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Utah Republican AG Derides ‘Help’ From Nativist Organization

Posted in Nativist Extremist by Mark Potok on January 27, 2012 - 1:26 pm

It’s long been something of a mystery how conservative Republicans can expect to keep winning elections when so many of them spend their time dissing Latinos, a critical and rapidly growing portion of the electorate. Indeed, many Latino rights organizations argue persuasively that it was Latino voters who took Barack Obama over the top in the 2008 presidential election.

But that hasn’t stopped large numbers of conservative leaders, perhaps even the majority, from embracing anti-Latino rhetoric, activists and organizations. A case in point is how many of these politicians have gotten into bed with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and its legal arm, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). IRLI, its chief legal counsel Michael Hethmon and another lawyer, Kris Kobach, have been behind the vast majority of recent, draconian anti-immigrant laws, including those in Arizona and, worst of all, Alabama. ( continue to full post… )

Nativist Leader Recasts Immigration Fight as Religious Crusade

Posted in Nativist Extremist by Leah Nelson on January 27, 2012 - 10:03 am

After nearly shutting down at the end of 2011 due to financial difficulties, William Gheen’s Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) re-launched earlier this month, announcing plans to “deploy” exciting new strategies against “illegal alien supporters” and their evil co-conspirators in government.

In keeping with the grandiose tone of his fancy new website (which many users apparently find harder to use than the old one), Gheen has recast his “battle” as a religious crusade. In a post this week that defies both modesty and the basic laws of grammar, he wrote, “It is my strongest personal belief that this is not just a political battle, but a spiritual war between good and evil, between those who are defending their homes and trying to conserve what is good about America Vs. aggressive invaders who have overthrown our Republic and taken control of the Executive Branch to further their goals. If my spiritual beliefs offend anyone, then I have no regrets.” ( continue to full post… )

Major Nativist Extremist Group May Be at End of its Rope

Posted in Nativist Extremist by Leah Nelson on December 2, 2011 - 2:16 pm

William Gheen, head of the nativist extremist Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), is blaming the “authoritarian and dictatorial actions of Obama” for a budget shortfall that may force his group to shut down in January.

Gheen cited four “major causes” for the financial squeeze, including: (1) “The horrific political and economic environment we find ourselves in as a nation at this time”; (2) GOP presidential candidates who, he feels, are not hard-line enough on immigration; (3) “The authoritarian and dictatorial actions of Obama, who has … demoralized some of our supporters who are throwing their hands up in exhaustion instead of rallying against Obama”; and (4) “technical issues” involving the website and E-mail distribution list. ( continue to full post… )

Strange Bedfellows: Nativists Sponsor, Tout New Black Anti-Immigrant Group

Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist by Leah Nelson on August 18, 2011 - 10:41 am

A mysterious anti-immigration group called Blacks for Equal Rights Coalition (BFERC) recently made its debut in Los Angeles with a July 6 “Community Outreach Summit” on “The Impact of Immigration on Black Communities.”

The summit, whose entirely unnamed lineup included “advisors, educators, politicians and activists from the community,” generously offered a free lunch to the first 125 people to sign up.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Though “presented” by BFERC, the summit was sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant group whose founder, John Tanton, wrote in a 1993 letter to controversial ecology professor Garrett Hardin, “I’ve come to the point of view that for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.”

This is not the first “black” anti-immigrant group FAIR has sponsored. That honor would go to the now-defunct Choose Black America (CBA), which was billed as a grassroots organization but was apparently a front group funded and founded by FAIR for the sole purpose of putting a black face on the mostly white anti-immigrant movement. FAIR also helped establish other groups that purportedly represented the victims of immigration – the Coalition for the Future of the American Worker, which claimed to be a coalition of blue-collar groups, and You Don’t Speak for Me, the Latino version of CBA. ( continue to full post… )

Leak Reveals New Border Vigilante Group on Arizona Border

Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist by Leah Nelson on June 29, 2011 - 3:57 pm

A 2010 U.S. Department of Homeland Security memo warned that a new Minuteman-style border vigilante group had popped up in Arizona that posed “a possibility of violence between armed civilians and smugglers.”

