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The Southern Poverty Law Center is going to court today to help domestic farmworkers and foreign guestworkers recover millions of dollars in wages they were never paid after performing backbreaking work.

Teaching Tolerance Director Maureen Costello appeared yesterday on CNN to discuss National Mix It Up at Lunch Day and to address the American Family Association’s (AFA) bizarre attack on the anti-bias program.
Profiled here are 15 political candidates who are linked to hate groups or who promote extremist propaganda.

George McGovern: A man of principle and compassion


It's a sad occasion for our country. My great friend George McGovern died yesterday at the age of 90. Senator McGovern was a true American hero.

Hannah Bradley and her classmates simply wanted to raise awareness about anti-gay bullying at their high school. So on Oct. 11 – National Coming Out Day – the students wore name tags stating their orientation.

Teaching Tolerance Director Maureen Costello is encouraging schools nationwide to participate in National Mix It Up at Lunch Day, set for Oct. 30.

Where does the GOP stand on gay bashing?


In 1999, