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White Rabbit Radio, Font of Racist Genocide Claims, Run by Michigander

By Ryan Lenz on July 2, 2013 - 5:05 pm, Posted in Extremist Propaganda

For the past three years, a mysterious figure calling himself Horus the Avenger has operated White Rabbit Radio, an online community of racists dedicated to spreading a message called the “Mantra” far and wide.

Written by a curmudgeonly segregationist with a history of drug abuse named Robert Whitaker, the 221-word Mantra is an attack on multiculturalism. “Anti-racist is code word for anti-white,” the Mantra reads in part.

Its widespread presence on the Internet is due to a small but highly dedicated group of activists who call themselves the “swarm” and furiously propagate it online. In essence, they comprise an online flash mob, spending hours posting the Mantra in the comments section of YouTube videos, tagging it to news articles on race, and reprinting the Mantra in full on most white nationalist websites of note.

But until now, little was known about the energetic propagandist known as Horus. He has had no known membership in any racist group and has gone to great lengths to hide his identity. In his first podcast, in 2009, he boasted, “You don’t know who I am. You’re never going to know.”

That ended in June when a lengthy investigation by Hatewatch uncovered the identity of Horus the Avenger.

His real name is Timothy Gallaher Murdock, 43, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., though he sometimes appears online and in radio interviews as Tom Worth. An avowed anti-Semite and one-time day trader, he is single and lives in the basement of his parents’ home, where, he says, he cares for his terminally ill mother and dedicates his time to building up “Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit,” an online allegory designed to expose “white genocide” and patterned after Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The basic idea of the Mantra and its proponents — that white people, far from ruling most of the developed world, are actually being subjected to a genocide that will ultimately wipe out their race — is not new. It has been developing since the racist right essentially lost the civil rights battles of the 1960s, and racist writers like Wilmot Robertson began adopting the language of the civil rights movement to depict whites as increasingly “dispossessed.” In the last 20 years, the idea that the white race is facing mortal attack has become the norm on the extreme right, with the neo-Nazi National Alliance, for instance, repeatedly describing whites as “Earth’s Most Endangered Species.” Such fears have picked up speed in recent years thanks in large part to the U.S. Census Bureau, which has predicted that non-Hispanic whites in this country will lose their majority by about 2043.

But Murdock, Whitaker and the “swarm” of their enthusiasts have reduced their message of fear to a few sentences and sent it out to the world.

Over several hours of cordial interviews with Hatewatch, Murdock acknowledged his identity and expounded at great length about the Mantra, how he entered the radical right and what he hopes to achieve.

“What I am is a provocateur,” Murdock said. “My job is to provoke a conversation using the very charged concept of white genocide to create a paradigm change. I’m not interested in creating a national socialist state.” He added, “I’m doing things intentionally to provoke a reaction.”

And provoke a reaction he has. Since Murdock’s appearance in the movement, lines from the Mantra have proliferated across the racist right. His website features a subscription podcast called Endgame Exotica that provides commentary on the news, as well as a host of animated cartoon shorts to point out the so-called contradictions of multiculturalism. He has also become a galvanizing figure in the movement. He appeared last year at the Practical Politics Seminar conference hosted by Stormfront, the largest white supremacist online forum, where he talked about controlling the message about race. And his allegiances in that message management lie undoubtedly with the Mantra and Whitaker, his partner in the messaging effort. “I’ve always been interested in Bob’s particular writings,” Murdock said. “I think he’s the future.”

For Murdock, and nearly everyone who follows his work, the Mantra drives home the claim that multiculturalism works to the detriment of white people. But if the future is with Whitaker and his Mantra, it is a future envisioned by a recovering drug addict who once claimed to have had an amphetamine habit that dropped his IQ below 100.

Though he claims on his blog to have been the message man in the Reagan administration responsible for crushing communism, bringing down the Berlin Wall and saving the Hubble Space Telescope, Whitaker is seen by many in the movement as a hard-drinking though harmless, grandfatherly Forrest Gump.

James Edwards, host of the racist “Political Cesspool” radio show, wrote, “The next time anyone talks with Bob, ask him about the time we closed down that bar in Charleston.” To his disciples, though, Whitaker is nothing short of a propaganda “genius,” a word that can be found more than 600 times on his blog.

“There is not a modest bone in my body,” Whitaker wrote in 2004. “I AM a genius. I was born with one hell of a brain, and I scare our enemies because I am so smart I can laugh them to shame. I am at so high a level that a PhD or a big-time news anchor doesn’t mean a thing to me.”

A far-right propagandist for more than a half-century, the former economics professor and Reagan appointee to the Office of Personnel Management has been linked to radical, often racist, populist campaigns for most of his career. He once claimed to have a swastika poster on his wall when he was young in protest of desegregation. In fact, his advocacy of segregation and racist ideology seems rooted in his opposition to America’s early civil rights struggles. But the bombastic bullet points to his biography go on.

According to Whitaker’s followers, he’s a former clandestine CIA agent and a mercenary in Rhodesia who helped craft the propaganda message that ended the Soviet Union — claims for which there is no known historical record.

The Mantra first appeared in 2006 on Whitaker’s blog and on the Internet forum for the National Vanguard, a breakaway group from the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Unlike David Lane’s succinct “14 words” (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”), the Mantra reads like a rambling tirade on U.S. immigration policy.

