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Frazier Glenn Miller Hopes To Inspire With Jail Letters

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Crime, Extremist Crime, White Supremacist by Don Terry on June 30, 2015 - 2:30 pm
Frazier Glenn Miller

Frazier Glenn Miller

Inside the county jail where he awaits trial on three counts of capital murder in last year’s shooting spree at two Jewish community centers in Kansas, neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller is also known as Frazier Glenn Cross.

The United States government gave him the name “Cross” more than 20 years ago when he went into the witness protection program after snitching on his fellow white nationalists at their sedition trial in the late 1980’s.

At 74, and suffering from emphysema, Miller is still running his mouth, this time in a series of letters and legal filings he has been sending from jail to white nationalist supporters to post on the racist web forum Vanguard News Network (VNN).

“The rednecks, at least, will be a bit inspired,” Miller boasted in a recent letter to a VNN member “Jimmy Marr.”

“My morale is super high, higher than ever before,” Miller added. “I’m totally at peace with myself. I struck violent blows against the GD jew [sic] menace – effective blows, too.”

None of the three people Miller is accused of murdering on April 13, 2014 – William Corporon, 69, Corporon’s14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood, and Terri LaManno, 53 – were Jewish.

“I’ll die with a clear conscience,” Miller said in the letter, apparently mailed in early June, “knowing I did my best to secure the existence of ourt [sic] people, and a future for White children.”

If convicted, Miller could face the death penalty. He is representing himself in the case after firing his team of court-appointed lawyers in May. The trial is scheduled to begin August 17.

But in the letter he sent to “Marr,” Miller complained that “Hardly any jew-wies [sic], capable WNs [white nationalists] have stepped forward to help me gather hard hitting evidence against the jews [sic].”

“My defense will be COMPLELLING NECESSITY,” he wrote. “The jew-wise [sic] should easily figure out what evidences will be most effective in support of my defense, then mail them to me…”

In the letter, Miller seemed pleased with himself that he had received “a couple more citations” in jail. He asked that the citations be posted along with the letter for “the rednecks.”

The first citation is from May 14, according to what Miller had posted on VNN. The citation, which refers to Miller as “Inmate Cross,” says Miller called a jail employee “a yellow piece of shit who wouldn’t fight to protect his own mother.” Miller apparently got angry when the employee dismissed Miller’s talk about the “Jews running the media” and putting a “stranglehold on the United States.”

The next citation was dated May 24. Again Miller got angry, this time because a nurse did not arrive as quickly as he wanted to give him treatment for his emphysema. He started berating a guard.

“Inmate Cross responded by calling me ‘nigger’ several times and telling me to go sit my black ass down,” the citation says. “I then stated to Inmate Cross to hurry with his breathing treatment. Inmate Cross responded by telling me to ‘shut the fuck up, nigger” and telling me to Google him. Inmate Cross stated that he could get my black ass taken out a[t] anytime.”

In mid-June Miller sent two motions he filed on his own behalf to Alex Linder, the founder of VNN. One was a “motion for acquittal of all charges.”

Miller asked Linder to post it to his site.

Miller claimed in the motion that “The white race is dying out” and “This genocide is caused by jews[sic]” and his fellow white men “are spineless citizens who tolerate every outrage thrown in their faces and with smiling faces.”

He said he “used legal means, rather than violent means” for 48 years, fighting for the “rights and preservation of my people.” He ran for office, he spread his racist and anti-Semitic message as a guest “on well over 200 radio and TV talk shows, including Howard Stern and Alan Colmes…” But his efforts were “futile with no chance of stopping the jewish [sic] genocide of my people.”

So when he drove from his home in rural Missouri to Overland Park, Kan., and opened fire outside of two Jewish community centers on a spring Sunday afternoon last year, killing three people, “It was,” according to Miller’s motion, “homicide by necessity.”

“Roger Bannon,” a VNN member since 2013, responded to Miller’s correspondence.

“The guy is a delusional nutcase,” he wrote on the site in mid-June. “… He wants martyrdom but deserves nothing but scorn.”

Stormfront’s National Alliance “Soap Opera” Turns Ugly

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Propaganda, Neo-Nazi by Hatewatch Staff on June 17, 2015 - 9:58 am

In the hierarchy of cultural influence within America’s radical right, is generally viewed as the dumpster out behind the Drudge Report drive-thru. Most people don’t even notice it.

Some people pay to eat out of it.

