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Veteran Skinhead Forms New Racist Club, Peddles T-shirts on Internet

By Bill Morlin on May 17, 2013 - 4:02 pm, Posted in Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinheads

Some skinhead organizers, well, it seems, just can’t stop organizing the next generation of racist clubs, claiming they’ve now found the right formula. Take the case of Brien James, a tattoo shop owner from Indiana.

A household name in some racist circles, James has been organizing or attempting to organize neo-Nazi skinhead gangs since his teens. About a decade ago, he was a founder in the sometimes violent Vinlanders Social Club, a neo-Nazi gang with a reputation for drinking, fist-fighting and following a racist, pagan religion known as Odinism once practiced by Vikings.

Maybe that’s how James came up with the name for his new group, American Vikings. He has started a new website, complete with a racist forum, for his newest group. The hammer of Thor will be its logo, James proudly says.

And does he have a deal for new-comers: A “free” American Vikings patch for everyone who buys a T-shirt – once he personally checks out the authenticity of the applicant.

“This is a new movement,” James proclaims on his website. “We intend to offend racists and anti-racists alike. Liberals and conservatives. We have nothing to lose and nothing to fear.”

James says the American Vikings website will be “dedicated to creating entertaining and meaningful discussion about issues affecting patriotic, constitutional libertarian leaning, working class Americans.”

Without mentioning his role as a founder of the Vinlanders Social Club in 2003, or previous ties with the Outlaw Hammerskins and Hoosier State Skinheads, James says his new “project was created by long-time former members of the American White Nationalist movement in the hopes that we can create a realistic and constructive dialog amongst several different types of patriots.”

“We will give respect where it is due, and treat all people and topics the way they deserve to be treated,” says the man who previously has assaulted those with whom he has disagreed. “If you are reading this from a right or left perspective and you cannot handle that simply go somewhere else.’’

To stir interest in his new “patch-wearing organization,” James says he has a special deal for newcomers – men and women – who buy a T-shirt to support his new cause. “You do not have to belong to this organization to help with the American Vikings Project,” James says. “For the first 30 days of this project (until June 10th), anyone who buys a members shirt will receive their AVP patch with it for free.”

But James says before he mails out American Viking patches to founding members, “I must know who you are.” He asks people buying AVP T-shirts to include their full name, E-mail address, screen name on the group’s forum and a phone number. Without that information, the man, who once boasted about the size of his file kept by a Joint Terrorism Task Force, promises a refund.

Stay tuned.

  • Kiwiwriter


    I read the “demands.” Here’s the review:

    Despairing in attitude, irritated with your role models and mentors, whiny, mildly paranoid and silly, and in book-report language. Mostly the same regurgitated stuff I’ve seen elsewhere, with the usual emphasis on grifting for a buck and inviting people to whine to each other and beat up straw men.

    You obviously do not expect to achieve anything in your life and seek martyrdom, which is why you talk about dying young. You hope to die gloriously for the great cause, and then everybody will be sorry, and go to your grave, and either cry about your early demise or promise to “carry on the struggle” in your name.

    Not going to happen…nobody remembers Charles Coughlin, William Dudley Pelley, William Stephenson, or Fritz Kuhn. JT Ready, David Lynch, and Richard Girnt Butler are already being forgotten, too.

  • jon

    @Patricia, If you are going to post something that is supposed to sound logical then post something that is logical. That about sums it up, don’t you think?

  • Patricia


    –“…SPLC who brand everyone that disagrees with them as a terrorist.”

    That would be the F.B.I. who brands you a “domestic terrorist”.

    –“My name is Brien James. I am a lifelong skinhead. Im a pro-American activist, pro-white activist”…” but hate for what I really am, not what you need to imagine me to be.”

    You got it! I’m not liking what you are.

    –“I am still free and unharmed.”

    RIGHT! Exactly! So, now, what’s the problem?

    –“I want”…”I will”…I am”…”I have”

    That about sums it up, don’t you think?

  • MRJ

    “It means standing up to political pitbulls like the SPLC who brand everyone that disagrees with them as a terrorist.”

    The people “branded” as terrorists by people “like the SPLC” have usually already branded themselves with terrorist like images or behaviors: like the individual to the right in the photograph who has an obvious swastika permanently inked on his chest, or are prone to/repeated history of violence, or engage in/foment violent activities and Imminent Lawlessness in order to further their love of their “own” race/nationality/religion to the detriment of any other.
    Or: violence just because someone disagrees with your/their statements about beliefs or ideals.

    It’s not really a question of who is or isn’t based on rhetoric, it’s actions that count, and how a majority of reasonable people see those actions.
    Can you, perchance, influence others to, say, stop shooting Sikhs, or painting swastikas on Temples, or burning crosses, or burning churches, or beating/murdering people of other beliefs or skin colors who by the very establishment of this Constitution have the equal opportunity to reside anywhere they wish, work where they wish, make a fair wage at whatever they do, etc…..?
    If you cannot, then groups like the SPLC are, and always will be, necessary.