The confidential memo — dated April 28, 2010, and leaked last Thursday by LulzSec, a group that hacked the Arizona Department of Public Safety — warned that an “unknown group” calling itself “A Concerned Citizen” was seeking recruits to help shut down a 30-mile section of Interstate 8. The idea was to create a roadblock, allegedly for the purpose of stopping any smugglers who might be traveling along the route.

“[I]t is not surprising that another contingent of Minuteman types has come to life. The tone of this information is quite unlike that of the MCDC Locked and Loaded Operation,” the memo’s author wrote, referring to Chris Simcox’s nativist extremist group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) and appearing to suggest that the new group was even more militant. MCDC dissolved in March 2010 in part because it did not want to take legal responsibility for the potential actions of its fired-up volunteers after its leader announced a “locked and loaded” plan that encouraged volunteers to bring rifles with them to the border and “forcefully engage” the “criminals” who try to cross without documentation. ( continue to full post… )

Nativist Extremist Pushing Arizona to Activate New ‘State Guard’

Posted in Nativist Extremist by Leah Nelson on May 4, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer last Thursday signed into law a bill authorizing herself and future Arizona governors to deploy an “Arizona State Guard” at any time and for any reason she sees fit. This state guard – in essence, a kind of all-volunteer militia that is immune from being federalized – would be a force that can be “activated” to do much of the same work that the National Guard does.

Republican State Rep. Jack Harper, who co-sponsored the bill and has been pushing the issue since Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was governor of Arizona, told newspapers he hoped to see the militia established immediately and used to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border for undocumented immigrants. Arizona has already been the subject of much controversy around its harshly anti-immigrant policies, especially the S.B. 1070 law that critics say subjects all Latinos in the state to racial profiling and is currently held up in the federal courts.

Harper is not the only one enthused about the new law. Now comes a campaign — apparently led by an extremist nativist hardliner once sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center — to push Brewer into activating the guard immediately. ( continue to full post… )

SPLC Hate Group Count Tops 1,000 as Radical Right Expansion Continues

Posted in Hate Groups, Nativist Extremist, Patriot Groups by Mark Potok on February 23, 2011 - 8:11 am

Editor’s Note: The Southern Poverty Law Center is today releasing its annual count of groups on the American radical right and analysis. What follows is the main essay from the new issue of the Intelligence Report, the SPLC’s investigative magazine. In the story, you’ll find links to our new hate group map and additional lists of antigovernment “Patriot” groups and nativist vigilante organizations. The issue also contains my editorial and stories on Cliff Kincaid, a homophobic propagandist at the far-right Accuracy in Media group; the adoption of an Oklahoma law forbidding the use of Shariah law; a racist group’s funding of two Mississippi private academies; a white supremacist’s new novel targeting the SPLC; the National Center for Constitutional Studies and its extremist version of American history; candidates with extreme-right ideas who ran in last year’s elections; an interview with a former “esoteric Nazi,” and more. The new issue’s table of contents is here.

Intelligence ReportFor the second year in a row, the radical right in America expanded explosively in 2010, driven by resentment over the changing racial demographics of the country, frustration over the government’s handling of the economy, and the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories and other demonizing propaganda aimed at various minorities. For many on the radical right, anger is focusing on President Obama, who is seen as embodying everything that’s wrong with the country.

Hate groups topped 1,000 for the first time since the Southern Poverty Law Center began counting such groups in the 1980s. Anti-immigrant vigilante groups, despite having some of the political wind taken out of their sails by the adoption of hard-line anti-immigration laws around the country, continued to rise slowly. But by far the most dramatic growth came in the antigovernment “Patriot” movement ­— conspiracy-minded organizations that see the federal government as their primary enemy — which gained more than 300 new groups, a jump of over 60%.

