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Exclusive: Frazier Glenn Miller’s 2013 Calls to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, White Supremacist by Josh Glasstetter on April 15, 2014 - 3:31 pm

Glenn_MillerLast fall, the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, Heidi Beirich, spoke on multiple occasions with Frazier Glenn Miller (aka Frazier Glenn Cross), the suspect in Sunday’s deadly shootings at two Jewish community centers in Kansas. Miller, who once plotted to assassinate SPLC founder Morris Dees, wanted to invite Beirich on to a right-wing talk radio show and arrange a debate with her on the racist Vanguard News Network forum. During one of the calls, Miller reacted incredulously when she accused him of wanting to kill Jews.

Beirich and Miller discussed his ideology, history in the white supremacist movement and violent past. Miller said he joined the cause after reading the racist, anti-Semitic “Thunderbolt” newsletter – “I’ve been obsessed ever since 1974 when I became Jew-wise,” he said. “When I read that thing, my hair stood up, my neck turned red, and I knew I had found a home.” He went on to praise National Alliance founder William Pierce as “probably the best” and called David Duke “super-persuasive.”

Miller was convinced that whites are facing extinction at the hands of Jews and blacks and accused Beirich of supporting “anti-white genocide.” She told him that SPLC is trying to “stop people like you who want to kill Jews and exterminate Jews.” “Who the hell is killing Jews, who’s exterminating Jews?” Miller asked incredulously. Beirich responded that Miller’s associate Alex Linder, who runs the Vanguard News Network forum, where he was a senior member, says that Jews should be exterminated. Miller said that was just a “god damn opinion.”

Miller went on to explain how, in his view, Jews are increasing and whites are dying off. “Everything that’s killing us was brought about by Jews,” he said, citing abortion, which he says has killed “40 million white babies.”


Beirich and Miller spoke not long before racist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin was executed. Miller said Franklin, who was convicted of eight racially-motivated murders and implicated in many more, had a “rationale” for his actions – “he thought he was doing the right thing,” he said. Miller then declared Franklin “a righteous vigilante.”


Miller expressed a variety of anti-Semitic views and theories during the course of his calls to Beirich. “They don’t deny they control media,” he exclaimed. When told that Jews “are just like all other people,” he asked incredulously, “Why is it that that their DNA makes them all equivalent of fourth and fifth cousins at least?” “All you got to do is Google ‘Jew DNA,” he said. ( continue to full post… )

Racists Express Support for Frazier Glenn Miller, Suspect in Deadly Kansas Shooting, on White Supremacist Forum

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi by Don Terry on April 15, 2014 - 11:13 am

Get ready to take a long hot shower after reading the comments of support on Vanguard News Network (VNN) for neo-Nazi Frazier Glenn Miller, who was arrested at the scene minutes after the Sunday afternoon shooting spree at two Jewish community centers in suburban Kansas City that left three people dead, including a grandfather and his 14-year-old grandson.

“3 ain’t bad,” wrote “John from Canada.” “Heil Hitler brother!!”

“Happy April 20th,” “James Hawthorne,” a senior member of the VNN Forum added, referring to Adolf Hitler’s birthday, still the most important date on the neo-Nazi calendar.

“Dan Hadaway,” also a senior member, lamented that Miller “needed to go on a more crowded day” and that the attack didn’t “sound like it was too well thought out.”

Footage of shooting suspect being apprehended (KCTV 5 News)

Footage of Frazier Glenn Miller being apprehended (KCTV 5 News)

“Thank God people are finally fighting back against these vicious demonic parasites,” “H.B.,” another senior member said. “The jews (sic) are so evil. It is shocking that most people still don’t have a clue despite the fact that the Internet has given total transparency to their incredible and innumerable crimes.”

“313Chris” wrote, “Despite the thousands of years of destruction the Jew has repeatedly visited on the Aryan race, when someone finally gives a few of them a little lead karma, it’s not just murder, but a hate crime.”

“Crowe” wrote, “If he killed a single white person then he is a fucking scumbag. If they were kikes, then he gets a round of applause.”