Last Thursday, June 11, neo-Nazi National Alliance (NA) chairman, Will Williams, 68, made a $250 donation to the worlds’ largest hate site. And he got his money’s worth. Within 24 hours, Williams broke the rules and cleverly outed a key NA member turned critic who had resigned from the Alliance less than a month ago and was questioning Williams’ “personal integrity” on the racist forum.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.43.15 AM

Covert Outing: Within hours of making a $250 donation to Stormfront, NA chairman Will Williams cleverly outed critic Paul Parnitzke, AKA Paul Vogel, by pointing out his last name was false and that he had recently been in touch with former NA accountant Randolph Dilloway by email.

Even after the man advised he needed to remain anonymous on Stormfront because he had a sensitive job and a wife and child to support, Williams continued to attack him with hints and disclosures that eventually made it clear to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) who the Stormfront poster really was.

The attack was diabolical. First, Williams responded to the critic, Paul Vogel, by putting his last name in quotation marks, hinting that “Vogel” was not the man’s real name. Williams wrote:

“The ball is in my court, Mr. ‘Vogel,’ and you will remain on the sidelines, out of the game.”

Then, on Saturday, after attempting unsuccessfully to have Vogel’s critical comments removed from the thread by Stormfront moderators, Williams provided the SPLC a more useful clue when he accused Vogel of communicating with former NA accountant, Randolph Dilloway, after Williams had fired him. Williams wrote:

“Since Stormfront mods won’t curb your tedious, off-topic personal beef with me in this thread, I have just put you on Ignore. No more Paul ‘Vogel.’”

“Back on topic: Explain to the good folks at Stormfront why you were emailing Randolph Dilloway after I had fired the SOB.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 8.45.48 AM

Naked Little Colored Boys: An example of Will Williams’ behind-the-scenes actions attempting to have his critics removed from racist forums happened last year when Williams got into a conflict on Stormfront with “Mjodr,” AKA “Glacier,” over Kevin Strom’s child porn conviction. Williams broke Stormfront rules when he posted a Private Message (PM) exchange he had with SF moderator Jack Boot on the White Nations (WN) forum. In the above email, Williams asks WN owner, Stanley Diggs, to remove the PM exchange and joked his nemesis Mjodr was allowed to remain on Stormfront because he “must have compromising pictures of [Jack Boot] and Don Black with naked little colored boys.”

It took Dilloway less than a minute to look at his inbox for recent emails from someone named “Paul.” There were only two, both from a Paul Parnitzke. One announced his resignation from the National Alliance on May 20th and a second was in regards to Dilloway’s recent interview with the SPLC.

What remains unclear is why Williams compromised Paul Joseph Parnitzke, of Burnsville, NC, in the first place. Parnitzke, 53, AKA “Paul Vogel” online, has been among the most outspoken and active advocates of Cosmotheism on the Web for more than a decade. He had also been a good recruiter for the new NA. ( continue to full post… )

“National Alliance Implodes:” Racist Leaders Reject NA Chairman Will Williams’ Excuses while Questioning His Judgment and Temperament

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi by Hatewatch Staff on May 27, 2015 - 4:43 pm

“The National Alliance Implodes” was the title of a thread started on the racist Web forum, Stormfront, last Friday directing readers to the SPLC’s recent report on the financial problems facing the long-decaying neo-Nazi group. The provocative title and the fact that it was posted by former National Alliance (NA) member James Baker, AKA “Jackboot,” the chief of staff of the racist forum, probably guaranteed viewer interest over the Memorial Day weekend.

It’s been among the hottest, most-viewed threads on the hate forum for days. With more than 4,000 views within the first 24 hours and more than 10,000 by Sunday night, the majority of Stormfront users are probably now familiar with the allegations of embezzlement and tax fraud made by the NA’S accountant.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.21.38 PM

Racists are drawn like flies to movement drama. The above chart illustrates the first 40 hours of traffic on a Stormfront thread discussing last week’s SPLC report. Views Per Hour (red line) spiked when Don Black replied, six hours into the discussion and again, when Will Williams responded, 18 hours in, at around midnight Friday night. The contentious thread now has more than 12,500 views.

Within hours, Stormfront founder and former Klansman, Don Black, chimed in on the thread and openly questioned self-proclaimed NA Chairman Will Williams’ judgment in giving accountant Randolph Dilloway access to the NA’s most sensitive financial documents for five months starting last winter.

“I’m surprised Will would have trusted him,” Black wrote. “Will had once tried to register Dilloway for our Stormfront Smoky Mountain Summit, but he was understanding when I told him why Dilloway wasn’t welcome.”

“But it looks like Will did trust him with the keys.”

The neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network (VNN) founder, Alex Linder, was even less sympathetic. His scathing remarks about Williams’ judgment and excuse making in the aftermath of the SPLC report were posted Saturday. He basically called Williams a liar.

“SPLC says he had unrestricted access to files. Perhaps SPLC is lying. But SPLC has also published an executive flow chart naming most of the top NA people. I don’t find Williams’ claim plausible,” Linder wrote. “The guy lives on site for months, is the only one Williams can find, but he doesn’t know anything about current or even recent NA members. How likely is it that what Williams says is true? In my estimation it’s unlikely.”

“Stromesque” Damage Control

It took more than 18 hours for Williams to reply on the Stormfront thread and when he did, Williams went with the Kevin Strom strategy and basically denied everything (Strom pleaded guilty to possession of child porn in 2008 but has spent years now denying his crime). Williams specifically denied Dilloway was hired to perform an audit of the NA’s books, though he published on Stormfront a section of Dilloway’s “Employment Contract” where he admitted Dilloway was hired for maintenance and “bookkeeping.” Williams wrote:

“The Employer [me] agrees to employ the Employee [Randolph Lynn Dilloway] as a maintenance/repair. The Employee will be expected to perform the following duties: Building repair, maintenance and cleaning, landscaping as required. Some bookkeeping.”

The reference to “some bookkeeping,” though minimized in Williams’ post, clarifies that Dilloway did indeed have legal access to the organization’s books. Williams’ denials on Stormfront and in his VNN reply that Dilloway never did any work as a “forensic accountant” for the Alliance also includes his legally foolish admission that there are, in fact, serious financial irregularities with the corporation Williams now heads.

“All of the ‘financial improprieties’ Dilloway ran to SPLC with were from Gliebe’s and Walker’s era, not mine,” wrote Williams. “I was charged as Alliance Chairman with sorting the mess out which is exactly what I was doing. Dilloway was not hired as a ‘Forensic Accountant’ to investigate anything, as SPLC claims.”

Regardless of Williams’ weak denials, the term “forensic accountant” was first used by Williams himself more than three months ago when he described Dilloway’s efforts on the compound as a “yeomanly job of forensic accounting.”

In a Feb. 11, 2015, email to Dilloway and to his attorney, Timothy Kalamaros, regarding making a criminal complaint against former Alliance business manager, Patrick Martin, Williams also made clear his willingness to inform on Martin to the Internal Revenue Service for “obvious embezzlement.”

Williams wrote:

“Tim, Randolph is doing a yeomanly job of tedious forensic accounting, digging through all that we were left (returns, statements, invoices, etc.). We can’t get the Pocahontas DA to go after Martin criminally, but we can make life uncomfortable for him, having to explain his obvious embezzlement of funds to the IRS.”

The notion that a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi “leader” would turn in a fellow racist to the IRS further supports the long-held maxim in federal law enforcement that most of the criminal cases made against white supremacists are based on information provided by the racists themselves.

In the same February email Williams clarified he was still using convicted swindler, Thomas Padgett, to do the NA’s taxes and would seek to put the blame for the alleged financial fraud on former NA Chairman Shaun Walker and Martin. Williams wrote: “I’ll talk again to Tom Padgett again [sic] who I feel will support our efforts to dig out of this IRS crater. He could only file returns from what Martin provided to him.

“We’ll try to shield Erich [Gliebe] as best we can and put the theft onto Walker and Martin. Though Erich was irresponsible in not supervising Martin for years.” ( continue to full post… )

Michael Ryan, Leader of an Anti-Semitic Cult, Passed Away in Prison

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Christian Identity by Bill Morlin on May 26, 2015 - 1:20 pm

A man who led a Christian Identity cult and was involved in two torture murders in 1985 died over the weekend of apparent natural causes while he waited on death row in the Nebraska state prison system.


Christian Identity cult leader Michael W. Ryan

Michael W. Ryan, 66, a one-time follower of Posse Comitatus leader James Wickstrom, died Sunday evening at Tecumseh State Correctional Institution where he had been since 2001 when death row inmates were moved there from the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

Ryan had been undergoing treatment for terminal brain cancer, the newspaper reported.

Ryan was sentenced to death for the 1985 sexual torture and mutilation murder of 27-year-old cult follower James Thimm and 5-year-old Luke Stice. Their bodies were discovered that same year in shallow graves by authorities during a raid of the cult’s compound, set up on a pig farm in Rulo, Neb. ( continue to full post… )

Neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller Fires Attorneys in Upcoming Capital Murder Trial

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime by Don Terry on May 15, 2015 - 9:45 am
Frazier Glenn Miller.

Frazier Glenn Miller.

Frazier Glenn Miller, the longtime neo-Nazi accused of killing three people last spring at two Jewish facilities in suburban Kansas City, fired his team of experienced lawyers during a testy status hearing in the case on Thursday.

Miller, who is 74 and in poor health, told the presiding Johnson County, Kan., District Court judge that he thought representing himself was “the only damn way” he would be allowed to say what he wanted during his upcoming capital murder trial, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Miller, who suffers from chronic emphysema, was seated in a wheel chair with an oxygen tank at his side in court Thursday, as the judge cautioned Miller against representing himself in such a complicated proceeding.

“It’s my life and I’ll do as I please,” Miller said, according to The Kansas City Star. “The death penalty don’t bother me.”

After he has his say at the trial scheduled to begin Aug. 17, Miller told the judge, he “might climb up on the gurney and stick the needle in, myself.”

Miller is accused of gunning down William Corporon, 69, and his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood, in the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park, Kan., on April 13, 2014. Corporon had taken his grandson to the center to audition for a singing contest. Minutes later, prosecutors say, Miller shot and killed Terri LaManno, 53, outside of the Village Shalom care center, where she had gone to visit her mother.

Miller has said he drove from his home in Aurora, Mo., to Overland Park with one goal in mind: killing Jews. He told The Kansas City Star last November that he was convinced he was dying and wanted to “make damned sure I killed some Jews or attacked the Jews before I died.”

None of the three people killed that Sunday in April was Jewish.

The status hearing began with the Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe telling the judge that Miller’s court-appointed lawyers had twice told prosecutors that the elderly white supremacist would plead guilty in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. The state declined both times, including the defense’s most recent offer on May 6, according to the Star. Moments later, Miller shouted that he was firing his attorneys and wished to represent himself. The judge, Kelly Ryan, called a recess to give Miller and his attorneys time to discuss the issue in private. When court resumed, Miller said he still wanted to represent himself.

Judge Ryan warned Miller that he would be held to the same standards and rules as a licensed attorney. He asked Miller if he thought he was competent to do so.

“My IQ is probably higher than yours,” Miller replied, according to the Star.

The judge asked Miller’s now fired attorney, Mark Manna, if he would remain in the case on a stand-by basis to assist Miller or if need be to take over again. Manna agreed to do so and the judge granted Miller’s request.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled on June 10.

It should be an interesting summer with Miller in charge of his own defense once his trial begins. According to the Star, Miller said one witness he intends to call is actor Mel Gibson.

Suspect arrested in white powder threats to Jewish groups

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Hate Crime by Bill Morlin on May 11, 2015 - 2:08 pm

Authorities in Colorado have arrested a 32-year-old man on hate crime-related charges for sending white powder envelopes deemed as threats to two Jewish organizations during Passover last month.

Jeffrey Thomas Klinkel, of Boulder, Colo., has been charged with two counts of felony menacing, two counts of interfering with an educational institution and two counts of using a hoax explosive or biological weapon. Following his arrest on Thursday, he also was charged with a failure-to-appear warrant related to a previous criminal case in Erie, Colo., jail records show.

Boulder County Jail Booking Photo

Boulder County Jail Booking Photo

The charges are related to letters containing white powder sent in early April, during Passover, to the Boulder Jewish Community Center and Congregation Har HaShem, a Jewish place of worship in Boulder, authorities say.

The threat letters resulted in the evacuations of a dozen children from the Jewish Center and a response by the Boulder County hazmat team, according to media reports.

The note in the envelope delivered to the Jewish Community Center said: “This Goyim is enjoying the blood of her enemies for Passover,” according to court documents. A similar note accompanied the envelope sent to Congregation Har HaShem.

The white powder in both envelopes was corn starch, the Boulder Daily Camera reported. A forensic examination also turned up Klinkel’s fingerprint on both letters, charging documents say.

Investigators searched Klinkel’s parents’ home, where he sometimes lived, and recovered books covering “multiple religious views and conspiracy theories,” the Colorado Spring Gazette reported.  Authorities didn’t immediately return telephone calls Monday from Hatewatch, seeking additional details.

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Boulder City Police, U.S. Postal Inspectors and the FBI jointly handled the investigation.

Scott L. Levin, Mountain States Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League, issued a statement commending investigators for their inter-agency cooperation that led to the suspect’s arrest.

