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Killing Sex Offenders: The Apparent Hypocrisy of Crew 41

By Hatewatch Staff on July 29, 2013 - 2:44 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi, Skinheads
eff Berry, former leader of the American Knights of the Ku Klux KlanJonathan Schmidt and friends

Jeremy Moody, a member of a small but violent racist skinhead gang called Crew 41, shocked South Carolina authorities last week when he told them that he and his wife shot and stabbed to death a middle-aged couple July 21 because the man was a registered sex offender.

But if ridding the world of sex offenders was Moody’s goal, he didn’t have to go outside of his crew to find one.

The head of the gang’s Colorado chapter, Archie Glen Ware Jr., is a registered sex offender, convicted of “accosting for immoral purposes.”

Indeed, the criminal resumés of the members of Crew 41 are long and violent and include charges of attempted murder; witness intimidation, armed robbery, aggravated assault and most recently double homicide.

The same day of the double homicide in South Carolina, 1,200 miles away near Kearney, Neb., Jonathan Schmidt, the founder of Crew 41, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in a brutal attack July 20 that left a man with a fractured skull.

A few days after the assault, Schmidt, known as “Monster,” lamented his and his crew’s fate. He wrote on VK, a European version of Facebook, “I am out on bail facing 50 years in prison. And our South Carolina chapter has been picked up on murder charges. Having a hard first year but hopefully things turn around for us.”

After the crew’s sergeant-at-arms, Ryan Hesse, was arrested in 2001 on a warrant for investigation of attempted murder, Salt Lake County (Utah) sheriff’s deputies discovered two explosive devices in his briefcase. The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s complex had to be evacuated.

Ryan Hesse Die Auserwahlten Sgt. At Arms Ryan Hesse Sargeant at Arms

Another member of the crew, Tyler Palson, 24, was charged last year, according to local news accounts, with making terroristic threats, harassment and stalking after threating to burn down a house and murder the family living there in central Pennsylvania.

Moody, 30, and his wife, Christine, 36, appear to make up the entire South Carolina chapter of Crew 41. On her Facebook page, Christine Moody thanked the gang for accepting their membership: “Special thanks to Crew 41 for welcoming Jeremy & I with such open arms. May the 14 words live on forever 841!!!” [The “14 Words” are a famous white supremacist catchphrase, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” The 41 in neo-Nazi code stands for the fourth and first letters of the alphabet, D and A, which stands for the other name for Crew 41, Die Auserwählten, German meaning “the chosen few.” The 8 before the 41 stands for H, which presumably means “Heil,” as in Heil Die Auserwählten.”]

Christine Moody, who calls herself “a veteran skinbyrd,” was also apparently trying to recruit more members in South Carolina. “Looks like I may have a good potential prospect,” she wrote on Facebook. “Things are looking up. 841!!!

Union County Sheriff David H. Taylor said that Christine Moody was tight-lipped when first arrested but in recent days has been talking a lot “because she’s pissed off she’s not getting as much attention” as her husband.

“She wants to get the glory,” Taylor said.

So far, she is getting equal billing when it comes to criminal charges. Additional charges were filed against the couple today, including two counts each of burglary and two counts each of kidnapping. The skinhead and his skinbyrd were each charged with two counts of murder last week.

“He shot both of them and she stabbed both of them,” Taylor said. “She cut the woman’s throat.

“I’m going to tell you,” the sheriff added, “she’s cold as hell.”

Taylor said the Moodys told investigators they planned to travel to Nebraska in late August for Crew 41’s now-cancelled first meet and greet. “Anybody with any association with this bunch,” the sheriff said, “is trying to dump them like a bad cold.”

The Moodys have been charged with killing Charles Parker, 59, a registered sex offender and his wife, Gretchen Parker, 51, on Sunday, July 21, in their home in Union County South, Carolina. Moody told investigators that he picked Charles Parker out from a sex offender registry. The head of the gang’s Colorado chapter is on a similar registry.

As for why Parker’s wife was killed, Taylor said that Moody explained, “She was a casualty of war.”

eff Berry, former leader of the American Knights of the Ku Klux KlanJonathan Schmidt

Beyond its violent membership, what is unusual about Crew 41 is the way and speed in which it came into existence and started spilling blood.

