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White Rabbit Radio, Font of Racist Genocide Claims, Run by Michigander

By Ryan Lenz on July 2, 2013 - 5:05 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

For the past three years, a mysterious figure calling himself Horus the Avenger has operated White Rabbit Radio, an online community of racists dedicated to spreading a message called the “Mantra” far and wide.

Written by a curmudgeonly segregationist with a history of drug abuse named Robert Whitaker, the 221-word Mantra is an attack on multiculturalism. “Anti-racist is code word for anti-white,” the Mantra reads in part.

Its widespread presence on the Internet is due to a small but highly dedicated group of activists who call themselves the “swarm” and furiously propagate it online. In essence, they comprise an online flash mob, spending hours posting the Mantra in the comments section of YouTube videos, tagging it to news articles on race, and reprinting the Mantra in full on most white nationalist websites of note.

But until now, little was known about the energetic propagandist known as Horus. He has had no known membership in any racist group and has gone to great lengths to hide his identity. In his first podcast, in 2009, he boasted, “You don’t know who I am. You’re never going to know.”

That ended in June when a lengthy investigation by Hatewatch uncovered the identity of Horus the Avenger.

His real name is Timothy Gallaher Murdock, 43, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., though he sometimes appears online and in radio interviews as Tom Worth. An avowed anti-Semite and one-time day trader, he is single and lives in the basement of his parents’ home, where, he says, he cares for his terminally ill mother and dedicates his time to building up “Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit,” an online allegory designed to expose “white genocide” and patterned after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The basic idea of the Mantra and its proponents — that white people, far from ruling most of the developed world, are actually being subjected to a genocide that will ultimately wipe out their race — is not new. It has been developing since the racist right essentially lost the civil rights battles of the 1960s, and racist writers like Wilmot Robertson began adopting the language of the civil rights movement to depict whites as increasingly “dispossessed.” In the last 20 years, the idea that the white race is facing mortal attack has become the norm on the extreme right, with the neo-Nazi National Alliance, for instance, repeatedly describing whites as “Earth’s Most Endangered Species.” Such fears have picked up speed in recent years thanks in large part to the U.S. Census Bureau, which has predicted that non-Hispanic whites in this country will lose their majority by about 2043.

But Murdock, Whitaker and the “swarm” of their enthusiasts have reduced their message of fear to a few sentences and sent it out to the world.

Over several hours of cordial interviews with Hatewatch, Murdock acknowledged his identity and expounded at great length about the Mantra, how he entered the radical right and what he hopes to achieve.

“What I am is a provocateur,” Murdock said. “My job is to provoke a conversation using the very charged concept of white genocide to create a paradigm change. I’m not interested in creating a national socialist state.” He added, “I’m doing things intentionally to provoke a reaction.”

And provoke a reaction he has. Since Murdock’s appearance in the movement, lines from the Mantra have proliferated across the racist right. His website features a subscription podcast called Endgame Exotica that provides commentary on the news, as well as a host of animated cartoon shorts to point out the so-called contradictions of multiculturalism. He has also become a galvanizing figure in the movement. He appeared last year at the Practical Politics Seminar conference hosted by Stormfront, the largest white supremacist online forum, where he talked about controlling the message about race. And his allegiances in that message management lie undoubtedly with the Mantra and Whitaker, his partner in the messaging effort. “I’ve always been interested in Bob’s particular writings,” Murdock said. “I think he’s the future.”

For Murdock, and nearly everyone who follows his work, the Mantra drives home the claim that multiculturalism works to the detriment of white people. But if the future is with Whitaker and his Mantra, it is a future envisioned by a recovering drug addict who once claimed to have had an amphetamine habit that dropped his IQ below 100.

Though he claims on his blog to have been the message man in the Reagan administration responsible for crushing communism, bringing down the Berlin Wall and saving the Hubble Space Telescope, Whitaker is seen by many in the movement as a hard-drinking though harmless, grandfatherly Forrest Gump.