Taken together, these three strands of the radical right — the hatemongers, the nativists and the antigovernment zealots — increased from 1,753 groups in 2009 to 2,145 in 2010, a 22% rise. That followed a 2008-2009 increase of 40%. ( continue to full post… )

The Ongoing Trial (and Tragicomic Tribulations) of Fallen Minuteman Leader Chris Simcox

Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist by Alexander Zaitchik on July 12, 2010 - 2:03 pm

In an Arizona Senate campaign in which immigration and border security have been center stage issues, it’s no surprise that Chris Simcox managed to insert himself back into local headlines. Since reinventing himself in 2002 as the charismatic founder of the vigilante border-watch group Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. (MCDC), Simcox has always found a way to command attention.

But the latest chapter in the Simcox saga has been more low-comedy soap opera than high-desert drama. It’s been years since Simcox was the subject of national media attention and a regular guest on Fox News and CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” He began his most recent attempt at a comeback with big ambitions, his goal nothing less than unseating sitting Republican senator John McCain. When his efforts went nowhere and he dropped out of the race, Simcox found himself back in the familiar position of issuing pleading E-mail messages to his remaining (and most gullible) supporters, begging them not to abandon him in his latest hour of financial and legal need.

As Hatewatch noted in early June, Simcox’s estranged wife, Alena Lyras Simcox, has accused him of threatening her and their children with loaded handguns on two occasions in late 2009. He also allegedly threatened to shoot police if his wife called them to their home in Scottsdale, Ariz. Although Simcox denies the allegations, in April a Phoenix judge ordered Simcox to move out of the Scottsdale house, surrender his guns and maintain a distance of 200 yards from his family. His next court hearing in the custody dispute is scheduled for August.

Now, in the July 9 edition of his increasingly self-pitying E-mail newsletter, “The Simcox Report,” Simcox accuses his wife of having been involved in an adulterous relationship with Stacey O’Connell, a former member of the MCDC with whom Simcox has been feuding for years, since November of 2009. (O’Connell has denied the allegation.) Simcox charges that ever since O’Connell was thrown out of the MDCD in 2007, the self-described (but unlicensed) “bounty hunter” has “been engaged in an obsessive, devious plan to ruin my personal life.” In mid-June, in fact, O’Connell’s Fugitive Recovery Services of Arizona issued a “Wanted” poster for Simcox, saying that O’Connell had been hired by Lyras to serve the protective ordered granted to Lyras by the court. In the E-mail, Simcox treats his supporters to a large selection of text messages he says O’Connell has sent him in recent weeks, including one taunting, “i chased your skinny little ass right out of the state, youre such a little man (sic).” ( continue to full post… )

Stung by Racism Charges, Nativist Leader Pulls Out of Rallies

Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist by Larry Keller on May 20, 2010 - 8:04 am

William Gheen, the obstreperous head of the nativist group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC, has pulled his group out of all June Arizona rallies backing that state’s controversial new illegal immigration law. Gheen said he is doing so because former Colorado Republican congressman Tom Tancredo, one of the country’s most hard-line opponents of illegal immigration, is supporting one event in which racist skinheads and neo-Nazis may be involved.

That rally, scheduled for June 5 in Phoenix, is being organized by Dan Smeriglio, founder of Voice of the People USA, an anti-illegal immigration group based in Pennsylvania. Gheen says it could hurt, not help, the efforts of those supporting SB 1070, the bill signed last month by Gov. Jan Brewer giving police wide latitude to detain anybody they think may be in the country illegally and making failure of non-citizens to carry immigration documents a crime. Critics say the law will subject Latinos, whether citizens or not, to racial profiling and police harassment in a state whose population is 30% Hispanic. President Obama, among others, has criticized the law, and a number of cities around the country have voted to protest it by halting business travel to Arizona and banning contracts with businesses there.