Crew 41 was essentially created online. Few, if any of the gang members, have actually met face-to-face. The crew was scheduled to hold a meet and greet in a small town in Nebraska where Schmidt, the founder, lives. But the gathering was recently cancelled.

Schmidt began the gang on Jan. 28, three days after resigning his post as “National Director” of the Aryan Terror Brigade (ATB).

Six months later, the two South Carolina victims were brutally murdered.

Schmidt resigned from ATB under a cloud of suspicion. Schmidt was accused online of being a police informant.

“So apparently people are saying I am a confidential informant,” Schmidt wrote on his VK page on Feb. 8. “It makes me laugh and at the same time it makes me sick. Better have something in your hand before my name ever leaves your mouth. I live in Pleasanton, Nebraska and I am not real hard to find if you have something to say to me.”

Schmidt is heavily tattooed from his arms to his torso to most of his 28-year-old face. There’s a large swastika in the middle of his chest and “Ladies Loves” above that and runes, or medieval Germanic letters, on his left eyebrow that spell out “Hate.”

“People who are Rocking patches or call themselves white nationalists…but not doing ANYTHING to actually further their race are really just waisting [sic] time and really making the movement look terrible,” Schmidt wrote on VK on May 30. “So lets just say this…either start living the 14/88/9 [88 stands for “Heil Hitler”] or just get the fuck out and go join the punk scene or something…iam [sic] not against old school skinhead tradition or any of it but there is a difference…a lot of guys say they are white nationalist but have never done anything to help move our race forward.”

No one can say that Crew 41 hasn’t been busy.

  • Douche Bags

    So I’m from Kearney and honestly I saw this guy around a lot. They held up signs on 2nd avenue that you couldn’t read, due to small lettering and shitty hand writing. So really, this guy was more of just a douche bag. He wasn’t some ‘high lord white supremacist’. He was just some shit head with lots of tattoos, liked cats, and was racist. Sure he bashed some dude’s head in, cool… but let’s be real here, he’s just a fuck.

  • Guest

    Believe what you want Erika, but all I wrote was the truth and you really have no idea of what you are talking about. You truly don’t. All of your assumptions are absolutely wrong.

    I also don’t care that you are a lawyer. If you are, then you know the courts don’t work and many innocent people go to prison. The evidence is overwhelming that this is the case.

    However, I highly suspect you are not a lawyer or at least not a very good one because some the things you say about registries are patently false. My friend’s case did not have a victim, was not a contact crime, did not involve child porn, he is not classified as a predator — yet he is on the registry. His registry entry says he met an undercover officer, when in fact, there wasn’t any undercover officer. It was a private vigilante group.

    I am sorry my story does not back up all your statements, but I told the truth. I am sorry you were hurt. But at the end of the day, my friend never harmed a soul and he has been hurt just as badly. I assure you of this.

  • Erika

    Rey, i keep hearing people make those sorts of claims (mainly men’s rights activists) but have never seen any evidence that they are actually true. that is to say, that i’ve never seen anyone actually post statues, cases, or listings showing that people being posted on the sex offender registry are being listed for those relatively innocent actions. If there were a large number of people convicted of public urination listed on the sex offender registry, skinny dipping, or streaking that should be easy to prove. its not my burden to prove that the vast majority of the people on the sex offender registry are in fact sexual predators – because that is easily provable by simply noting that the vast majority of people listed on the sex offender registries have committed sexually predatory crimes and are therefore sexual predators. An unknown percentage of those sexual predators are extremely dangerous serial sexual predators – but because that is an unknown, its perfectly reasonable for society to treat all violent rapists and known pedophiles as being dangerous and highly likely to reoffend.

    And its my observation that almost all of the “sympathetic” cases collapse quickly once the actual facts of the case are known. Hence a young adult might have been convicted of having consensual sex with a teenager – in which the pro-sex offender crowd would imply that the case must have been a Romeo and Julliet type relationship where a 19 year old had sex once with a 17 year old a month or so from her 18th birthday, but what they fail to tell you is that in actuality the 19 year old boy had been repeatedingly having sex with 13/14 year old girls and had previously warned by the court and police to not have sex with girls that age because they are children and even after the warning got his latest 13 year old “girlfriend” pregnant and finally the police and courts realize that this guy is a serious sexual predator and convict him sending him to prison and placing him, quite properly, on the sex offender registry as a sexual predator. The same holds true with the public urinators and indecent exposure people – the pro-sex offender crowd implies that they were engaged in relatively innocent activities but fails to tell you that the place were they were “merely streaking” through was an elementary school.

