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American Renaissance Speakers Call for White Homeland

By Hatewatch Staff on April 7, 2013 - 12:03 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

Over 150 white nationalists gathered yesterday at Montgomery Bell State Park outside Nashville, Tenn., for the American Renaissance conference. This year’s event featured new speakers and a noticeably younger audience, with half the crowd raising their hands after Jared Taylor, emcee of the event, opened it by asking, “How many of you are first time attendees?”

One first time speaker was “RamZPaul,” real name Paul Ray Ramsey, whose series of YouTube videos have racked up some 4.3 million views in the last four years (only former Klansman David Duke seems to have outpaced him among web-savvy racists, with more than 6.7 million YouTube views in the same time period). Posting what he calls “mostly satire that pokes fun at the establishment,” the 49-year-old Tulsa suburbanite’s sarcastic videos have become a weekly staple on major racist websites including Vanguard News Network and Stormfront.

Ramsey is becoming a hero to many on the radical right. “Ramzpaul is brilliant. A huge asset,” gushed anti-Semitic Cal State Long Beach professor Kevin MacDonald last January. Ramsey’s videos often appear on MacDonald’s racist site Occidental Observer. Last April, one of Ramsey’s videos opened with a shout out from Kyle Bristow, author of the racist novel White Apocalypse, which graphically depicts the murder of a fictional character based on a Southern Poverty Law Center employee.

At American Renaissance, Ramsey’s topic was “Sex and Nationalism,” and basically consisted of an attack on feminism mixed in with rather crude racist jokes. Ramsey said, “Feminism is a disease. What is the cause? It is the delusion that the sexes are equal. It is the mother of all delusions.” Apparently, Ramsey is very concerned that women’s focus on their careers, which often delays when they have children, is making our society matriarchal. The result, says Ramsey, is submissive men that white women don’t care to marry. Ramsey asserts, “We need more growth in white children” and white “secession.” If not, “Men’s rights will end. Christians will end. White conservatives will end.”

He seems less concerned about black women’s fertility. Ramsey said sarcastically that forty percent of all abortions are performed on black women. “In my neighborhood, it’s called Crime Stoppers.” He concluded his anti-feminist rant with a “joke.” “How can you tell if a white supremacist agrees with you? They say K-K-K.”

After his speech, Ramsey took a question from Matthew Heimbach, a member of the racist League of the South who has been in the news much of late for forming a white student union at Towson University in Maryland. Heimbach liked Ramsey’s speech, but wanted to know how to move forward in creating a white’s only homeland. “Where do we create our ethno state?” Heimbach asked. Ramsey’s answer: “We need to Balkanize and create our own homeland. We have a right to exist.” He suggested the Southwest for Latinos and the Southeast for African Americans.

Jared Taylor, head of American Renaissance, also took up the white homeland message. He opened his speech saying, “We want a homeland where we are a majority. We almost had one in the United States of America.” Taylor worries that by 2060, whites will only make up thirty percent of the population and Latinos will be the majority (The U.S. Census Bureau predicts whites will become a minority in the 2040s and no ethnic or racial group will be the majority). “Our government is permitting a neighboring country [meaning Mexico] to invade our country. We have a government of traitors,” Taylor raged. He lamented, “White people who express a desire for a homeland are labeled as haters.”

Much of Taylor’s talk was made up of relatively random racist or sexist rants. He asked, “Why would anyone believe the races are equal? And, “How can anyone think women should be in combat? Males and females are different.” Even if this weren’t true, Taylor complained, “the idea of sending the childbearing sex into combat is stupefying.” For Taylor, the end of white power began with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision that desegregated public schools. But now, he says, the “insanity has gone well beyond race.” Sounding more ominous than usual, Taylor concluded, “We want a homeland…Think of secession…Think of hometowns. We have to build them ourselves…Survival is the first law. We have no choice but to keep fighting.”

Heimbach asked Taylor the same question he asked Ramsey: “The federal government will continue its genocide of our people. Where should we go? What is the best way to create a homeland?” “It will work itself out organically in ways we can’t predict,” Taylor responded. “White anger may erupt in places we’ve not heard of…Eventually we will wake up.”

