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Famous Seattle Ceramicist Exposed as Holocaust Denier

By Bill Morlin on March 6, 2013 - 3:47 pm, Posted in Holocaust Denial

For decades, iconoclastic Seattle artist Charles Krafft has made references to Nazis in his highly acclaimed, sometimes shocking pieces of art that most critics and art lovers brand as simple, ironic satire pushing the boundaries.

He crafted a ceramic Hitler-bust teapot now in a San Francisco art museum, and put swastikas on other pieces of art, even on a ceramic wedding cake. He made a ceramic Uzi assault rifle, hand grenades and an “assassin’s kit” – a gun and dagger.

Now, the 65-year-old hippie-turned-artist is at the center of a growing controversy following a published report detailing evidence — including his own words — that suggests he is a white nationalist who believes the Holocaust is a myth.

Hundreds of comments about Krafft are being posted on Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere, and the art and culture world — particularly in ceramic art circles — are abuzz over the revelations published in The Stranger, a Seattle alternative paper. The headline on that piece was hard to misunderstand:  “Charles Krafft Is a White Nationalist Who Believes the Holocaust Is a Deliberately Exaggerated Myth.”

Beyond E-mail correspondence with Krafft, writer Jen Graves reported that she had found Krafft’s comments on a white nationalist website where he makes repeated anti-Semitic remarks. “I believe the Holocaust is a myth,” Krafft says on a podcast published last July.  The article goes on to say that Krafft believes the Holocaust is “being used to promote multiculturalism and globalism.”

Krafft, sounding as if he, too, is surprised by the backlash, didn’t back away from any of that when contacted by Hatewatch.

“Since I’ve admitted to being a Holocaust skeptic and identifying as a WASP on a White Nationalist website, I really can’t claim I was smeared,” Krafft said. “However,” he continued, “I would like to point out that I never tried to dupe liberal art collectors and curators with satire and irony in my art while laughing at them. I came by my controversial opinions on race and WWII history relatively recently.”

In one white nationalist podcast, Krafft says Christianity is being replaced “by this new secular religion of the sacrifice of 6 million Jews. And the museums, memorials, monuments, study centers, Holocaust chairs at the universities — it’s all part of the promotion of a new kind of, like I said, civil religion maybe. … We’re the heretics in a new religion that’s being promoted and built up and being embraced by governments throughout the United States and Europe.”

The Stranger’s piece on Krafft — reposted repeatedly on the Web — has hit particularly hard in the art world.

“When this broke loose, it all did come as a big surprise,” nationally known ceramic art dealer, historian and author Garth Clark, of Santa Fe, N.M., told Hatewatch. Clark has sold Krafft’s art works and spoken with the artist numerous times, but never represented him.

“This was an artist who, in the ceramic world at least, was very well liked and respected,” Clark said. While Krafft’s work always has “had a very dark side to it,” Clark said that the art world had “assumed the dark side was ironic. In fact, everybody made that assumption.” After all, he said, people in the art world are “prepared to deal with pretty raw ideas.”

Michael Upchurch, the art critic for the Seattle Times, said the revelation about Krafft came as a surprise to him and others in the city’s art community. “He’s definitely big time here in the art community, that’s for sure,” the writer said. “I’ve always thought his work was humorous,” the product of a clever artist who tackles horrific subject matters with a fine porcelain medium, he said.

Krafft always has been at the leading edge of provocative art. Clark recalled a series of ceramic art works the Seattle artist did a decade ago, claiming to use human cremains for pieces he called “Spone,” a satirical poke at the 18th-century English ceramics artist Josiah Spode, who used crushed animal bones to produce “bone china.” “Most of us thought that was kind of radical, and deeply, darkly amusing,” Clark recalled.

Using Hitler’s bust to make a ceramic teapot or referring to the Holocaust in art is one thing, Clark said, but actually embracing and promoting white supremacist and Holocaust-denying views is “ridiculous.” Now, some suggest that Krafft’s teapot was a clever way to keep the Nazi leader’s image alive and on public view.

With these new revelations and Krafft’s own words and postings on his Facebook page, Clark said there “doesn’t seem to be much doubt that he is, indeed, a white supremacist and a Holocaust denier. “Being provocative in a way that’s intellectually valid is one thing, but it’s another if the artist is actually being bigoted.”

