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White Supremacist Brings Racist Filmmaker to Texas A&M

By Hatewatch Staff on March 18, 2013 - 2:04 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

In recent years, globetrotting white supremacist financier and organizer Preston Wiginton has appeared at racist skinhead gatherings (he won a “strongest skinhead” contest at Hammerfest in 2005); co-sponsored lectures with hate groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom; rallied racist skinheads in Russia (where he lives part of the year in an apartment rented from ex-Klan boss David Duke); and been denied entry to the UK to address a festival put on by the neo-fascist British National Party.

He’s a busy guy on the white supremacist circuit, so it’s no surprise that he’s organized yet another event. This time, Wiginton has called in racist filmmaker Craig Bodeker to show his film, A Conversation about Race, on the Texas A&M campus on March 20.

Bodeker is no slouch in white nationalist circles, either. His film, released as a DVD in 2008, is a 58-minute attempt to prove the thesis that racism is a bogus concept invented to oppress whites. To do that, he interviewed people he found through a Craigslist ad (ambiguously titled “Ending Racism Now”) and on a street corner in Denver, where he lives. When the people he interviews claim they see racism every day but don’t cite strong examples, Bodeker thus feels he can claim that racism doesn’t exist. He also asserts in the film that Latinos are deliberately taking away whites’ majority status, and he attempts to get his subjects to admit that black people commit more crime than white.

In spite of that, Bodeker continues to claim he’s not the one who’s racist, even though he has attended white nationalist events and given interviews to white nationalist media outlets, including The Political Cesspool, whose guests have included David Duke, neo-Nazi April Gaede, white nationalist Jared Taylor and anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald.

Bodeker’s latest project is a group called the National Citizens League (NCL), apparently launched in 2012. The flyer for his upcoming Texas A&M appearance calls him the group’s founder. The NCL’s mission statement claims that its purpose is to increase public awareness about the efforts of “established media” and “bad government” to act against “our national interests” and how citizens can use visual media to “fight back.” The site serves as a platform for Bodeker’s film (you can watch it there), but nothing new has been posted since June of last year, according to the site archive.

The site also includes a video of Bodeker introducing the group in his affable way and some postings of videos of Bodeker’s “Race Report.” A visit to the NCL’s Facebook page reveals a lot more. There, you’ll see recent posts defending members of the Towson White Student Union (listed as a hate group by SPLC) who openly advocated segregation and defended slavery at the CPAC conference, a premier gathering of conservatives each year, with this description: “Governmedia in Panic – Someone Let A White American Address OUR INTERESTS AT CPAC!”

Other Facebook posts by the currently unknown NCL administrator include some that call non-white immigrants “invaders.” Another wants “Governmedia” to “Tell The Truth About ‘Diversity’” (it’s bad). Another asks “Why are Republicans so afraid of ‘appreciating’ AMERICA’S MAJORITY, that’s, well you, know, WHITE…?” Still another seems to suggest that there’s some kind of “ethnic cleansing” of whites from America and another asks anyone to name one benefit that Muslims bring to white countries. In another anti-Muslim post, the NCL administrator says that “Swedes Are Now Realizing They Were Wrong To Allow Muslim Immigration – When Will the Rest of the West…?” Preston Wiginton posted a response to that one, asking why Swedish men weren’t standing up for their women.

That’s par for Bodeker’s course: He has also posted offensive and inflammatory slurs on videos that other users have uploaded to YouTube. As user “Craigbe,” he has referred to black people as “monkeys,” used the anti-gay slur “fag,” and suggested that resigned black White House adviser Van Jones should be lynched.

For a man who claims not to be racist, he spends a lot of time proving otherwise. This week at Texas A&M will no doubt be more of the same.

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  • concernedcitizen

    @Brock: you stated, You need to understand that you’re a deranged lunatic, my little old angelcake.

    In psychology I believe this is referred to as “projecting”.

  • aadila

    Brock do you have various examples of single ethnicity nations where people just get along without strife, conflict, and squabbling of some form or another? Let’s gather some examples and look at them.

    From my viewpoint it seems you are confusing the human condition with multiethnic conflict. I also think you are ignoring the infinite complexities of cause and effect in society. There is never just one cause for any effect, and never just one effect from any cause. I also doubt it is possible to ever accurately describe all causes and all effects of any phenomenon, social, political, or otherwise because the entire universe is dynamic, changing, and in constant flux. True intellectual inquiry does not insist upon one cause or one effect, but understands the complexities involved can be confusing, contradictory, and often hard to sort out.