    The bottom line is that while there is little doubt that there are some people on the sex offender registry who really should not be there (an example in Virginia is a reported case (the first reported sexting case in Virginia, btw) involving an 18 year old convicted of creation of child pornography for taking a nude photograph of his 17 year old girlfriend – while he obviously was guilty of the crime (not to mention extremely stupid) listing him on the sex offender registry as a child pornographer is pretty over the top) but i believe that such cases are rare.

    i also realize Rey, that in Florida they have a separate category of sex offenders called sexually violent predators (Virginia does to, but only for the purpose of determining civil commitment) – and its likely that not all sex offenders are sexualy violent predators according to the legal sense. but almost all of them are sexual predators when defined simply as having committed one or more sexually predatory acts.

    Guest, sorry, but see i’m actually a lawyer so i happen to actually know what the law is and i’ve actually looked at the sex offender registries so i know that every assertion that you made is demonstratably false

    i also do not believe your account about your “friend.” Internet solicitation cases by themselves simpy do not result in 70 or even 30 year sentences (and the defense of entrapment still applies to the internet) – i mean, in the federal system that is “creation of child pornography” (a crime which generally involves actual contact with a child, is almost always violent, and most definitely has a victim) territory. In most states, someone would have to be convicted of raping a child under the age of 13 to have that sort of sentence be a serious possibility. i suppose your friend could have been in Arizona which has an absolutely ludicrous 10 year mandatory minimum for each individual image of child pornography that the defendant possessed and prosecutors rountinely stack charges as a tool to convince defendants to plead guilty when faced with a sentence that quickly reaches ludicrous levels when the prosecutors select the 25 most horrific images and file an individual charge for each one (they got quite a bit of attention when some pervert pedophile teacher decided that since he would get an effective life sentence either way to actually get a trial and received a 220 year mandaory minimum sentence after being convicted of possessing 22 images of child pornography) – of course, possession of child pornography is not internet solicitation and by no rational definition qualifies as a victimless crime since children are violented raped and sexualy asaulted to create those images and every time some disgusting pedophile views those images they create additional harm to the victim.

    So come on, what charge was “your friend” really convicted of??? Be sure to add links to the statutes so we can independently verify it. i know he wasn’t just convicted of internet solicitation to get 30 years in prison on a plea bargain. i suspect that what you are failing to tell us is that there also were some distribution and possession of child pornography charges as well as actual sexual contact with a child.

    And even if what your account of “your friend” is remotely accurate, it does not alter the fact that anyone can look at their state laws requiring sex offender registration and look at the actual sex offender registries and learn that the laws (at least in Virginia which is the state i am most familiar with) already exlude most of the most of the sex offenders who aren’t sexual predators.

    And you also will learn that overwhelmingly (well over 90%) the people listed on the sex offender registry are in fact sexual predators who committed contact offenses with victims – you will also learn that overwhelmingly those victims are female with the majority of victims being girls.

    oh and nice touch trying to claim that because i’ve been sexually assaulted as a child and an adult that somehow makes the factual statements i made invalid. and isn’t it also interesting “guest” that you bring that up for the sole purpose of trying to somehow discredit me (as if having been raped somehow renders a woman unable to read statutory and case law) even though i didn’t mention it here?

  • Guest

    One last thing …

    The Perverted Justice decoy pursued my friend for over a year. She openly discussed how she was a “nudist” and wanted to sleep with older men. After my friend turned down the first invitation. She then moved and reconnected with my friend.

    I do not know of any child who has ever pursued their molester for over a year. Do you know of a rape victim, a child molestation victim, or a murder victim who pursued their attacker(s) for over a year????

    Victims don’t purse. But apparently, Perverted Justice does.

  • Guest

    By the way, a good friend of mine was arrested in regards to those internet stings. I saw all the evidence first hand, so I know what I am talking about.

    The representatives of Perverted Justice — the vigilante group who acted as the decoy — were under federal investigation for fraud at the time. One of the female witnesses was also under federal investigation for fraud in Los Angeles.