James Edwards, host of the racist “Political Cesspool” radio show, wrote, “The next time anyone talks with Bob, ask him about the time we closed down that bar in Charleston.” To his disciples, though, Whitaker is nothing short of a propaganda “genius,” a word that can be found more than 600 times on his blog.

“There is not a modest bone in my body,” Whitaker wrote in 2004. “I AM a genius. I was born with one hell of a brain, and I scare our enemies because I am so smart I can laugh them to shame. I am at so high a level that a PhD or a big-time news anchor doesn’t mean a thing to me.”

A far-right propagandist for more than a half-century, the former economics professor and Reagan appointee to the Office of Personnel Management has been linked to radical, often racist, populist campaigns for most of his career. He once claimed to have a swastika poster on his wall when he was young in protest of desegregation. In fact, his advocacy of segregation and racist ideology seems rooted in his opposition to America’s early civil rights struggles. But the bombastic bullet points to his biography go on.

According to Whitaker’s followers, he’s a former clandestine CIA agent and a mercenary in Rhodesia who helped craft the propaganda message that ended the Soviet Union — claims for which there is no known historical record.

The Mantra first appeared in 2006 on Whitaker’s blog and on the Internet forum for the National Vanguard, a breakaway group from the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Unlike David Lane’s succinct “14 words” (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”), the Mantra reads like a rambling tirade on U.S. immigration policy.

In part, it reads: “Everybody says there is this race problem. Everybody says this race problem will be solved when the third world pours into every white country and only into white countries. … Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for every white country and only white countries to ‘assimilate,’ i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites. … But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews [sic].” The Mantra ends with its most often quoted phrase: “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Whitaker, who spoke several times with Hatewatch, claimed to have crafted the message “over years and years and years of arguing with anti-Whites.” While he claimed to have no working relationship with Murdock — in fact, he seemed upset at the suggestion that the two worked in concert — he remains proud of his Mantra.

“I’ve been in this business for 55 years, but I just got a little tired of the usual line,” Whitaker said. “I wanted to concentrate on the actual point, which is when the anti-whites talk about mixing races, it’s only in white countries.”

Murdock went further than Whitaker could have imagined in spreading the Mantra. With a weekly podcast and an onslaught of racist cartoons, his White Rabbit project is slick and professional — glossy racism that pulls liberally from Egyptian mythology. (Horus is the Egyptian god of war.)

Murdock and his animators created an allegorical cast of characters meant to reduce the modern world to racial archetypes. In fact, a large part of his appeal with younger racists lies in the iconography and detailed storyline of characters, each meant to symbolize a particular aspect of the “race problem.”

“White Rabbits,” which Murdock has said represent genetic perfection, are people of European descent and are depicted as vicious-looking creatures with Nazi lightning bolts in their eyes and crooked, dangling ears. “Red Hippos” represent Jews, or evil in the world. And “Pink Rabbits” are white rabbits infected by the Red Hippos. (Pink Rabbits, according to the allegory, are actually soaked in the blood of Red Hippos.) The cast of characters goes on, and Murdock’s website displays pictures of sneering White Rabbits swinging sledge hammers emblazoned with the words “The Mantra” at Pink Rabbits.

While Murdock has repeatedly said he dismisses violence as a tactic that will work in “illuminating” whites as to the state of race relations, the same cannot be said for all of those who carry the Mantra and fears of “white genocide” onward.

Murdock’s work, for example, attracted the attention of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who slaughtered 77 people two years ago in his home country.

In Breivik’s manifesto, he complains about “blood thirsty genocide committed by hate-filled, anti-white, racist immigrants” and seems particularly obsessed with the word “genocide.” He mentions it frequently in his manifesto, as he does the terms “anti-white” and “anti-racist.” Breivik sent his manifesto to Murdock and more than 1,000 others the day of the attack.

There are others, too, who have acted violently, seemingly animated by the fear of white genocide.

In 2009, on the day after Barack Obama was inaugurated as the country’s first black president, a man named Keith Luke allegedly murdered two black people in Brockton, Mass., and raped a third before shooting and wounding her. After police captured him, Luke reportedly told them that he acted because he had been studying Internet pages and learned that whites were being subjected to a genocide.