As the criticism grew this week, Krafft posted a new Facebook photo of a piece of metal sculpture he calls “Fowlschwitz,” a concentration camp for birds – a birdhouse surrounded by barbed wire.

He didn’t talk about that, but he did tell Hatewatch that he believes the Seattle newspaper article wrongly suggested that he was concealing the intent of his art for years and urged collectors and museums to re-examine his work “for subversive content” and then censor or cut off access to the pieces.

“Very, very little of the art I’ve made has had any Nazi symbolism in it,” Krafft claimed. “I’d like to point out to those I speak with about articles accusing me of being a Nazi in sheep’s clothing how dishonest I think this is.

“I would also point out there are differences between Holocaust denial, Holocaust skepticism and Holocaust revisionism, White supremacy and White Nationalism that have been overlooked, or blurred for shock value, and [that blurring has been used] to paint me in the worst light possible,” he told Hatewatch without elaborating on what he sees as the differences.

“My deep research, here and abroad, into 27-year harassment of Archbishop Viorel Trifa, the founder of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America, was instrumental in contributing to the formulation of my reactionary opinions,” he said.

Despite his attempts at explanation, criticism of Krafft is still boiling, with pointed anger directed at him showing up in some Facebook posts.

“I was devastated about the revelation that Krafft was a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite,” New York author and blogger Phil Campbell, formerly of Seattle, responded when reached for comment by Hatewatch.

Most of Krafft’s art, Campbell said, “relies on the idea that Krafft as an artist is treating the themes he manipulates — violence, Nazis, the Holocaust among them — with a deft, ironic sense of humor. If he’s sincere (in his personal beliefs), the work itself is corrupted, which is an irony in itself (albeit a twisted one).”

“Conceptual art can be a dicey issue, with so much left open for the audience in terms of the inference of meaning, but this is one of those very specific cases, I think, where the artist’s intent is absolutely crucial to the understanding of the objects made; the artistic intent changes the meaning of the art,” Campbell said. “If Krafft is indeed a Holocaust denier, as he appears to be, then it corrupts the art itself. I simply cannot look at any of his art in the same way again. Only Aryan Brotherhood members are going to want to buy his porcelain hand grenades now.

“I also think this also could be the case of a man well past his prime who is indulging some delusional tendencies that have been there for a very long time, but perhaps weren’t that strong in the beginning,” Campbell continued. “Krafft has always been an iconoclast, but now his iconoclasm is hardening, becoming a deadening ideology. The older he gets, the more his opinions seem to be calcifying, degrading.”

“Since the Stranger piece came out I know of several people who claim that Krafft has intimated all along that he harbors certain sympathies for these anti-Semitic opinions,” the art critic said. “Perhaps. But now Krafft is making his beliefs public, so now there should be no doubt.”

David Barclay Moore, a Brooklyn-based writer, filmmaker and photographer, also was among dozens who took to Twitter to comment on the Krafft controversy.  Contacted by Hatewatch, Moore said the revelation may devalue pieces of the artist’s work and make them less powerful.

Krafft’s’ work was ingrained with a sense of creative spirit — “elements of bitter histories into comic ironies,” Moore said.   “Now that at least some of his art appears to have originated from a much more literal place, their once perceived brilliance must rinse off in the wash, leaving behind an embarrassingly dull residue of thoughtless intolerance.”

In Washington, D.C., travel and art writer Melanie Renzulli, who once worked in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, also posted comments about the controversy.

“If Jen Graves’ theory is true, that Krafft may have used art as a means of smuggling in a nationalist-white power message, then I think that curators in those museums that own artworks by Krafft should consider shelving or archiving his work rather than taking advantage of the controversy,” Renzulli told Hatewatch.

Now, his pieces of work are “insensitive to survivors and their families,” she said, especially in light of a recent story in The New York Times detailing new research that shows there were 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe – far more than ever believed.

“Krafft’s art seems to exist to desensitize, to diffuse the power of some of the world’s controversial symbols,” Renzulli told Hatewatch. “In doing this, it seems that deniers and/or Nazi sympathizers can rally around a swastika in plain sight. Even if this is one big joke by Krafft, it’s not a very funny one.”

