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The Last Word: Hatewatch’s 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards

Posted in Year-End by Mark Potok on December 30, 2008

It’s been another sorry year in the world of hate, as knuckle-dragging white supremacists and their fellow travelers did their best to make our country a little worse with each new passing day. Here at Hatewatch, we’ve been hard at work trying to winnow away the garden-variety savagery that habitués of our blog know so […]

Nativist Leader Cited For Indecent Exposure

Posted in Anti-Immigrant by David Holthouse on March 13, 2008

March has certainly come in like a lion for “Buffalo” Rick Galeener. It’s been a rip-roarin’ month so far for the professional singing cowboy-turned-co-founder of Riders United for a Sovereign America, or Riders USA, a Phoenix-based immigrant-bashing motorcycle gang. Last week, Galeener was profiled in the new issue of the Intelligence Report as one of […]

Buffalo Rick Seeks “Frontline Warriors”

Posted in Anti-Immigrant by Susy Buchanan on November 21, 2007

Singing cowboy turned anti-immigration militant Buffalo Rick Galeener is a prominent member of the Phoenix, Ariz.-based nativist motorcycle gang Riders USA. He’s also quite the folk humorist. Near the bottom of the “I Hate Illegals” section of his website, Galeener asks visitors, “Do You Hate Illegals?” Checking the “No” box brings up, “THEN KISS MY […]