapping/wireless interception, etc. occur… and certain States actually have laws pertaining to these types of devices, or punishments for even telling someone they’ve been “chipped by duh Gubbermunt” or they have been “diseased” or “infected” with a biologic), it’s not: “Satullite Raygunz” (although people can be tracked and monitored by their cell usage and wireless communications, etc.), etc..

    These things do happen to people: it has actually been nice to see your repeated posts about it.

    Getting conformation from people who know about it in an area is another thing altogether: people, seemingly good people, aren’t going to testify against family members who are tied to Hate Crimes/Discrimination that can land them in prison for Conspiracy or NIED for “not wanting to get involved”….
    People, tied to drug rings and dealers/use at work aren’t going to “admit” that they have been protecting others from prosecution because of their own involvement and fear of prosecution or related blacklisting by their employers….
    People involved in major Felonies aren’t going to “admit” that they are receiving money, materials or tools, work, or kickbacks for committing crimes….

    People in Law Enforcement aren’t going to admit that they have been systematically targeting minorities in their townships due to their friendships and ties with local business owners (Klansmen) and growers/dealers (local Township board members with long histories of dealing/use, etc..) to get rid of “unwanteds” who might know too much or be able to finger them for their ties to local drug dealers.
    It’s far, far more important to protect Klansmen, Drug Dealers, Pedophiles and Spousal Abusers, and other supposed Christians by trying to paint the person who has been putting up with this for almost their whole life and times in an area to be the one “with issues”, or “mental problems”.

    It isn’t enough to just screw you out of any chance or type of employment: they bring it into your front yard, and into your home and daily life with Keyloggers and barrages of “spam” related to conversations that you have had with a guy in a local business (Not the first time: most recent conversation on 2/27/2013 and then “spammed” about it on 2/28/2013, three times on 3/1/2013, once on 3/2/2013, and once on 3/6/2013: wanna see pictures?) who has a long history with the local KKK, has attempted to engage you in Felony Misappropriation against the State, has hate tattoos, has friendships with alllll of the local Klan, has admitted to incarceration for “anger issues” (the local catch all for Hate Crimes or violent assault), has admitted to institutionalization for attempted suicide, has admitted to ownership of firearms, has an extended family (marriage) who are/were the biggest Cocaine dealers in the area, and is employed by a local company that has a repeated, documented history of employing local Hate Group members and drug ring affiliated people in this area.
    Pictures, computer logs and recordings don’t lie.

    Years, and years, and years of this.

    One person alone isn’t able to do a thing against this type of stalking.
    I can’t even try to list my house and move without them screwing with me.

    An E-mail from Daryl Johnson at DTAnalytics: “I believe you.”

    The second that I found and photographed the Keyloggers (9/20/2009): it was a rash of Felonies, and anyone claiming (screeching in one case: later traced IP to an attempt at file sharing from their area in Canada) “It’s all in your head!” when I stated that my computer was doing odd things, or I suspected my E-mails were being interfered with, or that my log-on to a social networking site was being counted twice: was guilty of stalking, and Conspiracy To Deprive of Rights, IIED, NIED, etc..
    The second that I told others what was going on, and asked them to report it, and they didn’t: instead trying to get me to “stop talking about it and accept it”, or believe that it wasn’t happening (from more than 300 or 700 miles away in some cases) and that I was “delusional”, it was, and is, Criminal.
    The second that I recorded the AK type gunfire (let alone all of the other times) at night, it was evidence of Felony Harassment using firearms: not an isolated incident in any way. One of the recordings even had a witness and was recorded discussing the full auto nature of it.
    The second that I repeatedly photographed all of the different days, dates, times and different tracks (different vehicles) of people patching my road and driveway, it was evidence of criminal harassment.
    The second that I got recordings of bizarre threats (strange blowing into the mouthpiece, and hang-up calls, etc..) it proves harassment/stalking on a grand scale.
    Let alone the massive computer attacks and hacking: one attack in April of 2011 denied me rights to files and folders, log-on permissions, rescue disc and repair functions, and changed the boot management settings: if I hadn’t found that particular bit I would have lost years of documentation, photographs, and recordings.

    The second that I reported it something should have been done: not letting it drag on for years thereby (through inaction or indifference, or malice) neatly circumventing some statutes of limitations for reporting or prosecution for crimes for those involved.