In part, it reads: “Everybody says there is this race problem. Everybody says this race problem will be solved when the third world pours into every white country and only into white countries. … Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for every white country and only white countries to ‘assimilate,’ i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites. … But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews [sic].” The Mantra ends with its most often quoted phrase: “They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Whitaker, who spoke several times with Hatewatch, claimed to have crafted the message “over years and years and years of arguing with anti-Whites.” While he claimed to have no working relationship with Murdock — in fact, he seemed upset at the suggestion that the two worked in concert — he remains proud of his Mantra.

“I’ve been in this business for 55 years, but I just got a little tired of the usual line,” Whitaker said. “I wanted to concentrate on the actual point, which is when the anti-whites talk about mixing races, it’s only in white countries.”

Murdock went further than Whitaker could have imagined in spreading the Mantra. With a weekly podcast and an onslaught of racist cartoons, his White Rabbit project is slick and professional — glossy racism that pulls liberally from Egyptian mythology. (Horus is the Egyptian god of war.)

Murdock and his animators created an allegorical cast of characters meant to reduce the modern world to racial archetypes. In fact, a large part of his appeal with younger racists lies in the iconography and detailed storyline of characters, each meant to symbolize a particular aspect of the “race problem.”

“White Rabbits,” which Murdock has said represent genetic perfection, are people of European descent and are depicted as vicious-looking creatures with Nazi lightning bolts in their eyes and crooked, dangling ears. “Red Hippos” represent Jews, or evil in the world. And “Pink Rabbits” are white rabbits infected by the Red Hippos. (Pink Rabbits, according to the allegory, are actually soaked in the blood of Red Hippos.) The cast of characters goes on, and Murdock’s website displays pictures of sneering White Rabbits swinging sledge hammers emblazoned with the words “The Mantra” at Pink Rabbits.

While Murdock has repeatedly said he dismisses violence as a tactic that will work in “illuminating” whites as to the state of race relations, the same cannot be said for all of those who carry the Mantra and fears of “white genocide” onward.

Murdock’s work, for example, attracted the attention of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who slaughtered 77 people two years ago in his home country.

In Breivik’s manifesto, he complains about “blood thirsty genocide committed by hate-filled, anti-white, racist immigrants” and seems particularly obsessed with the word “genocide.” He mentions it frequently in his manifesto, as he does the terms “anti-white” and “anti-racist.” Breivik sent his manifesto to Murdock and more than 1,000 others the day of the attack.

There are others, too, who have acted violently, seemingly animated by the fear of white genocide.

In 2009, on the day after Barack Obama was inaugurated as the country’s first black president, a man named Keith Luke allegedly murdered two black people in Brockton, Mass., and raped a third before shooting and wounding her. After police captured him, Luke reportedly told them that he acted because he had been studying Internet pages and learned that whites were being subjected to a genocide.

In September 2011, eight months before he was accused of torturing and dismembering a Chinese immigrant in Canada, an act caught on film, Canadian model Luka Rocco Magnotta wrote about his white nationalist beliefs on racist message boards under several pseudonyms. “[E]very country in the world was able to have their heritage protected, blacks get their own countries, chinese [sic] get their own countries. … However if white people want their own countries then we are denied that right.”

It was more than a petty gripe penned by a racist. The idea of a white homeland has long been a pipe dream of the racist right.

Murdock’s entire purpose, he said, is to raise awareness of white genocide in any way possible. But will he continue now that his anonymity is gone?

“Sure. Why not?” he said. “I held to that model as long as possible. … But if you have 30 million people wearing the Guy Fawkes mask, it doesn’t matter if they wear the mask anymore.”

Murdock may seem cavalier about the loss of anonymity, but the fact remains that he has gone to great pains to protect it.

Along with Whitaker’s acolytes –– they call themselves BUGsers, because they are part of what is called “Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar” –– Murdock has played a cat-and-mouse game with Internet service providers and website administrators, hoping to slip the racist Mantra as deeply into the public sphere as possible.

In March, according to Whitaker’s website administrators, the Mantra was posted 7,187 times across the Web, up 100% from the previous month, when the Mantra was posted 3,565 times. The people posting it include racist ideologues such as Michael Rudolph, aka “Beefcake,” who runs online seminars on how to spread the Mantra, and Albert Durrette, a 72-year-old malcontent from Berkeley, Calif., who has started a White House petition asking that the Mantra be taught in schools as part of core education standards.

Murdock said he plans to release more animated content, including a 3-D version of every character in the cast, as well as a second part to his wildly popular video “How Whites Took Over America,” which reimagines the history of the European explorers who discovered the Americas.

Perhaps his most famous cartoon yet is the “Anti-Racist Hitler,” in which Adolf Hitler returns from Argentina, where he has been hiding since the end of the war — except this time he is working as an anti-racist.

In the 10-minute animation, which has been viewed about 180,000 times on YouTube, Hitler arrives in Israel, arguing that it is racist for the Jews to want to preserve their homeland to the exclusion of others. When a Jewish man stops Hitler on the streets and says, “I think we have a right to preserve our culture, and our people,” Hitler responds, “So you believe you are God’s chosen people? Some kind of master race? That just reminds me of the brown shirts in the ‘30s.”

Murdock laughed when mentioning the video. “Every single thing Hitler says to the Israelis has been said basically to someone white,” Murdock said.

The video was released on April 20, Hitler’s birthday, a day with deliberate appeal to racists and white nationalists who revere it. With that, it is impossible for Murdock to claim he is not working with the hardline racist right.