  • Erika

    brock, who says that a married woman using birth control and having sex with her husband because she enjoys it is a sin? Hint, its not God.

  • Brock Henderson

    Christianity judges sin, Erika. Roots it out, and rebukes it, to be more specific. God judges sinners. Get that? There’s a difference between the sin and the person committing it.

  • Erika

    really brock, Phyllis Schlafly??? For someone who tells women to be a “stay at home” doormat type who lets their husbands rule, she sure spends (or spent as the case may be) a lot of time outside of the house working in the public eye. Some might say that is a tad bit hypocritical of her.

    And this Kevin Gutzman guy doesn’t exactly sound very mainstream – or very impressive – at all. Mainstream people don’t appear as guest on The Political Cesspool or write for Regency’s laughable Politicall Incorrect guide series (which would be more properly termed Incorrect Guides). Oh sure, he’s able to find some university (i’m assuming here that Western Connecticut State University is in fact a real university because i’ve never heard of it) someplace to hire him as a “historian” – but the fact that no accredited law school would hire this guy as a law professor despite him having a J.D. and a Ph.D. speaks volumes about what people really think of his view of the Constitution. When someone is too much of a wacko to get hired as a law professor it means that you are really a wacko. Yes, he may teach Constitutional history, and he may have a law degree, but he’s not a Constitutional Law scholar – he’s not published anything in a law review or anything about law as opposed to his history – i’ve seen no evidence that he has ever practiced law or done anything in his life besides trying to spend as much time as possible in school to avoid the real world (where libertarian theory quickly gets crushed by reality).

    Irony of irony though, your anti-government libertarian source seems to have spent the entirity of his adult life either going to public universities or working for one. That makes him as much of a hypocrite as Phyllis Schlafey.

    But it is nice that you finally admitted exactly whose script you are reading from.

  • Aron

    Schlafly is not a professor and Gutzman is an historian.

    But nice try, Dumber than a Bag of Brocks.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, it figures.

  • Brock Henderson

    Phyllis Schlafly and Kevin Gutzman

  • Erika

    brock, i asked you a long time ago to name the Constitutional law professors who share your views – you never have named a single one. that tells me loud and clear that you know that you can’t

    i’ve named several people who disagree with your views including such notable leftists as Antonin Scalia.

  • Erika

    Brock, remember to “judge not lest ye be judged.” You are incredibly judgmental of others who do not share your incredibly prudish view of sex (which in any case i strongly suspect is much more based upon “performance anxiety” than morals)

    And it would also help if you realized that there is in fact a tremedously large middle ground between having only loveless sex with your wife for the sole purpose of forcing some small child to have you grow up with you as her father and indiscriminatorily having sex with anyone for money.

  • Aron

    Oh, they’re provably false Brock? Let’s hear some proof.

    And a citation from whence you found said ‘proof.’

    None of that colo-rectal ‘evidence’ which you throw around so freely, this time.

  • Gregory

    “Gregory, both of your statements concerning conservative women and Constitutional law professors are provably false. Thanks!”

    Fair enough. Prove it.

  • Brock Henderson

    Aww, Aron the typically civil and good-mannered Jew doesn’t approve of my beliefs! My ego is battered and bruised!

  • Brock Henderson

    Evidence, Erika, please. And remember what we’re talking about – this goes far above and beyond the simple act of staying one’s hand with a stone in it, because we’re all sinners and cannot cast stones. You have just basically said that Jesus advocated the radical individualist, or permissive, society, where each individual is a completely autonomous person, fully justified in whatever activities their fleshly bodies wish to engage in. Explicit evidence, please.

    By the way, Christians consider the writings of Peter, Paul, and John to be just a wee bit important. There is much more to Christianity than just Christ’s red-lettered words. That is a fact that is now pushing two millenia old. Get it?

    Gregory, both of your statements concerning conservative women and Constitutional law professors are provably false. Thanks!

  • Gregory

    The Martrydom of St Brock, coming to a university near you. Those mean old leftists just won’t acknowledge the logical premise of White Supremacy!