    The second that a State Employee, possibly 125 miles away from where I live, told ME what I heard in my back yard was :”That’s not what you heard, you heard a .22.” when I was reporting AK type gunfire all around my home at night (sometimes every other night for weeks on end), or “They wouldn’t target you, you’re not a Mexican.”, or “Do you have a lawyer?”: she should have been fired, investigated for selective enforcement and discrimination, Color of Law, etc., and I should be able to file suit against her and her employers.
    The second that another State Employee sent me an E-mail asking the same questions from the same E-mail address that I had been attempting to report this to for the last five years… asking the exact same questions again, and again, and again that had been answered in full in five previous/different E-mails, while never identifying him/herself in any way by full name, position/title, or State identification number they should be charged with any number of conspiracy charges relating to selective protection and collaboration to deprive of Civil Rights.

    If an individual or group told them not to investigate for whatever depraved reason, (particularly after I found the Keyloggers) they should be charged with Conspiracy to Deprive of Rights.

    My life has repeatedly been threatened, my property has been destroyed, and it’s a Big Joke on me from people tasked by Statement of Intent in local State Civil Rights Organizations who have Family Law Offices to ignore in their State positions complaints of discrimination, and “pass the buck(s)” to their family law firms.
    “Upon further review there is little we can do to assist you.”
    “Get a lawyer”.
    Inaction, and deliberate refusal to investigate: what do you think?

    Outright refusal to investigate/question individuals employed in their organization against the established/stated intents and purposes of their State and Federally funded organization.
    Also: an E-mail that changed Fonts and styles, possibly indicative of interception/interference, or childish, gaslighting behavior on the part of that State employee.
    Yes. I saved that one.
    Yes. I blasted them about it.

    If you say “Native American” in this State: no one will help you.

    No amount of gaslighting or “Martha Mitchell”, “false memory”, accusations of “delusions” or “making it up to get attention”/”playing the race card” will change what is going on.
    Again: pictures, logs, and recordings don’t lie.
    Neither do Court Transcripts in which local cops who were instrumental (zoning board) in the targeting of local minorities, were allowed by Judicial decree to arrest or detain based on bias crimes/harassment and SLAPP litigation forwarded by local Hate Group organizers and drug users/dealers in Township board/supervisory positions.
    My cousin: an African American man, in this same Township, by these Exact. Same. People.

    It’s far, far more important for local Law Enforcement to protect the local KKK than it is to allow a Native American, African American, LGBT, Hispanic, or other respite, exoneration, or compensation for duress, IIED, NIED, Stalking/Harassment, Color of Law, and Collusion and Conspiracy charges against known Klansmen and drug ring members, and allow them peace.

    Personal experience in spades.
    Anyone else?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jummy, let me explain why you fail:

    ” In fact, the irrationality of the “Red Scare” and the evil of “McCarthyism” were taught and doctrine had it that “reformers” and “activists” of the left were to be met with an open mind while patriotism was to be met with a critical mind. ”

    First of all this assumes that leftists or activists cannot be patriotic. Apparently it’s unpatriotic if you think that the system should treat all your countrymen equal. Moreover, an open mind an a critical mind are not mutually exclusive. A critical mind means that you are open-minded enough to listen to someone’s claims, but being critical means you’re looking for evidence to support said claims.

    For example, I find your horror story of a pro-Communist liberal education to be rather suspect, seeing as how I still got plenty of Cold War anti-Communist rhetoric in school despite the fact that about 7-8 years of my education occurred after the fall of the USSR.

    ” I emerged from my public school education “knowing” two things about the Vietnam conflict: that it was our nation’s “open wound” and that Nixon started it.”

    Sounds like someone wasn’t paying attention in class.

    “As it is when I see a progressive attribute rightwing bias to the mainstream media – as if the single cable station, two national broadsheets and AM band radio comprised some kind of Goliath which unfairly eclipses the other nine-tenths of the media”

    It has been shown that right wing media influences not so obviously right wing media by setting the frame of debate. Things like the crisis over the debt ceiling and the “fiscal cliff” were basically right wing memes which the entire media picked up. If the media were truly progressive, they would continually and constantly point out that the largest expenditure in the US budget is military spending, and that this is precisely the thing which must be drastically reduced and the wars must be ended.

    ” crazy talk about LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin and real-live communists doing stuff that resembled war and imperialism.”

    Well that would be crazy talk unless the Gulf of Tonkin is located off the US west coast. I don’t really see how Communists fighting for the independence of their own country is imperialism.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Reynardine: about your post to Mr. Fiat;

    again you have managed to make me laugh, your post was well done and has brightened my evening. Thank you for sharing that bit of history and information.