In September 2011, eight months before he was accused of torturing and dismembering a Chinese immigrant in Canada, an act caught on film, Canadian model Luka Rocco Magnotta wrote about his white nationalist beliefs on racist message boards under several pseudonyms. “[E]very country in the world was able to have their heritage protected, blacks get their own countries, chinese [sic] get their own countries. … However if white people want their own countries then we are denied that right.”

It was more than a petty gripe penned by a racist. The idea of a white homeland has long been a pipe dream of the racist right.

Murdock’s entire purpose, he said, is to raise awareness of white genocide in any way possible. But will he continue now that his anonymity is gone?

“Sure. Why not?” he said. “I held to that model as long as possible. … But if you have 30 million people wearing the Guy Fawkes mask, it doesn’t matter if they wear the mask anymore.”

Murdock may seem cavalier about the loss of anonymity, but the fact remains that he has gone to great pains to protect it.

Along with Whitaker’s acolytes –– they call themselves BUGsers, because they are part of what is called “Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar” –– Murdock has played a cat-and-mouse game with Internet service providers and website administrators, hoping to slip the racist Mantra as deeply into the public sphere as possible.

In March, according to Whitaker’s website administrators, the Mantra was posted 7,187 times across the Web, up 100% from the previous month, when the Mantra was posted 3,565 times. The people posting it include racist ideologues such as Michael Rudolph, aka “Beefcake,” who runs online seminars on how to spread the Mantra, and Albert Durrette, a 72-year-old malcontent from Berkeley, Calif., who has started a White House petition asking that the Mantra be taught in schools as part of core education standards.

Murdock said he plans to release more animated content, including a 3-D version of every character in the cast, as well as a second part to his wildly popular video “How Whites Took Over America,” which reimagines the history of the European explorers who discovered the Americas.

Perhaps his most famous cartoon yet is the “Anti-Racist Hitler,” in which Adolf Hitler returns from Argentina, where he has been hiding since the end of the war — except this time he is working as an anti-racist.

In the 10-minute animation, which has been viewed about 180,000 times on YouTube, Hitler arrives in Israel, arguing that it is racist for the Jews to want to preserve their homeland to the exclusion of others. When a Jewish man stops Hitler on the streets and says, “I think we have a right to preserve our culture, and our people,” Hitler responds, “So you believe you are God’s chosen people? Some kind of master race? That just reminds me of the brown shirts in the ‘30s.”

Murdock laughed when mentioning the video. “Every single thing Hitler says to the Israelis has been said basically to someone white,” Murdock said.

The video was released on April 20, Hitler’s birthday, a day with deliberate appeal to racists and white nationalists who revere it. With that, it is impossible for Murdock to claim he is not working with the hardline racist right.

Not that he makes much of an effort to deny that anyway.

“The message is up for grabs regarding race,” Murdock said. “I’m doing what has been done for decades, from a verbal perspective. White people have to be able to defend themselves somehow verbally when called a racist.”

  • Alfred Baca

    Hey Bob, I am an avi opposer to your message. I militantly campaign against your agenda. Care to take me an my peers on in a debate? Come to the facebook pages “Anti Racist Does Not Entail Anti White” or “Stop White Rabbit Radio” and bring everything you got. I’m calling you out old man. Time to walk the walk old man.

  • Reynardine

    Not now, either. Ruslan, weather permitting, you deserve a nice supper at an outdoor café.

  • Reynardine

    And he’s still not back.

  • Reynardine

    Everybody, but especially Ruslan, the cretin White Rabbit showed up at Politicususa yesterday and began cranking out his oligophrenic Mantra. I not only cited matter disclosed, supra, and furnished a link, but assured him that Ruslan so missed him that he would doubtless show up as soon as White Rabbit’s whereabouts were disclosed to him. Doubtless that impressed him; the last I checked, he’d not been back.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s also interesting to note how Whitaker likes to alternate between intelligent elite and down-home country yokel when it suits him.