    My friend did not meet a decoy and only agreed to meet after the decoy understood that he only wanted to find out the truth (he had turned down 4 prior invitations up to that point). Recorded phone calls were altered. Chat conversations were highly selective. The witnesses did not show up to trial 9 times and his case was delayed for well over 2 years. This wore him down and contributed greatly to him pleading guilty.

    After being forced to plead guilty in court (the DA threatened him with 70 years in prison or he could take a smaller sentence), my friend received a 30 year sentence.

    The man has never harmed a soul in his life and literally did not see a person when he committed his “crime.”

    What makes matters worse is that the police where he was arrested ignored real child molestation cases to pursue the phony internet cases because these cases are easy money for the arresting counties.

    Erika — you have no idea what you are talking about when you speak of these cases. None.

  • Guest


    I do not know where you get your information from but it is very faulty.

    Most sex offenders are non-violent and there are many sex offenders who do not have victims. Many cases are very overblown. Take for instance those internet stings you spoke of. Most of the men involved in those never had criminal records before their arrest and the “victims” pursued the men for months and sometimes years. I do not know of any victims in real crimes that pursue their attackers for years Erika.

    I am sorry you have had issues in your life, but really you do not know a lot about what you are talking about.

  • Reynardine

    A distinction needs to be made between sex offenders and sexual predators, with only the latter registry publicly viewable (since non-violent offenders, such as peepers and flashers, can escalate to violence, the former does need to be available to law enforcement). Most people in hot coastal climates have engaged in skinnydipping and most drunken men have done some public urinating; these should not, absent a showing of specific sexual intent, be recorded as sex offenses at all.

  • Erika

    right larry, why don’t you try posting some actual information from real sources (and not the pro-rape male supremacists of the manosphere) showing those poor innocent rapists and child molesters on the sex offender registry are so under siege and being killed???

    and when you try to pretend that “many people on the registry were convicted of crimes? [sic] that did not involve another human being” you reveal that you are getting your info from the pro-rape male supremacists – since they constantly complain about how the admittedly draconian sentences given people for possession of child pornography (which they would like you forget are photos and videos of often very young children (usually girls) being violently molested, raped, and tortured) is part of the war of men since those poor persecuted pedophiles didn’t touch a child (never mind that the most of the people with child porn did in fact rape and molest children and most convicted child molesters had many more victims than they were prosecuted for.)

    Or maybe you believe that most sex offenders are men who got caught up in those internet sex stings where they talked to an undercover cop pretending to be a 13/14 year old girl and then show up eager to have sex with her – only to find a bunch of cops are waiting. Never mind that in the wake of “To Catch a Predator” anyone who gets arrested in one of those sting operations deserves to be on a registry for pure stupidity (not to mention being a disgusting sexual predator who after all was going to have sex with a young child).

    Or maybe you believe the sex offender registry is all teenagers who had consensual sex with other teenagers – like a 17 year old boy having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend or an 18 year old boy having sex with his 17 year old girl friend. Those caes are almost never prosecuted and generally excluded from the sex offender registry – what instead you see in those cases are adults having sex with 13-15 year old children who are often young enough to be their children or even grandchildren. Often the adults are teachers or coaches or other people in a position of authority over the child such as a parent of a friend. Those crimes have a high degree of sexual predatory behavior. Tehre is a reason why Virginia has classified adults older than about 21 convicted of “Carnal Knowledge of a Child Aged 13 to 15″ as violent offenders – because the degree of sexual predation is extremely high in those cases.

    And of course, the vast majority of people on the sex offender registry did commit violent offenses – generally child molestation and rape. Of course, for the male supremacists in the men’s rights movement those crimse can be dismissed, because after all, they either do not believe that women are ever raped or believe that all women (and likely girls as well) deserve to be raped. And child molestation charges are generally brought by children being cvoached by vengeful women – so therefore, all of those rapists and child molestors are just victims of an anti-male judicial system.

    The pure stupidty (and mysogny) of those positions should be obvious to everyone. The fact is that the vast majority of sex offenders have committed offenses against others – generally women or girls and most of the offenses are either violent sexual assaults or adults exploiting children sexually. the other offenders tend to have attempted to engage in such offenses and only been stopped because they found the police rather than a real child.