Not that he makes much of an effort to deny that anyway.

“The message is up for grabs regarding race,” Murdock said. “I’m doing what has been done for decades, from a verbal perspective. White people have to be able to defend themselves somehow verbally when called a racist.”

  • Wolflady

    If white folks wanted to keep their race so pure then why did they have sex with their Black Slave and create a mix race, what idiots. Dumbest stuff I ever heard is all this rhetoric and he calls himself intelligent, get real.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    I laugh at the fact that the mantra’s defenders, even Bobby Whitaker himself, can’t even defend the thing they find so intelligent and “obvious.”

    “Penus”(interesting name), if you have better points than this mantra by all means share them.

  • supersonic250

    So much stupid… So little time.

    Let’s start with you, Bingo Bob Whitaker… If you take being called “Forrest Gump” as a compliment while demonstrating that you have the writing skill of a two-year-old… Well… It only shows that everything Ruslan and the others have said is true and you truly are as stupid as you seem.

    Second, Solomon: YOU are the dullard, because ARON WAS JOKING!!!! Work on your reading comprehension, and you might realize that.

    Also, the SPLC’s purview is AMERICA ONLY. While racism in other countries is just as horrible as it is here… There’s not much they can do about it. HERE, they can be activists and take action against those who would discriminate or harm people. How hard is that to understand?!

  • Mary Jane Stone

    Somewhere in the middle of this racist mess is the real motivation behind conservative pro life activities. How do we get more people like us and keep our numbers going? Keep them uppidy women from getting control over their reproduction. I mean work on the white women. No problem with (as Jeb bush advises) fertile Hispanics. See how widely it fans out? I urge everyone to fight Rick Perry and his gang. When he gave his Day of Prayer three years ago the preachers who spoke that day left their racist and sexist preachments at home. Rachel Maddow showed this on her program and I hope she presents a rerun. Go Wendy!

  • Bald Eagle

    Solomon, maybe it’s because your Ilk constantly attempt to conflate an ACTUAL genocide (Where people were killed and had religious institutions regularly burned) to immigration (Which in turn is not EVEN comparable) to the flood experienced by “Non-White” countries.

  • more of the same

    You are spending a great deal of time, money and verbiage to debunk something you all consider stupid, moronic and devoid of any serious following.

  • Sam Molloy

    Penus, I always welcome any new, non Standard Issue people on here, even if I don’t agree, as it is interesting to hear a different viewpoint. I am assuming by White Nationalist you mean wanting a state or country for White people. IMO it’s more logical to embrace diversity to strengthen society. However, too often the well meaning social engineers find it easier to lower the educational standards to the lowest common denominator, encourage companies to hire by racial quotas instead of merit and excuse violent antisocial behavior by blaming it on Slavery or Segregation, which were also social engineering. This new, actually just as racist, social engineering is responsible for the hot mess of most of our urban areas and is what makes White people want their own area. In a totally colorblind society people advance by using their specific talents to their best advantage, which is a self regulating and nearly instantly flexible societal structure. To put it plainly, anyone that can deal dope can run a Walgreen’s, and anybody who can steal a car can work in a car factory.

  • Aron

    Solomon Goldenthal, if that’s your real name then mine is John James Jingleheimer Schmidtt.

    The SPLC only covers the US. Not China. Not Tibet. Not Mongolia.

    And China has 56 individual ethic groups, as Ruslan pointed out. And they have very strong affirmative action programs. They actively attempt to help their minorities, whereas you folks would rather they simply didn’t exist.

    Get a life (and a job), loser.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Racism, historically, was first defined and that word coined in the Soviet Union. ”

    No it wasn’t. Racism was a shortened version of the word “racialism,” which was coined to describe the so-called “racial science” of the 19th century. The Russian Empire didn’t have a concept of race and the Bolsheviks were concerned with “nationality,” not race.

    “Not only have the Chinese got their own homeland, but homelands of the Tibetans, Uigurs and the outer Mongols as well.”

    Obviously China has issues with demographics but people don’t realize that China has strong affirmative action programs and local autonomy rules to struggle with this issue. Unfortunately China is in fact a capitalist country and the effects of capitalist development may very well overwhelm these efforts. Still, the Tibetans are better off than they were under that autocratic dictator they called the Dalai Lama.

    “I am a Forrest Gump?
    Thank you!
    To you Forrest Gump is a retard with the Southern accent you associate with that.
    To me Mr. Gump is a Medal of Honor winner and, more important, a man of loyalty and honor.
    I’ll never live up to the title, but thank you anyway.”

    Gump’s accomplishments were fiction, just like yours. Plus his character was far more intelligent and well spoken.

  • Penus

    I’m a white nationalist but never liked the mantra myself. Always thought it did more harm than good, and that it should be rewritten by somebody who talks to folk that aren’t KKK members or whatever, if not completely trashed as a way to spread the message. If somebody wants to talk about it, they should just talk about it instead of dragging and dropping a poorly written piece of useless propaganda that’ll just piss regular people off.
    I think actual talking just gets a lot further. A real maybe half hour of conversation where you’re talking to the other person, and not playing to the audience that’s on your side by speaking maybe a sentence at once to the other guy, calling him a moron, then laughing with your friends while he does the same shit.
    Once seemingly convinced a black guy, I think a leftist one at that, toward my side, at least for a little while, even though he joined the conversation by calling me and another guy pathetic and saying our conversation in a synchtube room was “real cute” in a. Me and the other guy started talking and both sides listened to each other, it was pretty nice. Just took some calmness, and the realization from both of us that the guy on the other side was human.
    Much better way to spread a message than to spam some copypasta. I mean I really can’t see some politically apathetic average guy watching a rap video on youtube, seeing some idiot post the mantra, then throwing his fitted cap on the ground, putting some decent clothes on and running down to town hall to request that all non-whites be deported.
    That’s my two cents on the mantra spam issue, anyway.