  • concernedcitizen

    @ John D Fiat: well it appears that you have shared your personal description of your home town. Interesting choice of words John.

  • concernedcitizen


    I understand your point. However, victims can come from all types of backgrounds including that of President Obama. It has been my experience and the experience of our courts that victimization knows no economic boundaries.

    If you are referring to a specific type of hate crime then yes certain discriminatory boundaries are bound to exist.

    Just being a minority in America will open you up to victimization. If you manage to live your entire life in America as a minority and have not had to face bigotry and discrimination or crime then you will probably make a fortune selling the road map of your life.

    However, if you know such a person please share.

  • concernedcitizen

    @brownskinnedpatriot: you said:

    “They seem to be trying to impress others with their grasp of vocabulary and grammar.”

    You have misinterpreted the intent: there really are people in America who speak in more than one and two syllable words.

  • jummy


    Bless your heart. Did you also write an essay which explored the themes in The Crucible through the lens of the Red Scare and think you were the first ninth-grader insightful enough to synthesize such a thing because of the eager praise your teacher gave you for getting it “right”?

  • jummy

    The worthlessness of the SPLC’s creative accounting of the “threat” they’ve been trying to massage into existence since their party won the oval office and dissent concomitantly ceased to be “the highest form of patriotism” has been well-addressed in many quarters.

    The worth of this endeavor can be assessed just as easily by running down the list of highlights from their most recent product. Despite the hysterical rhetoric about an “escalating” threat from the far-right, the bulk of the list references various constituent chunks of the far-right “weakening”, “declining”, “troubled” and retreating from the edge of relevancy whilst “sputtering [with] rage” and “name-calling”. The remainder – I say this without exaggeration – reads like tabloid pulp. Read again and see if I’m lying:

    “…women in the white supremacist movement and the sometimes explosive secrets they keep.”

    Did you laugh out loud too?

    The sinister element of this phony threat the SPLC has taken a strong hand in manufacturing is that it hopes to trade on the ignorance of people who either weren’t around for or weren’t paying attention during the previous presidential administration.

    Who could could be genuinely moved to panic over the prevalence of conspiracy theories who remembers, for example, Amy Goodman inviting Naomi Klein on to explain Pres. Bush’s plan to fake “another” terrorist attack as a pretext to declare marshal law, suspend the 2008 election and appoint himself Ceasar? Who among those who frequented the progressive blog-o-sphere during the Bush administration didn’t feel a pang of nausea at the gang-up on Glenn Beck over the FEMA Camps thing, knowing that the FEMA Camps conspiracy theory originated with the signing of the Patriot Act? Who’s going to pretend to have never seen the creepily overdrawn cartoons which suggested that assassinating President Bush would be (har har) a “patriot act”. I know; progressives will, “…and that was different anyway because Bush really was Hitler.”

    Does anyone remember the entire period from 2004 to 2010 when progressives ranging from Rachel Maddow to Alex Cockburn were dry-humping – in some instances, endorsing the candidacy of – Ron Paul? You know, while journalists at Reason and the Weekly Standard were raising the matter of his creepy WN-tinged newsletters?

    We haven’t seen an increase in the threat of rightwing domestic terrorism. We’ve seen Bush Derangement Syndrome morph into Bush Derangement Amnesia and finally into the derivative and transparently self-conscious attribution of Obama Derangement Syndrome. All of it is a phony and cynical pose. Not a bit of it proceeds from a genuinely perceived threat.

    And if you don’t have the memory of progressives’ Bush-era dementia to guide you, you can test the sincerity of this phony scare against SPLC President, Richard Cohen’s call to be very concerned about a retired police chief who threatened to kill people in a thing posted on YouTube. Consider the vanishingly minuscule significance of that anecdote, which nonetheless made the cut for inclusion in an official correspondence with the heads of the Justice Department – a piece of correspondence meant to convey the urgent attention and escalated resources required to deal with scary conservatives.

    Consider finally the events of last month when an actual police officer went on an actual, weeks-long killing spree and progressives had only two modes of reaction: strategic silence and encouragement. Go back and read Dorner’s manifesto and ask yourself who poses the more significant threat: “birthers” or people who hate “birthers” beyond any reasonable proportion.

  • Reynardine

    Jummy, I quite believe you were never taught critical thinking skills at all.

  • Aron


    I would be very curious as to where you went to school. Comparing the backwoods New Hampshire education that you likely received with my world class suburban Boston education is frankly an insult to me.

    Whoever taught you (and frankly, I don’t believe what you’re saying in any event…) did not do a good job. Now read a history book (a REAL history book) and grow up.

