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Hatewatch Headlines 12/18/14

Posted in Hatewatch Headlines by Hatewatch Staff on December 18, 2014 - 8:36 am

Media Matters: The most absurd anti-immigrant myths of 2014.

International Business Times: Hispanic optimism about overcoming racism tied to history, but could change, experts say.

Salon: The Obamas recount their personal experiences with racism.

Associated Press: South Carolina judge rules that 14-year-old’s murder conviction 70 years ago was an injustice.

Raw Story: Indiana church that fired gay choir director closing after sharp decline in attendance.

Vice: Ku Klux Klan is boosting its numbers by recruiting veterans.

Access ADL: Apparent extremist threatens police officers and a city employee in small Louisiana town.

Right Wing Watch: Tony Perkins warns that gay rights will destroy freedom and the American economy.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/17/14

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Spin: Apple pulls white power music from iTunes store.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Bosnian woman who claimed she was assaulted by black men in hate crime charged with fabricating story.

The Daily Beast: ‘III Percenter’ militia mom accused of murdering her ex-husband, stepdaughter.

Media Matters: Family Research Council’s Craig James isn’t sure if gay people should be executed.

Fox13 (Salt Lake City): Mysterious ‘tent city’ springing up in FLDS towns with wall and ‘no trespassing’ signs.

AlterNet: How economic inequality and institutionalized racism are linked to police killings.

Raw Story: Ohio couple says racist bullying made adopted Chinese daughter kill herself.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/16/14

Posted in Hatewatch Headlines by Hatewatch Staff on December 16, 2014 - 9:21 am

Salon: How Ferguson exposed the racial duplicity behind the Second Amendment crusade of gun rights advocates.

Reuters: Mississippi pastor trots out horse in wedding dress as a way to protest gay marriage.

NewNowNext: Chuck Norris appears to be lending his star appeal to anti-LGBT group, says marriage is only between man and woman.

Right Wing Watch: Gordon Klingenschmitt wants to push LGBT folks back into the closet.

Reporter-Telegram (Midland, TX): Man claiming to be Aryan Brotherhood member in jail for raping underage girls.

Think Progress: Virginia billboard promoting conversion therapy to remain in place, despite controversy.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/15/14

Posted in Hatewatch Headlines by Hatewatch Staff on December 15, 2014 - 7:50 am

Salon: Jerry Boykin says CIA interrogations weren’t torture, but IRS investigations are.

Al Jazeera America: Small Arkansas town tries to combat its reputation as a haven for white supremacists.

Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MI): Two Mississippi women plead guilty to hate crime charges in assaults on African Americans.

Raw Story: Protesters in ‘Black Lives Matter’ march confronted with racial slurs in Mississippi.

AlterNet: Kentucky finally shuts down government support for creationism museum.

Think Progress: Teen’s death, ruled a suicide by local police, now under FBI investigation as possible lynching.

Breitbart Unmasked: Tulsa store’s vending machine dispenses Nazi swastika rings to kids in black neighborhoods.

Right Wing Watch: Phyllis Schlafly warns that Central American immigrants will spread Ebola in the USA.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/12/14

Posted in Hatewatch Headlines by Hatewatch Staff on December 12, 2014 - 8:57 am

Right Wing Watch: ‘Hang him!’ demand anti-Obama protesters at rally for ‘Constitutional Sheriffs.’

AlterNet: Christian fundamentalist from Texas arrested in Israel, charged with plotting to bomb Muslim shrines.

Daily Beast: As Apple ditches ‘white power’ music from iTunes, online retailers such as Spotify become havens for hate.

USA Today: Vandals spray-paint ‘KKK’ on a third black church in rural Florida county.

One People’s Project: Richard Spencer’s right-hand man in Montana is a convicted felon working in Internet security.

KOMO News (Seattle): Muslim taxi driver recounts vicious hate-crime attack by man who called him a ‘terrorist.’