Richard Spencer of the white nationalist National Policy Institute also plugged for a white homeland. Spencer argued for “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” a process he did not explain, that would clear parts of North America for Caucasians and suggested that the new state welcome white refugees from Europe. Spencer advocated a “sort of white Zionism” that would infuse whites with the dream of such a homeland just as Zionism helped spur the creation of Israel. “It is perfectly feasible for a white state to be established on the North American continent. Action is the easy part,” Spencer opined, adding, “I have a dream.”

Other speakers took up themes about race and intelligence more common to past American Renaissance conferences. For example, Byron Roth, professor emeritus of psychology at Dowling College, spoke fondly of eugenicists Arthur Jensen and Jean-Philippe Rushton, both of whom died in 2012. Roth explained to the group that American education is failing because of the inferior genetics of its increasingly minority student body. He displayed a series of charts supposedly proving this thesis that showed that the IQs of whites are higher than those of blacks and Latinos, but lower than those of Asians. Roger McGrath, a retired history professor and sometime contributor to the History Channel, spoke as usual on a seemingly unrelated historical topic that serves to extol white achievement. Yesterday, his PowerPoint presentation highlighted World War II flying aces. He called them, “Warrior Heroes of our Tribe.”

The event will be rounded out with speeches by John Derbyshire, who was fired from the conservative publication National Review for his racist rants; Fabrice Robert, president of the Bloc Identitaire, a French nationalist movement; and Sam Dickson, a Holocaust denier and former Klan attorney who has closed every meeting since the conferences began.

Some prominent white nationalists skipped the conference. David Duke published an open letter on March 25 saying that Taylor has requested he stay away because he is “too controversial.” Duke’s letter reminded attendees not to forget the “real architects of [white] genocide,” which for him are Jews. Don Black, who runs the racist forum Stormfront, also took a pass this year.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Yeah Brock, Europeans weren’t indigenous to what is now known as the US. You don’t even like the US. If you think that these territories ought to revert to some past incarnation, why draw the line there? Why not have everyone move back to where they originated?

  • concernedcitizen

    Spukie said,

    on April 10th, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    SPLC if you want to see real sexist and racist rants look at comments of your supporters. The men of The West are waking,

    Spukie, I find this terribly boring and insulting to the men of the west. The real men of the west the educated men of the west have been awake.

    I believe what you mean to say is that the couch potatoes of the west are getting up off the couch because they have found another grossly ignorant losing cause to fight for…

  • concernedcitizen

    John you come across dishonest. More like someone who plays the devils advocate in order to get attention.

    Yes I believe that somewhere hidden in your caverns you hide your intelligent mind, and try to unsuccessfully blindside everyone with the nonsense you wear on your sleeves.

    Problem is you hide the intelligent mind to long and it doesn’t get worked out, then it grows cobwebs and gets flaccid.

    @Brock: is Erika too stupid? Did you pose that question?

    Interesting, because if that is your question then perhaps I should bring attention to the fact that Erika has more than once wrapped circles around your attempts at whatever it is your trying to achieve here.

    I think it’s kind of Erika to entertain your non-sense.

  • Edward

    Bill & Hillary Clinton live in Chappaqua, NY, which is located in Westchester County. Census track information shows their neighborhood to be nearly all-white. Yet the Clintons are white liberals who have publically advocated multiculturalism for a couple of decades. Very strange. See the disconnect?

    I noticed that most of the anti-racist protestors at the American Renaissance conference were white. They were protesting, against whites who advocate white group interests. Very strange. The anti-racists were also young for the most part. I bet they are the college age children of upper middle class white parents and grew up in majority white neighborhoods.

    In 1960, America was 90% white. Today it’s only about 63% white. It is projected whites will be a minority by 2050. If we extrapolate this curve into the future the end result will be the eventual complete extinction of the white race. How is this a “good” thing?

    Yet the white protestors (who call themselves “anti-racists) see no problem with the extermination of their own race. Very strange indeed.

    I would think every living thing would be in favor of it’s own survival. Not advocate it’s own extinction. Again, very strange thinking in the minds of these “anti-racists”.

    “Anti-racists” never protest against blacks, hispanics, or Asians. They only protest against other whites. Again, very strange.