    Here’s a pro-tip for you, Mr Henderson. Conservative women will find your views about women and rape just as repellent and wrong as liberal women find them. Actually, the only people who might agree with you in that area are the Taliban. Oh, the irony.

    Conservatives will also find your view of constitutional history to be as misguided as any “liberal” scholar. Those same conservatives would probably consider many of your statements made here to be unpatriotic and unAmerican, as their jingoism tends to be somewhat less nuanced than you might expect.

  • Aron

    Gregory, I’m sorry. That was an unfair comment I made, and I apologize for it.

    Brock, I’m not better than you because I went to a better school. I am better than you because you are human sewage.

  • Erika

    brock, there are at least hundreds and probably thousands of distinct Christian groups – many of which have vastly differing views of sex and gender. So what exactly is the “traditional Christian belief?” In fact, about the only place where you can find a truly Christian belief in the role of women is to at the teachings and activities of Jesus Christ, but if you do, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t support what you think it does.

    Indeed, the teachings by Jesus indicating the equality of women as well as the prominent role of women in the early church were just two of the many things which got largely erased from Christianity as Christianity became more established and ultimately became the establishment. In fact, while the Apostles continued to speak out against wealth (another part of Christianity which has gotten largely erased over time – right about the time that the Christian Church became the established church of the Roman Empire) they quickled closed a door on an equal role of women despite Jesus’s teachings favoring such a role.

    Jesus was also hardly the prude that many of his current followers were – as i’ve noted previously, The Bible has a very interesting view of Prostitution – in fact, the historic evidence suggests that Prostitution was legal and accepted within the Ancient Hebrew Society. Jesus’s earliest documented followers included prostitutes and he spoke out against the enforcement of hypocritcal and discriminatory laws against sexually active women. Indeed, he preached that every person was in fact guilty of adultry (or more generally lust) so that enforcing laws based solely upon morality was inot proper for society or religious leaders. In fact, as Jesus ultimated tought, all people are sinners and saved by grace (which is not to say as some such as Jack T. Chick say that people are saved only by grace – Jesus’s teachings clearly require people to engage in works to help others as well).

    In short, the only possible indication for what a Christian view of gender is – which is the life and teachings of Jesus Christ does not support your views. If you are going to follow a Christian view of gender and sex you will not judge others because we all fall short of living a perfect life and you will view women as being equal as they are equal in the eyes of God. That is what Jesus taught.

    You do not follow what Jesus taught – instead you are picking the parts of the Old Testament which support your belief (in the mysogny category there are some rather unfortunately things in the letters as well). You rail against sins which are based upon Ancient Hebrew laws which Christians are not expected to follow and are only of historic interest.

    Instead what you call a “traditional” Christian role of sex and gender is one which selects passages from the Old Testament which support male supremacy and support a prudish view of sex (at least by women, since according to the Old Testament prostitution is okay even if being a prostitute isn’t). Quite simply, you are listening to the words of men who are seeking to justify their domination and applying them where they should not be placed.

    If you really believed in Christianity you would not be a male supremacist – you would not be a white supremacist – you would realize that those ideologies are incaptable with Christianity because in God’s eyes we are all equal and all worthy of love.

  • Brock Henderson

    “One assumes that Brock will be more polite because he is not separated by two screens, distance and anonymity from those he is deliberately antagonizing.”

    First of all, Brock Henderson is my real name. Kind of takes care of the anonymity, doesn’t it? Secondly, I reserve my displays of antagonism towards the Left for the SPLC Hatewatch blog. I have never trolled any other blogs, ever. I also don’t regularly engage leftists in debate face-to-face. That’s because they pretty much don’t actually debate anybody unless it’s on their terms, which are tailor-made to eliminate any logical premises for conservative positions. And when I’m on campus, yes indeed, Gregory, I will be keeping my views to myself to the best of my abilities. Why, you wouldn’t be warning me about the undeniable truth about the Left, would you? – that nobody is more remorselessly hostile and hateful towards their political opposition than them? Already knew it, thank you! Now, care to point out where I ever said that I am the pinnacle of civilization? I believe that about the West, and its native people who created that civilization. That’s a whole society I’m referring to, not ME.

  • Reynardine

    Where is the Indus Valley? Brock, you’re not only a weasel, you’re a dumb weasel

  • aadila

    “Small wonder then that he can’t seem to find the right girl!”