As it turns out, none of the dead – William Corporon, 69, a physician, his grandson, Reat Underwood, 14, and Terri LaManno, 53 – were Jewish.

Dr. Coroporon and his grandson were killed in the parking lot of the Jewish Community of Greater Kansas City. They were at the center located in Overland Park, Kansas, so Reat could audition for a singing contest. ( continue to full post… )

Vanguard News Network: A Track Record of Violence

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, White Supremacist by Don Terry on April 14, 2014 - 4:48 pm

The shooting rampage at two Jewish community centers in suburban Kansas City yesterday afternoon that left three people dead, including a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather, also left the radical racist right casting blame and pointing fingers at each other.

Much of that blame is being directed at Alex Linder and the gutturally racist website Vanguard News Network (VNN) he founded in 2000. The site declares, “No Jews. Just Right.”

The alleged neo-Nazi gunman, Frazier Glenn Miller, who was arrested shortly after the shooting and shouted “Heil Hitler” from the back of a police car, has posted over the years more than 12,000 times to VNN, a site one white nationalist critic calls “a swamp.”

But the 73-year-old Miller is not the first VNN user to turn to murder and mayhem.


Brad Griffin, the editor of the white nationalist website Occidental Dissent and who writes under the name “Hunter Wallace,” posted on his site today that VNN is “the same swamp that gave us the Curt Maynard, Yankee Jim, and JT Ready murder suicides, Joe Snuffy the Spokane bomber, Todd Van Biber who blew himself up with a pipe bomb, and Craig Cobb’s plot to take over Leith and his ‘patrol’ of the town.”

Maynard, who used the screen name “Melcur” when posting on VNN, shot his ex-wife to death before killing himself following a police chase in 2010. In July 2008, Maynard posted to VNN, urging Miller to “lead by an example.”

“I’ve heard you and dozens of others condemn blogging as a waste of time, and constantly encourage others to sacrifice themselves,” Maynard wrote to “Rounder,” Miller’s screen name on VNN. “Why don’t you do it, I mean why don’t you strap on some explosive and walk into a room full of kikes and blow yourselves to Kingdom come.

“I say this in the nicest and most respectful manner possible, why don’t you lead by example and relieve us, this world, of a dozen goddamned Jews.”

In 2008, the body of VNN poster James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich, 52, a prolific white supremacist blogger, letter-to-the editor writer and radio host, was found hanging in a garage attached to the home he shared with his 55-year-old wife, Deborah. She was found beaten and strangled to death in the couple’s bedroom, the victim of an apparent murder-suicide.

VNN poster “Joe Snuffy” is really Kevin Harpham, who was sentenced to 32 years in prison in 2011 for building and planting a bomb – “a weapon of mass destruction” – along the route of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route in Spokane, Wash.

The bomb was concealed in a backpack. The lead sinkers in the radio-detonated device were coated with Warfarin rat poison, evidently intended to increase bleeding.

Had it gone off, dozens of men, women and children would have been killed or injured. ( continue to full post… )

Frazier Glenn Miller, Suspected Kansas Shooter, May Have Been Marking Birthday of ‘Hero’ Racist Serial Killer

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, White Supremacist by Don Terry on April 14, 2014 - 12:12 pm

Joseph-Paul-Franklin-HatewatchOne of the loudest and most loyal advocates for racist serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin in the months before he was executed last November was Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Klansman and neo-Nazi arrested for killing three people in separate shootings yesterday afternoon at a Jewish community center and a Jewish retirement home in suburban Kansas City.

Yesterday, would have been Franklin’s 64th birthday.

Whether Franklin’s birthday had anything to do with the timing of Miller’s deadly shooting spree is unknown at this time. What is clear is Miller’s admiration for the racist killing machine.

On the neo-Nazi web forum Vanguard News Network (VNN) Miller, a raging anti-Semite, frequently praised Franklin, who did most of his killing from long distance and from the shadows, for his bravery.

“So far, Joseph Paul Franklin is the bravest, therefore the greatest White Nationalist hero America has ever produced,” Miller wrote, using his VNN handle “Rounder.” “His proven courage, initiative, dedication, and willingness to sacrifice everything he owned, including his life, is unequaled on this continent, in my judgment.”

