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Jim Gilchrist Eyes Reviving the Minutemen to Exploit Fresh Border Crisis

Posted in Anti-Immigrant,Anti-Latino by David Neiwert on July 7, 2014

Jim Gilchrist, the California-based cofounder of the nativist border watch group the Minuteman Project, was last in the news back in 2009, when one of his associates was arrested by the FBI for murdering a 9-year-old girl and her father in their Arizona home. But he’s bidding to make headlines again by reawakening the Minutemen […]

Key Nativist Leader Quits Group to Run for Senate

Posted in Anti-Immigrant by Sonia Scherr on May 18, 2009

Chris Simcox, a leading figure in the nativist extremist movement, has resigned as leader of the vigilante group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) to run for U.S. Senate. The 48-year-old Simcox, who once insisted that his future plans did not involve a bid for public office, announced his departure from MCDC in a newsletter sent […]

Minuteman PAC Spends Mostly for Fundraising, Administration

Posted in Anti-Immigrant,Nativist Extremist by Sonia Scherr on October 16, 2008

The Minuteman Political Action Committee proclaims on its website that it’s furiously advancing “2008 Project PushBack,” a supposedly full-scale effort to help reelect members of Congress who’ve pledged to crack down on immigrants who are in the country illegally. “Minuteman PAC has quickly become THE ONE Political Action Committee that the open-borders, pro-amnesty lobby fears […]