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Members of New Skinhead Gang Accused in Two States

By Don Terry on July 25, 2013 - 5:10 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads

Die Auserwählten, a little-known racist skinhead gang in Nebraska and several other states, is less than a year old. But in the last few days, the crew has been making a name for itself – in mayhem and murder separated by more than a thousand miles.

In a small college city in south-central Nebraska, the gang’s 28-year-old founder, Jonathan Schmidt, faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted of a brutal assault Saturday night.

But that’s nothing compared to what another suspected member of the gang, Jeremy Lee Moody, 30, and his wife, Christine, 36, are accused of doing Sunday afternoon about 1,200 miles away in Union County, S.C. According to local news reports, the Moodys were each charged yesterday with two counts of murder in the slaying of Charles Marvin Parker, 59, and Gretchen Dawn Parker, 51.

Charles Parker was a registered sex offender and that is why he was shot to death in his home, Union County Sheriff David H. Taylor told Hatewatch today. “Moody told us he targeted this individual because he was a child molester,” Taylor said. “I was there when he made that statement.”

As for Parker’s wife, Taylor said Moody told him, “She was a casualty of war.”

Moody has the word “skinhead” tattooed across his throat and “white power” atop his shaved head. In addition, Sheriff Taylor said, Moody has “88” – the numerical symbol for Heil Hitler – tattooed on one hand and on the other a tattoo of the number 14 for the white nationalist creed of known as “The 14 Words.”

Taylor said Moody admitted to being “a white supremacist but didn’t say which group he was affiliated with.”

But shortly after Moody’s arrest, Schmidt, the founder of Die Auserwählten, which is also known as Crew 41, posted this note on his Facebook page: “Though I can’t blame them for their actions this in no way was ordered.”

On Facebook, Moody calls himself Jeremy Mengele after the notorious Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who performed barbaric experiments on twins and other children at Auschwitz. Featured prominently on Moody’s page is a picture of a warrior’s mask with horns, lightning bolts like those used by the SS, and the number 41. Forty-one is the numerical symbol for Die Auserwählten.

Little is known about the origins of the crew or its size. Its German name translates, more or less, as “the chosen” or “the favored few.” On its Facebook page, it claims to have seven chapters, including ones in Nebraska, Utah and South Carolina. The founder, Jonathan Schmidt, whose face is a mask of tattoos displaying his hate and his sorrow, lives in Pleasanton, a small town in south-central Nebraska.

On Saturday night, he and a friend were in nearby Kearney, where a campus of the University of Nebraska is located. Saturday was Kearney’s annual Cruise Nite, an all day parade, party and celebration of old cars. “People come from all over,” said Kearney Police Capt. Mike Kirkwood. It goes from morning to five in the afternoon, when the parade turns into a blocks-long party near the college campus with plenty of drinking. “It’s a real pain in the rear for us,” Kirkwood said. “But it looks like a blast for them.”

Schmidt and his friend are accused of yanking a 27-year-old man out of a car and stomping and kicking him in the head, leaving him a mangled mass in the street. The local paper, the Kearney Hub, said the man’s skull was fractured but he will survive.

The paper said the victim was transported to a local hospital where he identified Schmidt in a photo lineup.

Schmidt has an exceedingly distinctive facial appearance. His face is covered in tattoos, including “5150,” police code for someone involuntarily committed to a mental institution, “FYL” for “fuck your life,” “RIP Donny Boi,” a tribute to a skinhead tattoo artist killed by California police during a shootout earlier in July, and runes, or medieval Germanic letters, on his left eyebrow that spell out “Hate.”

Schmidt was released on bond Tuesday. On his Facebook page, Schmidt said he is innocent of the charges and that “the mother fucker who was supposed to turn himself in and clear my name has backed out because of his old lady running her fat ass mouth…Not too sure what plan b is but they better fix this shit before it gets any more outta hand.”

Capt. Kirkwood of the Kearney police said Crew 41 is “completely new to us.”

“Years ago, in the early ’80s, we had some Posse Comitatus and sovereign citizen activity, but nothing too serious,” he said. “I think these guys are just trying to get people riled up.”

Sheriff Taylor, in South Carolina, said his deputies have been monitoring Moody for years. “We thought he was in the drug business,” Taylor said. “But we never had much trouble out of him until now.”

They tried to follow Moody’s social media trail, but Moody kept changing his page or was getting deleted by Facebook, which Moody complained about recently on his page when he wrote, “Getting banned every 2 weeks gets old.”