    Professional anti-racists like Morris Dees and Tim Wise live in almost all-white communities. A review of census track information on Tim Wise’s residential area reveals it is 97% white, and 0% black. His home is valued in the $600K range. Very strange. Tim Wise advocates “diversity”. Yet he lives far away from blacks.

    All wealthy white leftists live far away from blacks. They live in nearly 100% white neighborhoods. Very strange. See the disconnect?

    They same is true of Phil Donahue. Also is true of Chris Matthews of MSNBC. He claims to live in Washington DC. That is a lie. He lives in a neighborhood in Chevy Chase, MD that is almost 100% white.

    The same is true for Michael Moore. He claims to have grown up in Flint, Michigan. That is a lie. Flint is majority black. Michael Moore grew up in a town outside of Flint called Davison. Davison is an almost all-white. Moore has a home in Traverse City, MI. Again, an almost 100% white town.

    The Kennedy family is another example. Cape Cod is an almost 100% white area of Massachusetts. New England is already a very white part of the country.

    If they really believed that it was a wonderful thing for a white person to live as a minority, they themselves would move to a majority black or hispanic neighborhood. But they don’t? Do you see the insanity?

    None of these people take the leap and sell their home, and move to a majority black neighborhood.

    Where do Morris Dees and Mark Potok live? What are the demographics of their neighborhoods? I bet they are overwhelmingly white. Surely they do not live in majority black neighborhoods in Montgomery Alabama. Yet they tell us how wonderful and enriching it is to live amongst blacks. And you other posters on this message board have bought into this lie. Very strange. It makes no sense to me.

    I want each of you to tell us the demographics of your particular census track. If you don’t live in a majority black or hispanic neighborhood, and you’re still telling us how wonderful it is … then explain yourself!

  • Reynardine

    Evidently, Brock thinks the United States should be limited to a strip of territory along the Eastern Seaboard, not including either Florida or Maine. By that definition, he is now a subject of the Spanish Crown, which, however, does not accept the jurado de España from extraterritorials who cannot demonstrate patrilateral descent from a Spaniard. That, then, makes him either a stateless person or ( whether he likes it or not) a citizen of the United States as it is currently constituted, with fifty states, Puerto Rico, and Guam. What is your legal take on this, Erika?

  • Aron

    Hey Brick, keep digging that hole!

  • Brock Henderson

    Erika, the Hispanosphere on THE CONTINENT OF NORTH AMERICA did not become part of THE UNITED STATES territorily or officially until the 19th century. The original 13 colonies, those which defined the ethnic/racial/linguistic background of the U.S., originated from either the BRITISH ISLES or the NETHERLANDS. Now, my dear, it is your turn to show me what territory or municipality of Hispanic heritage was part of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, those which fought Great Britain for independence between 1775 and 1781. Understand? Or are you too stupid?

  • Aron

    Brick, it says nothing about my character. But it speaks to how little I think of you.

  • Reynardine

    Ruslan, thank you for the excellent botanical analysis of that plant called “anti-racist”, an exposition for which I had neither the time nor the patience.

    And, Brock, m’dear, what the Devil were you asking? I swan, you’re growing more scattered by the minute.

  • John

    concernedcitizen, i have some cheese to go along w/ your whine

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s funny how some people actually thought “anti-racist” was actually an anti-racist when he obviously sounds exactly the way a WN imagines such people.

    I’m not sure if Edward fell for it, or if he’s in on the game, knocking down the strawman.

    ” If that happens America will simply transform into another 3rd world country like Brazil. It won’t be a Utopia. It certainly isn’t moving ‘forward’.”

    Actually Brazil IS moving forward. They are the B in BRICS, and they also happen to be the third most major manufacture of civilian aircraft in the world.

    ” Brazil is a dangerous Hell-hole of a nation.”

    How much time have you spent there?

    ” A white foreigner lost in Sao Pablo is likely to be raped, kidnapped or murdered. You’re delusions are laughable.”

    First, it’s Sao Paulo. Second, anybody, of any nationality, will get their asses handed to them if they walk into a favela. The people in the favela are of every color.