    Erika, maybe it’s just no one ever taught Brock about the little man in the boat.

  • Gregory

    George W. Bush did his undergrad at Yale and his MBA came from Harvard. Presumably those are first rate schools in your opinion. Just sayin….

    What is interesting about Sacramento State is the demographics of the student population. 57% of the students are female and 40% of the total student body are white. Roughly 47% of the Bachelor Degrees awarded in the 2012 academic year went to black students. Ruh roh!

    One assumes that Brock will be more polite because he is not separated by two screens, distance and anonymity from those he is deliberately antagonizing. On the other hand, I doubt that he has the social skills necessary to communicate his bizarre world view without provocation, given the seething anger of his communiques here.

    What a shock it will be to him when he discovers that he doesn’t hold a monopoly on civilization and that he is not as intelligent or capable as most women.

  • Brock Henderson

    Reynardine, I have said a few times that the entirety of my American ancestry also goes back to colonial times. The last hundred or so years is simply the short period of time of which I gave you a narrative. If you and CoralSea also have American colonial ancestry, then yes, your claims to an authentic American identity, as far as blood and soil are concerned, are as strong as mine.

    Interesting. Where is the Indus Valley? And where are these Dravidian people now? What happened to this civilization?

    Yes I would call ALL Caucasoidal people white. It’s not a term literally denoting a pale skin color, so far as I know. I don’t use it that way, that is. Ever seen a large gathering of Basque, Spanish, Portugese, or southern Italian people? You’ll see a lot of people with darker-than-olive-colored skin. They are still members of the white race.

    As for your rape questions, allow me to do a little research first.

    Aron, wow, a leftist implying that he is superior to someone else because of where he went to school! Never saw that coming! Please keep surprising me!

  • Aron

    Brock, you were accepted to Sacramento State? Good for you!

    A third rate school for a fifth rate personality. Have fun making friends on campus! They’re going to LOVE you.

  • Gregory

    Again, Brock constructs a strawman and calls it a leftist.

    Good luck at Sac State. Let us know if you last more than two semesters.

  • Reynardine

    Brock: the Dravidians of the Indus Valley had quite an intricate civilization when the ancestors of your ancestors were peeing their fur britches. The Dravidian stock of the Padma estuary are people you may thank whenever you wear pajamas, drink tea, put on anything made of silk, sit on a veranda, or watch fireworks. Admittedly, all these arts were further developed by the Chinese, who weren’t “Caucasian”, either… and the actual denizens of the Caucasus, many of whom you would not pronounce “white”, were akin to civilizations so old your ancestors didn’t even * have* britches then.

    And now: what do you propose to do with all the freaks born of the incestuous violations you propose to legalize? What recourse does a man have whose wife is violated by another man? Why do you, whose ancestors have been in the country a hundred years, have a superior claim to mine, whose ancestors all were here longer than that; to Coral Sea’s, whose ancestors arrived on the Mayflower, or to Mr. Perales’s, whose ancestry traces further than that? Answer like a man, not a weasel.

  • Erika

    brock no doubt wants to go back to the “traditional understanding of marriage and rape” that existed during Biblical times – namely that if a woman gets raped she either has to marry her attacker or get stoned to death.