Taylor said the Moodys were caught on the Parker’s security camera parking in front of their home Sunday afternoon. Moody lifted up the hood of his car, pretending he needed service. Parker, Taylor said, “was a shade-tree mechanic,” meaning he did auto repair under the trees near his home.

Taylor said the Moodys then go into the home and come out a short time later.

There was a sign in the Parkers’ yard. It said, “Smile you’re on camera.”

  • aadila

    No, not really, Sam.

    The Tea in Tea Party was sold to the American public by Fox News as meaning “taxed enough already”, but what it really stands for is voter supression, screw the sick, abandon the elderly, trample women, wage war on Islam, imprison minorities, beat kids in schools, defend the freedom of gun worship, and cling to the bennies of whiteness as long as you can.

  • Aron

    Sam, please stop getting all of your talking points from Andrew Schlaffly is an even bigger idiot than you are.

    Also, the DPRK is not socialist. They follow a bizarre form of Stalinism called Juche.

    And if Socialism doesn’t work, please explain why Northern Europe has the highest standard of living in the world?

  • Sam Molloy

    Erika, the Tea in Tea party stands for “Taxed Enough Already”, nothing more or less. There are Black Conservatives, believe it or not. If you believe in the Government providing everything for you, and making all your decisions for you, you should immediately move to North Korea, the People’s Paradise. If you want to continue America’s downward spiral into Socialism, please suggest where the money is supposed to come from. Taxing the rest of the companies into leaving, or borrowing incessantly from the World Bank (which has worked so well for Greece) or a return to Colonialism backed by military force?

  • Gregory

    The Tea Party would have us believe that their movement was not motivated by racial animus towards Obama, that they represent a grassroots movement, and that they are somehow distinct from the GOP. Each claim is risible but they are made with sincerity by the Teahadists.

    Like the OaKies, the TPers didn’t trade their white hoods for colonial tricorns festooned with teabags until a black man was elected as President. Most telling, in those early days it was quite common to see openly racist signs and t-shirts worn at TP rallies. As Erika noted, the corporate paymasters toned that down to dog whistles, the kind favoured by our resident Bircher.

    Which brings us to to the issue of corporate sponsorship and astroturfing. The notion that this movement spontaneously erupted without the help of corporate fronts like FreedomWorks is ludicrous.

    Finally, the pretense that they are some sort of third party, independent of the GOP, is proven false at the polls. The establishment Republicans may now be reaping and regretting the whirlwind that they created but there is no denying that the TP are the GOP base, sans their medication. While it may be amusing to watch the GOP descend into batshit crazy, it does not bode well for the governance of our nation.

  • aadila

    “But scratch the surface of a Tea Party and the racism comes out very quickly – because you can only speak in code words so long before the facade drops.”

    That’s right. Usually all it takes is for someone to do something they don’t like. Then out come the racial remarks, which they don’t use for white people. They may get angry when whites do the same thing, but don’t use the racist term. This is one way racism manifests unhappiness.

    The other side of racism is to be born into the world and have everything stacked in your favor, then deny the same privileges to others, even without ever uttering a racist epithet. Accepting a racist status quo is to perpetuate racism.

  • Erika

    Sam, the main difference between the KKK and the Tea Party is the costumes they wear – okay, perhaps the KKK is more honest but that is only because the corporate sponsors of the Tea Party know that they can’t get away with overt racism anymore but the dog whistles are clear. But scratch the surface of a Tea Party and the racism comes out very quickly – because you can only speak in code words so long before the facade drops.

    To ignore the current of racism which generally bobs just under the surface of modern conservativism because someone is unable to recognize coded dog whistle racism for what it is is silly.

    And honey, if you really want to say that its never too late to have a happy childhood and hold a Tea Party, do it the proper Princess Erika way and put on a frilly dress and tiara and invite all of your stuffed sharks and dolls ;)

  • Gregory

    However, on the Hatewatch blog and in their paper publications they constantly editorialize about gun owners, Tea Party members and would probably include comments about Carbon Initiatives if they were smart enough to work them into articles about Hate Groups. These childish attempts at Liberal propaganda limit their effectiveness in dealing with a wider audience of people who need to embrace their core message of Tolerance and Acceptance.

    You sure know how to make friends, you silver tongued devil.

    Sam, if you have been a member since 1996, then it is a safe guess that you are not as young as you would have us believe. Surely in those 17 or so years of associating with the SPLC you would have learned that “Tolerance and Acceptance” does not mean accepting racism, white nationalism, white supremacy, et el. as just another valid option. You know, Liberal Propaganda 101.