  • Sam Molloy

    Our Government keeps track of race on practically every form we fill out. If it would lead by example, and never ever mention race, these racists would eventually become more and more isolated and rare.

  • benjamin parker

    Okay, first off racism is awful. I do find the fact that the leader is borrowing names and words from cultures I am sure they hate. I guess that shows how “intelligent” the leader is. Irony is hilarious!

  • Jay

    Shoot the message, not the messenger.

    Racism, historically, was first defined and that word coined in the Soviet Union. It’s the equivalent of saying “Racism is unimportant because Communism did this or that”.

  • Solomon Goldenthal

    Aron said,


    Get it straight, Aron, you silly dullard. Not only have the Chinese got their own homeland, but homelands of the Tibetans, Uigurs and the outer Mongols as well. And guess what? As the Chinese communist politburo continues to deliberate inundate those latter three people’s lands with the Han Chinese, those natives are revolting against THEIR OWN demographic dispossession.

    Where’s the SPLC’s condemnation for that, dammit? Why isn’t any of you here lecturing the Tibetans that they should stop resisting this mass migration of outsiders? And that progressively becoming 50%, 40%, and then 30% and further down lower share of Tibet’s population is actually a beautiful, wonderful, multiculturally enriching experience for the Tibetan people?

  • Ray

    Why won’t the SPLC let my comment go through? Is the SPLC a White Supremacist organization now? ;p

  • Erika

    Ted, silly arguments deserve to be called silly.

    And of course, the argument is silly because most of the so called white people in America are not 100% lilly white. Even before the Spanish first settled America there was mixing between European and American people. The English and French who came later did the same thing. And of course, as soon as Blacks were brought to the Americas in change there was mixing. So that means that there has been documented race mixing in the United States since the first Conquistidors showed up in the 1500s. As a result, there are very few people in this country who are 100% of any race.

    Of course, the racists of past generations knew that – that is why in many Southern states there were “one drop” laws which stated that if a person had only “one drop” of black blood they were “black” – of course, practically speaking that was – especially after transportation improvements enabled people to move easier – basically impossible. What it meant was that if the people in the town you were in knew that you had black relatives you were “black.” Naturally, this being the Jim Crow era where blacks were systemically discriminated against this encouraged black people to move to different towns where no one knew that they were “black” and they instantly became “white.” There were also numerous instances of light skinned black children being given up for adoption to white families to raise so that the child would be “white.” In other cases, the white father (and in this era it was always a white father) would take the child into his family.

    Of course, for the white nationalists they do not want to look at the effects of mixing and “passing” – namely that most “white” people are “white” only because they look white – which is to say that even assuming argumendo that there is a white race the white race has been not a pure race for centuries – and guess what, there are still literally millions of white people in this country. 500 plus years of race mixing has not extinguished the white race.

    The only way that you can possibly believe that white people are disappearing is if you believe in the idiotic “one drop rule.” And if you do, then white people are already gone replaced by a mixed race population known as Americans. And no one else except for racists and white nationalists argues in favor of the “one drop rule” anymore – even at the time it was the law in several states the only people who accepted it were white supremacists.

    Of course, the fact that after 500 years of race mixing in the Americas there are still millions of “white people” around is in great contrast to many Native American groups – if you want to see what genocide really looks like, go to the Caribbean and count the number of Arawauks you see.

  • concernedcitizen

    And yet…Bob’s entire life has been a waste. I mean his greatest “accomplishment” consists of spamming the internet with an idiotic “mantra” which looks as though it was written by a sixteen year old.

    Ruslan, I concur.

  • Robert W. Whitaker

    I am a Forrest Gump?
    Thank you!
    To you Forrest Gump is a retard with the Southern accent you associate with that.
    To me Mr. Gump is a Medal of Honor winner and, more important, a man of loyalty and honor.
    I’ll never live up to the title, but thank you anyway.

  • Ray

    I LOVE how they say “Anti-Racist is a another word for Anti-White”

    DUHHH! WHITES are the Racists!

  • Reynardine

    By the way, a native or citizen of Michigan is a Michigander, as in: What’s sauce for the Michigoose is sauce for the Michigander.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    It’s just too much fun showing the readers what an utterly worthless loser Bob Whitaker is. What makes it so amusing is that I know that his fan club has been reading this article, in fact I checked out that “BUGS” site and saw them talking about it. So they come here and see their precious mantra get torn to shreds and yet deep down they know they can’t come on here and defend it. Whitaker gives them a canned argument which they swear by yet can’t explain.

    Anyway, so as to make them gnash their teeth a little harder, here are some gems I found on the BUGS site:

    “There is no Wordism called Whitakerism. In fact, what we SHOULD have is the precise opposite.

    From a very hard and dedicated lifetime, I have developed some basic truths that bear my marks.

    Wholly convinced of his own genius, Whitaker apparently thought that his rambling, poorly-constructed juvenile sayings should be named after him.