    Of course the latter is more likely, given his inability to write a coherent blog post and his idiotic mantra.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Kind of amused at how Mr. Whitaker is proud of the “simplicity” of his argument and his dislike of “self-styled intellectuals.”

    It reinforces the basic tactics of white nationalists and their ilk: the supremacy of melanin content over actual learning.

    The central idea Mr. Whitaker want to convey to his acolytes is this: even though his supporters dropped out of high school, have trouble with multi-syllabic words that are not coarse terms for copulation, cannot do any kind of math of science, are addicted to alcohol, methamphetamine, and violence, live in their parents’ basement at age 23, have never held a job, and have longer rap sheets than resumes, they are superior to a black woman who has gained a Ph.D. or MBA at a fully-accredited institution with Jewish professors, and earns more than $60,000 a year…by virtue of the melanin content of their skin.

    I think it was Fatso Goering who said, “We Nazis think with our blood.”

    But I know that Hitler said that propaganda had to be a series of large lies to appeal to the stupidity and emotionalism of its listeners, and the lowest level of appeal should be used. No great intellectualism, just low-level emotional appeals to the basest instincts.

    That’s exactly what the “Mantra” is, and why it hasn’t got further than cynical manipulators, angry crackpots, and twisted fools spreading it on the Internet…because such is the outer limit of their abilities to comprehend and communicate.

  • Erika

    its always so hilarious when a right winger’s whining complaint that his posts are not showing up gets posted. What a maroon!

    and robert, your mantra is indefensible. the fact that you can’t even see that your mantra is based upon the presumption that white people are inheriently racist speaks volumes.

    Not to mention the fact that you fail to realize that most of your so called “white” people today are actually mixed race – i mean, i’m white and the largest contributing ancestory for me is “unknown” – who knows what that means. and there is some pretty strong evidence that i likely have black and Native American ancestors. You also fail to account for the fact that living in the South i have met “black” people who skin tones were at times much lighter than my “white” skin – and some even had blonde hair and blue eyes.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    In any case, if they don’t put your comments through then the only one being “protected” is actually you.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Several of your comments appeared on here, when you didn’t even attempt to “debate.” I specifically asked that any actual attempt by you and your flying monkeys to defend your idiotic mantra be allowed, because I’ll smack them down just as easily as I smack your mantra down. Whether line by line, or as a whole, your “mantra” is utter nonsense.

    I’ve also been following the attempts on your blog to defend your mantra and all I see is what amounts to rephrasing the original idiot’s creed. But by all means, I hope your attempts get through, because it’s just so entertaining showing the world what a clown you are.

  • Robert W. Whitaker

    Clearly your readers are so used to being protected from all debate they didn’t even notice it.

  • Robert W. Whitaker

    I notice my own comment is also “awaiting comment.”
    Preventing the subject of an from commenting on it is beneath just about any publication.

  • Robert W. Whitaker

    All replies my people have been blocked here.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Thanks for bringing up that novel, CM. I looked into it and found this interesting line: ” Because of his nationality his theories are scoffed at and he is eventually driven mad in the face of the ignorance which causes so much death.”

    Now that’s VERY interesting because 1. Semmelweis seems to be a Slavic Jew, judging from his name, and more importantly…. 2. This is EXACTLY how Bob thinks society should be run. Someone arbitrarily divides everyone into “races,” and then you are told where to live or what you can do based on that.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ” I don’t believe that I, or anyone else, should “draw a line” for them. Second, the size of the group would most likely determine long term success of the community. Most likely a small group would not be able to sustain, or even have the resources, to start their own community. In this sense they would be self limiting.”

    Well you said “self-identifying groups.” In any case, most white Americans don’t define themselves by race. They feel more comfortable around people of their own religion or political views. I don’t think that existing governments are going to be willing to hand over land to any “self-identified” group anyway.

    ” I would like to point out that my second statement is really made as an example only, it is simply speculation. As far as cohesive and sustainable economies, again, I believe in self determination. I believe that a theoretical analysis of having a feasible economy is no reason for me, or anyone else, to deny them the opportunity.”