  • Reynardine

    Sam, thanks for calling us childish. If we weren’t, we couldn’t empathize so with your constant adolescent rebellion.

  • Scott A. Branch

    Kisha, so thankful for your input. I would really appreciate it if you would get ahold of me, as I am attempting to bring all who either know the victim, are a witness, or are a character witness, together as one cohesive group to ensure the fullest prosecution of this incredibly dangerous freak, and hopefully with enough pressure from the people, bump this up to the attempted murder case it should be, I urge everyone to regularly contact the Kearney police (Captain Kirkwood) and the Kearney hub with ANY information that relates to this individual . The prosecution and the press need to take this case as seriously as the national landmark case that I intend to help make it! I need all of the good people of your community to stand against this rabbid dog and help to start a national wave of attention so that people (and I use the term loosely) like this are delt with swiftly and harshly. Again, Kisha, PLEASE get ahold of me, my name Is Scott A. Branch (the unfortunate father of) Breana Rae Branch/schmidt, the wife of this violent and unpredictable mongrel. You can reach me at 954-865-1475 or

  • Sam Molloy

    Gregory, I was ignoring your question because I felt you did not read my post. But if you insist, the SPLC and the KKK both benefit financially from separating people and accentuating their differences. The SPLC should know better, as one of their programs is “Teaching Tolerance”. It is a fine program and definitely one of the reasons I have been a member since 1996. However, on the Hatewatch blog and in their paper publications they constantly editorialize about gun owners, Tea Party members and would probably include comments about Carbon Initiatives if they were smart enough to work them into articles about Hate Groups. These childish attempts at Liberal propaganda limit their effectiveness in dealing with a wider audience of people who need to embrace their core message of Tolerance and Acceptance.

  • Gregory

    You are dodging the question. Again.

    You drew a similarity between the SPLC and the KKK, stating that they both derive financial benefit through the promotion of division. Of course you know that it is a standard accusation from WNs that the SPLC (or $PLC, as they refer to it) is a money making scam.

    So, one more time, could you please explain why you think the SPLC is ilke the KKK?

  • Sam Molloy

    I do like to find Common Ground. There are counties here in Kentucky that have 26% of the people, mostly white, on Federal Diability….” Maybe it is something in the water” …and large urban areas, mostly black, that are devoid of anybody who works. There absolutely are jobs available, not high paying executive positions, mind you, that go begging all over the state. Where do you think all the Mexicans work? It is not just the money we cannot keep printing, our Welfare Culture is not good for the people involved and should go the way of the previous type of slavery outlawed in the 1860’s. My comment about WWIII was strictly in reference to developing events in the Middle East closely matching Biblical prophesies.

  • Kisha

    I personally know the person who was beat up. I live in Kearney, Ne. It is a peaceful small town. Schmidt, was identified in a line up after he pulled this guy out of a van. He was really after the driver of the van, but the drivers door was locked. And the side door of the van was unlocked, where his victim was sitting. He pulled him out of the van threw him on the ground an smashed his face in with his boots. Now tell me, with the tattoos that he has all over his body, how would somebody not recognize him. Schmitd is as guilty as they come. His victim, has already went through one surgery and the doctors are tryin the best they can to fix his face. It will be a long recovery for this young man, and anybody who says Schmidt is innocent doesn’t know the facts!

  • Scott A. Branch

    Well Sam, we can banter until there might be some common ground, and we absolutely could use some social reform in this country, especially with the imbalance in wealth, and the 1%’rs doing there damndest to eliminate the middle class, but before any of that could ever happen, first off, we have WAY too many lazy fk mooches in this country that are bringing us all down, and they come in every color under the rainbow, including stark white, I come from small town America and see it here, where the is a VERY small minority population, just as much as I have in many of the big cities that I have worked and lived in over the last 20 years, only difference being shear numbers, smaller population, smaller head count. So with that taken into consideration, let’s all just try to actually contribute in our own communities a little more and blame a little less. And lest we forget, the overriding theme of this great nation is THE GREAT MELTING POT, that doesn’t come with an exclusionary clause!!!!!!!!!! You will accept ALL who are willng to contribute, or you are simply a hypocrit looking for an excuse. I could envision a rebellion based on unfair labor practices and unlawful taxation driveng us all into poverty, but wwIII based an hatred and exclsionism, pr’y not, There are WAY more of me in this country than all of the extremist hate groups combined, and we have guns too! Besides the hatemongers can’t even decide what, who or how to hate in unicen…..

