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Teaching Intolerance: ‘Klan Kamp’ to Open in Ozarks

By Hatewatch Staff on June 17, 2013 - 4:20 pm, Posted in Klan, White Supremacist
Thomas Robb, Knights Party leader and pastor.

Call it Klan Kamp, a summertime retreat in the Ozark Mountains where, for $500 per camper, young and old can learn the fundamentals of the “HOLY mission of White Christian Revival” with the goal of becoming leaders in the “New Crusade for race, faith and homeland.”

On Aug. 23, the first class of the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute (SOTC) is scheduled to begin on the Arkansas property of the Knights Party, the offspring of David Duke’s Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

The seven-day institute is the brainchild of the Knights Party leader and pastor, Thomas Robb, who has brought together a roster of fellow white supremacists from down the road and across the sea to teach such subjects as “America’s Changing Political climate,” “Leadership – Activist leaders and leaders in the shadows,” “What is propaganda and how to use it effectively,” and “Establishing white conscienceness [sic] in modern society.”

There is no mention on the institute’s website of spelling or typing lessons being offered during the weeklong kickoff of the crusade to establish “white consciousness.”

In addition to Robb, the six-person faculty will include Paul Fromm, one of Canada’s best-known white supremacists and anti-immigration ideologues; Tomislav Sunic, a Croatian author and frequent guest speaker at American extremist events; and Billy Roper, the uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism, born into organized hate as the son and grandson of Klansmen.

But before the first marshmallow can be roasted, the institute needs money and is seeking contributions to build a dorm for the students and a place “to house our vast library.” According to the SOTC website, the dorm will cost $40,000. “We are at the beginning of a new year and many of you are getting your refund checks in the mail,” the Klan Kamp solicitation letter states. “I know it could be tough for some of you, but we need to stop for a moment and put some value on our people and consider whether safeguarding the existence of our people, and providing a future for our children is worthy of what ever sacrifice we make now.”

The institute is open to campers 16 and up, although students under 18 will need a signed, notarized statement from a parent or guardian granting permission to attend. There will be scholarships available if enough people sign over their tax refunds.

See, the government is good for something.

The camp’s primary focus is to train future leaders who will return to their communities “with the tools to become actively involved” in the “struggle for our racial redemption.”

This is not the first time Robb has tried to turn his compound, about 30 miles south of the country music playground of Branson, Mo., into a summer camp or training center for Klan kids. In the early 1990s, he attempted to start a family-oriented Klan camp in the area.

It’s also not the first time someone on the radical right has operated a Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute with the purpose of preparing a new racist leadership cadre. Kenneth Goff, an early ideologue of Christian Identity – a racist theology that’s been popular among Klansmen, neo-Nazis and other white nationalists for decades – founded a Colorado-based, Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute in the 1950s.

Goff’s SOTC trained Christian Identity leaders, including Dan Gayman, a well-known anti-Semitic leader during the 1980s.

A 1969 Soldiers of the Cross newsletter penned by Goff describes black civil rights protesters as seeking to “submerge our culture and religious heritage under a flood of cannibalism, voodooism and beastly jungle sex orgies.”

Robb’s SOTC does not use such extremist language in its appeal for students and funds. Robb has longed tried to paint his Knights Party as a softer, gentler, more politically astute Klan. His training institute, according to the website, will prepare a new “generation to walk in the footsteps of the great heroes of history that we recognize” and teach the “strategy of our enemies and how to combat them in the arena of ideas.”

Sounds like a fun week.

  • Kiwiwriter


    “kiwi, while its a good thought, i don’t think that the “vanguard of the white race” is going to need to be trained on how to become a snitch – they seem to have that partciular skill down.”

    Well put! They have certainly passed all their examinations in that field!

    Hey, moderator: Why is all the text on this particular page in Italic?

  • Ben

    How is this legal? It sounds like a domestic terrorist training camp to me.

  • Aron

    ‘Goobermenschen!’ I love it!