Gheen supports the law and initially favored the June 5 rally. But he notified supporters on Tuesday that ALIPAC won’t be attending or promoting any rallies scheduled next month in Arizona to support SB 1070. “We will have no future dealings with Dan Smeriglio or retired Congressman Tom Tancredo due to the neo-Nazi connections and this disaster they have cooked up in Arizona that puts our issue at risk,” Gheen wrote.

Gheen became concerned after a Philadelphia-based anti-hate group called One People’s Project criticized ALIPAC for associating with Smeriglio, who it said was working with racist skinheads. Gheen checked and concluded that was true. He learned, for example, that among the “friends” that Smeriglio listed on his Facebook page was Steve Smith, a regional coordinator of Keystone United, a Pennsylvania racist skinhead group with several chapters. Smith’s Facebook page also indicated he’s a fan of a Swedish white nationalist singer named Saga, whose ditties have included “Goodbye, David Lane.” Lane, a convicted terrorist who died in 2007 while serving a 190-year prison sentence, remains one of the most revered figures in the white nationalist movement. He came up with the famous “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” ( continue to full post… )

Arizona Debate Unleashes New ‘Reconquista’ Accusations

Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Nativist Extremist by Sonia Scherr on May 5, 2010 - 2:17 pm

As the debate intensifies over Arizona’s harsh new law aimed at undocumented immigrants, nativist groups are claiming that opponents of the measure support nothing less than the reconquest of the Southwest by Mexicans.

Though the myth of “la reconquista” — a purported secret Mexican conspiracy to take back part of the United States — has long pervaded the nativist movement, anti-immigrant groups recently have been using it to portray critics of the Arizona law as anti-American. The law, which detractors (including Southern Poverty Law Center lawyers) say would lead to racial profiling, gives police the authority to arrest people suspected of being undocumented if they have some other reason to make contact with them.

Some of the most overheated rhetoric came from Peter Brimelow, the British immigrant who runs the anti-immigrant hate site In a post last week titled “Help VDARE.COM Resist [Raul] Grijalva’s Reconquista!,” Brimelow vilifies the U.S. representative from Arizona who vowed at a Phoenix rally to “overturn the power structure that created this unjust, racist law.” Brimelow asserts that “Grijalva is not an immigrant but a Mexican colonizer and what he’s against is not the ‘power structure’ — he’s against America.”

Pat Byrne, the executive director of the Patriots Coalition, another nativist group, also took aim at Grijalva. “Grijalva is supported by the same cast of characters who have crawled out of their political sewers to support his irredentist views,” Byrne wrote in an E-mail last weekend to followers. “Irredentist” means advocating the reclamation of territory formerly belonging to one’s country — presumably a reference to Grijalva’s supposed goal of returning part of the Southwest to Mexico. In an April 18 mass E-mail, Patriots Coalition President Al Garza (a former Minuteman leader) called another congressman, U.S. Rep. Luis Guitierrez (D-Ill.), “Mexico’s #1 reconquista agent.”

Not to be outdone, Glenn Spencer, who heads the American Border Patrol hate group, posted a picture of the United States on his website last Friday with a Mexican flag superimposed on the Southwest. “The Mayor of Los Angeles [Antonio Villaraigosa] is a lackey of the Mexican government,” Spencer wrote. “His [sic] has declared war on U.S. sovereignty.”

Jim Gilchrist, a founding father of the Minuteman movement and the leader of the Minuteman Project, also weighed in last week by attacking not just public figures but all undocumented immigrants. The headline on his website proclaimed, “Minuteman Project says: Illegal Aliens Trying to Strong Arm Arizona.” He continued: “The illegal aliens are proving our point. The Minutemen have for a long time held the line that illegal aliens haven’t come here to work but to colonize.”

Minuteman Project Executive Director Stephen Eichler also heads — part of the libertarian-tinged grassroots protest movement — so perhaps his group’s overwrought defense of Arizona is no surprise. An E-mail to supporters asked: “Are we to guarantee domestic tranquility for the rest of the world while our own Citizens hide in their homes for fear of an invading army of trespassers?”