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Hatewatch Headlines, 11/12/14

By Hatewatch Staff on November 12, 2014 - 8:34 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Orlando Sentinel: Judge gives convicted white supremacist leader Faella six-month sentence for domestic terrorism.

Raw Story: California man blames Obama, black people after running over and killing a black man.

Right Wing Watch: Talk show host Stan Solomon speculates that President Obama is ‘a homosexual Muslim married to a man.’

Think Progress: Texas lawmaker wants a constitutional ‘license to discriminate’ against LGBT workers and customers.

Breitbart Unmasked: ‘Sovereign citizen’ led police in Mount Carmel, PA, on a two-hour chase.

Crooks and Liars: Nevada’s Cliven Bundy caucus takes aim at the BLM.


Hatewatch Headlines 11/11/14

By Hatewatch Staff on November 11, 2014 - 12:55 pm, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Right Wing Watch: Conservative guru Richard Viguerie warns that any action on immigration reform will trigger a ‘civil war.’

Political Research Associates: Focus on the Family, Alliance Defending Freedom invade classrooms, curriculum around the globe.

JoeMyGod: White supremacists applaud Sixth Circuit Court for using their anti-LGBT arguments in upholding gay-marriage bans.

Good As You: ADF’s new marriage pamphlet equates current marriage equality backers with 1880s polygamists, 1960s segregationists.

Huffington Post: Haley Barbour makes ‘tar babies’ remark, then issues fake apology.

Media Matters: Sen. Rand Paul writes a foreword for Judge Napolitano, Confederate apologist and 9-11 conspiracy theorist.

Talking Points Memo: Ben Stein explains that the ‘real problem with race’ is the ‘self-defeating black underclass.’

Salon: Luke Russert, Joni Ernst, and the media’s bizarre refusal to cover the tide of extremism in the 2014 election.

Christian Seniors Association Drags Out Healthcare Falsehoods, Warns of ‘Death Panels’

By Evelyn Schlatter on November 10, 2014 - 4:02 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.10.11 PMThe Christian Seniors Association, a project of the anti-LGBT hate group Traditional Values Coalition, is at it again.

In a recent fundraising letter, the CSA warns about “death panels” and insists that the Affordable Care Act is the “single greatest threat to America’s seniors” (and, by extension, America). To make the case, the CSA drags out a quotation by Vladimir Lenin to further link the Affordable Care Act to the Soviet era. According to CSA, Lenin said, “Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.”

Never mind that Lenin probably never said that, and that the quote appears to have originated in 1949, when the American Medical Association (AMA) launched a campaign against President Truman’s proposal to create a national health insurance system.

But playing loose with history hasn’t stymied the CSA, headed by James Lafferty, husband of current TVC president Andrea Lafferty. ( continue to full post… )

Border Militiaman Claims Explosive Found In Hotel Room Was Legal

By David Neiwert on November 10, 2014 - 3:25 pm, Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist
K.C. Massey (YouTube)

K.C. Massey (YouTube)

Kevin “K.C.” Massey III contacted Hatewatch this weekend to explain that the explosive found among his belongings when he was arrested at the “Camp LoneStar” hotel room on federal weapons charges, thought to be ammonium nitrate, was in fact a legal form of explosive.

Massey said in an email that the explosive, which was found inside an ammo can and listed in the inventory filed by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents after his arrest Oct. 20 in Brownsville, Texas, was in fact a completely legal explosive called “Tannerite.”

Unlike the version of the explosive used by domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh in his bomb-truck attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April 1995, Tannerite is a legal form that uses an aluminum powder, instead of diesel oil, as the fuel that creates an explosion. It requires mixing in order to become an explosive, and in its unmixed form, it is legal to transport it anywhere. However, when mixed, it becomes an explosive and is subject to strict regulation.

After Hatewatch’s original post noted that the ingredients for a bomb were found in his belongings, Massey wrote and explained:

The “ammonium nitrate” and “fuel” is Tannerite a legal product sold in almost every sporting goods store in the USA. It was not mixed and is COMPLETELY legal in all 50 states. Second, the Tannerite was NOT in my/Camp Lonestars [sic] room, it was in my truck in an ammo can to keep it dry and to stop from someone having access to “misuse” it.

Massey went on to explain that Tannerite is a favorite target device for people practicing with long-range weapons, since it lets a shooter know from a distance if he or she has hit their target.

It is for long range target shooting which we did not have at Camp. I had it since I went to the border four months ago, and never had a place or reason to use it for its intended purpose.

He then went on to explain that his arrest for weapons possession stems from a felony committed in 1988.