Franklin, who was also a former Klansmen and neo-Nazi, was convicted of killing eight people and was suspected of killing as many as 20 unarmed men, women and children, during a three-year cross country murder spree.

Most of his victims were black men and boys. But Franklin received his only death sentence for the 1977 sniper murder of a 42-year-old white man coming out of a synagogue after a bar mitzvah in suburban St. Louis.

Miller was ridiculed by some of his VNN fellow travelers for heaping such high praise on Franklin while failing to follow his violent example.

“I gather Glenn must have been stung by VNNers’ criticism (calling them ‘anonymous pussies),” Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, the largest white supremacist web forum in the world, posted hours after Miller was arrested yesterday in Overland Park, Kansas. “They had kept asking him why he didn’t follow his ‘greatest American hero.’”

Frazier Glenn Miller, Suspected Kansas Shooter, Posted Thousands of Messages to White Supremacist Board

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, White Supremacist by Bill Morlin on April 14, 2014 - 9:04 am

Glenn_MillerA day before he allegedly went on a weekend killing spree targeting Jews, Frazier Glenn Miller publicly discussed talking by phone with another white supremacist who wanted to turn a small North Dakota town into a whites-only enclave.

But that is only one of 12,683 anti-Semitic, racist Internet postings Miller has made on one racist site alone – the Vanguard News Network – in the past decade.

In other postings, Miller has discussed the potential impacts if President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were both assassinated.  In another post, Miller applauds a recent commentary by Pat Buchanan who said Russian president Vladimir Putin is merely protecting the ethnicity of Russians in his standoff with Ukraine, comparing Russia with Israel protecting Jews worldwide.

It’s his most recent posting – just a day before the shootings – about his conversation with fellow racist Craig Cobb that likely will get the attention of the FBI.  Agents likely will pay Cobb a visit in his North Dakota jail cell, asking if Miller gave any hint about what he may have had planned for Palm Sunday, the day before the start of Passover.

On the VNN Forum, Miller, using the screen name “Rounder,” posted a public message claiming that he had received a phone call on Saturday from Craig Cobb, who is in jail in North Dakota.   Outgoing calls from the jail are logged, perhaps even recorded, so that evidence likely will be of interest to investigators.


Cobb has made his own headlines in the past six months.  He is in jail on seven charges of terrorizing people last November when he and a fellow racist walked through the tiny town of Leith, N.D., where they were buying up homes in a failed attempt to create a whites-only town.  He apparently is among Miller’s shortlist of white nationalist heroes. ( continue to full post… )

Frazier Glenn Miller, Longtime Anti-Semite, Arrested in Kansas Jewish Community Center Murders

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, White Supremacist by Heidi Beirich on April 13, 2014 - 8:41 pm

Glenn_MillerFrazier Glenn Miller, 73, of Aurora, Mo., was arrested today for the murder of three people at two separate Jewish Community Centers in Overland Park, Kan. Miller, who was arrested using the alias Frazier Glenn Cross, has been in the movement nearly his entire life. Miller is the former “grand dragon” of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which he founded and ran in the 1980s before being sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against African Americans.

After subsequently forming another Klan group, the White Patriot Party, he was found in criminal contempt and sentenced to six months in prison for violating the court settlement. He went underground while his conviction was under appeal but was caught by the FBI with a weapons cache in Missouri. He served three years in federal prison after being indicted on weapons charges and for plotting robberies and the assassination of SPLC founder Morris Dees. As part of a plea bargain, Miller testified against other Klan leaders in a 1988 sedition trial.

Miller is a raging anti-Semite who has posted more than 12,000 times on Vanguard News Network (VNN), whose slogan is “No Jews, Just Right.” VNN founder Alex Linder has openly advocated “exterminating” Jews since December 2009. Miller, a close partner to Linder, has called Jews “swarthy, hairy, bow-legged, beady-eyed, parasitic midgets.” Miller is also one of VNN’s largest donors and he printed and distributed thousands of copies of VNN’s newsletter, The Aryan Alternative.