    And considering the large numbef of people listed on the sex offender registry, if there really was a large numbe frof violent assaults against sex offenders you should be able to point to more cases than just one where a crazy Nazi guy was looking to kill people and likely decided that sex offenders make a convenient target.

  • Larry

    These people and other hard core criminals are the ones that need to be on a national registry. So called “sex offenders” (many people on the registry were convicted of crimes? that did not involve another human being) who have a national recidivism rate of 3.5% (US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics report), The victim’s in this case were in all likelihood harmless. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many “sex offenders” are murdered because clown’s like these ones need only access one of the many non-government web sites and everything they need is there, name, address, picture, etc. But for the registry, many murdered people would still be alive.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    Jon, we are both what is commonly called “white” in America. So it’s OUR race, in fact every race, which does not exist. Race is an arbitrary identification that has its history in slavery and oppression. Moreover, “racial science” has changed the definition of races numerous times over the few centuries in which the concept has existed. You speak of black pride and Latino pride, but you also are aware that nobody in America gets mad about Irish pride, German pride, Polish, etc. There’s a good reason for this. Whatever the faults of any of those ethnic groups, they are actual cultures and peoples who have something OTHER than those faults to be proud of.

    Germany is not the Holocaust, Irish people aren’t all terrorists, the Polish have a whole other history that isn’t connected with oppression of Ukrainians or Belorussians. But “white” was specifically invented to maintain a system of oppression and to separate European working people(many of them originally slaves or indentured servants themselves) from African slaves.

  • Scott A. Branch

    Jon, thanks for clarifying that you are not the creature that committed the crime in Kearney, and am glad to hear that you have no crimimnal record, I, however stand my ground regarding the rest of my statement, separatism and racism have NO PLACE in modern society, those archaic views are for the weak minded with no capacity for greater understanding, and such individuals are simply, eventually, going to be weeded out by natural de-selection…..anyone who belongs to or advocates ANY of theses types of extreme hatemonger groups is just to ignorant to see that these groups aren’t even bright enough to figure out how to hate in unicen, and are nothing more than an insignificant thorn in the side of society in general.

  • Reynardine

    Jon, you’ve done what most Americans, given even a modest opportunity, have done or would do. All that your enormously clever skin did for you was ensure that you weren’t denied that opportunity on grounds of pigment. I never wore anything pride on my T shirts, and never knew anyone who did. When I ordered slogans on T- shirts, it was usually dirty Latin phrases from Catullus. That was a long time ago. Now, you’re squeaking like a rusty hinge. Maybe you need (censored. Peace, Hays Office!)

  • Erika

    jon, there is a reason why my German/Polish Jewish great-grandparents owned German language copies of Lutheran prayer books – and that was despite the fact that from what i understand they left Europe around 1919/1920. If you would understand that reason, you can understand why “white pride” is riduculous in ways that people taking pride in other cultures is not.

  • julia

    Race is an illusion and does not exist. We are all human beings. Period. The notion of race is a made up concept created by man, not by God. Race is one of the primary things that have caused unnecessary divisions and problems in this world.

  • Gregory

    Where can I get one of these Jew Pride shirts?

    LMAO. Thanks for playing, jon.

  • jon

    @Ruslan, why does my race not exist? And I never once said that is all I have to be proud of. I am father, a husband and grandfather. I have worked hard my whole life. I have built and sold my own home then built another one. My children have graduated high school and have started successful lives of their own. The more you talk ignorantly the more it shows that you are the racist hate mongers. Its OK to walk the streets wearing native pride,brown pride, Jew pride…. Proudly on your backs but if I wear white pride on mine you label me racist. You should feel sorry for yourselves.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Is it wrong to be prideful of my race. ”

    Your “race” doesn’t exist, and if that’s all you have to be proud of, I feel sorry for you.

  • jon

    And I didn’t pick being a white male. I really don’t think anyone has a choice in who brings them into this world.

  • jon

    @Reynardine, I do not fully understand what you mean by “dratted Cleaver” ?

  • Reynardine

    Jon, you be proud of whatever you actually accomplish. Though it was dratted clever of you to pick being a white male.

