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Rep. Randy Forbes Cancels Appearance at Hate Group Event

By Josh Glasstetter on October 11, 2013 - 7:21 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

Rep. Randy Forbes of Virginia cancelled his planned appearance today at the Values Voter Summit. Forbes was set to headline a fundraising luncheon for the American Family Association (AFA), the anti-gay hate group that helps bankroll the conference.

Forbes’ decision came in the wake of a petition and TV ad campaign by Faithful America, a progressive Christian organization. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes Hatewatch, also joined together with national civil rights groups to call on Forbes and other public officials to skip the Values Voter Summit.


Rep. Forbes apparently realized how bad it would look to spend the day raising money for a hate group instead of working on a solution to the government shutdown, which has hit hard in his district. While he has worked closely with the AFA in recent years, his cancellation could mark a break with the group.

Mainstream conservatives shouldn’t have anything to do with the kind of bigotry and extremism we see from the AFA. After all, this isn’t a debate about same-sex marriage or abortion. It’s about whether public officials should associate with a group that – as AFA does – blames the Holocaust on gays and says women have no place in political leadership. Forbes is hopefully beginning to understand the difference.

  • Lefty

    Haha, I must have hit the nail on the head since I don’t see my comments posted. Some people can’t have the truth be revealed because it will uncover who they really are, you all have shown me what you are made of.

  • Steve

    Erika, you railed on my comparison, which is fine. But you ignored the problem here.

    I asked what is hate here??

  • Kiwiwriter

    I guess Forbes’ handlers told him the truth in private, as most yes-men to politicians do.

    Actually, while some of the original Nazis were gay, like Rohm, Funk, and probably Hess, Hitler moved against them, particularly the SA pederasts, very quickly in his regime, and took an extremely harshly anti-gay line for the remaining 11 years of the Reich. Funk kept his fondness for little boys quiet, and Hess was nuts in other ways.

    Rohm, on the other hand, was arrested by Adolf and Sepp Dietrich in the “Knight of the Long Knives” purge, in a hotel room, with his boyfriend. Adolf was furious.

  • Louis

    Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be from VA. On the upside, my Rep is Bobby Scott!!!!

  • Erika

    Steve, when the AFA fires Bryan Fischer from a top position within the organization or even stops sending him to be the public face of the organization within the media for making statements like that then it would be unfair to use them against them. They haven’t done that..

    Then you trot out a silly comparison between Bryan Fischer and the AFA to Hitler and Germany – of course, you ignore Hitler has been dead and not held public office in Germany since 1945. A much more apt comparison would be if this was 1933 and you were saying that we should not judge the Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler.

    What you are ultimately saying is the equivilent of saying yes that Hitler guy is crazy but the Nazi Party as a whole seems okay.

  • Steve

    What is false here or hateful?

  • Steve

    So you condemn the entire people because of one man (Bryan Fischer) (Same as judging all Germans because of Hitler)
    I don’t agree with Mr. Fischer, but I don’t agree with the SPLC either. I believe you are the only one judging here.

  • aadila

    Pursuant to Erika’s footnote number **, as an additional footnote, purely for academic purposes and lexographic certainty, if the AFA could outlaw the “little man in the boat”, they probably would. And I am not talking about Jonah.

  • Erika

    Steve, what part of

    “Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.”
    – Bryan Fischer, AFA director of issue analysis for government and public policy, 2010

    represents “love”?

    What part of it represents “truth’?

    And beyond that, what part of saying that merely being homosexual is a sin which will get you cast straight* into The Lake of Fire while heterosexual people have to actually like have sex outside of marriage or actually enjoy sex** or something to be considered sinful and be sent to The Lake of Fire represents “truth” or “love?

    And how exactly does condemning people simply because of who they are fit with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth? Perhaps “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” or that bit about how if you lust in your heart its as if you actually committed adultry is a bit unclear – but when faced with a background of laws that state that a woman can be forced to marry the man who rapes her or be stoned to death it is very likely that Jesus knew exactly what He was doing which was going after the Ancient Hebrew legal code that certain people love to cite when condemning homosexuality.