I am no terrorist and my felony conviction was when I was 22 years old. I am now 48. Are you the same man at your age as you were at 22? I have proven by my actions and all who know me, KNOW I am not a racist. Nor am I a member of any militia OR hate group. I love all Americans no matter their color or creed.

Ask the people who really know me and you will see I am telling you the truth. My grandson is half black, and I have a lot of Hispanics in my family. I have NEVER been in any HATE group. I don’t like racists of ANY color.

Massey is currently awaiting trial on two counts of being a felon in possession of weapon.

Hatewatch Headlines 11/10/14

By Hatewatch Staff on November 10, 2014 - 7:52 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Think Progress: Mayor accused of flashing ‘gang sign’ while posing with black voter-outreach worker.

Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS]: Mississippi group’s ballot petition aims to set aside a ‘Confederate heritage month’.

Right Wing Watch: AFA’s Bryan Fischer suggests Native Americans were justifiably removed from their land.

Media Matters: Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera explains that in ‘minority culture,’ they embrace the ‘thug ethic.’

Coeur d’Alene Press: New church affiliated with Chuck Baldwin’s ‘Liberty Church’ opens in northern Idaho.

Crooks and Liars: Texas prayer-breakfast attendees use obscenities, assault reporter for going live during prayers.

People of Stormfront: Meet Hate Webmaster Robert H. DePasquale

By Heidi Beirich on November 7, 2014 - 3:57 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Investigations, Racism

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.53.58 PMFor more than a decade, a Manhattan Web designer, Robert H. DePasquale, 62, has worked on websites for an influential Jewish artist, an Opera star and various politicians. At the same time, DePasquale led a secret life propagating hate online, building sites for white supremacist groups and posting on hate forums under a pseudonym.

And it wasn’t an idle fascination. Since 2002, DePasquale has posted nearly 20,000 racist and anti-Semitic messages on Stormfront, the largest hate forum on the Web where he is also listed as a sustaining member, a degree of membership that gives him access to a private forum.

Last month, under his Stormfront moniker “BoyHowdy,” DePasquale began cyberstalking a young journalist who is falsely identified as Jewish, posting his photographs, personal information and the address and phone number of his employer on Stormfront. DePasquale evidently believes his victim is an anti-racist blogger who goes by “Spelunker.”

BoyHowdy may well be wrong. His victim, who asked not to be identified, told the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) he is not Spelunker, just someone who is now caught up in the vindictive and racist underworld of Stormfront. Spelunker, who has not revealed his identity to the SPLC, also said that the journalist is not him.

It’s not the first time BoyHowdy has made a boo-boo: In 2007, he identified wrongly that child psychiatrist Dr. William Ayres is Jewish.

When he’s not attacking journalists, though, DePasquale’s favorite topics are how Jews, black people or other minorities are rotten. In 2007, he wrote, “I never go to jewish [sic] doctors. Only European/American doctors! I just don’t trust jewish [sic] doctors!” That same year, he described Jews as “that ‘sh*tty’ little group.’” In another, he suggested that protestors at a Jewish event should “bring strips of bacon. Some will probably bring pig’s blood or bacon grease filled balloons.” (Observant Jews do not eat pork).

And he is an activist. In October, he posted “the conference was amazing” about a New York orchestrated by the Greek neo-Nazi political party Golden Dawn. In another post, he explained how to get tickets to see a neo-Nazi band from Croatia playing in New York City.

Interestingly, every one of his posts links to “Free Matt Hale!,” a site that raises money for the former head of the World Church of the Creator who is serving a 40-year sentence for soliciting the murder of a Chicago judge.

Stormfront is definitely not where you want to be listed as an enemy of the white race. As the SPLC documented last April, more than 100 people have been killed by extremists posting on the site. That number includes mass murders like Muslim-hater Anders Breivik, who killed dozens of Norwegian children in 2011, and Frazier Glenn Miller, a rabid anti-Semite who killed three people at Jewish facilities in Kansas earlier this year. The site is a den of lone wolves—and its leader seems unconcerned about our young Jewish journalist’s fate. A voicemail left with the site’s owner, former Klansman Stephen Donald “Don” Black, about this matter and pointing out that the information posted about the Maryland journalist may well be incorrect went unanswered.

In addition to a heavy online presence, DePasquale is a bit of a website mover and shaker in white supremacist circles. Using skills garnered through his computer science and math degree from the State University of New York, Empire State, DePasquale has served as a senior moderator and webmaster for the racist American Freedom Party (AFP), which is led by avid segregationist William D. Johnson. He built the websites for two racist political candidates. He has also been listed as a point of contact on other hate sites such as and sites related to AFP. And he is a fan of many other extremists groups, having written on Stormfront that he came to that forum after hearing about it from the neo-Nazi National Alliance (whose mailing list he was on).