    “The Mantra is an essence of a Whitakerism:

    1) There is not a big word in it.

    Except maybe anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

    Well the man sure knows his audience, that’s for sure. Isn’t it funny how WNs are always talking about the “accomplishments of the white race”(not their own, as they have none) in science and technology yet they don’t like “big words?”

    “2) It is no absolutely no longer than it has to be.”

    Not true. The mantra could be shortened to “I’m an ignorant moron who doesn’t know how the world works.” It would be more concise and more honest.

    “3) What it expresses is so obvious that nobody sees it.”

    Yeah except it’s “obvious” only to delusional people who get upset at things that aren’t happening. I mean this mantra says that an unnamed “everybody” says that we must solve the “race problem” by having non-white immigration to “white countries” and “only white countries.” WHO is saying that? Where is this happening?

    The comments on his blog, about this story in fact, were instructive. It shows how the little peons feed Bob’s ego, and how he carefully cultivates those among the sycophants who show some promise(can write a coherent paragraph, barely).

    One comment comes from a guy calling himself “ErwinRommelRabbit.” Gee….WHY OH WHY DO PEOPLE CALL YOU GUYS NAZIS? Anyway, he says:

    “The purpose of the Mantra is to attack the post WWII conditioning that white people are inherently evil and have no right to defend themselves as a race lest they are Nazis.”

    There was no such conditioning because the primary cause of WWII was GERMANY, not “white people.” Hitler cared little for the concept of “white people.” Moreover, the victors were British, Soviet(mostly Slavic), French, and largely “white” American forces- that there’s a lot of “white people,” at least from an American perspective. Given what Hitler had done in Europe the idea that he was defending “white people” as a race would have been laughable to anyone who had experienced the war. FFS, the Dutch are extremely similar to the Germans yet that didn’t stop the Nazis from bombing the crap out of Rotterdam and later starving around 10,000 Dutch people to death over the winter of 1944-45. Do I even need to mention what they did to the Belorussians, Ukrainians, and Russians?

    The idea that came out of WWII regarding race wasn’t that “white” people were inherently evil but that ideas that put “race” above all else, particularly the idea of superior races, came to be looked at as negative because Germany took such ideas to their logical conclusions. The change in views towards eugenics changed radically as well. That is important because eugenic concepts of “race” weren’t necessarily about “black, white, etc.” The idea was that within a single country with a single ethnicity there could be different “races” based on the quality of their genetic material. It’s important to remember that 1. eugenics was basically devised as an explanation as to why some people were poor, regardless of their race, and 2. a few centuries ago, but as late as the 19th, it was not uncommon to see Europeans referring to different social classes of their own nation as a different “race.” English workers, for example, could be called another “race.”

    So sorry, ErwinRommelRabbit. You tried but this was your El Alamein.

    Alas, he continues, like the long retreat toward Tunisia.

    “When you confront people that what they are actually doing is sanctioning genocide, that is provoking a confrontation.”

    You can’t sanction a genocide which is not happening. Like I’ve said to the wannabe trolls on this blog dozens of times- Either you don’t know what genocide means, or you don’t know what’s going on around you. Possibly both.

    “There is no way to spread the Mantra other than to provoke confrontations.

    That is what we are doing.”

    Theoretically you could “provoke confrontations” by randomly shoving people in public. Doesn’t mean it contributes anything to society.

    Anyway, the reason I bring up ErwinRommelRabbit’s comment is because the micro-cult leader Bob clearly saw some use in him, so he gives him a flattering response:

    “Erwin, you don’t realize how good you are at this.
    Before mentioning genocide, you introduced your short say with these word:”The purpose of the Mantra is to attack the post WWII conditioning that white people are inherently evil and have no right to defend themselves as a race lest they are Nazis.”
    You could have said that alone to somebody and shaken their world in a way AMPW ever could.”

    The only part of Erwin’s comment which actually advanced a coherent thought was easily destroyed because its premise was faulty, as I showed above. The rest was just nonsense words strung together. Yet Bob is impressed, SO impressed that he responds with English skills on par with those of a teenager’s Myspace page.

    No doubt Erwin will be overjoyed. He got praise from caesar, a pat on the head from a movement intellectual. Rather than test his ideas in the real world against people who are prepared to deal with him, he’ll spend most of his time posting on VNN or Stormfront, gaining rep for his screeds and assuming this means he is objectively smart.

    But then one day he’ll slip up. He’ll show up in a place like this, post his Mantra, and watch it get smacked down. There is an extremely remote possibility he might try to follow it up with some of his own arguments, but they’ll get smacked down even harder and he’ll start to realize that there was so much more he had to learn. “Damn it, Bob,” he’ll say to himself, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” Maybe, just maybe, he’ll pull his head out of his own ass and realize that there’s a whole world out there he doesn’t know, and it’s the polar opposite of what WNs claim it is.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    ““[E]very country in the world was able to have their heritage protected, blacks get their own countries, chinese [sic] get their own countries”

    Many of those countries have seen their national traditions and social relations ripped apart by capitalist development, often on the whim of the IMF which favors transnational corporations and creditors that are mostly based in the developed world and whose investors are by and large white or European. Their governments are typically beholden to the whims of the IMF, WTO, and global capital, to the detriment of their people. So Mr. White Nationalist, do you still want to be like an African or South Asian country?

