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Hatewatch Investigation: VNN Founder Alex Linder Laments the Panic Created By Outed Racists

By Ryan Lenz on October 9, 2013 - 5:08 pm, Posted in Anti-Black, Hate Groups, Investigations, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist
Randolph DillowayRandolph Dilloway

There is blood in the water.

In the aftermath of the identities of several high-profile racists being exposed on this blog (here and here), the most prominent Internet hate forums have become embroiled in bitter infighting and petty allegations of cooperating with the enemy.

Tension and fear has pitted racist against racist. One commenter on White Nations, a prolific racist who calls himself “Smoky,” claims to have investigated Hatewatch’s outing of Fred O’Malley, who runs White Nations.

O’Malley is really Stanley Diggs of Houma, La. He created White Nations after being booted from the anti-Semitic hate forum Vanguard News Network (VNN) for what he described as his attempt to get rid of an “SPLC mole.” Since that time, Diggs has been attacking VNN relentlessly, and his most devout followers have followed suit.

“I have conducted my own investigation over the past two weeks, talking with those affected by the personal information passed along to the SPLC through VNN,” Smoky wrote last month, referring to Alex Linder’s VNN. “I have enough information now to show that [Linder] himself, or with his approval, passed personal information from a PayPal account from a donation to VNN, to the SPLC.”

As it turns out, “Smoky” is the Internet sobriquet for a man named Randolph Dilloway, a longtime racist who claims to have discovered hate forums in 2000 when he was “becoming more aware of the jewish [sic] problem.” He has gone by many names since, including “Davey Crocket” and “ReverendRandolph,” a reference to his involvement in the neo-Nazi Church of the Creator. And for just as long, he has been a passionate provocateur. Several years ago, he was banned from Stormfront, the largest online racist forum, after getting into an argument over a solicitation to provide financial support to appeal the conviction of Ron Edwards, the imperial wizard, or national leader, of the Imperial Klans of America.

Online, Dilloway is incredibly loyal to Diggs (O’Malley), and the Hatewatch expose acted as a thorn in his side. “I personally know Fred O’Malley and know him to be a stand up guy,” Dilloway wrote on White Nations on Sept. 13. “Do not bother asking me for my information nor how I came to the above conclusions. Several individuals have agreed to talk with me as long as I keep their anonymity. But I will tell you this: no one should trust Alex Linder.”

Dilloway’s comments come as the animosity between Stormfront, VNN and White Nations grows – each accusing the other of leaking intelligence to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which publishes this blog.

For his part, Linder, the owner of VNN and hardly one to pass up on a fight, has repeatedly attacked the white supremacists on White Nations, calling them a “collection of paranoids, nutbags and sex deviants.” He warned that anyone posting at White Nations “will likely be banned” from VNN and recently excoriated his racist comrades for fearing the public light after Hatewatch identified the man posting under the pseudonym “General Lee” as Hattiesburg, Miss., lawyer Paul Bryant Caston.

For almost a decade, Caston posted vile racist messages on VNN, even offering financial support when he could. After he was outed by Hatewatch, Caston attempted to hide his previous posts under another online identity, a fact that infuriated Linder.

“What has he to run from? Nothing. Yet he runs. That hurts our cause,” Linder wrote Monday in a thread titled, “Anonymous Net Pussies.”

“It tells everyone looking on that, yes, we are guilty, shabby little creatures who don’t really believe what we say and will run away crying when exposed.” He continued, “For you who put career first, that’s your decision. Realize, it’s not my job to worry about your career, it’s my job to worry about our cause. The more good men with serious jobs, families, and respectable records we have joining us, saying the same things we say here anonymously openly here and in public, the better for our cause.”

Unfortunately for Linder, his forum of “shabby little creatures,” and the anonymity his fellow racists so desperately crave, it seems the game has changed. It’s every man for himself.

  • MRJ

    Nooooo… nothing shining here, and far, far from enlightenment.
    Thank you for the comparison to these others here, but I am relatively new here as well, and cannot compare.

    By desperate necessity I post, hoping to find surcease, catharsis, and a way out of this damnation of lies surrounding me here in this group of towns.

  • aadila

    Thanks MRJ, but I can take no credit for it. I just encountered the teachings of Ruslan, Rey, you and so many other shining beings who frequent this plane and become instantly enlightened.