    Self-determination without economic sustainability isn’t self-determination. Even the USSR, and industrial power operating on a completely different economic system, was compelled to conform to capitalist norms of production to some extent. A small community within a modern capitalist nation wouldn’t stand a chance.

    Face it, there’s no good reason to put self-determination on such a high pedestal. If we have a nation of one ethnic group, how is it in everyone’s “interest” when it is ruled by a small minority of property owners?

  • CM

    Ruslan Amirkhanov said,
    on July 10th, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    “Whitaker himself could be called a self-styled intellectual. But truthfully he never liked intellectuals because he apparently decided he knew everything he needed around the age of 18. Intellectuals have to do hard work because they actually care if their opinions are rooted in some kind of material reality. As Bobby’s mantra proves, this detail isn’t important to him.”

    Indeed. As he admits, his knowledge of Semmelweis is based on a fictionalized biography that he read at the impressionable age of 12 – which he admits, presumably, because he thinks we’ll be impressed that he read such a grown-up book at such a tender age.

    The Cry and the Covenant was published in 1949, so if Whitaker read it when it was new, he was entering his teens at the height of McCarthyism, the HUAC witch hunts, blacklisting and all the rest of the apparatus of anti-Communist hysteria. It seems likely that his assessment that Communism was “just plain silly” was based on his absorption of the popular and political culture of the time rather than, say, reading Marx – which I don’t think anyone would deny is hard work.

    Speaking of which, thank you for surfing Whitaker’s blog and sharing the contents, and sparing the rest of us the unpleasantness of going there. The notion that he spent “years” polishing the so-called “mantra” really is appalling. His style consists mainly of throwing out short, disconnected declarative sentences (“Anti-racist is code for anti-white.” “Semmelweis and Occam say your Final Solution to the White Problem is evil.”) as if he were stating self-evident facts. I’m guessing that he expects his readers to accept them as such, thus relieving him of the burden of actually providing any shred of evidence to support his claims. It’s a fairly standard technique of demagoguery.

  • Isamel

    Ruslan, I had previously considered where the “line should be drawn” for these groups. I came to two conclusions. First, and most importantly, I don’t believe that I, or anyone else, should “draw a line” for them. Second, the size of the group would most likely determine long term success of the community. Most likely a small group would not be able to sustain, or even have the resources, to start their own community. In this sense they would be self limiting. I would like to point out that my second statement is really made as an example only, it is simply speculation. As far as cohesive and sustainable economies, again, I believe in self determination. I believe that a theoretical analysis of having a feasible economy is no reason for me, or anyone else, to deny them the opportunity. There are real world examples to use as models however. Theodor Herzl produced plans which later contributed to the emergence of Isreal. The south African town of Orania may prove to be a model for economic sustainability for these types of communities. The main thing I wish to communicate here is that the desire to have a racial/ethnic/other nation or community is not inherently evil or hateful.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Whitaker himself could be called a self-styled intellectual. But truthfully he never liked intellectuals because he apparently decided he knew everything he needed around the age of 18. Intellectuals have to do hard work because they actually care if their opinions are rooted in some kind of material reality. As Bobby’s mantra proves, this detail isn’t important to him.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Thanks for responding Isamel. First off I think the most problematic thing is “self-identified groups.” Where would you draw the line, and how would you maintain a cohesive economy? The second thing I wanted to point out was that just because I(and Marx for that matter) acknowledge that many traditions were upset by the spread of capitalism, it doesn’t necessarily mean they were all good.

  • CM

    What passes as an argument in Whitaker’s last comment here proceeds by three steps:

    1. “Self-styled intellectuals” laughed at Ignaz Semmelweis, but it turned out he was right.
    2. “Self-styled intellectuals” approved of Communism, but it turned out they were wrong.
    3. “Self-styled intellectuals” now deny Whitaker’s fantasy of white genocide.
    Therefore, Whitaker’s fantasy of white genocide must be right.

    This sequence of claims is so completely absurd that it appears to be more an instance of apophenia – seeing patterns in phenomena where no pattern actually exists – than a logical fallacy. Which one could say about Whitaker’s claims of “white genocide” in general.