Operation Blitzkrieg, Anonymous

Operation Blitzkrieg, Anonymous

It is his association with AFP that allowed the SPLC to identify BoyHowdy as DePasquale. In 2012, AFP was hacked by Anonymous during its Operation Blitzkrieg, which targeted white supremacist sites. In the hacked documents, “BoyHowdy” is described as a former AFP webmaster named Robert H. DePasquale who lives in a pricey apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

After the AFP hack, DePasquale, using an Ohio law firm and his real name, demanded that the information disclosed be pulled down from Freedom Fighter Radio. The site identified “Robert H. DePasquale” as the AFP’s webmaster. Websites reporting on the hack repeated the information that DePasquale ran the group’s site.

That BoyHowdy and DePasquale are one and the same is also made clear in the AFP emails. A February 2011 email written by Jamie Kelso, one of AFP’s directors, points out that his webmaster at the time was the same BoyHowdy who posted with that name on Stormfront. Replying to someone asking about a possible connection between the two, Kelso wrote, “And yes, it’s the same BoyHowdy. Please don’t be shy about PMing to BoyHowdy to tell him exactly what you just messaged to me about…Guys like you and Howdy deserve ten times the thanks you get.” In the hack, emails from BoyHowdy’s account are signed by “Rob” or “R!” and he is identified as “Rob from New York” at times. In another post, someone writes to DePasquale, “You have done a great job for years on SF [Stormfront], glad you are here!” And in another post, DePasquale himself confirms he has posted on Stormfront.

Also in 2011, an email exchange between DePasquale and Kelso discusses DePasquale’s efforts to build the campaign website for then Republican candidate for congress, Jim Russell (Russell’s racism was uncovered during the campaign and he was defeated). In the post, DePasquale wrote, “[Russell] was with us at the Museum trip in Manhattan. He lost after a smear campaign by jewish [sic] politicians that included former Mayor Ed Koch…Best regards. R!.” A Village Voice article about the white supremacist museum visit, which was organized by Kelso, quotes BoyHowdy as one of the participants. DePasquale also built the website for racist candidate Harry Bertram, where he is still listed as the contact.

Regardless of the evidence to the contrary, DePasquale, in an email exchange with SPLC that was sent to both his BoyHowdy identified email account and one that includes his real name, claimed, “I do not post on [sic] Stormfront web site” and denied any knowledge of the man identified as the blogger Spelunker there. The email also listed this writer’s home address and asked why someone living in Alabama “would be interested in the free speech activities of someone in New York City?” A reply to the email explaining the evidence above went unanswered.

But as it turns out, DePasquale has at times affiliated himself with extremism using his real name. He did so in 2011 on a petition page against Israel, which demanded that the U.N. declare Zionism as racism and described it as “an apartheid philosophy.” It is more than ironic that a raging racist would make such a demand. The petition’s URL includes the numbers “88,” which in neo-Nazi code stands for “Heil Hitler” because “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Hatewatch Headlines 11/7/14

By Hatewatch Staff on November 7, 2014 - 8:45 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Salon: Obama hatred, the South, and the truth about GOP wins: It is all still about race.

Talking Points Memo: ‘Republicans hate that nigger Obama,’ rants C-SPAN caller on the air.

Right Wing Watch: Michael Savage tells audience that GOP must impeach Obama, stop him before he ‘triggers an insurrection.’

Raw Story: Arizona looks to Bundy Ranch for inspiration in passing anti-federal ‘nullification’ proposition.

Daily Kos: South Carolina exit poll asked voters whether ‘blacks are getting too demanding’ over equal rights.

JoeMyGod: Thinly veiled political ad posing as a ‘documentary’ helps plump the aspirations of far-right candidate Ben Carson.

New York Post: Veteran New York EMS spews racist tweets, gets caught, breaks down and cries.

Despite GOP Efforts to Expunge Extremists, Several Far-Right Candidates Elected

By Hatewatch Staff on November 6, 2014 - 3:24 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT, Conspiracies, Hate Groups, Neo-Confederate

Despite claiming its success this election cycle came from expunging extremists from its ranks, the GOP managed to let a fair number of candidates with extremist views rooted in conspiracy theories and far-right fears slip through the cracks.

“Little was left to chance,” The New York Times reported earlier this week. “Republican operatives sent fake campaign trackers — interns and staff members brandishing video cameras to record every utterance and move — to trail their own candidates. In media training sessions, candidates were forced to sit through a reel of the most self-destructive moments.”

But when all the ballots were counted, not even that was enough to stop the GOP from embracing candidates with fringe views, extremist connections and embarrassing backgrounds.