    The ancient Hebrew law code condemned women without regard to their actions (since even being raped could result in execution) – and was built upon huge levels of sexist hypocracy where female morality was strictly controlled on threat of death but male morality was not. i mean, husbands were even permitted to force their pregnant wife to receive a test where if she was pregnant the baby would be aborted and the wife would be executed by being stoned to death – even if the woman never had sex with anyone but the husband. the ancient Hebrew legal code that you people so love to cite the anti-homosexual portions of was horrific. Of course, it also allowed for me to enjoy the services of “male and female prostitutes”***

    In fact, it seems that you (and the AFA) are like the modern version of the Scribes and Pharisees – obsessed by law and judging others you fail to see that you are in fact guilty of the same sin. Unless you try to claim that you never have lusted after someone who wasn’t you spouse in which case i don’t believe you.

    and my mother used to be on the Rev. Donald Wildmon’s mailing list, so i’ve seen first hand evidence that the man was so obsessed that he would see sex everywhere including in Sesame Street**** episodes.

    * Would Jack T. Chick be that clever?

    ** women only,

    *** in the words of The Revised Standard Version

    **** maybe an exeggeration but definitely in Disney cartoons.

  • Steve

    The SPLC is baring false witness against a lot of people.
    I disagree with your assertion that these people are haters. A true friend tells the truth in Love. That’s what I am trying to tell you today. Your wrong. Tell the truth.

  • supersonic250

    You are correct, Sam, and I apologize.

  • Sam Molloy

    Supersonic, not to criticize a friend and ally, but “preference” implies a choice. “Orientation” is a more correct word.

  • MRJ

    @ concerned,

    “Usually it’s not just the gays who will be hiding in hostile communities. The minorities will be hiding and not soliciting business’s or partaking in local events.

    Just a few red flags to look out for…everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their communities. It makes for a much more prosperous atmosphere.”

    Wellll… not to question or detract… sometimes it depends on several other factors.
    If there is already an established Hispanic community with large numbers they won’t or can’t go after them: safety in numbers.
    The same for other races, creeds, orientations, etc..
    If they can’t get at their primary targets en mass, the gibbering, drooling, and deranged will pick one or two in an area and go after them singly: particularly if that one or two have no obvious local support to begin with: or have outsiders (insane family members) already stalking them from three or more States away.

    This kind of depravity is only exacerbated by/when the locals can use an obvious (or instigated through slander and lies) “difference” of that individual, or age old stereotypes, particularly racist or religious, as a goad.

    In small minds in some communities any change is often their biggest fear as it exposes their ignorance or hatred in their own eyes, and they will do anything (legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter: particularly if the local Police are their family members or friends) to maintain their conceptual status quo.
    Anyone who does not fit their stereotypes, or has any type of “outside” education and can talk knowledgeably about things they know absolutely nothing about, or can actually spell or like to read for enjoyment (“I’ve got better things to do than waste my time reading.”: more than one saying this… “There he goes! Using them $20 words again!”, or “My daddy sez ur a liar cuz he never heard of that!”, etc..), or don’t really give two in a whirlwind about violent contact sports and the “superiority” of the local high school (graduating classes of 60 or so: “What do I need to know that for! I’m gonna be a Farmer!”: also proudly stated by several.), or, for the truly deranged, when they are confronted in front of friends or peers about their punching their wife and blacking her eye, or throwing his gay son out of the house (and having him stalked and harassed and ostracized by other local friends and family members for coming out until he had to move away), and his/their blatant racism and intolerance… if they have to look in a mirror and they find that they are not really that worldly (having never lived anywhere else), not as intelligent as they seem to think (cannot read, spell, etc….), or, as stated previously, see someone who is just happy with what they have, peaceful, doing his own thing, already owns his home and properties outright (humble and affordable by choice), has previously been praised/excelled and advanced in his career, and could really give two about their supposed superiority for being “white” or a racist “christian”, or a third generation Tin Knocker… well… then you, singly, get “Cho-sen” for community/workplace stalking/mobbing and racist harassment.