  • MRJ

    @ aadila.

    True. My apologies to the order, and Arthropoda in general. I never meant to debase them in any way.
    Some of them are downright tasty.

    For reference see: ‘The Sound of Music.’

    Also: as another post was inexplicably held by the Hays Office (thanks Rey):
    From October 11 in response to your brilliant dissection of various posts.

    Aaaaa…dillll…aaaa! Aaaaa…dillll…aaaa! Aaaaa…dillll…aaaa! Aaaa…dillll…aaaa!
    Hear! Hear!

  • aadila

    Much as I agree with MRJ in all things, I must take umbrage at calling that symbol a spider flag. Spiders are curious, sentient beings with a sophisticated worldview. How else could it be to view the world through eight eyes? Unlike most insects, spiders see very clear images quite close to human vision — in fact, if we knew how much spiders actually watch what we do, and interpret it, we might give a second thought as to how much they know about our species. That fellow is clearly of a much lower class than Arachnida.

  • Dann Dobson

    Apparently Paul Bryant Caston got fired in 2009, from his old law firm, Montague Pittman & Varnado, after he was outed about his VNN and Klan posts.

    He apparently now is in sole practice and answers his own phone. I asked him if he was still making posts as General Lee and he denied that he was or knew what I was talking about.

  • MRJ

    SPLC: Thanks for the picture.
    Gee. That’s exactly the “Thor Hammer” type pendant a local EMT was trying to get me to make for him and all of his buddies: the one who was using butchered vernacular in falsetto to describe African Americans, when they are describing their symptoms, that he has had to take in “his” ambulance, the one who said they’re “dirty and stupid”.
    Someone ask the FBI how long fingerprints last on standard printer paper, and if fonts can be traced to printers, and we can start to clean up some of these types around here: particularly the ones in the local EMTs.
    Ooohhh… and that’s exactly the type of cute little hat that dozens of locals wear that belong to the local hat(e) groups… well… minus the nifty little vulture pin.
    Do those the things mean someone might be a White Supremacist or is it just the black spider flag?

  • Ruslan Amirkhanov

    What gets me about these people is that they NEVER step back from things and take stock of their situation. Their premise is that they are the vanguard, the “racially aware,” of the greatest race in history(or at least a very great race, as they rank them). And yet among this small vanguard there is an obvious overrepresentation of thieves, criminals, sex offenders, ex-cons, liars, and con-men. If this is the best the white race supposedly has to offer…well, draw your own conclusion.

    Most of these morons, when confronted with a con-man or liar, will say he’s “acting Jewish” or accuse them of being a Jew(no matter how long they used to work together). They simply cannot conceive of a “white” person being a filthy liar. It’s as though they believe that Jews invented lying.

  • IludiumPhosdex

    So what we may be seeing here are no less than the Kilkenny Cats of White Nationalism, fighting away at each other until, one way or the other, nobody survives. Am I right here?

  • dinosaur

    What about Smoky’s banning from VNN?

    If I remember correctly, Smoky was banned for posting personal messages from or about a member named Susan. She apparently owed someone money. The sum in question was about $200. Smoky accused her of routinely fleecing WN men. That thread disappeared in a flash. Some of these details could be wrong.

    It must have come as a surprise to all these racists that O’Malley has kept White Nations up and running for this long. Stormfront bigwigs like Jack Boot classified O’Malley as a crackpot way back when he posted there. But he put his money where his mouth is and set up a forum (his mouth, like his brain, are in Crazyville). The Cobb controversy has given it a purpose.

    I imagine that drives Linder mad. He has stated several times that Cobb is welcome to return apparently Cobb prefers the O’Malley crowd.

    These squabbles are entertaining to follow until one remembers that Linder advocates killing all Jewish people. It’s not so funny then.

  • Dan Zabetakis

    You know, I have been posting online since 1988. I always have used my real name. Isn’t that strange? It’s almost as if my views and opinions are nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Aron

    They are not men. They may have XY chromosomes, thus making them biologically male, but they are not men. Make no mistake.

  • Gregory

    And they are surprised by… what exactly? Most of their best friends and trusted confidants are informers. This is a well known fact, WNs cannot wait to sell one another out.

    It would be sad if it weren’t so funny.