    “You imagine history as a linear spectrum of moving ‘forward’. Look at Hell hole cities like Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, Stockton CA, South Chicago. Every American city Blacks have taken over has degenerated into a 3rd world city.”

    The same can be said for virtually exclusively “white” areas of Eastern Europe. Makes one think that color or ethnicity might not be the determining factor here.

    “If whites become a minority in America, the whole country will be just one massive ‘Detroit’. The few remaining whites will be like the remaining whites in South Africa.”

    And you’ve spent a lot of time in South Africa, right? South Africa still has a lot of problems but they have made massive progressive in recent years. They had the World Cup in 2010 and as far as I know the worst crimes against foreigners were petty thefts.

  • aadila

    Or perhaps, Concerned, it just gives me a sense of moral superiority to apply Christ’s teachings more effectively as a non-Christian than Brock can, who claims to follow Christ. Or maybe it’s a little of both.

    Who can say?

  • aadila

    concernedcitizen said,

    on April 10th, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Aadila! You posted about Brock in a way that would suggest someone or something warm and fuzzy…

    Interesting I never would have put those thoughts or sentiments in the same sentence when discussing his posts.

    I see a difference between Brock and his posts. There is nothing warm or fuzzy about ignorance. But we are all susceptible to that, progressive, reactionary, and anything in between. Is it so wrong to not give up on those who are lost?

    What I see here is continual Brock bashing, which merely reinforces whatever need he has to be in conflict with people over pretty clear philosophical and rational truths. As I have said before I admire Brock’s fighting spirit and sense of inquiry. I am hopeful that he can see the truth in what we are saying. He has as we all do the basic confusion of being human. I don’t see how he will rise above anything that troubles us if the only message he gets from us is one of moral superiority.

    There is a very great distinction between hating the sin and hating the sinner. So I am sorry if my point of view offends you. But I don’t give up on people. Ever. Not even Brock, as offensive and irksome as his commentary tends to be.

  • Erika

    my earlier comment contains an error, 14.7 percent of the total American population self identifies as “white, Hispanic” rather than 14.7% of the white population.

    However it does remain true that 14.7 of the self identified white population (close to 80% of the total, but the white nationalists – and even the mainstream media exclude white, Hispanics (including presumably those who move here from Spain) from the white population to try to make it appear that whites will be a minority by 2040. That is simply not true – in 2040 whites will still be the majority of the population. What is much more likely to happen in the future is that like eastern Europeans and southern Europeans before them the white majority will stop classifying Hispanics as an “other” and accept them as being “white.”

    And ultimately that is all that really defines “white” in this country – self identity and public acceptance (which almost always follows self identity). Americans are a mixed race people – with the population overwhelmingly having a mix of European, African, and Native American roots.

  • Aron

    Um, ‘Anti-Racist’ your concern troll is showing.

    None of us ‘anti-racists’ wish for the dissolution of the ‘white race.’ We just want people to get along.

  • John

    that should read “their kids will be whiter”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s pretty clear that “anti-racist” is in fact just another Stormfronter trying to promote their latest “genocide” meme. They actually believe we think this way. Let’s take a look at the claims:

    “white people do not have children

    People of Color have many children”

    Scroll down and take a look at what’s happening to fertility rates by ethnicity. Note that the trend is toward equalization.

    “white women are increasingly having the children of Men of Color”

    I see no evidence of this. Also this assumes that having children by a “person of color” automatically must result in a baby that is also a “person of color” i.e. not “white.” You tipped your hand and gave us several clues:

    1. You believe that mixed race parentage must always lead to “non-white” offspring, rather than vice versa. An idea common among racists, which many anti-racists have written against.

    2. You chose women with non-white partners rather than saying mixed race couples or something about both sexes,hinting at the old WN obsession with white women being “defiled” by other men.

    “looks like white nationalists are fighting a long defeat!”

    The only thing that white nationalists are “fighting” is each other. One thing is for sure, if nature or evolution had decided that “white” people should not exist anymore, there would be nothing you could do to stop it, any more than one could have stopped the migration of Turks into Central Asia, or the migration of early man out of East Africa.