  • Reynardine

    Sam, with whom do you intend to have WW III?

  • Gregory

    The SPLC and the KKK are similar, Sam?

  • Sam Molloy

    Thanks, Scott. I tend to be more “conservative” than most folks on this forum, except for gay issues, but both FOX and MSNBC, both the NRA and the Brady Campaign, both the SPLC and the KKK, both The Focus on the Family and the HRC, all benefit from divisive tactics that generate income. With most of the world hating us, Americans should look for ways to stick together better like we did in WWII. WWIII is just around the corner.

  • Scott A. Branch

    I appreciate your intelligent reply Sam, and would agree for the most part, I have experienced this myself as an ex-con, meaning that I have also had the great misfortune of spending much time around the hategroup sect, a horribly unbright and delusional bunch, that target only the week , impressionable and the outcast to fortify their ranks, very sad for those who succomb to the pressure, they often never even realize that they are simply throw away pawns for the incompetant power mongers they serve out of intimidation and fear……

  • Sam Molloy

    No, Scott. Homeless people are often beaten or murdered for sport, usually by white kids whose parents are relatively well off. The SPLC has reported on this. I am no fan of criminals, or our catch and release judicial system. However a freed felon can often not find a decent job because most of the better paying companies absolutely refuse to hire them. To me, this is unAmerican and effectively practicing a type of discrimination. Obviously some jobs handling large amounts of cash or valuable merchandise, or with some sort of Government security clearance should still be off limits.

  • Erika

    Lina, you should check the source of your arguments – as well as actually read the links you post – before posting them. Because then you might notice that the “those poor registered sex offenders are victims” arguments originated with often extremely mysognstic and pro-rape Men’s Rights Activists. However, those arguments are demonstratably false – there are very few offenders of the type you list on the sex offender registry – most are in fact sexual predators who have committed violent offenses against adults or children [who tend to be overwhelmingly female] or have sexually preyed upon teenagers.

    While there are some sympathetic sex offenders who probably should be removed from the registry they are extremely rare and an exception and not the rule. Many of the “sympathetic” cases collapse once you look at the facts – remember that criminals have a tendency to lie and minimize their criminal conduct [and with the death penalty a possibility in South Carolina, a defendant may well realize that “i killed a pervert” is a much better thing for the jury to hear than “i killed two people to rob them” or “i killed them over a meth deal gone wrong” (as the article shows the Parkers were facing drug distribution charges and the South Carolina Nazi Party [um, it appears to be literally since they were the only members of the South Carolina chapter of this club] also were currently facing drug distrubtion charges]. That is to say, i do not entirely believe this guy when he claims he murdered the Parkers because he was a sex offender.

    But anyway, the believability of a Nazi skinhead drug dealer’s claims beside, your claim that Mr. Parker wasn’t a sexual predator collapse very quickly. According to the article that you posted, Mr. Parker had been convicted of multiple sex offenses one of which did involve a child but was not specified of what it was- based upon the date of the conviction Mr. Parker would have been in his mid 30s at the time which rules out a “Romeo and Julliet” type relationship.. But any doubt that Mr. Parker was in fact a sexual predator is removed by the second conviction. The other was a violent sexual assault of a 31 year old woman – and the article in the original post stated that she was “mentally challenged” – so unless you are trying to claim that violent sexual assaults of adults are okay there is absolutely no question that Mr. Parker qualifies as a violent sexual predator.

  • Scott A. Branch

    Kiwiiwriter, I like your position, get ahold of me. Sam Malloy, so now “the homeless” collectively are liken to a gang of ignorant racist fks?!?!? All I know is that the good folks of this great nation, are in general, not big fans of the radical racist groups, and that in fact these types are generally a non-factor to the masses, and barely are acknowledgable by percentile, they’re only ever noticed because the are loud, vile, and violent, and attempt to hide behind a viel of religious and constitutional rhetoric, of which either of these establishments DO NOT condone…..They are violent simpletons with no end game, but that’s alright, the good guys have got one in order for them.

  • Sam Molloy

    Lina, kudos for defending an unpopular group. To me, there is a difference between somebody 20 years old who doesn’t check some sex partner’s ID and someone who takes advantage of the innocence of children. Just like the difference between someone caught with a felonious quantity of drugs and a violent home invader. The SPLC has defended other groups that were out of the mainstream, like the homeless, and I for one would support a movement to outlaw most company policies that refuse to hire felons, and the restoration of their voting rights. Of course the worst of these should not be returned to society at all.