    As for the Chinese, they have ONE country(Taiwan claims to be “China”), with over 56 national minorities and strong affirmative action laws which favor them. For example, national minorities are exempted from the one-child policy. Will the hypothetical “white” nation have minorities protected by similar policies? Still want to be like China, BUGger?

    Moreover Africans(not “blacks,” as many different African people are black yet not identical) have nominally independent countries yet they are not “for blacks only” as White Nationalists stupidly imagine they are. Africa has a large population of people from India, Arabs, and of course Europeans.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Okay, now moving on to Mr. Murdock. Sorry, folks, he is not “Lon Chaney,” the Jason/Ezra/Annie/Eugene/Edward/Emma Reynardo person, because that nutter’s drivel was very different from Mr. Murdock’s drivel.

    Lon Chaney was endorsing the glorious cause of Jared Taylor and American Renaissance and those fifth-rate ideas, while Mr. Murdock is grinding the shopworn penknife of anti-Semitism, and seventh-rate ideas.

    Mr. Murdock is the usual sad advertisement for Aryan supremacy, of course…as I commented to him, he is sitting in the basement of his parents’ house at age 43, single, spending his days bravely fighting for his idiotic cause on the internet.

    I pointed out to him repeatedly that no government agency is storming into his basement and forcing him to marry a black woman, and of course, he did not respond. Sure enough, that seems to be the case.

    Mr. Murdock thinks he’s waging a great battle to raise awareness of the plight of the white race and save it from extinction, peddling a silly idea from an even sillier source, a drug-addicted liar.

    In truth, Mr. Murdock is acting out his inner torments (anti-Semitism, living in his parents’ basement at age 43, lack of importance) by being a keyboard commando, playing the usual internet “I’ve got a secret” game.

    He’s just another internet troll with the usual stupid ideas, and thinks that he’s therefore important and a great thinker.

    In actuality, he’s just a waste of talent, who will be forgotten long before his death…I’m saddened and amused by him.

    However, he certainly fits the stereotype of the basement-dwelling neo-Nazi, who has achieved nothing in his life, and regards himself as being superior to the rest of the world by virtue of the melanin content of his skin. Very sad. What a horrific waste.

  • CM

    Well, I hate to say “I told you so,” but …

    CM said,
    on November 19th, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    “White Rabbit” wins the prize for being the one-millionth fool to plagiarize the so-called “mantra” of former Reagan White House staffer Robert Whitaker: the source of “a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews” and “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” and all that. (White Rabbit’s version is fairly garbled, maybe because s/he’s getting it from a secondary or tertiary source or maybe just in an attempt to conceal his/her plagiarism.) Of course, it’s not, technically, a mantra; it’s an emotional, fact-free, logic-free rant. And repeating it is a sure sign that the person doing the repeating doesn’t have a clue what he or she is talking about.

    I’d like to add that the whole “anti-racist equals anti-white” is the same logical fallacy deployed by Christians who want to claim they’re being persecuted, viz., the fallacy of the excluded middle, or the false dilemma. The claim is that the absence of pro-white or pro-Christian bias is the same as the presence of anti-white or anti-Christian bias. What it excludes, chiefly, is the possibility of neutrality, which of course is exactly what an enlightened society aims for with regard to the race or religion of its individual members.

  • R

    The correct term is “Michigander”, not Michiganer

    Though as a proud citizen of that state, I wish I were saying that this person had no connection to the great state.

  • Reynardine

    Maybe this everyone is related to anyone who lived in a pretty how town, but I suspect was acknowledged neither by him nor by e e cummings.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, we can always count on Ruslan to set the racist nutters straight, so well done, sir.

    My only addition to your point is that the racists don’t seem to ever talk much about white men marrying black women, and not only does that go on all the time…it’s one of the fastest-growing trends in America, I’m told. No, they’re obsessed with the black field hand throwing down his hoe and striding across the plantation to ravish the master’s daughter or wife.

    Of course, the racists don’t explain precisely why white women would be so attracted to someone who the racists believe is “sub-human,” and they can’t attribute these hookups and marriages to rape, can they? So they can’t admit that there’s a heck of a great deal of deficiencies among the Aryan elite when it comes to attracting women who remind them of Eva Braun.

    So much for “Ted Kennedy,” who is obviously a sarcastic pseudonym. I guess “Ted” didn’t get the word that the real Senator’s been dead for awhile.

  • Gregory

    Name-calling? We have addressed this window licker in the kindest terms possible, given the circumstances of our acquaintance.

    As Ruslan pointed out, this “argument” has been addressed time and time again when it has been recited by new sock puppets. Sorry you weren’t engaged in the conversation at the time(s) but that’s not really our problem.

    Since you have decided to enter the fray, perhaps you could give the merits of the Mantra?

  • concernedcitizen

    “white” women will prefer “non-white” mates for some unknown reason.

    I would hope that white women would feel free to marry whom they find personally favorable to them.

    It’s insulting to have some half wit try and tell you who you should marry or to suggest that in their tiny existence any one of us should put merit or care about what they prefer the rest of the world to do.

    Perhaps if they learned to marry for something deeper than skin color they wouldn’t be wasting their time with such stupidity, and annoying the rest of the world with their constant whining.

  • concernedcitizen

    I really don’t see any merit to the argument just because these people choose to segregate themselves by ridiculous boundaries that identify their existence. They forget about those who have mixed with other ethnic groups but still have a White lineage, just because they decide they are “pure” and that no one else has a claim to white lineage really only points to the myopic view and moral courage of their ignorance.