    However, the fact that the people you consider to be “white” evolved from people you would never call “white,” proves that “white” looking people will most likely never disappear from the face of the earth. You would think this would be a comforting thought that would cause many WNs to sigh in relief and give up their stupid hobby to do something more productive, but no.

    “soon white skin will disappear and the country can move forward and advance”

    See above.

  • John

    Actually anti-racist be careful what you wish for…Even though ww are having mixed kids, there’ll still be white skin..You see, a lot of mixed kids identify with their white side and as they get older, mixed males especially, the white women they’ll have kids with will be whiter and over time,if the cycle continues, white skin will be abundant…Sorry to ruin your fantasy

  • Rark

    “looks like anti-racists are fighting a long defeat!

    soon brown skin will disappear and the country can move forward and advance”

    Hmm…I hope this makes you view your original post a little differently :)

  • concernedcitizen

    Aadila! You posted about Brock in a way that would suggest someone or something warm and fuzzy…

    Interesting I never would have put those thoughts or sentiments in the same sentence when discussing his posts.

  • concernedcitizen

    Rob your April 8th post makes absolutely no sense.

  • concernedcitizen

    Yes John thank you for sharing your unenlightened insight.

  • concernedcitizen

    correction “bigots using their women and children” and yes perhaps engaging the services of other innocent white children whose parents are unaware of their involvement with hate crimes.

  • concernedcitizen

    There are many furred animals that come in many colors and have been interbreeding for years and guess what?

    We still have white horses, white goats, white dogs, etc., etc. Honestly, we need to make basic genetics part of the first twelve years of American schooling so we can stop the horrid spread of ignorance that keeps scaring the village idiots into thinking that “all white people will magically disappear if they keep interbreeding”.

    No they will not. Rantings like that are those of simple minds immersed in uneducated thought that leads to epidemic paranoia.

    Worse it leads to bigots using your women and children to perform degrading acts in order to further the cause of preserving white people, who according to uncle Jed who never finished first grade, are now on the endangered list.

    Please stop scaring the village idiots with this nonsense, their numbers are dangerously increasing.

  • Edward


    Naw. If that happens America will simply transform into another 3rd world country like Brazil. It won’t be a Utopia. It certainly isn’t moving ‘forward’. Brazil is a dangerous Hell-hole of a nation. A white foreigner lost in Sao Pablo is likely to be raped, kidnapped or murdered. You’re delusions are laughable.

    You imagine history as a linear spectrum of moving ‘forward’. Look at Hell hole cities like Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, Stockton CA, South Chicago. Every American city Blacks have taken over has degenerated into a 3rd world city.

    If whites become a minority in America, the whole country will be just one massive ‘Detroit’. The few remaining whites will be like the remaining whites in South Africa.

  • adamhill

    Edward wrote: “I simply am happier and feel more comfortable surrounded by my own people. This is personal preference.”

    Everyone tends to gravitate toward his or her “own people,” but most grown-ups don’t look at this designation as simplistically as you do.

    For example, I regard my wife as a member of “my people” in the sense that we share many interests and opinions. However, she is female and I am male. She is also what you would call “non-white” whereas I am what you could call “white.” My daughter is also among “my people,” but, on top of being a girl, she is much younger than me and certainly, as a toddler, doesn’t share my opinions on all things. Her pre-school classmates, along with their parents (representing a range of ethnic origins, ages, and opinions) are also among “my people” because of their proximity to my daughter and because they are children or parents: we share or are beneficiaries of similar overarching responsibilities. The people in my neighborhood are also “my people,” even if I don’t know them all, because we all live within the same local environment and our actions impact one another. Same goes with the people in my city, for the same general reasons. Each individual’s activities impacts the others, potentially in very positive or negative ways, irrespective of their race.

    The same logic can justifiably be extended to the inhabitants of the planet, especially these days, since the products we create and buy and discard, and the ways the leaders we select interact with those of other countries, impact our climate and our safety.

    You may want to be around only your “own kind,” and you’re free to define the term with the infantile simplicity of “white versus non-white,” but you can’t erase the interconnectedness of your existence with other humans on this planet. An increasing number of people are realizing this and embracing the only legimate designation of “race”: the human race.