  • Aron

    Hey Brien and Crew41, define ‘white.’

    Hell, define ‘race.’

    I’ll be waiting.

  • Brien James

    The project is a Constitutional Libertarian Project. (Sam Malloy) It does have people involved who are not completely white, and I am helping anyone, of any color, who has similar beliefs to start similar projects in their communities. (Ruslan Amirkhanov) I think all consenting adults should be able to have relationships and marry whomever they choose. I believe that the best path to liberty is to offer it to all. Liberty also includes doing away with forced hiring, lending, housing, busing, and all other forms of forced integration and control that the left clings to. Liberty means going after corporations and entities who want to flood this country with immigrants so they can lower wages. It means standing up to political pitbulls like the SPLC who brand everyone that disagrees with them as a terrorist. Groups with clear political agendas that have set themselves up as “advisors” to law enforcement. Some of you hardcore lefties will still disagree with a ton of what I have to say, but hate for what I really am, not what you need to imagine me to be. I was dominant (although not really welcome) in the racist scene despite my moderate views by their standards, and left of my own free will. Segments of the federal law enforcement community and left wing fundraising groups like the SPLC have been monitoring me, and demonizing me, for over 15 years and I am still free and unharmed. I don’t have to lie or pretend to promote any agenda unless I truly believe in it. I have proven over the last 25 years that I am not afraid of the consequences of any standpoint. What i say is what I truly believe. Look at the “Reasonable Demands” posted on the front page of my site. You may still disagree with some of them, but I think that once you see what i really want to do you will realize this article is a complete fabrication. As is a lot of the content the SPLC puts out.

  • Crew41 founder

    This is hilarious … really … brien is a stand up guy, and if he was fighting for any other race besides his own you would be praising him as a saint .. when will you really wake up and see that in fact you are also racist? Because you stand against the promotion of only the white race .. you call people bigots or hate mongors .. but in reality its you who have these views instilled in your minds and dont even know it .. take a look around america …. ITS NOT HATE YO LOVE YOUR RACE

  • Steve

    He looks like my kind of dude, a real patriotic red blooded American. Where do I sign up. :)

  • hunglikejesus

    I find these “under one banner we shall be” people really entertaining. The Viking type and all that we are brothers is a joke. If these people were really Viking stock most would be dead already. It’s a fact that people will group up no matter what other kinds of people are around. And if they think life as a Viking was all cookouts and singing then they may be as stupid I think. It was battle after another and they weren’t fighting Blacks, Mexicans or Jews they were fighting each other and hated each other as much as these fools hate me.

    I watch Game Of Thrones and I know what I’m talking about. Just joking, I never watch Game Of Thrones.

  • Whatever

    Odinism is not an inherently racist religion any more than Celticism, or any of the other pagan religions of Europe that pre-dated Christianity. The fact that the racists tend to take symbols from Asatru (Odinism) doesn’t make the religion racist. There are plenty of people who practice it without bastardizing it into something that it originally was not. I would say 99% of the people practicing Odinism are not racists. You can go here to educate yourself:

  • SamDamnit

    Silly nazis. He should have included a secret decoder ring in his offer, but that might have been too complicated for his members to figure out.

  • Sam Molloy

    Georgia, hard core “Progressives” and hard core “Conservatives” share a common intolerance for anyone who does not agree with every jot and tittle they have decided to be Absolute Truth. It is as though the Right and Left wings come around the bottom of the circle and meet like the 0 and 120 on a speedometer. They both believe in a Totalitarian state. Libertarians can be criticized for allowing corporations to run amok, but generally follow the Teaching Tolerance precepts of the SPLC fairly well.

  • aadila

    The Venerable Bede affirmed that “Easter” itself came from the name of a Saxon fertility goddess, which in turn was originally invented by people living in the middle east to explain their superstitious confusion, fears, and ignorance about the movement of planets.

    So the Vikings didn’t actually come up with that nonsense, they took it from other, older Indo-European mumbo jumbo and it worked its way into contemporary English language through the Anglo Saxons. Odinism as known today is of Australian — not European– extraction, being founded by Alexander Rud Mills.

    The actual practice of modern day odinism is, like most neo-paganism, a tenuous attempt to revive ancient practices that may or may not have any resemblance to original practice. In fact, odinism as known today has some influence from the Vedas and Hinduism. For that matter, so does Christianity.

    It is however strongly geared toward animism, with elves, sprites and other such beings supposedly co-existing with the earthly realm. Basically the sort of thing you might expect to see if you munch on some mushrooms in the forest, which is what I suspect the practice of the Vinlanders ends up being.

    Notably, Germanic pagan revival in modern days also arose during the surge of ethnocentric Geman nationalism in the 19th Century. Also, from what I understand, Hitler himself may have been obsessed with the occult, and some of the original Nazis were into it as well, but the Nazis explicitly adopted Christianity under Point 24 of the National Socialist Program.