Consider Michael Peroutka, the onetime Constitutional Party presidential candidate and a former board member of the neo-Confederate League of the South (LOS). Peroutka, running as a Republican, was elected to the Ann Arundel County Council in Maryland, garnering 15,531 votes against Democratic candidate Patrick Armstrong’s 13,638.

Michael Peroutka

Michael Peroutka

Peroutka is an avid Southern secessionist and radical Christian Reconstructionist, as he made clear during his presidential campaign for the Constitution Party in 2004. He has long been an active figure in the LOS, serving on its board until recently. However, as the Capital Gazette in Annapolis noted, Peroutka campaigned almost entirely on local issues, emphasizing his desire to repeal the county’s storm water fees, dubbed by local critics as “the rain tax.”

Peroutka eventually renounced his LOS membership, telling reporters he had discovered that the organization held racist views “contrary to my beliefs.” In spite of that mea culpa, Peroutka has continued to share his extremist views in far-right media outlets. In one media appearance, Peroutka warned that the “gay deathstyle” was intent on recruiting the nation’s children. In another interview, he made clear that his extremist politics will color how he conducts county policy, proclaiming nondiscrimination laws a plot to replace God with government “idolatry.”

While it might be easy to say that Peroutka is alone on the Republic roster with his extremist ideology, there were many other candidates elected Tuesday with similar baggage.

  • Joni Ernst, U.S. Senate, Iowa: Ernst has supported state nullification of federal laws, claimed the president is a “dictator” who should be impeached, and given credence to Agenda 21, a right-wing conspiracy theory that claims the United Nations is building a blueprint for the “New World Order” intent on taking away U.S. citizen’s land and possessions.
  • Jody Hice, U.S. House of Representatives, Georgia, 10th District: The anti-Islam Hice (who is also a radio talk show host) has said that Muslims shouldn’t get First Amendment protections, has claimed that a satirical piece written in the 1980s is “proof” of a “gay agenda” and said in 2004 that it was okay for a woman to run for office as long as she’s “within the authority of her husband.” He also said on his radio show that “blood moons” are a sign of world-changing. Strangely, Hice’s radio shows have been scrubbed from the Internet.
  • Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado state legislature, District 15: Best-known for his claims of casting demons out of LGBT people, Klingenschmitt heads up the anti-LGBT hate group The Pray in Jesus [sic] Name Project. He was court martialed by the Air Force in 2006 for disobeying an order. He has claimed that gay people sexually abuse their own children and they should be discriminated against because they’re not going to heaven and only people who go to heaven are entitled to equal treatment.
  • Gary Glenn, Michigan state legislature, District 98: Glenn, the author of Michigan’s amendment banning marriage equality, is a former director of AFA-Michigan, an affiliate of the American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group. Glenn has expressed desire to recriminalize homosexuality, which he claims is a “proven threat to health and human safety.” He has expressed reservations about businesses hiring LGBT people because of the “severe medical consequences” of homosexuality, which indicates they’re “not the best and the brightest.”

Ryan Lenz, David Neiwert and Evelyn Schlatter contributed to this article.

Hate Group Leader Gordon Klingenschmitt Elected to Colorado House

By Evelyn Schlatter on November 6, 2014 - 2:31 pm, Posted in Anti-LGBT
Gordon Klingenschmitt

Gordon Klingenschmitt

Former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, who calls himself “Dr. Chaps” and claims he exorcises demons out of LGBT people, is now a state legislator in Colorado Springs, Colo.—part of a landslide of Republic wins during last Tuesday’s election.

Klingenschmitt captured nearly 70 percent of the vote in the heavily Republican District located in El Paso County, on the eastern side of Colorado Springs.

But Klingenschmitt isn’t your usual conservative.

He heads up the Pray in Jesus Name Project, which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBT hate group. Klingenschmitt himself is perhaps best-known for his attempts to exorcise demons out of various people (including President Obama), as well as his numerous false claims and bizarre statements about homosexuality.

( continue to full post… )

Hatewatch Headlines 11/6/14

By Hatewatch Staff on November 6, 2014 - 8:11 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Salon: How the right’s racist ‘poverty pimp’ trope raised its ugly head, yet again.

IREHR: Once again, Tea Party candidates outperformed their mainstream rivals in this year’s elections.

Capital Gazette (Annapolis, MD): Extremist candidate Michael Peroutka wins council seat in Ann Arundel County.

M Live: Leader of American Family Association’s Michigan chapter wins polarized state House race.

JoeMyGod: Scott Lively scrapes together only 0.9 percent of the vote in Massachusetts gubernatorial race.

Right Wing Watch: Meet Gordon Klingenschmitt, Colorado’s new anti-LGBT, demon-hunting state legislator.

Think Progress: Even in deep red states, voters rejected radical ‘personhood’ measures.