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Hatewatch Headlines 2/11/15

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New York Times: History project tries to leave markers at sites of some of the 4,000 names identified as victims of lynchings.

AlterNet: Inside the strange, paranoid world of the far-right Oath Keepers.

KALB-TV (Pineville, LA): Residents on edge after Ku Klux Klan fliers appear in yards.

Independent (U.K.): Anti-LGBT leader Scott Lively, architect of international laws, plans run for U.S. Congress.

Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA): City councilman Mike Fagan questions need for vaccines, is schooled by top public health official.

Right Wing Watch: Alabama chief justice Roy Moore is a modern-day Martin Luther King, according to Bryan Fischer.

WIBW-TV (Topeka, KS): Gov. Sam Brownback strips all LGBT state workers of anti-discrimination protections.

Washington Post: Jeb Bush’s chief technology officer steps down because of racially inflammatory comments on website.

Klan Group Issues ‘Call To Arms’ Over Alabama Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Posted in Hatewatch Headlines, Klan by Keegan Hankes on February 10, 2015 - 2:55 pm

klanIn a latest attempt to capitalize on political and racial controversy, a Ku Klux Klan faction from Mississippi has initiated a “Call to arms in Alabama” in response to federal courts ruling that an amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional.


The post, which appeared on the United Dixie White Knights’ (UDWK) website and later on Stormfront — the largest online white supremacist forum — championed Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore for defying federal courts and called for Klansmen to leave their robes behind and take to the streets in protest.

“The Mississippi Klan salutes Alabama’s chief justice Roy Moore, for refusing to bow to the yoke of Federal tyranny,” Brent Waller, the UDKW’s imperial wizard, wrote in a Stormfront post. “The fudge packers from Hollywood and all major news networks are in shock that the good people from the heart of Dixie are resisting their Imperialist, Communist Homosexual agenda!”

Waller’s reason for his fellow Klansman to wear plain clothes is simple. “We have made the decision that we don’t want to distract attention away from the issue, as anytime the Klan rides, we are made the issue by the zionist controlled media,” he wrote. Not that wearing robes and hoods has been a consideration before.

Klan groups in recent months have sought to capitalize on already tense situations by appearing with a word of commentary and disappearing. Klan members have called for “corpses” on the Arizona-Mexico border, tried to raise money for the legal defense of the police officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and even distributed candy as a recruiting ploy in South Carolina. But their rush to the spotlight this time may be different.

Alabama on Monday became the 37th state in the country to recognize same-sex marriage after a federal judge struck down the “Sanctity of Marriage” amendment to the state’s constitution as unlawful. Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore responded by ordering Alabama probate judges not to comply with the federal ruling, throwing the state into a heated controversy involving states’ rights and federal reach.

In his post, and in subsequent email exchanges with Hatewatch, Waller speculated as to whether the federal government will send “Jack Booted thugs” — a comment meant to invoke Civil Rights era struggles and draw comparisons between the razing of Southern states during the Civil War and what the Imperial Wizard sees as the destruction of Southern values through marriage equality.

“We as White Christians intend to see that no outside agitators bully or intimidate the White Christian majority in the State of Alabama,” Waller told Hatewatch on Tuesday. “We salute those like the chief justice for standing against the Immoral, Ungodly and activist Federal Judges.”

Hatewatch Headlines 2/9/15

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Raw Story: Alabama chief justice Roy Moore issues late-Sunday edict banning judges from issuing gay marriage licenses.

BuzzFeed: How men’s rights leader Paul Elam turned being a deadbeat dad into a moneymaking movement.

Edge Boston: Hate group leader Tony Perkins likens anti-LGBT bigots to ‘involuntary’ servants, threatens uprising.

WSFA-TV (Montgomery, AL): Former Ku Klux Klan leader sentenced to prison for perjury.

Los Angeles Times: Black Manhattan Beach family target of alleged arson, hate crime suspected.

IREHR: Inside the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention.

WLWT-TV (Cincinnati, OH): Ohio sheriff says he fired two deputies over racially charged text conversations.

Asbury Park Press (N.J.): Hitler-loving teens’ tweets on killing, bombing Jews deemed not a threat by a police.

Right Wing Watch: Glenn Beck warns viewers that measles outbreak is an Obama conspiracy to get everyone to obey the government.

Hatewatch Headlines 2/6/15

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New York Times: Alabama’s chief justice tells probate judges to refuse to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Crooks and Liars: Fox News misunderstands joke, conflates ‘Sharia Law’ claim with swastika graffiti at U.C. Davis Jewish fraternity.

Right Wing Watch: GOP presidential hopefuls and congressional members appear in new anti-LGBT ‘documentary.’

Talking Points Memo: Rep. Aaron Schock’s communications chief resigns after bigoted Facebook posts turn up.

Daily Kos: Christian minister opens up Tennessee Senate session with prayer to end Medicaid expansion.

WIAT-TV (Birmingham, AL):  Man has unsettling experience of being recruited for Ku Klux Klan while shopping.

Phoenix New Times: Two arrested in connection with brutal ax murder carried out by Aryan Brotherhood.