This isn’t the first time a VNN user has been arrested for violence. On January 17, 2011, less than 12 hours after posting on VNN, Kevin William Harpham placed an improvised explosive device concealed in a backpack along a Martin Luther King parade route in Spokane Washington. The lead sinkers in the radio-detonated IED were coated with Warfarin rat poison, evidently intended to increase bleeding.  Had the device functioned, dozens of men, women and children would have been killed or injured. Harpham also distributed The Aryan Alternative.

Our research shows that racist killers are hiding among us in plain sight. A forthcoming two-year study by the SPLC will show that nearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by active users on another prominent racist website,

In a phone conversation with his wife Marge, who has apparently never been active in the white supremacist movement, the SPLC was able to confirm that Miller had gone to a local casino in Missouri yesterday afternoon. He called his wife this morning at about 10:30 AM to tell her his winnings were up and all was well. She has not heard from him since, but law enforcement was at her door at 8:30 PM and she told the SPLC that they told her Miller was arrested for the shootings.

Gunman Kills Three at Kansas City Jewish Community Center, Retirement Home

Posted in Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime by Don Terry on April 13, 2014 - 4:49 pm

A white man in his 70’s was arrested this afternoon shortly after he allegedly shot and killed three people in separate shootings at a Jewish community center and a Jewish retirement home in suburban Kansas City.

Initial media reports said the man had shouted “Heil Hitler” as police moved in to arrest him in the parking lot of a nearby school. But at a 5 PM news conference, John Douglass, the police chief of Overland Park, Kansas could not confirm what the man said.

Chief Douglass said it was too early to label the afternoon attack a hate crime, adding that whatever the motive, “It’s a vicious act of violence.”

Footage of shooting suspect being apprehended (KCTV 5 News)

Footage of shooting suspect being apprehended (KCTV 5 News)

The FBI has been called in to help with the investigation.

Two men were killed at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and a woman was killed at Village Shalom, a Jewish retirement home.

Two other men were shot at, but narrowly escaped being hit, the chief said.

The shooting apparently began at the center known as JCC. Douglass said the initial call of shots fired came in at 1:05 PM central, at a time when the center was packed with hundreds of high school singers from across the area, auditioning for a singing contest while other young performers tried out for a production of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the Kansas City Star reported.

The gunman did not get inside the center. The shooting occurred in the parking lot where one man died at the scene. The second center fatality died at a nearby hospital, the chief said.

On its Facebook page, the center said “everyone participating in JCC programming has been released to their homes,” adding, “Our hearts go out to the families who have suffered loss on this tragic day.”

A short time after the shooting at the community center, a woman at the retirement home was shot and killed, before two police officers cornered the suspected gunman in the parking lot of a school and arrested him without further incident, police said.

The gunman was put in the back of a police car and made several statements, but the chief would not say what they were.

Neither the names nor the ages of the dead were immediately released. ( continue to full post… )

Oregon Woman Pleads in 2011 White Supremacist Murder Spree

Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime by Bill Morlin on March 12, 2014 - 1:55 pm

A 27-year-old woman who joined her boyfriend in a 2011 murder spree to kill Jews and minorities has pleaded guilty in Portland, Ore., in a deal that calls for her to spend the rest of her life in federal prison without the possibility of parole.

Holly Ann Grigsby told Senior U.S. District Judge Ancer Haggerty Tuesday that she did not kill any of the victims, including the stepmother of her boyfriend, David “Joey” Pedersen, the The Oregonian reports in today’s editions.

imagesAfter the pair were arrested in October 2011 and accused of a murderous crime spree in Washington, Oregon and California, Grigsby told a California newspaper reporter that she had killed DeeDee Pedersen because white supremacists believe that men should not murder women.

Despite Grigsby’s changed story, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jane Shoemaker told the court that the prosecution was prepared to prove that Grigsby had slashed DeeDee Pedersen’s throat, using two knives because one was not sharp enough, The Oregonian reported.