  • jon

    And Scott A Branch, just because I defend and believe in white pride does not make me a hate monger. Who do I hate? Is it wrong to be prideful of my race. I have never attacked anyone ever because of the color of their skin or what the believe in. I have no criminal record and give respect to anyone who respects me. I believe in liberty for all not for some. I am a good man who works hard and takes care of his family. You are making a snap judgment on me w/out knowing anything about me. So who is the hate monger now? I have never even been to Nebraska.

  • jon

    No Scott A Branch I am not affiliated with crew41. How the hell did you come up with that?

  • oncefallendotcom

    In another article, it was mentioned that Moody wrote a book called “Yesterday, today, & forever” available on Lulu.

    In it is a two page rant about eliminating sex offenders AND THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES to keep the race pure. You can see it plain as day in the preview, on about page 5.

  • BLF

    Erika, I agree that believing the word of a pair of Nazi skinheads would be dubious to say the least. But this is a quote from the report on WYFF: Butch Parker was recorded on camera saying, “We don’t have any money.” Jeremy Moody responded, “I’m not here to rob you. I’m here to kill you because you’re a child molester.”

    “He has admitted to killing both individuals,” Taylor said.

    Read more:

  • Scott A. Branch

    Would that most recent comment from “jon”, be “jon the P.O.S. assailent” in the Kearney case of last week, if so you can shut the hell up, no one wants to hear from idiots like you, you don’t even deserve to speak on open forum centered around these etrocities!!!! If you are not that jon, you’d be wise to make it shockingly clear who you are, and you’ll still get no appology or concession from a real man, anyone that harbors and perpetuates the seeds of hatemongering has no place in general society, you simply do not deserve to benefit in any way, shape or form, from all that the good people of the world work so fervently for, that our children may live in a better and smarter world than the one we were born into., Have anything to say “jon”?!?!?!?

  • Erika

    BLF, according to the news reports the cameras were on the outside of the home and the police saw the Moodys entering the house, but there is no report that the murders itself were caught on tape – not the interior – and the quote came from the statement that Moody gave the police. Its extremely doubtful that outside surveilance cameras have equipped with audio recording .

    In any case, you still have to believe the word of a pair of Nazi skinheads and acussde killers who could possibly face a capital charge. i don’t. People charged with crimes will often try to say anything that might work in an effort to try to save their bacon.

  • BLF

    Jurlique and Erika, the Parker’s had audio/video surveillance in their home. The police have Jeremy Moody on camera saying, “I’m not here to rob you. I’m here to kill you because you’re a sex offender.”

  • Reynardine

    Ron: just see to it their sex eddication doesn’t include anything that can make kids.

  • Ron

    We need a registry for stupid people. They are the most dangerous and should not be allowed to breed.

  • jon

    Its people like this who make us look bad and I really wish that people on the outside of our lifestyle could realize one thing. NOT ALL OF US SKINHEADS ARE LIKE THESE PEOPLE!!

  • concernedcitizen

    I agree with you Gregory and I know there is a God because the people I know who are representative of the White race were never like that.

    There are some real low lives that run around town stalking and promoting hate but never the type of people you would ever want in your center of influence.

    Troubled, lost and lacking in any real direction except self loathing and taking it out on others because they lack the courage to take charge of their existence.

  • Taylor Dunlap

    These people are freaking idiots, Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and to save our lives, not so that we could take the lives of the ones he saved. These people should not have access to nothing but prison or hell. You deserve hell if you act like the devil himself. The white race was made to be equal with the African American race and any other. Makes me sick to know there are people in this world in such evil presence.

  • Jurlique

    Erika, you’re right. During last year’s “summer slam” (Or whatever it was called), the victims and the murderers were picked up for drug charges. The victims’ charges were dismissed and Mr. Moody pled guilty to his charges. Apparently it appears to be related to some narcing. BUt I’m sure the sheriff in Union doesn’t want that connection to be made. That town has a tendency to screw over their narcs. They don’t care what happens to them.
    There were others on the sex offender registry he could have chosen, but it just so happened to be the ones whose drug charges were dismissed after he pled.

  • daisy

    Time for Clarksville residents to think long and hard about private schools, methinks.

  • Georgia Citizen

    I guess inb the eyes of the laws in America. Sex offenders has the same rights as everybody else.
    Thanks for nothing!!!