    *totally abrogates the term for his own use*

  • EightBits

    The published views of this individual and his cronies are all that is needed. No need to look any deeper, nothing there.

  • Stephen D. Calhoun

    I feel badly for the children. They will be indoctrinated to hate. Hopefully, they will realize that they have been lied to an grow up normally.

  • Gordon

    Most Americans know or should know that the only difference between so-called races (we are one race, the human race) is the amount of melanin in the skin. My suggestion to the Klan is move to northern Russia. There is nothing that resembles “supremacy” among troglodytes and what I call “goobermenches”.

  • Erika

    kiwi, while its a good thought, i don’t think that the “vanguard of the white race” is going to need to be trained on how to become a snitch – they seem to have that partciular skill down.

  • http://SPLC Show me MO

    It’s no big secret that the Klan has gained many, many new supporters here in my home state of Missouri. My “lefty” friends and I have speculated many times when the Klan would become powerful enough to initiate acts of violence against minorities, immigrants, or liberals. It appears as though that time may be closer than anticipated.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, Scott, of course this is nothing more than a con game for Mr. Robb…at the core of the leadership of these folks is raw cynicism, naked exploitation, and unredeemed greed.

  • Erika

    This is only slightly more disturbing than the previous winner for the camp most likely to warp children which of course is “Law Camp” where teenagers can spend a summer pretending to be lawyers* (or even worse law students), reading up on the law, and having mock legal arguments.

    On the other hand, any child who would voluntarily want to attend “Law Camp” is likely already committted to becoming a lawyer and therefore no doubt already warped beyond hope ;)

    * presumably ignoring that in a real law school/law firm they would serve alcohol at every official and unofficial event.

  • Scott

    This is nothing more than a money maker for Robb and family. Also this is not new.. he has held these work shops many times during special get together’s .. the work shops were held for the same purpose as this “Klan Kamp” lol only difference is he is Charging $500 dollars this time. He also needs $40.000 for buildings and is asking for handouts for this.. after built who will own the property??? hmmm The Robb family.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Erika, your entry was pretty hilarious.

    You left out the class on “ratting out your fellow Aryans when the Feds arrest you for selling methamphetamine, so as to get a better plea deal.”

    But that is not intended as a criticism…just an addition. That was a very creative piece of satire.

  • Kiwiwriter

    They say they’re going to have a huge library.

    It won’t have too many books, though, but some of them will still need coloring…I hope they have a good supply of crayons.

  • Georgia Citizen

    Wow! This is a pretty expensive camp Isn’t it?. Aside from the usual religious rhetorics. What else is offered at this camp? How about fish,lobsters, steaks, filet minon, caviar and some fine red Wine? Oh well. I guess I’m ot of luck.

  • Reynardine

    Who emailed you, Mr. Watt? Your address is not published here.

  • MRJ

    @ Erika

    HAHaHaHaHaHa… HAHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… *snort* *gasp* *wheeze*… HAHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… *breathe*… HAHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… *chortle*… *giggle*…

    Thanks a lot!
    Best laugh in weeks!
    Now I have to find the paper towels and clean up the coffee that I lost through my nose after the first three sentences…

  • Aron

    Aww, and I was really hoping to email you Bob Watt.

    Get over yourself!

  • Margaret Alvarez

    What do we do about this? Infiltrate? I consider these people terrorists. thats right NSA I consider the KKK and their buddies terrorists. what are you doing about it?

  • Bob Watt

    This is just sad that we could have things like this in 2013. Maybe this camp would be a good target for Camp Robinson practice? BTW, I do not give this site or anyone permission from here to email me.

  • Chuck Jeffrey

    So sad…

  • concernedcitizen

    Linnae I agree with you. I believe it is child abuse.


    The Hitler Youth redux.

  • Mary Jane Stone

    Liberal “jungle sexual orgies,” and I haven’t been invited.

  • Sam Molloy

    That should read, “well meaning”.

