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Racist British National Party Wins Seat on London Assembly

Posted in Anti-Immigrant,Holocaust Denial by Casey Sanchez on May 6, 2008

On May 1, the racist British National Party (BNP) won a seat on the 25-member London Assembly, which has the power to amend the London mayor’s budget and investigate and publish findings on matters of interest to Londoners. Richard Barnbrook, who will take the BNP seat after coming in fifth in the mayoral race and […]

MSU-YAF Takes on the Jews, Temporarily

Posted in Hate Groups by David Holthouse on April 28, 2008

For the most part, members of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom are equal opportunity haters, spewing bigotry in the direction of anyone who isn’t white, heterosexual and Christian with more or less equal zeal — except for the Jews. Although MSU-YAF dabbled in anti-Semitism last fall by hosting British National […]