    Look deeper into it and test it for yourself if this is true.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, m’dear, “deranged lunatic” from you is…well, entertainment. As far as cake goes, I much prefer devil’s food.

  • Brock Henderson

    Successful at what, Aron? Keeping squabbling ethnic or religious groups together under one governmental banner? What I said is that the NATIONHOOD of such sovereign states is a huge illusion for people who haven’t had the misfortune of being there to see just how “one nation, united” they are. In any event, are we even in agreement upon one single working definition of “success?”

    I get it, Reynardine. A man who thinks he ought to – gasp! – be the head of his household is totalitarian or authoritarian. A government sending its army into its own country to declare war upon and kill ITS OWN PEOPLE . . . naw, of course not, that’s “liberation.”

    You need to understand that you’re a deranged lunatic, my little old angelcake.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, no one would mistake you for a (sensu strictu) libertarian, some of whom I have, indeed, known and had entertaining arguments with, frequently followed by a beer. Real libertarians are like that. Politically, you may be either an authoritarian or a totalitarian. To elaborate on an explanation once given by Ernest Hemingway, an authoritarian, when he goes to the toilet, points a gun at himself and orders, “#1!” or “#2!”. A totalitarian walks into an otherwise empty confessional, points a gun at himself, and orders, “Confess all your bad thoughts about me!” You surely do the latter, and I can’t rule out the former, either.

  • Aron

    Well for one thing you claimed that there have never been successful multicultural countries.

    And that’s just on this page. I don’t care to point out every lie you’ve told because you simply aren’t worth my time.

  • Brock Henderson

    You couldn’t give me just one example, Aron or Erika? A word of advice, darlings: Saying to someone “You are wrong!” with no substance or evidence to back that claim up with the exception of “ALL MY FRIENDS are willing to nod their heads in agreement with me! Look how many people agree with me! How many people agree with you, loser?” reveals that your own position is weak and crumbling, and that indeed you cannot back it up with anything. If you really have lost a debate with someone, but your ego precludes you from admitting it, try a different tack.

    Erika, umm, how many times have I said that I’m not a libertarian? Again, pretty sure Dr. Paul isn’t one anymore either.

    You folks may eventually catch those straws. I’ll be rooting for you.

  • Erika

    Aron, you should know by now that brock is impervious to truth and facts that conflict with what he already knows in his closed mind. Hence the fact that everyone considers his sole source about everything about the American government (the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution), history (the Politically Incorrect Guide to U.S. History), and the Civil War (the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War) to be extremely inaccurate and disreputable sources from neo-Confederates does not matter to him. Its what he believes and he is not going to let facts get in the way of what he believes.

    He also is quick to resort to that old standby of the Paulite phony-libertarian – if you disagree with him, you must worship the state or American empire which may well be the Neo-Confederate sessessionist version

  • Aron

    Brock, go read every disagreement you’ve had with anyone on this site. Like it or not, you’ve been wrong every time. You simply refuse to admit it.

  • Brock Henderson

    Prove me wrong at every term? For example?

  • Aron

    Puerile, vapid, and childish as myself? And yet we prove you wrong at every term.

    Go eat a hovercraft, you cur.

  • Reynardine

    Brock, you are growing increasingly incoherent, which indicates you are decompensating rapidly. Get attention before you wind up in the psychiatric successor to Livermore, in Vacaville, in San Quentin, or with a tag on your toe.

  • Reynardine

    Evropa, of course you can be proud of that, since you did it all yourself.

  • Evropa

    I’m proud of my white skin and European blood.

    Does that make you people angry? If it does, I suggest some form of meditation to calm down.

  • Erika

    looks like Google can be added to the already extensive list of things that Brock doesn’t understand

  • Brock Henderson

    Oh and Aron, chatting online with someone nearly as puerile, vapid, and infantile as yourself doesn’t exactly hurt my feelings. It does, however, explain her divorce she talked about awhile back on another thread.

  • Brock Henderson

    SEMINAR on poetry explication? You’re getting desperate, Reynardine. I mean, shoving words into my own mouth . . . haha. Pathetic and hilarious.

  • Brock Henderson

    Aron, little bubbeleh, you also love being a jerk, so I guess I’ll stoop down to your level to explain myself to you too. I have CHOSEN English as my major, which I will be studying at Sac State in the Fall. Right now I’m taking an English class at my local junior college to take care of a transfer requirement. Since it’s part of my major core, I’m killing two birds with one stone.