    The phrase “self-styled intellectuals” in itself places Whitaker in the grand tradition of such deep thinkers as George Wallace, who railed against “swaydo-intellectuals,” and Spiro Agnew, who decried (or actually, whose speechwriters decried) “an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.” Looks like a “no true Scotsman” argument to me: “No real intellectual would disagree with me.”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I’ve been monitoring the “BUGS” and they aren’t liking this shower of RAID one bit. I hope that you post any comments in which they attempt to actually defend their beliefs because I enjoy tearing them down.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    As Gregory says- “white” is at most, a phenotype, but it changed over time. “Racial science” for a long time taught that Irish people were of a separate race from Anglo-Saxons, just to give one example. Now they of course are lily white. Nowadays on WN boards you’ll find Greeks, Croats, Serbs, Russians, Ukrainians, Portuguese, etc., and while I don’t want to spread any stereotypes about how these people look, MANY of them were not considered truly “white” in the US for many years, and even today on WN forums you can watch them argue over who is “white.”

    It’s ridiculous because a blonde guy like Roman Abramovich will be called “non-white” because he is “a Jew”(as opposed to Russian), yet a VERY dark, swarthy Serbian nationalists may be called “white” if he’s on Stormfront, for example.

    In Europe, including Eastern Europe, “white” means very little. Of course the German or French understands “white” as a matter of appearance(though what he considers to be white would differ greatly from the opinion of an American or Canadian), but they’re concerned with nationality and culture more. That’s why I invite WNs to go to places like the Balkans or Baltics and tell the popular nationalist parties that Serbs or Russians are their “white brothers” to see what happens. Of course all these countries have little sub-cultures of “white” nationalists but the popular parties are ethnic nationalists first and foremost.

  • Isamel

    Ruslan, Thanks you for the reply. You are assuming a little too much about me, and the implications of my questions. I believe that this subject matter of ethnic/racial/other nationalism is being made much too complex. What I have observed is that there some people who are comfortable integrating with other groups, and some people who are not. I advocate for a self identified group to be able to self segregate into their own communities. While there are communities which are virtually self segregated now the difference is control over who enters the community, and the ability to sustain that community. I agree with you that this is not a capitalist idea, and these communities would suffer the economic consequences of that limitation. Ultimately this would allow for self determination within a self identified group. I also believe that the legislation that makes long term self segregated community impossible, breeds inter-racial hatred. In an earlier post you cited that some tradition has been ripped apart by capitalism. I have had observations which are consistent with this statement. This makes a community that is centered on common characteristics of a group vital to the survival and further development of culture. While I can not site any empirical data; I believe that culture is important and worth preserving. I hope you do not think I am trying to set a trap with trickery. I am simply stating my ideas openly for all to criticize. In my opinion these ideas are at least a start in making a place in this world for every type of person. The current model only allows space for people who are comfortable with integration and those who are not, are banished to the deepest recesses of the internet to found a growing number of inter-racial hate organizations.

  • Freddie Gein

    That’s what I thought Robert. Are you a coward?

    I’ll invite you again. Come to one of my pages for a debate, no mantra talking points. Let’s see if you have the guts. I’m calling you out.

  • Gregory

    “White” is not an ethnicity.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I’m sorry I didn’t catch one thing: ” I assume you are opposed to ethnic nationalism. ”

    Historically nationalism was usually about creating nation states based on ethnicity and breaking free of empires, not ruling over others. The Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and Russian empires were hotbeds of nationalism.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    The question is whether all members of a particular ethnic group actually have common interests. In a modern capitalist world, this is not true. How many times in the last 20 years have ween seen radical nationalist movements gain independence, only to sell it away to the EU, US, Russia, etc., even when it means trading or partnering with their historic rivals? Why does this happen? Because human society is based on capital and the need for profit, plain and simple.

    That’s what’s very funny about poor old Bob- he hates Communism yet international migration(which happens everywhere, not just in “white countries) is a feature of capitalism. More importantly, he seems to praise the free market yet all of this “Jewish propaganda” that people like him complain about is really nothing more than the demands of the market.