Pedersen, now 33, and Grigsby, both from Oregon, were named in a 14-count racketeering conspiracy indictment returned by a federal grand in Portland in August 2012. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder decided not to pursue the death penalty, but federal prosecutors in Oregon took the lead in prosecuting the pair who faced state charges in several jurisdictions.

Federal investigators say the two white supremacists hoped media attention given to their hate crimes would spark a revolution. ( continue to full post… )

Neo-Nazi Pleads to Terrorizing as Leith, N.D., Takeover Drama Comes to a Close

Posted in Anti-Black, Anti-Semitic, Extremist Crime, Neo-Nazi by Don Terry on February 28, 2014 - 3:15 pm
From YouTube

From YouTube

The part black and completely over the top white supremacist Craig Cobb pleaded guilty Thursday to menacing and terrorizing the residents of the tiny town of Leith, N.D., which he once hoped to buy up and turn into an all-Aryan enclave called “Cobbsville.”

“I apologize for my behavior and I regret my actions,” Cobb told a judge in a Burleigh County courtroom, according to the Grand Forks Herald.

Cobb’s soft-spoken plea was part of an agreement with prosecutors that apparently will spare the 62-year-old racist, who discovered last fall that he was 14% black, much more jail time or a lengthy prison sentence, the Herald said.

Except for the few days he spent on a mental ward during a short-lived hunger strike, or “spiritual journey,” as he put it, Cobb has been locked up in the Mercer County Jail since Nov. 16. That’s when he was arrested and charged with seven counts of terrorizing as he led his racist acolyte and roommate, Kynan Dutton, on an armed “patrol” of Leith. Dutton, 29, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was released in January after agreeing to testify against Cobb.

The profanity-laced patrol was recorded on a cell phone camera by Dutton’s girlfriend and later posted to the Internet by some of Cobb’s fellow white supremacists in an apparent – and successful – attempt to mock and embarrass Cobb. ( continue to full post… )

Anti-Semite Laffrey Responds, Says Only Violence Will Be Effective

Posted in Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist by David Neiwert on February 24, 2014 - 4:32 pm

James-LaffreyJames Laffrey, the middle-aged Michigan man who idolizes Adolf Hitler and urges readers at his website to surreptitiously assassinate Jews, responded over the weekend to our queries.

Laffrey opened his missive by noting that Hatewatch had misinterpreted what he said about President Obama – namely, that he had “bought into the corporate media’s selling of the product called Barack Obama.” We took that to mean he initially supported Obama, but Laffrey says that was not the case. Regardless, Laffrey’s view of Obama quickly darkened after the election:

On that About page, you will see that I described my evolution of thought as I increased my investigations and knowledge. Part of what you will see is that I recognized that Obama was appointing criminals who had infested the Clinton administration. Of course, most of those criminals are jews. Names of cirminal jews reappointed during various administrations? Examples: Volcker and Greenspan (more recently as just “advisors”). Robert Reich. Rahm Emanuel. Many more.

We asked Laffrey, in light of his advocacy for murder, if he considers himself a Christian. He replied:

I am opposed to all religions because they are all mind poisons. This includes, of course, Christianity, Islam, the so-called religion Judaism, and their offshoots. The Creativity movement is specifically and openly against violence, so their efforts certainly will not get the job done of wiping out the parasites of humanity — the jews.

Laffrey chided us for saying that he is calling for the “assassination” of Jews, though that in fact is a perfectly apt word for what he advocates. He then went on to discuss his “kill jews now” strategy:

If you look at my AmericanSolution page … you will also see the evolution of my knowledge and convictions, which I am always open about. (Also, my previous website, which you mentioned in the article, shows my previous level of thought.) I offer two strategies: the “party” strategy and the “kill jews now” strategy. I have said that we must pursue both strategies although, for practical purposes during this decade, “kill the jews” is the only strategy that is certain to provide a measure of success with every individual’s effective effort.  ….

Yes, we do have every right to kill invaders, just as the admirable Japanese would have every right to kill every nonJapanese person or group who tries to take control of Japan away from the Japanese.

Laffrey gave Hatewatch permission to republish his views.