  • jummy


    I should add in response to this:

    “I blame your history teachers…they probably stopped right in the middle of the invasion of Sicily to start reviewing for the big final examination, and only taught cliches, myths, and banalities the rest of the time.”

    …It’s true. I attended a public school and my World History teacher, for instance, taught from a narrative cobbled together from MGM epics and C’d everyone through to the next grade. With few exceptions, the representatives of the NEA and AFT I was sat before taught me nothing but cliche’s, myths and banalities.

    Somehow though, theses never added up to an impression that communism was anything more than a myth conjured up by paranoid racists. In fact, the irrationality of the “Red Scare” and the evil of “McCarthyism” were taught and doctrine had it that “reformers” and “activists” of the left were to be met with an open mind while patriotism was to be met with a critical mind. My interests focused on other topics, I emerged from my public school education “knowing” two things about the Vietnam conflict: that it was our nation’s “open wound” and that Nixon started it.

    Whatever impression of me you’d like to make of it, that was the product of a suburban New England high school education.

    As it is when I see a progressive attribute rightwing bias to the mainstream media – as if the single cable station, two national broadsheets and AM band radio comprised some kind of Goliath which unfairly eclipses the other nine-tenths of the media – I stand in awe at the ability of progressives to dissociate from the institutions they control as it suits their narrative of struggle against the hegemon; as if every teacher you or I ever encountered were outnumbered by alternate-universe wingnut teachers polluting young minds with crazy talk about LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin and real-live communists doing stuff that resembled war and imperialism.

  • jummy


    Way to avoid the point.

    Ten paragraphs of trivia about a character rejected by most anti-communists, but who progressives have nonetheless successfully crowned as anti-communists’ standard-bearer.

    There is no such term as “Dicksteinism”; after Rep. Samuel Dickstein who, in 1934, first created the House Un-American Activities Committee to haul private citizens before congress for interrogation and such – all that horrible stuff commonly held to be a postwar phenomenon and popularly identified with the name of a Senator.

    Rep. Dickstein was nothing so vulgar as a drunk or a closeted homosexual, as important as it clearly is to know those things about Sen.McCarthy. Rep. Dickstein was, however a paid Soviet facilitator and a spy for the NKVD as well as the guy who established a crusade against “un-American” activities on behalf of a foreign power, which sheds a bit more Irony on the HUAAC enterprise than McCarthy’s peccadilloes, you have to admit.

    Yet, as was the point I was presenting and which you attempted to fog up with non-germane blather, we don’t have the term “Dicksteinism” with which we might appropriately identify and dismiss the cryto-totalitarian antipluralism the SPLC, RightWatch, MMFA and similar outfits exist to engineer.

  • concernedcitizen

    @derek: no where in the letter was there any recommendation of escalating violence.

    No where did Mr. Cohen ask for America to go to war with anyone.

    Reading the words on the paper is just the beginning, next we need to apply comprehension.

  • concernedcitizen

    Okay, I read over the letter quickly but I believe that what was requested of Attorney General Holder and Homeland Security Napolitano was to put in place some protective services against the growing threats in America from idiot hatemongers.

    That’s putting it simply. It has long been my belief that we have dangerous and growing movements of homegrown terrorists. And I do not believe that people who stockpile guns and want to wipe out minorities and others who do not come from their family branch in order to promote their illiterate kin are to be considered patriots.

    To even imagine such a country run by people like this is simply unnerving and unfathomable.

    I agree with the requests made in the letter by Mr. Cohen.
    Now if we could get the government to stop misappropriating funds there would most likely be more than enough to cover the requests Mr. Cohen proposes.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Coralsea: you said, “about how teaching kids “critical thinking skills” would undermine parental authority.”

    This is very true and I agree with what you have said. It also makes me laugh when parents who teach hate want to protect their children from learning how to think.

    Once the kids learn how to think and reason and develop valid arguments, think of how they would then view the parents who have been espousing lies and working so very hard to keep their children’s reality immersed in those lies.

  • concernedcitizen

    I don’t believe that anyone who believes in harming others with the intentions of racial cleansing has any best interest of any American at heart, nor can they ever be labeled as good Patriotic Americans.

    And people who believe and try to promote segregation are nothing more than disgustingly appalling.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Hmm…I can’t help but notice how very white this “minority” sounds:

    “They seem to be pushing more and more government cheese into our mouths. We don’t want their cheese, we don’t need their cheese.”

    Really? What government cheese? Please name some welfare legislation the Democrats have put forward recently.