    But getting back to the topic, your question is also flawed because it implies that “white countries”(and please don’t pretend this isn’t what you’re talking about because I know every WN trick in the book) are 1. Not run by “white” people(or more accurate people of the dominant nationality, as “white” isn’t an ethno-cultural group), and 2. that “white” leaders were supposed to be running things in your interest. Capitalist states exist to serve capitalists, plain and simple.

  • Isamel

    Ruslan, I assume you are opposed to ethnic nationalism. In the sense that one group rules over unwilling subjects is inherently wrong. What about self segregated ethnic nationalism; an opportunity for groups to rule themselves when they decide thier current rulers are not working in thier best interests anymore? Should control of a community be dictated to the members of a community, by people from outside that community? Do you believe there is a universal system of governence that should be dictated to people with or without thier approval?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Anyway it seems Bob’s little gaggle of flying monkeys are now trying to convince themselves that if someone takes their mantra apart line by line it doesn’t count. Apparently they’ve developed their own kind of logic. Taking down the faulty premise in every line of the mantra is just an indulgence. The entire thing can be dismissed with one word: “bullshit.”

    And since I know some of those monkeys are watching this(though curiously none of them show up to defend the mantra), note that I have never responded to this mantra with “Not everybody says that…” I asked “WHO” says “we have a race problem…we’ll solve it when white countries are assimilated by non-white immigrants, etc.”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Bobby is obviously enjoying the attention; look what I found on his website in regards to this article:

    “They can’t deal with the Mantra. But they can deal with the Mantra one bite at a time.”

    Now before I proceed let me explain that Bobby, being the courageous truth-teller that he is, doesn’t allow comments on his blog unless you register, unlike this site. WNs don’t engage in debates on forums they don’t control, which is why none of them are trying to engage in debates here. That being said, let me deal with that statement.

    First off, the mantra is contrary to reality, ergo it technically doesn’t need to be dealt with. I have explained this before. I break it down line by line to highlight each level of stupidity, because the mantra falls under the term “fractal wrongness.” At every level it is flat out wrong, and usually the challenge is deciding where to start. I like to ask who “everybody” is. The whole thing falls apart because it alleges that people, presumably powerful people, are advocating policies which NOBODY is advocating.

    Anyway, this is the part of that blog entry I really enjoyed:

    “It took me years to develop the Mantra. It will do pro-whites more good than any person or group has done them in history. But they can counter the really blasting effect by answering it one sentence at a time.”

    Did you catch that? It took him YEARS to write the mantra. Years to write a thing that is easily debunked, whether line by line or otherwise. Keep in mind Bob can’t even answer ONE question about his whole mantra.

    In any case, I’m no fan of Christopher Hitchens but there was one good thing he said: “That which is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

    And it’s really a pity that Bob needed years to come up with his mantra. I’ll make my own wacky mantra, just as reality based as yours, in less than five minutes. Here it is:

    Everybody says we’ve got a cheese problem. Everybody says this problem will be solved when all cheese and only cheese is replaced by non-lactose substitutes. They say they are anti-lactose, what they are is anti-cheese.
    Anti-lactose is a code word for anti-cheese.
    And they hate pizza.

    There, probably LESS than a minute. I’m not sure I quite captured Whitaker’s inability to grasp the concept of paragraphs though.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I really hope the other white nationalists who came on here are paying attention, watching one of their heroes get his ass handed to him because he can’t even defend the very mantra that he decided to spam the internet with. Let this be a lesson for you: White nationalism doesn’t have answers to the problems you, the country, or the world face. If you are smart enough to see why Bob’s mantra is nonsense, you’re smart enough to get out of White Nationalism.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Bobby could you try that one more time, this time in English as opposed to gibberish.

    And who mentioned intellectuals or Communism? Was it the same person who says there’s a “race problem which we be solved when non-white people move to white countries and only white countries and whites are forced to inter-marry with them?” You know, that unnamed person you like to call “everybody?”