  • CM

    It’s probably too much to expect people like Crew 41, who are barely literate in English, to get their German right, but “auserwählte,” if you aren’t going to put the required umlaut over the second a, should be transliterated as “auserwaehlte.” (We’ll find out now if the comment software can handle an umlaut.)

  • Erika

    i’m not entirely sure there is hypocracy here because i don’t necessarily believe that Moody is telling the truth for the motives of the South Carolina Nazi Party [come on, we need to laugh at the fact that the Moodys were in fact their entire South Carolina chapter -i mean, seriously, how can you not read: .”And our South Carolina chapter has been picked up on murder charges” and not laugh at the utter patheticness of these losers???] in committing the murders.

    Both the Parkers and the Moodys have been charged with drug distributin so that could be the motive. Personal grievance of another kind could be a motive. Wanting the thrill of killing someone is another possible motive. Maybe they are just nuts. And then there is still robbery as a possible motive.

    i don’t think we should simply take Moody’s word for why he acted – he may well realize that in South Carolina he could face the death penalty and the Fourth Circuit is a big fan of the “he just needs killin'” form of jurisprudence and realize that making people think that he is a vigilante who killed Parker because he is a sex his only shot to stay alive. After all, its quite possible that some jurors might agree that Parker was someone who just needed killin’

  • Reynardine

    Erika, you’re right. Many years ago, while in the throes of delirium flu, I dreamt I was trying to get back to my bed and go to sleep, only to find Josef Stalin in it. This would be worse… much worse.

  • Erika

    aron, you are soooo right that he’s like so totally dreamy . . .

    seriously, i think i’ve seen him in my nightmares before ;)

  • Scott A. Branch

    So sad, if any of these white monkeys could prove their geneological heritage 8+ generations back on both sides and were found to be “pure”, that would be astonishing in and of itself, but we all know that’s not the case, they are comprised of a varied array of muts just like the majority of americans. So on that note, these types of extremest hate groups don’t seem to realize that not only are they NOT a majority of the Amercan fiber, nor are they even relative or substantial to the vast legions of the truly patriotic body that we so proudly call the great melting pot! Oh, and by the way, for anyone caring to actually know, the genome procces linking everyone of us to the birthplace of mankind, our great African mother….In conclusion for this little learning session is that in an ironic twist of fate, an unamed “leader” of an unamed “recently spotlighted” hate group is married to a mixed breed himself, sporting black heritage as recently as 4 generations ago, not to mention a solid half dozen other ethnicities, fact, I would know, I am unfortunately her father (blood so no one is confused here, these types like to call anyone who will succomb to there idiocy family, like manson) , so doesn’t that make this unamed individual, in fact, a race trader himself…..

  • Sam Molloy

    They are having a hard year?

  • Eliana Liorit

    You know what is really hypocritical about this? They totally excuse the behavior of other WN rapist/pedophiles/wife beaters like Steven Turpel, Steven Eugene Speers, Mark Martin, Jon Snyder, Kevin Strom, et al.

    Very sick people!

  • Steve

    I’m interested in the fact that, “Crew 41 was essentially created online. Few, if any of the gang members, have actually met face-to-face.”
    What are the mechanisms for “spontaneous generation” of gangs. Are there any studies published on this subject?

  • Kiwiwriter

    Wow…and these guys really think they’re the “Aryan Elite.”

    And the head of the bunch is himself a sex offender.

    The staggering hypocrisy of these guys just cannot be made up.

  • Northland10

    Interesting how claim “pride” in the color of their skin and then proceed to cover it completely in tattoos.

  • GardensButterfly

    These people are morons! They are just wanna bes with no education and no future, they just pretend to be human beings. The good thing is…the US is changing and the white race is no longer the majority…and there is NOTHING they can do about it!

    That being said, theyll kill off themselves. Only the utmost of idiots let the very type of person that they are against run the show! Just plain stupid!

  • Aron

    Also, not digging the new layout. A little too busy.

  • Aron

    Wowzers. I thought he was attractive before. His liver must be navy blue by now.

  • Reynardine

    And if these guys represent the future of “the White race”, then the latter is fixing to get Darwinned.

  • Gregory

    If these people represent the future, then extinction can’t be all that bad.