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Not Your Grandfather’s League of the South

By Heidi Beirich on March 14, 2014 - 3:00 pm, Posted in White Supremacist

The League of the South (LOS) held another of its anti-immigrant rallies against “Southern demographic displacement” this past Saturday in Tallahassee, Fla. The event targeted Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for his support of “Third World immigration” and “amnesty.” Making his racist views perfectly clear, LOS head Michael Hill told a reporter, “I’m standing up for my people – white Southern people – no one else.”

The Florida event was just the latest in a series of protests the group has held in places such as Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. And it seems that the ranks of protesters become more extreme every time. For the first decade and a half after its founding in 1994, the LOS was known for filling its ranks with PhDs into white Southern history. But starting with their August rally in Uvalda, Ga., it’s more often neo-Nazis and other hard core types who are showing up.

LOS protesters at Florida Capitol

LOS protesters at Florida Capitol

Let’s just take a look at who joined the Tallahassee protest. On hand was Floyd Eric Meadows of Acworth, Ga., who was once in the Klan and had a picture on his Facebook page wearing an SS bolt patch and a 1488 patch. Gina Brashear of Fort Myers, Fla., who likes to “like” pictures posted on the LOS Facebook page, was there, too. Brashear has a long history in white supremacist circles, having posted in 2008 that she has been “a member get over it of several white websites, and an active member in my community for defending our race” on Vanguard News Network, whose motto is “No Jews. Just Right.” For years, Brashear’s avatar on VNN was an image of a pistol pointed at President Obama with what appears to be a bullet wound in the president’s forehead with the text: “Get it over already.”

Although there are several photographs of a woman said to be Gina Brashear holding a banner in Tallahassee last weekend, Brashear refused to confirm her attendance at the rally, but she did tell Hatewatch she is “against amnesty, period.” Brashear, 51, was arrested for felony aggravated stalking last September.

state house

The extremist hit parade didn’t stop there. William Flowers, whose Facebook page warns of white genocide, appeared to be the photographer last Saturday. The Uvalda protest’s main organizer, Michael O. Cushman of Aiken, S.C., who is a former member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, also showed.

At least two members of the Republic of Florida (ROF) militia were on hand this past Saturday: Jordan Jereb and Nicholas Jordan. The ROF is a militant organization that advocates for Southern secession. Jereb, apparently of Tallahassee, has a series of videos online that reveal his radicalism. See here for Jereb dancing to a neo-Nazi anthem (he is protesting the Southern Poverty Law Center to the racist Max Resist’s “88 Rock and Roll Band”). Jereb is believed to post on the racist forum Stormfront under the name “CommieStomper.” In February, he boasted there that the secession “movement is getting as big as that of the Skinheads in the 1990’s.” Jereb has had some legal problems; it has been reported that he was arrested and booked in January for burglary.


Jordan Jereb

Jereb’s partner in the ROF is Nicholas Jordan. He’s featured on the ROF website leading an urban training march. Jordan lists as friends on Facebook, anti-Semite Matthew Heimbach of Paoli, Ind., and Bradley Dean Griffin of Midway, Ala., who was also at the protest and runs the racist website Occidental Dissent. Another supporter of the militia and the LOS who was at the event is Richard O’Cell Snider. He distributed the LOS’s Free Magnolia publication in Tallahassee and runs the secessionist Florida Fire-eater blog.

The militia appears to be close to longtime LOS Florida leader Michael Tubbs, who has an ugly criminal past of his own. In 1987, Tubbs and another Army Green Beret, toting automatic weapons fitted with silencers and dressed completely in black, robbed two fellow soldiers of their M-16 rifles during a routine exercise at Fort Bragg, N.C. “This is for the KKK,” the holdup men shouted as they fled.


The armed robbery went unsolved for three years. Ultimately, five caches of weapons were found, including machine guns, 25 pounds of TNT, land mines, an anti-aircraft machine gun, grenades, booby traps, 45 pounds of C-4 plastic explosive and more (picture of cache below). Notes written by Tubbs showed that he was setting up a violently racist group called the Knights of the New Order and had lists of targets including newspapers, television stations and businesses owned by Jews and blacks.

Tubbs’ involvement with a new militia in Florida appears to align with his stated intentions in a November 2011 LOS interview posted on youtube. At around 8:50 into the video, Tubbs states, “We’re trying to produce our own firearms in Florida and thus have them unaffected by federal legislation.” He then talks about preparing for the “coming catastrophe,” and tells interviewer Michael Cushman that the LOS is “getting down to beans and bullets.”

Given the LOS’s current trajectory, it’s not surprising that someone with Tubbs’ past is out front and center representing the group on the streets.

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