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Hatewatch Headlines 5/1/15

By Hatewatch Staff on May 1, 2015 - 10:28 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Talking Points Memo: Jeb Bush says he’s a fan of ‘Bell Curve’ social scientist Charles Murray’s work.

Good: Nature and environmental laws caught in the crosshairs at Oath Keepers showdown in Oregon.

AlterNet: Internet racists pose as looting black protesters on Twitter to smear Baltimore uprising.

Gawker: Reddit is so racist that white supremacists are now using it to recruit.

Raw Story: Texas lawmaker opines that ‘what is going on in Baltimore’ is the result of too much gay marriage.

Salon: Anti-choice Oklahoma lawmaker threatens to set himself on fire to protest abortion.

Rense Radio Network Apparently Kicked off its Satellite Provider

By Heidi Beirich on April 30, 2015 - 12:22 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denial, Neo-Nazi

It appears that Jeff Rense’s radio show has been pulled from the line up of the Global Star Radio Network (GSR), which provided Rense with access to the Galaxy 19 satellite. As of today, Rense’s program is no longer listed as being aired, according to the GSR schedule (SPLC will verify whether the program has stopped broadcasting by listening to the satellite feed). Also, none of the other programs that run on Rense Radio Network, such as The Pete Santilli Show, appear any longer on GSR’s schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.17.05 AM

Galaxy 19 Coverage Area

GSR’s satellite had streamed the programming across North America. Yesterday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) contacted GSR to ask whether they were concerned about running Rense’s program on Galaxy 19. That satellite is owned by Intelsat, which is headquartered in Luxembourg. That country has a law against Holocaust denial, an activity that Rense regularly engages in. GSR did not respond to the SPLC’s emails. ( continue to full post… )

Hatewatch Headlines 4/30/15

By Hatewatch Staff on April 30, 2015 - 8:20 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Houston Chronicle: Texas governor orders troops to ‘monitor’ Army’s ‘Jade Helm’ exercise for signs of martial law plot.

Kansas City Star: Sovereign citizens seek to undermine the government, and sometimes do it with violence.

Crooks and Liars: Ted Cruz goes into full-fevered militia mode with rant about Second Amendment and ‘tyranny.’

Spokesman-Review: Self-declared ‘People’s Oversight Committee’ declares elected county officials ‘illegitimate.’

IREHR: A conversation with Leonard Zeskind about the state of white nationalism 20 years after Oklahoma City.

News Tribune (Tacoma, WA): Two men with white supremacist ties found guilty in murder of colleague.

Washington Post: The most racist places in America, according to Google.

Putting The Cart Before The Courts: Robert Ransdell Announces Forthcoming Move to National Alliance Compound

By Keegan Hankes on April 29, 2015 - 3:57 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi

Former National Alliance (NA) Cincinnati chapter coordinator and current National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG) unit coordinator Robert Ransdell announced on Sunday that he would be the first member of NARRG to return to the NA compound in Mill Point, W. Va.

There’s just one problem though. The property doesn’t belong to NARRG, at least not yet.


Robert Ransdell

NARRG is currently embroiled in a $2 million civil lawsuit against the NA’s last chairman, Erich Josef Gliebe, and has hopes to reclaim both the organization and the West Virginia compound. However, much to the chagrin of NARRG’s leadership, which continues to spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees, another former NA member, Will Williams, has already quietly negotiated Gliebe’s resignation and the transfer of the NA to himself.

Despite these revelations, NARRG’s lawsuit continues to target Gliebe and several other former and current NA board members. The group’s leadership, at least publicly, remains confident in its case despite the fact that Williams has initiated the restoration of the compound, which had fallen into disrepair during Gliebe’s tenure.

Ransdell made headlines last Fall in Ohio and Kentucky during a failed campaign for a United States Senate seat in Kentucky with the slogan, “With Jews, We Lose!” His campaign featured a stop at the University of Kentucky where he was removed from the stage at a Constitution Day event after delivering an impromptu white nationalist screed to an audience filled with high school and college students. ( continue to full post… )

Pat Buchanan Pens Exclusive for Anti-Semitic Publication

By Heidi Beirich on April 29, 2015 - 10:04 am, Posted in Anti-Semitic, White Nationalism
Pat. Buchanan.

Pat Buchanan.

Editors’ Note: This story has been updated to correct that Pat Buchanan has written for American Free Press before.

Pat Buchanan, the former presidential candidate and Reagan staffer, has once again thrown his lot in with professional anti-Semites.

On April 25, a column penned by Buchanan ran as an advertised exclusive to the American Free Press, a publication put out by Holocaust denier and longtime anti-Semite Willis Carto. Carto founded the anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby in offices not far from the White House, created the first Holocaust denial outfit Institute for Historical Review, and still publishes a denial magazine, Barnes Review. In general, the Press carries stories on Zionism, secret “New World Order” conspiracies, American Jews and Israel.

( continue to full post… )

Hatewatch Headlines 4/29/15

By Hatewatch Staff on April 29, 2015 - 7:46 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Washington Post: FRC chief Tony Perkins rips Bob Schieffer, CBS News for pointing out he leads a hate group.