  • http://xlowridertimespanchovilla Antonio Perales del Hierro

    My dear Brock: Get off your spurious and quite worthless, silly “pride” of early violent colonialist settlement and it’s concommitant balloon-headed turfiness. That garbage should have been dead in the water eons ago. My maternal grandfather’s family was settling in what is now northern Mexico in 1565, while by coincidence don Pedro Menendez Valdés of my maternal grandmother’s lineage was murdering French Huguenots at the behest of his boss Carlos V, and founding what is now San Agustin, Florida–the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in what is now the U.S. That would be some 75 years before the Pilgrims showed their quite equally as greedy, murderous and perfidious faces on the eastern seaboard, and considering the treatment of the indigenous peoples here and in Mexico, and their present beleaguered and oppressed condition, nothing to boast about. Canada? Same difference. While the present day Canadian government continues an even more escalated rip-off of First Nations lands, minerals and petroleum and deliberately effecting their weakening and impoverishment, and even assaulting the women because of their tribal power, the racist Canuck media conveniently poses native peoples as ignorant and depraved drunks and welfare rats, which Canadians of European origin lap right up. Canadians are not as benign as they are depicted in U.S humor. Your “special pioneer-stock entitlements” are all in your head. Do us all a favor and get over yourself. California itself was flooded in 1849 by armed, violent and uneducated (uneducated for that era means Bible-belt) settlers of insular and limited culture who, annoyed and envious at obvious Mexican, Peruvian and Chilean mining expertise and subsequent successes, passed an exhorbitant “Foreign Miner Tax” and drove Latinos from the Gold Fields. As now these pale-skinned interlopers found a Mexican’s life worthless, and we who were rarely armed, were murdered often for little or no reason by these “colorful Argonauts”, that is when they weren’t fervently and dedicatedly killing and dispossesing the remaining indigenous California tribes, tribelets and families not yet so graced by the Spanish and their soldiers, priests, “Indian Hunts”, forced labor, epidemics, sexual abuse and genocide. Fortunately my Mexican Indian grandmother taught me at a tender age to always respect other cultures, what happened to you? You must have a serious inferiority complex, and feel pretty insignificant without that “pioneer special entitlement” crap.

  • Brock Henderson

    Gregory, your insinuation that there are no dimensions to human existence except the individual and the state, which begets the view that the state must be the ultimate arbiter of each individual’s relationship with another, is typical of leftists. It is also explicitly totalitarian.

    And there are many modern-day countries begun by people who were not the original inhabitants of the land on which said countries are situated. Let me guess, in your twisted and silly little mind you consider that theft. Guess what? It isn’t. Thank you.

    I just got accepted to a university, Sacramento State, here in CA. Is that a “good” enough thing to happen in my life? By the way, I simply believe that Caucasoidal people, especially those of the Christianized stripe, will always have the monopoly on civilization. There’s nothing obsessive about that. If I become acquainted with evidence to the contrary one day, I will change my beliefs accordingly.

    Erika, you are free to label us – the men AND WOMEN who are proud to call ourselves the advocates of traditional Christian sex and gender roles – anything you want. It makes thing easy for your tiny little mind, crippled by your hatred as it is, doesn’t it? But Erika, how can you use those labels honestly? As I just noted, there are WOMEN in the movement you call “men’s rights.” And there are many who were living lives identified by the bar scene, short skirts, no underwear, very low-cut tops, and promiscuous sex with the most predatorial type of men who would be happy to take advantage of women without blinking an eye. They, Erika, would be more than happy to get in your face and tell the likes of you that YOU are NOT a friend of women at all, but rather their enemy. But it makes it easy to justify your views, doesn’t it, Erika, the constant repetition of the idiotic yet simple lie that you’re an advocate for women and all your enemies are men?

  • Gregory

    Brock writes :
    “Do you believe that all white supremacists obsess over race 24/7…”

    Uh, yes, that is what makes you a White Supremacist. Most likely, the last “good” thing that happened in your life was that you were born with a white skin.

    As for any ancestral claim to the land you occupy, I think the original inhabitants would dispute your authority to declare a “nation” by merely planting your white ass at the Iron Door Saloon.

    It is clear from your voluminous comments that you are deeply engaged in a fantasy world. You coyly make a distinction between your “nation” and the political state that you occupy, which is an exercise most college sophomores indulge while drunk or stoned in the wee hours of the morning. From your narrowly drawn definition of a nation, it is clear that yours will never number more than a dozen or so, depending on how many children you father with your mail-order bride.

  • Reynardine

    On parsing your definition of rape, I also note the following:

    A. It is perfectly legal to violate another man’s wife.
    B. It is perfectly legal to violate one’s mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, or cousin.

    Please clarify if this is what you intend. If it is, why is this an ideal relationship between the sexes, and what do you propose to do with any resulting freaks? If it isn’t what you intend, please rephrase in a way that makes clear what you do intend. State your position like a man, not a weasel.

  • Erika

    “last decade” was a mistake

    it should be that Brock’s view of women and rape is one which is “rarely seen within the last century”

  • Erika

    So basically Brock is for total male domination and total male supremacy with women basically being property whose sole purpose is to have lots of babies.