  • bre

    Nobody listen to the dipshit named scott branch that was my father and he is harrasing me and my mother and john my husband did not have a gun and nor was he involved and james kearney is a shithole that is full of tweekers

  • Kiwiwriter

    “Sam Malloy, on July 29th, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Love the sarcasm, Kiwi… But on here we will undoubtedly get a dissertation about how this is all our fault. It’s like the Onion News Network on here sometimes.”

    Well, Sam, I don’t think you will see such a dissertation, certainly not from me, or many of the other folks who regularly post here.

    I don’t thump my chest and blame myself or denigrate all Anglo-Saxons for the failings of a few idiots, but I do denigrate those who wrap themselves up in the mantel of racial supremacy and then proceed to behave in a manner that disgraces any human being with an ounce of honor, empathy, compassion, and plain good sense.

    As for you whining that it’s like the “Onion News Network on here sometimes,” all I can say is, if you don’t like it, take this off your bookmark, and don’t let it bite you in the rear end.

    I’m not aware that you are being required to read this stuff and comment here. If it’s job requirement with your employer, you might want to consider changing jobs.

    And I don’t read the Onion, either. But I do know what it is.

  • James

    Steve A. – you have obviously never been to Nebraska. I have lived here my entire life. Kearney is a crown jewel in the state, and Buffalo county (home of Kearney) has been rated one of the ‘happiest’ counties in the nation fairly consistently the past several years. I have never seen a skinhead or anyone who fit the profile until this guy showed up. However, if you have that opinion that is ok – we don’t need you moving to town.

  • john

    He did have a gun on him! small revolver tucked in his belt! If i had a gun and was attacked like that there would be one less monster on the streets!

  • Sam Molloy

    Love the sarcasm, Kiwi… But on here we will undoubtedly get a dissertation about how this is all our fault. It’s like the Onion News Network on here sometimes.

  • Reynardine

    Sam, could you be a little less relevant, please?

  • Sam Molloy

    Guns are not the problem. This perp did not have one.

  • Scott A. Branch

    Any one that would like to contact me reguarding this violent, worthless P.O.S. please feel free, as I am the (unfortunate) father of this idiots wife, my daughter, Breana Rae Branch-schmidt. We, her actual blood family(these freaks like to refer to their gangs as family) want her back and fear she may not be able to leave, I’m reaching out to anyone that is more knowledgeable on the inner workings of these gangs, and how to be involved in getting this mongral the 50 year sentence he deserves. This is only one of many other known and unknown acts of extreme racist driven hate crimes committed by this low life, ignorant thug. He has a criminal history of this sort going all the way back to his early teens, and did most of his youth in prison! HELP….

  • Deb

    Sam Molloy, heres’ the article about the beating, Kearney really is a nice town. To bad we have to have people like this make it look bad.

  • Reynardine

    Hate to say it, but if we thought like these people, that head would have looked fine mounted over a mantelpiece.

  • Lina Carl

    Hey, I think everyone seems to be over looking something. The Parker’s were murdered because Mr Parker was on the sex offender registry for a crime commited 21 years earlier, not even involving a child. Here is a quote from the Fox article at this link

    “Jeremy Moody told deputies that he confronted Charles Parker, telling him he was not there to rob him when they said they did not have any money, according to Taylor.
    “He says, ‘You think I’m here to rob you, I’m not here to rob you,'” Taylor said Jeremy Moody told deputies. “[He] says, ‘I’m here to kill you because you’re a child molester.'”

    Jeremy Moody admitted to pulling the trigger of the gun and stabbing the victims, according to Taylor. ”

    Is this not a hate crime? Yes, and the victims were targeted solely because of the sex offender registry (a label and nothing else). If your organizations cares about hate crimes, why do I not see more postings and information exposing the extreme hate toward all registered sex offender (regardless of their crime) not only from hate groups but the entire American society. These registrants and their innocent families and freinds are hated…period. Why, because of a label, not because of any other reason. Some registrants are only guilty of urinating in public. Some are registrants because they had sex with a peer who was still under age or for streaking in public as a prank. They are registered and hated for life. Can you please focus more attention on this group who it seems everyone loves to hate. Truth be told, if everyone who had ever committed a sexual crime were on the registry, (not just those who were caught) half of this country would be on the list, maybe more. This is where we’re heading. Does anyone care?