    When they learn to include all people of white lineage which would be the gays, the lesbians and those of mixed blood the numbers will change.

    The only true merit of this argument is that they fear the extinction of their family branch, however I’m sure there are plenty of intelligent white people in the world who just shake their heads at these fools and go on with their lives, living, loving and excelling. They are probably more highly successful at moving out of their mother’s basements and securing successful careers for themselves.

  • dinosaur

    Great article, I have long been wondering whether the mantra had been implicated in any violent crimes.

    Basement Bunny must not be entirely without charm. An internet affair of the heart involving him has been playing out over on the Bugs site for the last week or so.

    Ruslan, reception of the Mantra at Stormfront has been very critical. Even Stormfront yokels can poke holes in the mantra. You can find the hysterical and pretty funny spats in the “Swarmfront” section under politics. The mantra spammers look down on Stormfront yokels because they feel that the yokels prioritize the “Jewish” question at the expense of mantra “activism.” It’s pretty amazing stuff all the way around.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Watch another WN show up and say “Hey why don’t you discuss the ARGUMENT instead of name calling!!”

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Ted, the argument has no merit. I’ve pointed it out numerous times before I realized that it was just being copied and pasted by the same people. Just as a special treat, and because I love smacking this argument down knowing that its admirers can’t defend it, I’ll give you the short version here:

    “Everybody says there is this race problem.”

    Who? I want their names. Problems with racism? Sure. A “race problem?” Not really. I’ve seen this argument since at least 2011 and I’ve never seen a WN who could answer this question of who “everybody” is. If you’re going to post an argument, you’d better be prepared to defend it.

    ” Everybody says this race problem will be solved when the third world pours into every white country and only into white countries. …”

    Now you REALLY need to say who “everybody” is because I don’t see anyone saying this. Again, these morons don’t know anything about immigration laws in other countries, particularly those they consider to be “non-white.” Moreover, many Europeans aren’t thrilled about mass immigration from Eastern Europe.

    ” Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for every white country and only white countries to ‘assimilate,’ i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

    Once again, Bobby REALLY should have named “everybody.” Furthermore, assimilate doesn’t mean intermarry. If that actually happened you’d end up with fewer “non-whites.” Assimilate means adapt to the culture of the new country. In fact this is what many European nationalists demand of immigrants. Of course nationalists are in the minority, but many people are more than willing to tolerate immigrants so long as they are tolerant of the local culture, and by and large that is the case.

    Nobody is forcing anyone to marry anyone else. What Bob is unwittingly doing here is revealing the latent fear that many WNs have that “white” women will prefer “non-white” mates for some unknown reason. This is what White Nationalism is all about. You’ve got nothing to show for yourself so all you can do is make up wacky claims about being a CIA agent and rage about how you being white deserves some kind of respect.

    “… But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews ”

    Well since there is no such program, and the previous paragraphs reveal great delusion and ignorance about the world, one can hardly expect positive reactions. If I claimed that Jewish DJs are breaking into my mind and stealing my thoughts, people might think ill of me as well.

    Furthermore, Bob claimed to display a swastika poster in opposition to integration and worked with the National Alliance, whose own handbook flat out stated that the organization’s ideology was largely influenced by National Socialism. So is that really unfair?

    So there you have it, “Ted.” The argument has been “addressed” but it has no merit. If one believes otherwise, and particularly if one believes this is an effective, logical argument, it only suggests that one is at least just as ignorant as its author, yet with lower intellectual capacity. You’d have to be an utter moron to be impressed with Bob’s child-like scribblings. His low level of development is evident from his wacky claims as well as his other work. My guess is that Bob grew up being told he was special, and later managed to garner great praise from people stupider than him. He deluded himself into believing that everything was simple for him. If he was confronted with something he didn’t understand, he could just explain it to himself rather than actually doing research or listening to others with more knowledge. Because who could possibly know more than Bob?

    And yet…Bob’s entire life has been a waste. I mean his greatest “accomplishment” consists of spamming the internet with an idiotic “mantra” which looks as though it was written by a sixteen year old.

  • Ted Kennedy

    No one seems to be discussing the merit of the argument, only name calling and insinuations.

  • Reynardine

    Well, Ruslan, it appears it may have been prior knowledge, at least as much as excellent profiling, that caused you to say this guy was aging, in some measure unmated, and living in his parents’ basement.

  • MRJ

    You know, over 22,000 Dutch actively joined the uniformed SS.
    Let alone the volunteers or conscripts for the other branches.
    “You aint Dutch, You aint much.”
    Similar mind sets to their neighbors.
    Do you know where the survivors ran to when the war was over, when Europe was hunting Nazis, with tales of “collaborationists” chasing them for “helping the resistance”: South Africa, Argentina, and historically Dutch areas of the US.
    Like Orange County, CA, Delaware, New Jersey, and… yooouuu guessed it: Michigan.
    And you wonder why it has the most Militias, Blackwater, and one of the highest incidences of Hate Crime.

    “Whiterabit818″ on Huffington Post: HAH. Heil Adolph Hitler.
    Got a picture of that last year.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    After encountering it a few times I had a feeling that the monkeys at Stormfront or wherever must have concocted a very special “copypasta” to spread around so as not to have to give evidence or facts for their claims. Long time commenters here have seen me easily smack down the “Mantra” numerous times, showing that these idiots are 1. projecting America’s perceptions about race on the rest of the world, 2. utterly ignorant about immigration and naturalization issues in other countries, especially ones they consider to be “non-white.”