    His views on rape are way beyond offensive and extremely appalling since apparently he believes that only a virgin who is a “model of feminine virtue to the men” whatever that could possibly mean (my guess is that he means a woman who looks pretty, keeps her mouth shut, and lets men do all the thinking for her) can be raped. apparently he believes that women fall into only two categories – virgins who are virtuous models of femininity or “tramps” and that a woman who is not a virgin, or not a “model of the feminine virtue” (translation, a woman with a mind of her own) according to brock’s own definition automatically a “bar hopping tramp” who apparently men are given free reign to rape.

    The worst part of brock’s views about “traditional rape” (seriously, he actually calls it “traditional rape”) is that apparently Brock believes in the concept of corrective rape – and thinks that men should rape offending women (such as outspoken feminist attorneys) to get them to comply to his views of male domination.

    Seriously, Brock not only views women as doormats and appliances for men’s sole use and enjoyment, he is also pro-rape. i knew that he was a men’s rights mysognist bozo and he totally proved it. In fact, his view of women is one which is rarely seen within the last decade outside of cult leaders or serial rapists..

    Small wonder then that he can’t seem to find the right girl!

  • Aron

    Ah, so fuck the Jews, right Brock?

    It’s not like they ever did anything for society…

    How about slaves? Are you for traditional Christian slaves? Or rape? Traditional Christian rape?

    Or how about mixing of cloth? Can’t have that, now, can we! That’s a sin!

    You’re a silly little boy, Brock. And you’re destined to die alone and unloved.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Brock, you appear to want most of the United States, but I fail to see that you have any claim on it superior to mine, for example. Please explain why you do, and then explain what you regard as the status quo, and ante which bellum.

  • Brock Henderson

    Lighten up there, Alinsky. What I’m trying to decide to type or not type has little to do with race. Do you believe that all white supremacists obsess over race 24/7, Aron? Is that the caricature you’ve drawn up in your mind? . . . But yes, I am here to provoke conflict. The SPLC deserves no less.

    Well here you go, Reynardine, for starters: I am FOR the traditional Christian family structure, featuring nearly-absolute male authority, sex for procreation only, many children, no government recognition of marriages higher than the county level, and I am FOR the traditional remedies for problems such as domestic abuse – intervention by family members and the churches, not the government. I am FOR traditional rape laws – meaning that a virgin woman who is a model for young girls and an example of feminine virtue to the men, who is attacked, subdued, and forced into sexual intercourse by a stranger who is not her husband and not related to her, is a victim of rape. A bar-hopping tramp is not.

    I am also FOR the American status quo ante bellum, concerning the structure of our government.

    My land to which I have ancestral claims spans the entire country from east to west, being Californian and having colonial-era ancestry. The cities of Chico, Oakland, Hayward, Clovis, Bakersfield, Pine Grove, Jackson, Sacramento, and Elk Grove are all places here in the Golden State where either I, my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, or great-great-grandparents have made their mark. Before CA there was Donna, TX, Ft. Smith, AR, Ft. Scott, KS, Cassville, MO, a few towns on the Mississippi River border region between MN and WI, and Bedford, IN. Going back about a century, that’s where I came from. Those are my roots. My ancestors paved the way in those places for me to be here, on the other side of the continent. That’s my pride that I’m showing you, in being the California offspring of American westward migrants. For us, pretty much all of America is our land. And I’m FOR it.

  • Aron

    Oh, and Brock you need to ‘reacquire your bearings?’

    More like ‘beg my beloved sixth-grade teacher to cobble together some white-supremacist bunkem for me.’

    You’re a fraud, Brock. A fraud and a troll. You exist here only to provoke conflict. You have lost.

  • Aron

    And why wouldn’t I understand Christian ethics and morals?

    Based upon what I’ve read, I have a greater understanding and affinity for the Sermon on the Mount than you ever will.

    And ‘race’ is confirmed by anthropological evidence? Let’s see those peer-reviewed scientific journals, Brock. To use your delightful term, I’m sure you’ve got them ‘up the wazoo.’

  • Brock Henderson

    Reynardine, forthcoming. Perhaps tomorrow. Need to reacquire my bearings.