    Odinism is not of itself racist but seems to have been adopted by racists in America, who may have done so in part because of the Aryan undertones, and in part out of rejection of the creed of far right Christian identity racists who predated them (which helps to explain why they consider themselves distinct from “conservative” racists in America).

  • Georgia Citizen

    There’s no such thing as a Libertarian Party. They are reaaly Republicans in disguies. An elephant will always be an elephant.

  • Proud Norwegian

    Most of the days of the week are named after Norse gods.

  • Gregory

    It is my understanding that the Gregorian calendar was all about the calculation of Easter. In this case, Wikipedia offers a concise and reasonably interesting version of the introduction and adoption of the new calendar.

    Day names ar interesting in that they retained a cultural history linked to the spoken language. Below are some links you might find interesting.

  • Sam Molloy

    And Wednesday was named after Odin, presumably OK’d by Pope Gregory when he developed our current calendar.

  • Gregory

    Odin is said to only have one eye. Just sayin…

  • Dan Zabetakis

    snicker snicker…

    you said ‘onanism’.

    …snicker snicker…

    (BTW, what the skinheads are doing is much more like onanism than odinism.)

  • Erika

    aadila, i’m more just thinking of the similarities in the names.

    Or maybe my eyes need checking – i read the headline “White Nationalists Sully Immigration Debate” as “White NAtionalists Silly Immigration Debate”

  • Sam Molloy

    There are many Black and Hispanic people who are “Patriotic, Constitutionally Libertarian leaning, working class Americans” and I wonder if they would be included in these “entertaining and meaningful” discussions about the issues that affect all of us. If he can steer some of the racist hate groups into a positive direction of cooperation and nonviolent political activism, then I’m all for him. He does not look like a bad guy from the picture posted here. Rather jovial, in fact.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s cute when veteran skinheads try to revitalize their movement and make it into something “respectable” and political. New skinheads can be excused for their naivety, but veterans have no excuse.

    Also I find it funny they cling to “libertarian” values while advancing an ideology that would restrict who you have sex with.

  • aadila

    Erika, I think it was Rey who clarified certain common misperceptions about the practice of Onanism, and, while one might reasonably suspect this group adheres to the practice, so far, the Vinlanders do not appear to fit the examples she provided. It is clear however that things can easily get out of hand, and above all, that these people need to get a grip.

  • concernedcitizen

    @ Erika, I completely understand where you are coming from. It is rather amusing that these groups identify themselves with Vikings, while sitting around spewing hate talk all the while guzzling too much beer and eating way too many twinkie snack cakes.

    And then organizing to waddle themselves into imaginary wars.

  • Proud Norwegian

    “and following a racist, pagan religion known as Odinism once practiced by Vikings”.

    To imply that the Vikings were racists in the modern sense is misleading, and gives the Vinlanders more cred than they deserve.

  • concernedcitizen

    I hear nothing but crickets in the background…I believe that is the empty sound coming from James head.

  • Michael Strmiska

    This is very depressing news for non-racist Norse Pagans in the USA. I hope SPLC realizes that not all Norse Pagans or followers of Asatru (the main Norse Pagan affiliation) are racist or support white supremacy. However, when a group like American Vikings asserts a white supremacist version of Nordic heritage, it creates a misleading impression that all who enjoy connections to Scandinavia, Vikings or Norse Paganism are racists. I do my best to fight AGAINST racism and white supremacy! Paganism is NOT essentially racist. I hope more and more Pagan groups of all types will join the battle against racism, white supremacy, and hate-based politics.

  • RjForst

    Get serious skinheads or anarchists a threat? More like all the conservative crime families hiring them to do their insurance and antimadation dirty work. While the Vikings knew exactly what was going on and it was : to chase the stolen loot first target is the church and the trail out back where the priest was trying to hide it in but found himself.

  • Critical Dragon1177

    Bill Morlin

    Hopefully his business will be a flop. Nothing will put out a more clear message that most Americans don’t buy into his message than if no one buys his stupid products.

  • Erika

    i am never sure whether to be amused or appalled by these skinheads pretending to be Vikings. Especially since James isn’t exactly a very Nordic sounding name. i would have thought if he was going to be running around pretending that he rides around on Dragon Boats,* wears horned helmets, carrying big swords, and pillaging villages he’d at least come up with some ludicriously fake sounding Norse name. Of course, in choosing their fake Viking names they had better not touch any variation of the greatest Norse name of all – which of course is Erika :)

    and btw, whenever i see that these fake Vikings claim to practice Odinism as their religion i tend to misread it as them claiming to practice Onanism.

    * which if Mr. James is looking for an actual Dragon Boat, they have them for rental at the inner harbor of Baltimore right next to the Baltimore World Trade Center. Unfortunately for the fake Vikings they are probably the least intimidating looking Dragon Boats ever built, you have to pedal them like a bicycle rather than row them, but its definitely a fun little date activity.

  • Trish

    Do you really have no life that you stalk Brien James? Come on now, find something better to waste your entire life on. You hate Brien James because you don’t know him I’m sure :)

  • Reynardine

    Yeah, not bloody likely.