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Nazi-Ring-Wearing Gun Store Employee Disavows Racist Views – Sort of

By Ryan Lenz on August 28, 2013 - 4:43 pm, Posted in White Nationalism

The man who wears a ring emblazoned with Nazi lightning bolts and who posted a racist mantra at the NAPA Auto Parts where he sells assault rifles in North Dakota says he has been wrongly portrayed as a “radical.”

During a rambling and contentious interview with Hatewatch on Wednesday, Shane Myers attempted to clarify his beliefs, saying he isn’t driven by “blind racial hatred” despite that telltale Nazi ring. Instead, his views are the product of a decade of historical study.

“Look what happened to Rome,” Myers said. “Rome was basically destroyed from the inside out. They were destroyed from diversity, really. And pretty much America is a mirror design of Rome.”

Myers went on to talk about Russia and China – countries he said are explicitly protective of their “cultural identity.” Yet while he claims not to believe that whites are superior to other races, he didn’t miss a beat when arguing that diversity was “dangerous.”

Myers, who has no known affiliations with any racist group, came to the attention of Hatewatch after a comment was posted on a racist online forum that mentioned Myers by name as someone friendly to the white nationalist cause. As a tip to workers flooding the far western North Dakota oil fields, the post claimed Myers and the NAPA store where he works would be friendly to white nationalists looking to purchase assault rifles.

And they were.

Last week, Myers offered this reporter a discount on an assault rifle when he felt our views were similar. But on Wednesday, Myers attempted to correct the record and argued that under no circumstances would he provide a discount to someone based on their beliefs, and that the discount he offered was simply a kind gesture to a stranger.

The reality appears to be that Myers, whose father owns the NAPA store in Williston, is either hiding his beliefs or doesn’t understand that his views are racist. After all, Myers said he couldn’t be a racist. How could he be when one of his best friends is “half-Mexican,” he asked.

  • Billy Bob

    I’m not racist, I have a black president! LOL

  • Kiwiwriter

    I’m annoyed by this garbage about “Rome fell from within and so will we.”

    The Roman Empire fell for a lot of reasons, and one of the biggest was that the “barbarians” eventually figured out how to beat them.

    Incidentally, a couple of interesting points about the Roman Empire:

    1. Have any of these guys who wave the “Roman Empire Zombie” ever noticed that Rome began having trouble when it admitted Christianity into its gates? How would western civilization have continued if the Romans didn’t convert to Christianity?

    2. The Romans had all the pieces of the steam engine, but didn’t put them together. Anybody wonder what would have happened if some Roman had connected the parts and the dots and provided Rome with steam engines that early?

  • concernedcitizen

    Marylandresident, it may be more common to have racist views at the gun stores, but then again you expect to purchase guns at a gun store.

    However, most of us who shop at NAPA auto parts stores do not expect to have Neo Nazi sympathizers selling assault weapons out the back doors and unless NAPA franchise laws allow for such activities I would think that his father may want to rethink the stores purpose and activities.

  • Bob Wilcox

    The Roman Empire lasted much longer than people think. Remember, Byzantium was the direct successor to the ancient Roman empire, and it lasted all the way until the 15th century! People hear the phrase “fall of Rome” and they assume the entire empire ceased to exist at that time, but it just ain’t so. Rome (the city) was actually reconquered by the Byzantines about a century after it fell to the Visigoths.

  • Sam Molloy

    An article reprinted in Utne Magazine, not a conservative leaning outfit, pointed out that the most successful countries are the size of our states, and went on to nearly suggest a growth of State power and a shrinking of Federal power to more closely match the EU. As far as Empires go, at one time the sun never set on the British empire. Now the sun never sets on the Golden Arches. For whatever that’s worth.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    There are few political cliches more overused than the “America = Roman Empire” nonsense. Realistically, not only empires but states and nations have come and gone throughout history. In reality there is nothing to guarantee that the United States, in any form, will exist indefinitely. Sometimes it’s a good idea to look at some other countries for perspective.

    The United Kingdom dates back to the Acts of Union of the late 17th-early 18th century.

    Germany first appeared as an empire in 1871. It has existed as a more or less unified state only after 1989(90 or 91 was the year of official reunification, IIRC).

    Italy was formed in 1861.

    Russia dates back to the late 17th century.

    Poland became a state in 1918. Things went downhill from there.

    Putting that into perspective, we see that the United States, not having cracked 300 years of existence, has done reasonably well. We’ve had more or less the same form of government all this time, minus a few changes like direct election of senators. We’ve only had one Civil War which was the only serious attempt at secession.

    Obviously America’s days as a superpower are numbered, but there is no reason to believe in the catastrophic collapse that militia nuts, WNs, and other survivalists anticipate. A massive decline in economic and military power will probably just reduce the US to a state on par with some of the less influential European states(or given our wealth inequality, an Eastern European state).

  • MarylandResident

    The man is entitled to his opinion and he has a point about Rome being destroyed under its own weight. Not really from diversity though. From excesses like wine, slaves and monuments maybe.

    Anyway a white guy harboring a few racist views in montana selling rifles isn’t that uncommon. You should check the gun stores in VA, MD, DE, PA WV, just to name a few.

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    “Look what happened to Rome,” Myers said. “Rome was basically destroyed from the inside out. They were destroyed from diversity, really. And pretty much America is a mirror design of Rome.”

    Maybe he should actually LOOK at the history of Rome and find out why this tired old cliche is nonsense. For one thing, Rome had a completely different mode of production. There’s a start.

    “Myers went on to talk about Russia and China – countries he said are explicitly protective of their “cultural identity.”

    Clearly Myers has never been to either of those countries.

  • Sam Molloy

    There have been many theories about the fall of the Roman Empire, including a large book ” The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” that centered on sexual immorality and pushed a puritanical Christian view for America. It is difficult to separate causes from symptoms, but an out of touch elite ruling class and a terribly expensive military trying to control too large of an area might be more relevant to our case than normal migration into a prosperous area.

  • Reynardine

    “Prejudiced? Oh, I’m not prejudiced. Some of my best friends are…” When that is said during voir dire, any lawyer worth his or her salt says, “Hit the road, Jack”.

  • concernedcitizen

    “Look what happened to Rome,” Myers said. “Rome was basically destroyed from the inside out. They were destroyed from diversity, really. And pretty much America is a mirror design of Rome.”

    Oh so he studies History on the side as well as selling assault rifles?

    It’s always amazing how people will take history lessons from those who have tried to live, work and retire on a third grade education.

    The third grade degree just doesn’t get you as far as it used to today.