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Fox News Host Tells English Extremist: ‘We Got Your Back’

By Hatewatch Staff on June 14, 2013 - 4:25 pm, Posted in Anti-Muslim

Brian Kilmeade, one of the wise men of Fox News, recently told Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Lennon, the leader of the immigrant-bashing, Muslim-hating, police-clashing English Defence League (EDL), who recently spent time in jail for using a false passport to illegally enter the United States, that “it’s great what you’re doing.”

“We got your back,” Kilmeade told Robinson when the far-right English activist appeared on the June 10 edition of Kilmeade’s Fox News Radio program, according to Media Matter

Kilmeade promised his support after Robinson finished breathlessly outlining his latest anti-Muslim conspiracy theory: the “silent jihad” that is taking over Great Britain.

Robinson said that violent jihadists, like the two men recently charged with ambushing a British soldier and hacking him to death on a London street in the middle of the afternoon, are “ a real problem.” But that’s just the “the tip of the iceberg.” He said there is a “silent jihad going on,” a “silent takeover” and plan to “implement Sharia” law in England.

Audio: Fox News host Brian Kilmeade tells the leader of a violent nationalist hate group that targets British Muslims, “We got your back” and “it’s great what you’re doing.”

“They’re the ones I’m terrified of,” Robinson said. “They’re actually sitting around tables of government. They’re actually in positions of power.”

It’s the same sort of nonsense that animates anti-Muslim groups in the United States, and, in fact, the EDL has in recent years forged ties with U.S.-based Islamophobes like Pamela Geller.

At the end of Robinson’s there’s-a-jihadist-under-every-bed rant, Kilmeade said, “We’ll definitely look to keep in touch.”

Stay tuned.

Media Matters spoke with several English journalists who have reported on Robinson and his EDL. Kevin Maguire, associate editor of the Daily Mirror and a political columnist, described Robinson for Media Matters as “thuggish” and his supporters as “Nazi-saluting followers.”

John Higginson, political editor of Metro, a free London newspaper, told Media Matters that Kilmeade’s words of support were a mistake.

“The BBC wouldn’t say ‘I’ve got your back.’ If he is saying that, he is condoning these extremist views,” Higginson said. “The EDL, some of what they they’re preaching is to get rid of people just on religious grounds, just being a Muslim. To be saying that, it is bad.”

Fair and balanced. You decide.

  • Walt

    In future, for accuracy. could you please use quotes around the word News when describing Fox “News”? I mean, they’re not really a news station that employs actual journalists, they’re a propaganda arm of the tea-party wing of the Republican Party.

  • Maia

    This “man” is not a journalist, he is just like people of Fox news, a racist.
    They have the same level of education that cave men. I event think that Cromagnon was smart because he was not racist!

  • Jane Schiff

    I would like to know specifically WHO Brian Kilmeade was referring to when he told Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Lennon that “We’ve got your back.” I’m most interested in who comprises “We’ve.” “We’ve” could mean FOX itself, could mean unspecified and illegitimate pseudo – military personnel who are Americans, could also mean FCC…

  • SAS

    If the good Englishmen is so opposed to immigration, why did he enter the US with a phony passport ?

    And unlike Robinson, most immigrants to the UK do not attack police officers. This man has a criminal record, so he has no business talking about immigrants who break the law.

  • Kiwiwriter

    “Reynardine said,

    on June 20th, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Actually, Kiwi, the whole crew that the pre-War Walter Winchell used to call swastinkers.”

    That was the good old days for Winchell, when he was ripping Herr Hitler.

    Incidentally, he developed his staccato gunshot broadcast style by filling up with water before the broadcast and NOT going to the men’s room. His desperate need to go made him talk faster during his broadcast. After he was done, he’d rush to the men’s room.

  • Reynardine

    Actually, Kiwi, the whole crew that the pre-War Walter Winchell used to call swastinkers.

  • Sean Gregory

    I would like to encourage everyone not to use hate speech in the blog. Thanks

    • scott.pittinsky

      [ moderator ] is this in general or are you referring to something specific? If it’s not related to something specific I will remove shortly – This is already clear to everyone.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Sam, I expect that had Fox News existed in its present style back in the 1930s, they would have had Father Coughlin (I’m very familiar with him), William Dudley Pelley, Fritz Kuhn, and Rev. Gerald L.K. Smith on their talk shows, as “experts.”

  • Sam Molloy

    Thanks, Yodz. We should remember history to keep from letting knotheads repeat it.

  • Reynardine

    By the way, Hays Office, in a few short months, I’ll be an age I won’t have to write in Roman numerals.

  • Reynardine

    When Fox says they’ve got your back, watch out for
    A. Back stabbings;
    B. Other forms of unwholesome penetration from behind.

  • Yodz

    “he was a Detroit. area priest” not “out of Detroit area priest” Apologies for not proofing before submitting.

  • Yodz


    His name was Charles Coughlin. He was out of Detroit area priest who used a radio show to initially support FOR . and the New Deal, but eventually it focus changed to being pure antisemitic drivel. He was excommunicated, I believe, though I don’t know for certain. Regardless, like all of similar ideology, he was a disgrace.

  • Aron

    And Bernard ‘Ben Bernie’ Anzelevitz was ALSO a Nazi?

    Sammy baby, you are one confused little boy.

  • Aron

    Charlie Coughlin’s name is lost to history? What books have you been reading?

    And the jury’s still out on Lindbergh.

  • Reynardine

    Father Coughlin, for instance. Also, if memory serves me, Billy Sunday. And, among our legislative branch, Prescott B.

  • Sam Molloy

    Kiwi, there were many Americans who sided or sympathized with Hitler. Ben Bernie, a huge radio star, Charles Lindbergh, and a famous preacher whose name is, oddly enough, lost to modern history.

  • Linnea

    This is what I’ve come to expect from Fox Noise, period.

  • concernedcitizen

    It appears that Brian Kilmeade will not be getting probed by Alien life forms for he too is a waste of time, there is no intelligent life form to be found making him unqualified for study.


  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, we’ve always known where Fox stands on any given issue…this is in the category of “no surprise news.”


    I wonder how Fox News would have covered Hitler?

  • Reynardine

    Decomposing corpses and Fox News are two things I wouldn’t watch without overriding forensic need.

  • Gregory

    C’mon, it’s Faux Newz. What else could we expect? They are in the business of peddling ignorance and, unfortunately for the US, business is good.

  • Aron

    This is what I’ve come to expect from Brian Kilmeade.