  • Brock Henderson

    Aron, there is only a logical basis for YOU to be a flat-earther, geocentrist, or creationist, if you’re the one who denies the scientific fact of different races – one fully confirmed by anthropological evidence up the wazoo. You have been the science-denier so far in our discourse. I fully accept all scientific evidence concerning life and the world around us. You do not.

    I just simply said that traditional Christian ethics and morality are things you wouldn’t understand. Didn’t say that I was an exemplar of such things. As I admitted in a previous comment, I’m definitely not.

  • Erika

    Aron, i’m pretty sure that brock believes in the brockocentric theory of the universe.

  • Reynardine

    What faith, Brock? Exactly what are you * for*? Be specific. Answer like a man, not a weasel.

  • Aron

    Awwww, was Brock offended when I took down a peg, the person who attempted to proselytize to me?

    Slight difference there, chump.

    And race is NOT a biological identity, no matter how much you and Jared Taylor scream about it. And frankly, I wouldn’t put it past you to be anti-evolution, anti-Newtonian physics, a flat-Earther, AND a geocentric.

    In short, your foolishness knows no bounds. Now go complain to your beloved sixth grade teacher. I’m sure you and he will get a big laugh over Aron, the Stupid Kike.

    (Also, do you remember when you told me that because I was Jewish, I couldn’t possibly understand Christian compassion? Yeah, you wouldn’t know compassion if it came and gave you a big hug.)

  • Brock Henderson



    I was directing my comment at Ruslan, and the type of scientific “education” HE has obviously received! Or maybe you’re also so enthusiastically on board the race-denial crazy train that you truly believe that’s completely different from gravity- or evolution-denial, ergo you thought I must have been describing my own beliefs.

    Race is a biological reality, Aron. YOU and RUSLAN might as well deny gravity and evolution while you’re at it. Get it? This is not me we’re talking about!

    Good God.

    Speaking of which: Judas invests? Remember that? Yeah, anytime you want to mock somebody else’s faith, be prepared for at least a morsel of a comeback.

  • Aron

    Uh sorry, Gregory. That was not supposed to be written as your name.

    For some reason my browser auto-filled your apparent info.

    Though aside from the fact that I don’t think you’re a Tribesman, I doubt you’d disagree with my sentiments ;-)

  • Gregory

    Brock, you made a statement denying the scientific existence of gravity and evolution. That was a very silly statement.

    And now you are mocking my Jewish faith. There was no reason for that. You are a seriously deranged individual, and you seem to be representing a threat to both yourself and others.

    Please seek help.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, we all love communicating mind to mind, but yours offers too small a target.

  • Brock Henderson

    Aron, what are you, 8 years old? You’ve been reduced to the Pee-Wee Herman “I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I” rejoinder? You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, bubbeleh.

  • Aron

    Can’t find a scientific basis for gravity or evolution?

    Wow. We sure have a winner here!

  • Brock Henderson

    And these, Ruslan, must be the “scientists” who can’t find a scientific basis for the idea of gravity or evolution. You keep on letting THOSE scientists educate you, and have fun with it.

  • Reynardine

    My effing Pantech keyboard has malfunctioned again

  • Reynardine

    He”Race” has been used to include everything from one family line (“She wished to procure me because I was of good race”- Edward Rochester in Jane Eyre, where “race”referred to the noble house of Rochester) to what *the law* contemplates as a nation: those who owe their allegiance to one sovereign, and are entitled to that sovereign’s protection (Winston Churchill, not a dumb man, spoke of the American race). The assorted “races” of early physical anthropologists were subtypes: no sane person would, in the modern sense, assert that a Dane and a Latvian are different “races”. Churchill spoke of very physically similar (and near neighbor) groups in the Raj, as different “races”, however, because they did not feel allegiance towards either the Raj or a future state of India, but to their own tribe, clan, or caste. Most physical anthropologists agree that currently, the human species does not even have subspecies, as even the San people are genetically intertwined with the rest of us not to be so classed. We have been entirety too promiscuous and mobile for any of that.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Ruslan, you know what I just found out? Anthropological knowledge has INCREASED since the 18th and 19th centuries!”

    Yes, scientists have found out that there is no basis for the idea of “race.”