DiversityInc: How racism killed Eric Garner.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/11/14

Posted in Hatewatch Headlines by Hatewatch Staff on December 11, 2014 - 7:29 am

Think Progress: Killing of Muslim teen in Kansas City highlights possible uptick in anti-Muslim violence.

10 News (Sarasota, FL): Reward offered for information on vandalization of black churches in Crawfordville with KKK graffiti.

Religion Dispatches: Why millions of evangelical Christians oppose Obamacare, civil rights, the New Deal and more.

Salon: Arkansas town repeals anti-discrimination ordinance, thanks to Michelle Duggar.

Raw Story: North Carolina church members indicted for kidnapping, beating gay man to cure his ‘homosexual demons.’

Right Wing Watch: Texas pastor Donnie Romero warns that ‘dirty faggots’ want to snatch and rape your kids.

Star-Press (Muncie, IN): Ku Klux Klan leaflets spread about neighborhoods in another Randolph County town.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/9/14

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Raw Story: Study finds Ku Klux Klan played a critical role in the voting trends that built the GOP’s enduring grip on the South.

Right Wing Watch: Eagle Forum suggests growing racial diversity is harmful to America.

Media Matters: ABC’s Laura Ingraham fudges facts with accusation that Obama is two-faced on race.

AlterNet: Inside the twisted police department that kills unarmed citizens at the nation’s highest rate.

Right Wing Watch: Evangelist Rick Joyner says high salaries for black athletes are God’s reparation for slavery.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/8/14

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Washington Post: Ex-St. Louis cop details a culture of racism and violence in the police department.

AlterNet: Fox’s Bill O’Reilly goes completely off the deep end, claims Ferguson riots are part of anti-American conspiracy led by Soros.

Talking Points Memo: Iowa artist’s attempt to highlight the ‘horrifying truth’ of the KKK backfires badly.

International Business Times: Series of incidents raise fears that anti-Muslim hate crimes may be on rise in the U.S.

Associated Press: Arkansas professor tries to assemble data on domestic terror and extremists.

Breitbart Unmasked: Oklahoma extremist Charlie Meadows explains why blacks hate cops, advises them to stop.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Attack on Bosnian woman by three black teens is a hate crime, police say.

Hatewatch Headlines 12/5/14

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Missourian: ‘Journey for Justice’ march meets ugly counter-protest, complete with Confederate flag, keeps going.

WDAF-TV (Kansas City): Driver angry at Muslims intentionally crashes car into teen outside Somali Center, killing him.

Houston Chronicle: Teacher accused of anti-Muslim remarks to resign, get three months’ pay.

Think Progress: The Austin shooter and the violent Christian terrorist movement no one wants to talk about.

Daily Kos: Forum for police officers reveals raging racist undercurrents in discussion of Ferguson riots.

Breitbart Unmasked: Bircher-backed South Carolina state representative writes bills to nullify federal laws.

Raw Story: Ted Nugent furious about made-up claim that President Obama named Rev. Al Sharpton his ‘race czar.’

Talking Points Memo: Five Ohio sheriff’s deputies under investigation for racist text messages directed at fellow cops.




Hatewatch Headlines 12/4/14

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Media Matters: Conservative media still denying how racism and history fueled Ferguson.

Liberaland: ‘Patriot’ ex-cop Mark Kessler now claims feds paid him to lure right-wing extremists with his profane videos.

Right Wing Watch: AFA’s Bryan Fischer does not like, or understand, the phrase ‘a nation of immigrants.’

Flathead Beacon: Whitefish City Council adopts pro-tolerance resolution in response to presence of white nationalists.

New York Times: A genial Roy Beck leads the bitter opposition to Obama’s immigration reform efforts.

Think Progress: Georgia town bars Muslims from renting worship space.

Raw Story: Arizona pastor Steve Anderson predicts AIDS-free Christmas if all gays are killed.