  • Spukie

    SPLC if you want to see real sexist and racist rants look at comments of your supporters. The men of The West are waking, the fear in the hearts of our oppressors is palpable. The AmRen conference was a success, we will have our own Ethno State, we will survive and forge a Bright New World, for white children. =)

  • Erika

    girlsarewaysmarterthanyouare, i was generous and simply pointed out that even if the number of attendees represented only .01% of the white national population, it is a tiny portion of the total white population. That fact is undeniable. On the national scene there are almost without a doubt more people who support Communism or think that the current Congress is doing a great job than support white nationalism.

    At least if you exclude the likely substantial portion of the American population who would gladly see the white nationalists go off to their own island. But the number of people who would move there would be very small. And most people really would not care – i mean, white nationalists are ultimately about as big of a pressing issue as the risk of being eaten by a dinosaur on the way to the grocery store.

    It is also undeniable that if this new “white” island was developed and used genetic testing to assure that the people moving there were all white the vast majority of white Americans including the vast majority of white nationalists would not qualify. Looking at the family records the largest origin of my ancestors is “unknown. Genetically i’m definitely primarily European and i definitely look white, but who really knows.

  • Erika

    Hailey, those figures are from the U.S. Census Bureau – the racial classification from the U.S. Census Bureau is based upon self classification – according to their figures, 14.7 percent of the white population self identifies as Hispanic. The total Hispanic population was about 17% if i remember right (can’t remember the exact figure but its easily available on the Quick Fact section of ) that means that the majority of Hispanics self identify as White (meaning that they check their race as being White).

    So nice try, but the statistics are clear.

  • Erika

    John, even if 10,000,000 white people agree with the Amren crowd, that is still a very small percentage of the total white population. The actual numbers of white nationalists are extremely tiny. The percentage of white people who would actually want to move to a separate white homeland would probably be small enough to fit onto a small island or perhaps a single county. Remember that there is a difference between racist and white supremacists and white nationalists.

    and obviously white women aren’t rejecting all white men. that should be obvious. Women in general reject insecure men of any race.

  • Erika

    Brock, Sam already pointed this out, but Saint Augustine, Florida was formed in 1565. El Paso del Notre (today the twin cities of El Paso, Texas/Cuidad Jaurez, Chihuahua) was formed in late 1500s – probably around 1570 or so. Santa Fe, New Mexico was formed in 1610 (three years after the first permanent English colony of Jamestown, Virginia). It is safe to say that many Spainards had been north of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande by 1607. There is no question that the Spanish had permanent settlements in the United States before the English.

    So basically Brock, you once again have proven yourself to be an idiot.

  • Brock Henderson

    Reynardine, just one for you to type here in its entirety is all I ask. Make sure you use quotations!

    Aron, now you have been reduced to juvenile taunting reminiscent of a couple of prepubescent male classmates I remember from middle school. Do you understand what this says about your character?

  • Reynardine

    “Anti-racist”, as a longtime amateur horticulturalist who learned from some damned good professional ones, I know a plant when I see it.

  • anti-racist

    white people do not have children

    People of Color have many children

    white women are increasingly having the children of Men of Color

    looks like white nationalists are fighting a long defeat!

    soon white skin will disappear and the country can move forward and advance

  • Sam Molloy

    Brock, I probably agree with you about a lot of things, but it is a Historical Fact that St. Augustine, Florida was a Spanish speaking, flourishing city when Jamestown consisted of a stick holding up a misspelled sign.

  • Sam Molloy

    Kiwiwriter, it is not true that nobody is proposing making Hate Speech illegal here. Since it is illegal in England, Canada and Europe it can be reasonably assumed that well intentioned people here who are pushing the European model for America certainly are in favor of these laws as well. Currently, threats of violence, and incitement of violence, can be prosecuted here, as well they should be. My objection to outlawing Hate Speech is that the definition can change overnight depending on who is elected, and this country tends to swing from far Left to far Right.

  • adamhill

    It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the guy with the “this machine kills fascists” sign turned out to be a plant by the amren organizers to make the demonstrators look bad. It’s very unusual for someone espousing “liberal” or “progressive” causes (of which protesting against a racist conference might be considered one) to advocate violence.