“We hope that in the coming days as formal charges are brought against him, that the Boulder District Attorney will also issue bias-motivated charges if they are found to be warranted,” Levin said.

“While we are relieved that no one was harmed, Levin said, the letters “were clearly sent to scare the staff, members and others who may visit these institutions.  These incidents serve as a reminder that we must all be vigilant about security.”

Rense Radio Network Apparently Kicked off its Satellite Provider

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denial, Neo-Nazi by Heidi Beirich on April 30, 2015 - 12:22 pm

It appears that Jeff Rense’s radio show has been pulled from the line up of the Global Star Radio Network (GSR), which provided Rense with access to the Galaxy 19 satellite. As of today, Rense’s program is no longer listed as being aired, according to the GSR schedule (SPLC will verify whether the program has stopped broadcasting by listening to the satellite feed). Also, none of the other programs that run on Rense Radio Network, such as The Pete Santilli Show, appear any longer on GSR’s schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.17.05 AM

Galaxy 19 Coverage Area

GSR’s satellite had streamed the programming across North America. Yesterday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) contacted GSR to ask whether they were concerned about running Rense’s program on Galaxy 19. That satellite is owned by Intelsat, which is headquartered in Luxembourg. That country has a law against Holocaust denial, an activity that Rense regularly engages in. GSR did not respond to the SPLC’s emails. ( continue to full post… )

Putting The Cart Before The Courts: Robert Ransdell Announces Forthcoming Move to National Alliance Compound

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi by Keegan Hankes on April 29, 2015 - 3:57 pm

Former National Alliance (NA) Cincinnati chapter coordinator and current National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG) unit coordinator Robert Ransdell announced on Sunday that he would be the first member of NARRG to return to the NA compound in Mill Point, W. Va.

There’s just one problem though. The property doesn’t belong to NARRG, at least not yet.


Robert Ransdell

NARRG is currently embroiled in a $2 million civil lawsuit against the NA’s last chairman, Erich Josef Gliebe, and has hopes to reclaim both the organization and the West Virginia compound. However, much to the chagrin of NARRG’s leadership, which continues to spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees, another former NA member, Will Williams, has already quietly negotiated Gliebe’s resignation and the transfer of the NA to himself.

Despite these revelations, NARRG’s lawsuit continues to target Gliebe and several other former and current NA board members. The group’s leadership, at least publicly, remains confident in its case despite the fact that Williams has initiated the restoration of the compound, which had fallen into disrepair during Gliebe’s tenure.

Ransdell made headlines last Fall in Ohio and Kentucky during a failed campaign for a United States Senate seat in Kentucky with the slogan, “With Jews, We Lose!” His campaign featured a stop at the University of Kentucky where he was removed from the stage at a Constitution Day event after delivering an impromptu white nationalist screed to an audience filled with high school and college students. ( continue to full post… )

Pat Buchanan Pens Exclusive for Anti-Semitic Publication

Posted in Anti-Semitic, White Nationalism by Heidi Beirich on April 29, 2015 - 10:04 am
Pat. Buchanan.

Pat Buchanan.

Editors’ Note: This story has been updated to correct that Pat Buchanan has written for American Free Press before.

Pat Buchanan, the former presidential candidate and Reagan staffer, has once again thrown his lot in with professional anti-Semites.

On April 25, a column penned by Buchanan ran as an advertised exclusive to the American Free Press, a publication put out by Holocaust denier and longtime anti-Semite Willis Carto. Carto founded the anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby in offices not far from the White House, created the first Holocaust denial outfit Institute for Historical Review, and still publishes a denial magazine, Barnes Review. In general, the Press carries stories on Zionism, secret “New World Order” conspiracies, American Jews and Israel.

( continue to full post… )

Anti-Semitic Killer, Frazier Glenn Miller, to Plead Guilty

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime by Don Terry on April 28, 2015 - 1:44 pm

Old, sick and and behind bars for more than a year, neo-Nazi and accused triple-murderer Frazier Glenn Miller is apparently ready to officially confess at least some of his crimes and sins.

In a telephone call from jail on Monday, Miller, 74, reportedly told The Associated Press (AP) that he now intends to plead guilty to killing three people at two Jewish facilities in suburban Kansas City last spring. The rampage ended with the longtime white supremacist handcuffed in the back of a police car, screaming, “Heil Hitler.”

Miller, who suffers from chronic emphysema, told the AP he had wanted to go to trial quickly so he could explain in open court – more like rant and rave – the motive for his attack on three unarmed people, including an elderly man and his 14-year-old grandson. ( continue to full post… )