    I find your anti-intellectual tone hilarious because it’s always so contradictory with you types. You trot out Dr. Pierce or fake Dr. Duke as intellectuals to “prove” that you’re not a bunch of backwater morons, but then when your own “intellectual” attacks are easily shot down suddenly you don’t care about sounding intellectual anymore.

    So what’s it going to be Bobby? Intellectual or self-proclaimed ignorant moron?

    Keep in mind, Bobby, that your “mantra” advances several positive claims (e.g.”Everybody says..”). You are making allegations. Ergo the burden of proof is on you to support those allegations. Thus far Occam says “no” to your claims of “white” genocide.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Mr. Whitaker, your anti-intellectual credentials are impeccable. I bet you can’t even spell F-U-K.

  • Robert W. Whitaker

    I was warned against self-styled Intellectuals when I read The Cry and the Covenant about age 12.
    Dr. Ignac Semmelweis showeed that the reason obstetricians of his day were killing thousands of women and babies
    was because they went from autopsy to the maternity ward wiithout washing their hands.
    The medical Intellectuals ruined Semmelweis. In themid-ninteenth century they had all sorts of fancy explanations
    for “childbed fever,” including psychological ones.
    The idea that a big-time head doctor should wash his hands with carbolic acid insulted them, and they shouted out about how
    Intellectual they were.
    And the mothers and babies died.
    I knew Communism was just plain silly when self-styled Intellectuals were all for it. An economy run entirely by a
    group of self-styled Intellectuals is insane.
    So now we have white genocide hiding between claims of Intellectualism.
    To self-styled intellectuals that’s childish, like asking a major league medical professor in 1850 to wash his hands.
    You talk to yourselves and tell yourselves how Intellectual you are.
    Semmelweis and Occam say your Final Solution to the White Problem is evil.

  • Isamel

    So, is there a race problem anymore?

  • Kiwiwriter

    “Ray” and “Jay” are obviously the same person, and I expect his next incarnation to be “Johnson,” and my answer to him on “shoot the message, not the messenger” is thus:

    We have shot down these messages repeatedly, with heavier artillery, and these messages are hardly worth the time necessary to argue with them. More interesting to dissect and appalling to behold is the character of these messengers, which reveal the messengers’ paltry intelligence, overall stupidity, utter lack of empathy, and general failure.

    We learn more about these messages about the wasted lives and inner torments of these messengers than we do from their regurgitated, copy-and-pasted, trivial messages, and it is these trails of misdeeds that we focus on, to expose the idiocy and waste of these lives. They are a tragic misuse of human resources, and dishonor their makers.

    As for Mr. Whitaker’s extrusion, saying how he admires Forrest Gump the Medal of Honor recipient…he is aware that Forrest Gump is a fictional character, who only existed in Winston Groom’s mind.

    Furthermore, holders of the Medal of Honor do not call themselves “winners.” They call themselves “recipients,” reminding others that anyone can earn that Medal, and the real heroes are dead. And I wonder what Mr. Whitaker would say about black, Latino, and Jewish recipients of the Medal of Honor…like Jack Jacobs of Vietnam, for example. Would he consider them “men of loyalty and honor?”

    “Solomon Goldenthal” is as obviously as Jewish as Josef Kramer, just as “Ted Kennedy,” seen earlier here, is as liberal as Rush Limbaugh. Anyway, Mr. Goldenthal is greatly concerned about the SPLC failing to condemn something a little out of their purview.

    And for “Penus,” who is obviously playing a letter game, I don’t think you’ll get much mileage in the course of your life as a “white nationalist.” Your movement, such as it is, is more about getting the chance to publicly express your feelings of victimization and superiority without anyone criticizing it, than any real program.

    It may make you feel good and valuable, connected to a non-existent race of Viking and Aryan warriors, but it has no connection to reality, and is a massive waste of your time and energy. As Denis Leary says ever so well, “Life is hard. Get a helmet.”

  • Freddie Gein

    Hey ol’ Bob, care to come to one of my facebook pages for a debate? I bet you wouldn’ last five seconds, especially since mantra talking points will not be allowed.

  • Gregory

    A WN named Penus? Of course Sam is going to like him.