  • CM

    Selling sessions at a camp that doesn’t actually exist could end up being considered fraud. If the dormitory and other facilities he’s promoting don’t materialize, Robb will need to refund any campers’ fees he does receive, and in a timely manner. Claiming to be a religious organization shouldn’t give him a free pass on this.

    As for “a place ‘to house our vast library,'” Robb should remember that every camp must have a latrine.

  • Erika

    i can see the commercial now:


    Attention Parents: Have your children outgrown the Bible Camp at the Local Assembly of God or Baptist Church and are you still trying to fill them with traditional values*? Are you worried that during the summer when they are home from Bob Jones University or Pensecola Christian College that exposure to other outside ideas will confuse them? Have we got a KKKamp for You – send them to the Soldiers of the Cross Training KKKamp where they will learn to be a Leader of the white Christian movement through learning about such traditional Christian values as:

    Hatred for anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what you believe

    Why you are going to Heaven and everyone else is going to Hell

    Why white people are superior to everyone else

    Why God wants you to bring back slavery and other traditional Old Testament values such as stoning women to death, burning women at the stake, stoning rebellious children to death, stoning gay people to death, and enslaving people who come from a different group than your own.

    Here at the Soldiers of the Cross Traing KKKamp you will also learn esssential skills to be a soldier’s in God’s Army battling the evil Z.O.G. including:

    Firing machine guns

    Burning Crosses

    Proper wearing and display of your robes and Confederate Flags

    Techniques for Distrubting Chick Tracts

    Bomb Construction

    Learning how to properly burn books

    Bringing down the Z.O.G. using tools available at the local Radio Shack

    Snake handling

    And girls, while you cannot be a Soldier of the Flaming Cross we still have you covered with our special training program for girls where you will learn such essential skills to stand behind your white warrior king husband as:

    How to sew robes and pointed hoods

    How to have lots of white babies

    Cooking delicious meals and meth

    Cross building

    How to raise your white babies in the Christian Way to be either warriors for Jesus or mothers of Warriors for Jesus

    How to keep your mouth shut not only to submit to your Husband but when the police come knocking to ask questions about unexplained gun fire and explosions coming from your back yard.

    Smuggling weapons into white warriors who are held by the Z.O.G.

    All of this can be yours if you call now


    * btw, if you want to confuse your children rather than brainwash them send them to *both* the Assemblies of God and the Southern Baptist Bible Camps.

  • Sam Molloy

    Concerned, the God I believe in considers us all of one race. These Klan Klowns are all pride and no talent. However I don’t agree with meaning liberal social architects that keep counts of all the different colored noses to try and level our living standards to the lowest common denominator. A free people should get ahead based solely on their relative merits and talents. The very concept of race should have disappeared long ago.

  • Aron

    They say beastly jungle sex orgies as if that’s a bad thing.

  • Reynardine

    At least, right now, they’re not admitting little kids.

  • Linnea

    Yeah, and to wind down the day, the kiddoes can toast marshmallows at the nightly cross-burnings.

    *rolls eyes* Seriously, though, it’s bad enough that adults are racists. To teach children this garbage is tantamount to child abuse… they don’t have much of a chance to learn anything different, and they’ll be condemned to a life on the margins of society because no one outside that world will want to hire them or be around them.

  • concernedcitizen

    Here’s a really big Secret, God doesn’t believe in White Supremacists. God does not support Hate.

  • concernedcitizen

    A 1969 Soldiers of the Cross newsletter penned by Goff describes black civil rights protesters as seeking to “submerge our culture and religious heritage under a flood of cannibalism, voodooism and beastly jungle sex orgies.”

    They don’t need black civil rights protestors to do that they have managed to do that all on their own with sick perverse cults marrying children and shagging every thing that would have them.

    Honestly these people are beast all on their own to blame other races for it is completely idiotic and nothing more than a lie.

  • M. Bright

    This would make a great Natasha Lyonne and Rob Schneider movie. Just sayin’.