    I think it’s hilarious that this comes from Bob(I’m familiar with that dolt). I mean, what’s funny is how he unloads this rambling load of BS which can easily be destroyed from the first line, and yet the idiots on Stormfront, being even dumber than Bob, see it as a work of genius. That’s how the movement works with its “intellectuals.” You’ve got loads of ignorant morons who gape in awe at anyone who can string a few paragraphs together and drop a few historical references.

    As for Bob’s claims about Rhodesia. No. Claims about crafting a propaganda message that took down the USSR? Well that’s a bit problematic because the USSR wasn’t taken down by any propaganda message(aside from that which came from Gorbachev and co.) and it broke up in late 1991. Who was president then? Oh…right.

    There are a few other key things that need to be mentioned about Mr. “I took down the USSR.” First is that the collapse of the USSR and the elimination of the “socialist” government were two different things. The USSR could have broken up completely or partially while some or even all republics remained nominally socialist, or it could have stayed together and went over to full capitalism.

    The second issue is far more pressing, as it says a lot about this crusader for the “white race.” The decline and break-up of the USSR was a demographic disaster, largely for people that Bob and his ilk call “white.” Aside from outright death there was humiliation to go along with it. So basically Bob is gloating about being responsible for outright killing and humiliating millions of “white people.” So what’s all this about genocide?

    Of course Bob would blame “the Jews” for all that, because White Nationalists aren’t too fond of taking responsibility for anything. The personal responsibility conservatives love to drone on about is only for other people, not them.

    Anyway, it’s clear from Bob’s statements(and some of his past works which I’ve read) and his piss-poor argument known as the Mantra that he is a perfect poster boy for something known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. To be fair, I’m sure much of his delusion was fed by even more useless idiots who built him up with praise over the years. When reading their praise for his work, he never considered that these people might be utter morons. This has a tendency to make one believe that anything they write is gold.

    Lastly, those who have watched me tackle the “Mantra” users on this blog can recount that those who posted the Mantra never stuck around to answer my challenges. I couldn’t even get them to say who “everybody” was.

  • Erika

    um i guess that “broadcasting” isn’t the right word for an “internet” show – narrowcasting (no doubt to people who match a similar pattern of being pathetic middle aged men who live in their parents basements) is a much better word.

    seriously, has there ever been a more perfect real life cliche then this??? :P

    and the most pathetic part is that in broadcasting about the mantra this loser of a man no doubt is thinking that he can attract a woman and, um, breed while babies like bunnies – and no doubt his followers think the same thing (by speaking out abotu this white genocide i can attract a mate).

    i mean puhhleaze – this is even stupider than the moronic men’s rights mysognist sites which purport to tell “nice guys” how to attract girls which is pretty much a live webcast version of Beavis and Butthead (“we’re going to score, heh heh!!!”

  • Erika

    a 43 year old man who is single (no doubt never married) and lives in his parents basement???

    Who would have ever predicted that (besides um pretty much everyone) :P

    and you just know that when he isn’t broadcasting his White Rabbit radio he is probably visiting the Black Rooster Theatre in Onancock.

  • Reynardine

    Gregory: my guess also. We even had one who titled himself White Rabbit, in the ultimate insult to my late Mr. Winter. The Black Rabbit of Inlé will not be gentle with him

  • Molly

    Well they seem harmless enough. And a bit more creative than regular Righwing folks. If it brings awareness to the problem of genocide worldwide, even in a strange way, fine by me.

  • aadila

    Great article. This blog pwns.

  • M. Bright

    Too bad there’s no accompanying photograph of this venal, thoroughly addled halfwit.

  • Gregory

    Maybe this jackass is who we know as JasonAnnieEvraEtc.

  • concernedcitizen

    Here’s an idea just keep racism to themselves amongst their family and friends and stop trying to push it onto the rest of the peaceful innocent Americans who don’t want any part of it.

    As for bringing Hitler back to life in a cartoon…it’s a colossal waste of time and sick entertainment for simpletons.

  • concernedcitizen

    “Earth’s Most Endangered Species.” Such fears have picked up speed in recent years thanks in large part to the U.S. Census Bureau, which has predicted that non-Hispanic whites in this country will lose their majority by about 2043.

    That’s doesn’t equal extinction. Honestly, why do people follow such idiots. And of all names he chooses an Egyptian God, Horus? I guess the origin of his name may have escaped him.

  • daemonesslisa

    Ah, that’s what it’s called, the “Mantra.” I’ve seen that cut-and-paste droning on this site so many times. And you know someone is gonna post it on this article, too.

    I guess they’re hoping that if they repeat the lie enough times, someone will believe it. Of course, the only ones that could ever believe that crap are themselves. For all their boasts of “pride” and “intelligence” that, allegedly, outmatch those of PhD’s, they seem to be a rather desperate, pathetic people. But, white pride types in general are like that.

    “Mantra” is a code word for “Pathetic.”

  • Reynardine

    So that’s where all this enmerdé spam comes from, huh? Congratulations, Ruslan, you basically had him profiled.

  • http://facebook kirbyjones

    i concur 100%.

  • Aron


    We can can call it Chiniana!

    Seriously, I thought I knew what stupid was. And then I read that.

    I’ve had plenty of run-ins with BUGgers. And they are universally IDIOTS.