  • http://SPLC steve a

    Nebraska is fertile ground for skinheads & their ilk. The land of cowboys, rednecks, & racists. Guns are abundant in Nebraska & readily available to anyone who has the money to purchase them. It doesn’t surprise me one little bit that skinheads are recruiting there.

  • Kiwiwriter

    I read about these two incidents in the media as well, and neither of them look like happy or upright folks.

    I’m really amazed by Mr. Schmidt’s tattoo collection. It’s an absolute guarantee that he will only be working jobs that require a great deal of manual labor in extremely unpleasant conditions, for very little pay.

    The fact that he would be doing so, rather than being commander of an armored division, head of secret police, or CEO of a gold mine, with a trophy wife on his arm and a Learjet on his tarmac, I presume he attributes to “affirmative action” and “equal opportunity” denying him such high-paying jobs, and to the Jewish conspiracy.

    According to this story, one of his tattoos is his police’s code for involuntary mental lock-up…I’d like to know what that was about. I’ll bet he’s bipolar. A lot of these guys are.

    Great advertisements for the superiority of the white race to blacks, Jews, and Latinos…I presume everyone sees my sarcasm.

  • Anthony

    I was in the van and there. Magee is my best friend. Everyone was tryin to protect my pregnet girlfriend. It was not a set up. Magee is strait and we r all white. The papers don’t know wtf they are talkin about. We all looked for Magee but he had took off to a house to call the emt to come get him. And we stayed by his side at the er till 5 am. It happened because Brandon a part of the (skinheads) couldn’t confront the driver who he had a problem with like a man one on one

  • Claudia Day

    I can already image I hear the king of hate media, Rush Limbaugh, defending this.

  • Tammy

    I know first hand of the incident in NE. I always thought u were innocent until proven guilty in this country!!! Mr Schmidt is a wrongly accused man!!! maybe u should wait until ALL the facts come out befor u condemn a person!!!

  • MRJ

    A face that only a mother could shove… uhhh… love?

  • Nathiesmom

    Sam the beating did happen. Look in the Kearney Hub they did have an article. Very sad that people think they are any better than others

  • Pauline Davey Zeece

    Here is a link that might be useful

  • Sex Offender Issues

    This is exactly why the online hit-list needs to be offline and used by police only.


    YouTube Videos:

  • Tessa Roberts

    I live in Kearney and have been protesting this guy for a few months now when he brings his signs out. Our local paper, the Kearney Hub, only listed the number and types of citations given out during Cruise Night. Mostly it’s drunk and disorderly type conduct; this guy took advantage of the crazy atmosphere this town succumbs to once a year.

  • spoko


    I have lived in Kearney for several years, and while I’m not familiar with these individuals or this group, I might offer some insight into Cruise Night. The intersection in question is the very center of town, and cars roll through there very, very slowly all night long. (Slowly as in my kids and I walk down the crowded sidewalk faster than the cars are moving.) If the car was a convertible (as many of these cars are), it almost certainly had the top down. Those two things are circumstances that might lead to him being able to pull someone out of the car.

  • Sam

    You are asking in your post if this was racially motivated…. skin heads dont typically attack other white people. I am pretty sure it is safe to say that race had a part in this. The other two murdered were black.

  • Sam Molloy

    Thanks for that link, but it’s information is minimal and opens still more questions. A person is dragged from a vehicle. The driver drives off and returns to find the victim severely injured. I don’t want to open the “gun” can of worms, but nobody is going to drag anybody out of my car. Was this a previously arranged delivery, or a racial or homophobic attack, or an ongoing argument of some kind? Why is he out on bond? I hope the SPLC keeps up the coverage of this, and makes sure he gets the fifty years if he is guilty, instead of probation.

  • Scott Pittinsky

    [MOD] Sam Rayardine, click the [Jonathan Schmidt] link in the post (second paragraph) for more info…

  • Reynardine

    What was the supposed justification for the curb-stomping?

  • Sam Molloy

    Not that the beating in Kearney didn’t happen, necessarily, but I’m having trouble finding anything about it on the web. I did find an article extolling “600 cars” and a person named Bill who had a “1944 Coup”. Yo Bill. Coupe? There was a little war going on, and they only made some pickup trucks and 4 door sedans for the Military as ’43, ’44 and ’45 models. Although stringing up Mussolini upside down could be called a ’44 Coup I guess. Another article I found was an advertisement called “beating the Hoodie with face level security cameras in Kearney, Ne.” I won’t be visiting there anytime soon.

  • Aron

    Now THAT’S a face you can bring home to Mom and Dad!