    Their biggest and most effective lies are racist stereotypes: particularly the erroneous specter of “mental health”, the “safety of the community”, and the fallacy of Pascal’s Wager.

    “Crazy, drunk, violent, dangerous, diseased, drug addicted, lying, thieving, heathen (name your minority)!”… and then they work towards that end by absolutely depraved criminal acts towards that individual designed to get them to explode… laugh, and smile sweetly, and lie about it… and then they can get their Klukker buddies in the local Police to stalk, harass, or arrest you, and continue the destruction of your life for not acknowledging their ridiculous Narcissistic wife abusing/beating, drug dealing, child abusing, racist sense of “superiority”.

    This happens quite frequently in Patriarchal, Dominionist, abusive families as well.
    For anyone interested, look up: “Poisonous Pedagogy” and abuse by destruction of a mother/child bond, Malignant Narcissism, NPD, BPD, APD, etc., and the effects these have on families, or an individual in a family who is the target of such a sick, depraved and mentally diseased “man”.

    Erika has covered Patriarchal Misogyny by Domionists fairly extensively, and has been an heee-larious wonder to read.
    Thank You.

    Or, as these articles in this site prove, the constant reiteration of those outright lies about behaviors or attitudes of those they wish to oppress, or even have murdered through Instigation of Imminent Lawlessness, all the while wrapping themselves in some “moral” stance or “family values”… 5 words, and 14 words.

  • Jen12221

    I’m sure he’s not all that concerned about the shutdown. He probably didn’t want to be seen as advocating hatred. The publication of his attendance would’ve been bad for his wholesome (not hateful) republican image. Now he can get back to defunding “obamacare”

  • Patrick

    I agree everybody should feel comfortable in their community. I’m not gay, but I wouldn’t care if I found out somebody I was working with was gay or moved in next to me.

  • supersonic250


    Just because they don’t run around in rainbow colored, crotch-hugging short-shorts while commenting on passerby’s fashion choices and singing Bette Midler showtunes doesn’t mean they’re not there. Sexual preference isn’t something most people throw out there. Personally, I think it’s a personal thing that is no one’s business one way or another.

  • concernedcitizen

    And I am very glad that Rep. Randy Forbes decided to cancel.

  • concernedcitizen

    Yes Patrick there are approx. 9 million members in the LGBT community. And anytime I explore a community, shopping whatever if I don’t see at least one couple that appears to be gay I start to think something is wrong in that community.

    Usually it’s not just the gays who will be hiding in hostile communities. The minorities will be hiding and not soliciting business’s or partaking in local events.

    Just a few red flags to look out for…everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their communities. It makes for a much more prosperous atmosphere.

  • Sam Molloy

    Patrick, you have met a gay person.

  • Reynardine

    Patrick, you’ve probably met quite a few. They normally don’t go around swishing, stomping, or wearing pink triangles.

  • Patrick

    Seriously why is this even an issue. I have worked in many areas of all types of businesses and have never worked or even met a gay person. Are there really that many gays?

  • Reynardine

    I’m glad he did that, and that’s still the expression of someone I wouldn’t want to know.

  • MRJ

    Here they are again.
    The SPLC as a targeted group for defending gay rights in a National conference on “values”.

    The same type of people who are making the balance of the posts on this article about this intelligent, and awe inspiring young lady.
    For those that did not see it, look up Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 interview aired last night.

  • David Cary Hart

    Straying a tad, we received news today that Marco Rubio is keynoting an event for John Stemberger’s Florida Family Policy Council. The purpose of the event is to honor Mat Staver with an award.

    FFPC has positions very similar to AFA.In fact their “Gay Rights” section on their website relies heavily on AFA and FRC. They also have an extensive section on how to get help getting out of the gay lifestyle – with links to all of the ex-gay crackpots.

    I don’t need to write anything about Staver. He is one of the most rabidly anti-gay voices in America.

    Rubio is more of a national figure than Forbes. As a FL resident I am appalled and disgusted. I am thinking of a petition.

    I posted more information about the event on my site.