Access ADL: Members of Congress invite anti-Muslim bigot Geert Wilders to a variety of D.C. events.

Mercury News (San Jose, CA): Swastikas, other graffiti inside Stanford fraternity sparks hate crime investigation.

Media Matters: The worst right-wing media reactions to the Baltimore rioting.

Wonkette: Chemtrail conspiracy theorists yell at Arizona congressman.

Right Wing Watch: Bryan Fischer warns about ‘gay supremacists’ who will brainwash kids, ‘want it to be gay rights uber alles.’

Arrest in Miami IRS Office Bomb Threat

By Bill Morlin on April 28, 2015 - 1:53 pm, Posted in Extremist Crime

FBI terrorism task force agents investigating an antigovernment bomb threat in Miami last week went looking for a man named “Rabbit,” but ended up arresting “Squirrel,” instead.

Today, Morris R. “Squirrel” Whitehead sits in a jail without bond, accused in U.S. District Court of willfully making a telephone threat to damage or destroy an Internal Revenue Service office in Miami.

The threat was made on April 20 when someone called the FBI’s Miami Field Office and said — while being recorded — that “the IRS Building in Miami should be evacuated within two hours because it was going to go up in smoke.” ( continue to full post… )

Anti-Semitic Killer, Frazier Glenn Miller, to Plead Guilty

By Don Terry on April 28, 2015 - 1:44 pm, Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime

Old, sick and and behind bars for more than a year, neo-Nazi and accused triple-murderer Frazier Glenn Miller is apparently ready to officially confess at least some of his crimes and sins.

In a telephone call from jail on Monday, Miller, 74, reportedly told The Associated Press (AP) that he now intends to plead guilty to killing three people at two Jewish facilities in suburban Kansas City last spring. The rampage ended with the longtime white supremacist handcuffed in the back of a police car, screaming, “Heil Hitler.”

Miller, who suffers from chronic emphysema, told the AP he had wanted to go to trial quickly so he could explain in open court – more like rant and rave – the motive for his attack on three unarmed people, including an elderly man and his 14-year-old grandson. ( continue to full post… )

Hatewatch Headlines 4/28/15

By Hatewatch Staff on April 28, 2015 - 8:54 am, Posted in Hatewatch Headlines

Media Matters: The first rule of hosting the leader of an anti-LGBT hate group is to identify him as that for your viewers.

Palm Beach Post: Police will pursue hate-crimes charges in beating death of Hispanic man by three white males.

Mother Jones: The Supreme Court will hear the scientific arguments about how gay marriage will destroy America.

Salon: What are Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee doing in the year’s most bigoted and vile documentary, ‘Light Wins’?

Crooks and Liars: Ron Paul plays a starring role in conspiracy-mongering extremists’ latest film, ‘Midnight Ride.’

Right Wing Watch: Right-wing anti-LGBT activists threaten revolution, uprising if Supreme Court OKs same-sex marriage.

Talking Points Memo: Iowa ‘Faith and Freedom Summit’ turns into a wild gay-bashing festival for GOP candidates.

AlterNet: Right-wing media cynically exploit unrest in Baltimore to promote narrative about a ‘race war.’

Sovereign Oregon Pastor and Wife Flee Sentencing Hearing on Income Tax Evasion Charges

By Bill Morlin on April 27, 2015 - 4:15 pm, Posted in Antigovernment, Sovereign Citizens
Ronald D. Joling, 71, and his wife, Dorothea, 72, of Coquille, Ore., “have engaged in a shameless scheme “to defraud the United States and to evade payment of $1.2 million in federal taxes since 1992, Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott E. Bradford said in court filings.

Ronald D. Joling, 71, and his wife, Dorothea, 72, of Coquille, Ore., “have engaged in a shameless scheme “to defraud the United States and to evade payment of $1.2 million in federal taxes since 1992, Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott E. Bradford said in court filings.

An Oregon pastor and his wife — tax protesters who appear to have morphed into antigovernment “sovereign citizens” — are now federal fugitives after refusing to appear for sentencing last week in Eugene, Ore., following their convictions for income tax evasion.

Ronald D. Joling, 71, and his wife, Dorothea, 72, of Coquille, Ore., “have engaged in a shameless scheme to defraud the United States and to evade payment of $1.2 million in federal taxes since 1992,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott E. Bradford said in court filings.

As a deterrent to such antigovernment tax protesters, the prosecutor recommended that the 71-year-old pastor of the conservative Hope Covenant Reformed Church in Coquille be sentenced to 121 months in prison, with 60 months recommended for Dorothea Joling.

Prosecutors have seized multiple rental properties and land owned by the couple and have asked the federal court to order the Jolings to pay $1.2 million in restitution to the U.S. government.

But Assistant Federal Defender Mark Bennett Weintraub said such a sentence was excessive, claiming it “is unreasonable to believe” that antigovernment activists like the Jolings will be “deterred or dissuaded b y the federal government’s exercise of its immense power.” ( continue to full post… )