  • Aron

    Well Brock, perhaps the biggest lie you’ve told is that there are women who are interested in marrying you. That’s a bit of a whopper.

  • Reynardine

    Dear little Brock, I’ve already exampled a few. If there are any you haven’t told…you will.

  • John

    concerned citizen, I’m sure Erika can speak for herself but in the event she can’t…My statement was based off of Erika’s absurd comment that white women are leaving “insecure white boys”…She could be basing this off real experience so I’ll give her that….However, it touches upon an insecurity issue w/ males in general hence my statement about WM/BF couples…..So you totally missed the point of my post..

    concernedcitizen misses point of post but not all concerned citizens miss the point of a post

  • Brock Henderson

    “because you believe that your views are law (which they are not)”

    concernedcitizen, this is your original statement in question. If you weren’t talking about same-sex marriage, meaning I just shoved an argument into your mouth, then what were you talking about?

  • Brock Henderson

    Erika, what am I failing to comprehend while reading this blog entry? What “side” am I on? I already told you I’m not a white nationalist, nor am I a member of any white nationalist or white supremacist organizations. I don’t recall saying that white people or men can’t compete on a level playing field.

    Reynardine, care to give an example of a lie I’ve told? You’re getting hysterical, dearheart.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “if these guys are so disgusting and unwanted in our civilized society, why don’t we give them a homeland?
    We could have a homeland for the vile racists and bigots (white people) and a home land for multicultural, diverse PoC’s and their white advocates.
    Sounds like a solution to me”

    Are you sure you want VNN to become real?

  • aadila

    Upon reflection I think the issue with Brock is not so much reading comprehension. I thought so at first but I now feel it is more about some war he is fighting with himself in which we all are proxy enemies. My hope is that the authentic Brock, who is compassionate and inquisitive, defeats the Brock who is fearful, angry and shut off from the world around him.

  • Reynardine

    Edward, as you have openly advocated a (counter) revolution against the United States government motivated by spite and bigotry to institute a usurper regime supported by totalitarian brutality and a “historical” justification sustained by lies, I suggest you are already being monitored.

  • Ahab

    *** “Feminism is a disease. What is the cause? It is the delusion that the sexes are equal. It is the mother of all delusions.” Apparently, Ramsey is very concerned that women’s focus on their careers, which often delays when they have children, is making our society matriarchal.***

    This anti-feminist rhetoric sounds suspiciously similar to that of misogynist preachers from the Christian Right. An exploration of the overlap between the Racist Right and the Christian Right would make a fascinating study.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Johnny: These people don’t shave their heads and wear combat boots rallying and mugging people on the streets. They have just as much right to express their views as a representative to their people, just as any other minority groups freely do like the NAACP and CAIR as examples.

    Your right the idiots at the top aren’t always the ones doing the shooting, stabbings etc. It’s the flunkies that they rile up at the bottom of the ladder, but to use speech and language that incites hate and divide is not healthy amongst any group of people in a country that is trying to unite.

  • concernedcitizen

    @Reynardine, to your April 9th, post…

    Very well done!

  • concernedcitizen

    John, black women getting with white men says absolutely nothing about black men. Just as a black man with a white woman says nothing about black women.

    It is a personal preference or merely the grand meeting of two hearts who fell in love. Either way it’s a beautiful thing.

    When you see two white men together are we suppose to conclude that something is wrong with white women?

    To make such conclusions are the signs of very narrow minds and the breeding grounds of generalities that usually lead to stereotyping.

    For example, “one man named John makes silly statements” therefore all men named John make silly statements.

    This would be a generality and false logic.

  • concernedcitizen

    Really Brock? Was that supposed to be a sign of your intelligence? Because if it is then you need to get back to basics, “reading comprehension”.

    Same sex marriage is not the law of the land, it is recognized in some states and the Military has already worked on extending more benefits to same sex partners. Furthermore, your attempt to redirect my statement towards an argument I never made is a great way to wave a big sign that states,
    ” Hello I am Brock, think before I speak? I think not.”

    Thank you for sharing that with us.

    A suggestion Brock, they offer great classes on research, argumentation including developing reasoning skills at a number of community colleges.