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Man Arrested After Talk of Bombing of Utah IRS Building

By Bill Morlin on July 12, 2013 - 1:42 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Domestic Terrorism

The FBI has arrested a Utah man who is accused in court documents of making machine guns and discussing the bombing of an Internal Revenue Service building and other government facilities.

Keith Max Pierce, 34, of Provo, Utah, currently is only charged with three federal firearms charges – failure to register as a firearms dealer, illegal possession of machine guns and possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

Officials have not said what Pierce’s motivations may have been.

Pierce was arrested Wednesday in Provo, Utah, by federal agents assigned to a Joint Terrorism Task Force. He is scheduled to appear at a bail hearing Monday in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City.

Debbie Dujanovic Bertram, a spokeswoman for the task force, told Hatewatch today she could not discuss if Pierce is a “sovereign citizen,” someone who believes himself exempt from most laws and taxes, or a member of any antigovernment groups.

“This [is] an individual who made comments indicating he could be a threat to the community,” Loren Cannon, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI office in Salt Lake City, said Thursday, the Provo Daily Herald reported.

The investigation of Pierce began last November after he allegedly made comments to an FBI informant, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.  Pierce’s statements concerned “bombing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) based in Provo, Utah, the Provo Police Department and a court building (believed to be the Provo City Justice Court),” the court document says.

Pierce also discussed having access to fully automatic weapons and having the tools and knowledge to make fully automatic weapons.

During the ensuing investigation, an undercover FBI agent was introduced to Pierce through an online gun advertisement, authorities disclose in federal charging document. On March 20, the document says the undercover agent and Pierce “made a deal” for the purchase of a fully automatic AR-15, the same type of weapon used by U.S. military forces. Without a federal registration, it is illegal to possess fully automatic weapons.

On May 28, Pierce delivered the machine gun with an obliterated serial number to the agent in the clubhouse parking lot of the Branburry Apartment complex in Provo, the court document says.

In a subsequent conversation secretly recorded by the FBI, Pierce discussed just how easy it is to take a legal, s semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle and convert to a fully automatic weapon.

“Actually make that full … you only need to take out one part, it’s easy as hell,’’ Pierce is quoted as saying in the court documents.  “I brought the tools with me. … I could’ve shot it, taken the one part out and pocketed it and nobody would’ve been able to figure it out.”

  • Mary Jane Stone

    Watch Utah. For a state (theocracy) of its size it sure seems to have a lot of strange things going on that contrast sharply with the hard line preachments of the LDS.

  • Sam Molloy

    The last magazine restriction bill, months before Colorado and Sandy Hook, supposedly died because the Police were still allowed to have them. Some of the old philosophy of ” in a free society we should have what they have” was heard, which I for one do not consider a valid argument. The official reason was that if the big mags exist at all, some bad actor will find a way to get one or two, and the Police did not want to give them up.

  • Aron

    The ten years is to wait for the militia madness to die down.

    And I forgot about magazine size restrictions. Though with this Congress it stands about as much chance as a cold Singapore Sling in Hell.

  • concernedcitizen

    Wow, I’m sure it isn’t far beyond belief that he may have been part of a larger group operating in Utah.

    What is it with these strange underground, or invisible army militia types? They aren’t invisible, mostly it’s pretty easy to see them because they really do coordinate efforts and events and they are such terrible actors.

    I’m surprised they get away with half of what they do get away with. Well I’m glad there is one more nut job off of our streets. Now it’s just a matter of how can they really keep him off of the streets and will they be able to clean up the rest of them?

  • Kiwiwriter

    And of course, his little exercise would simply have killed a considerable number of innocent people…dedicated public servants with families and friends, leaving behind tragedy in its wake…

    Appalling…the desire of these people with their inner torments, to massacre decent, hard-working people in the name of their idiotic paranoia.

  • Scott

    It is so easy for these people to get weapons and other items from the Military. Inside active personnel have access to all these items and the inventory records are so easy to tamper with that these weapons are not detected as “Gone”

  • Sam Molloy

    Aron, I don’t want to get shot by some idiot like this either. But any semiauto can shoot pretty fast with a homemade hand crank trigger flipper. It is even legal unless you put, say, a car’s windshield wiper motor on it. This is not a secret to the insane, the plans are out there. IMO a strict limit on magazine size would be easier to enforce and more cost effective.

  • Brian

    Why ten years? It should be a permanent ban.

  • Aron

    It is incredibly easy. All you have to do is remove a little metal sear.

    And that is why I support a ban on sales of AR-15s for the next ten years.