Truthout: Activist publishes book of hate mail from Bible-believing Christians, and is inundated with a fresh wave of it.

Hatewatch Headlines 2/5/15

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Talking Points Memo: Texas open-carry gun activist warns lawmakers that ‘treason’ is ‘punishable by death.’

Media Matters: The ugly, hateful result of the anti-LGBT ‘religious liberty’ debate.

Think Progress: The full story of the ‘poster children’ conservatives are using to oppose same-sex marriage.

Raw Story: Texas neighborhood with ‘Caucasian race’ rule shuts down black man’s home business over signage.

East Oregonian: Pendleton police arrest two more men linked to Aryan gang’s crime spree.

Anniston Star (AL): Judge suggests defendant be silenced with duct tape during trial of ‘sovereign citizen’ couple for extortion.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: USA Today cartoon suggests Muslims are the equivalent of Nazis.

Hatewatch Headlines 2/4/15

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Media Matters: Rand Paul’s Alex Jones problem bubbles up with talk about vaccines and ‘martial law.’

Think Progress: Alabama congressman claims that measles outbreak may be caused by ‘illegal aliens.’

Advocate: In wake of marriage equality, anti-LGBT legislators draft their own ‘revenge’ bills that punish gays.

IfYouOnlyKnews: Vermont’s new state motto is in Latin, so right-wingers freak out against Latinos on social media.

Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC): North Carolina makes some top 10 lists of progress, and some of shame.

Raw Story: Montana pastor tells legislators it makes sense to discriminate against homosexuality, since it’s like incest and pedophilia.

The Herald (Rock Hill, SC): Survivors of an earlier era know that KKK’s racist taunts at high school are no joke.

Right Wing Watch: Dozens of RNC members are in Israel courtesy of AFA, which promotes idea that First Amendment doesn’t apply to Jews.

Hatewatch Headlines 2/3/15

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Reuters: Lawyers for Sheriff Joe Arpaio seek to stave off contempt of court charges in handling of racial profiling case.

Talking Points Memo: Sen. Rand Paul tells interviewer that vaccines can cause ‘profound mental disorders.’

Media Matters: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly pushes misleading CIS ‘study’ claiming all job growth since 2007 went to immigrants.

Think Progress: Alabama lawmaker declares same-sex couples don’t deserve the same financial benefits as other families.

Salon: Anti-LGBT pastor Manning warns in video rant that Justin Bieber is secretly a transsexual.

Raw Story: ‘KKK’ defaces South Carolina high school with graffiti mocking first day of Black History Month.

Hatewatch Headlines 2/2/15

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Media Matters: Civil-rights organizations and faith leaders call out anti-Muslim media coverage following Paris tragedies.

East Oregonian: Pendleton white supremacist gang in its final days, police chief vows.

Right Wing Watch: Tony Perkins claims gays ‘persecute’ Christians by making them view photos of gay people on Facebook.

Raw Story: Police investigate Nazi swastikas spray-painted on UC Davis Jewish frat house.

Dallas Morning News: Vitriol over imam’s prayer at Fort Worth rodeo leads him to cancel repeat event.

Texas Observer: State Rep. Molly White tells her staff to ask Muslims to pledge allegiance.

DiversityInc: Google apologizes, fixes anti-LGBT slurs in Translator tool.

American-Statesman (Austin, TX): Protesters shouting slurs disrupt attempt by Muslims, supporters to hold rally.

Hatewatch Headlines 1/30/15

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Right Wing Watch: Bryan Fischer says he’s merely ‘given up’ his position as AFA’s analysis chief, will keep doing broadcasts.

Salon: David Duke threatens to run against ‘sellout’ Rep. Steve Scalise.

Jim Romenesko: Idaho publisher explains why state’s biggest paper ran front-page anti-gay sticker ad.

St. Louis American: Police-union spokesman Jeff Roorda pushes young black woman at public hearing on civilian review.

Daily Kos: Native American schoolchildren taunted with racial slurs, sprayed with beer at South Dakota hockey game.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA): Augusta County supervisor refers to black reporter as ‘boy,’ then apologizes.

Tulsa World: Final defendants in large Aryan Brotherhood drug-trafficking case plead guilty.

News-Press (St. Joseph, MO): Maryville man charged with hate crime for harassing, threatening black waitress.

Hatewatch Headlines 1/29/15

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Rachel Maddow: American Family Association fires Bryan Fischer as analysis director ahead of RNC trip to Israel.

CNN: South Carolina judge throws out old convictions for sit-ins from Civil Rights era for ‘Friendship Nine.’

News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.): Police say traffic incident quickly escalated into racial assault on woman.

American-Statesman (Austin, TX): Aryan Brotherhood member faces felony theft charge after stealing snacks at Wal-Mart.

Right Wing Watch: Far-right activist Bill Federer warns of the Obama-Ferguson-Islamist-Homosexual plot to destroy America.

Raw Story: Seattle man needed state official’s help to deal with bogus charges for ‘walking while black.’

Idaho Statesman: Huge crowd, deep division at hearing for proposal to ban anti-LGBT discrimination in Idaho.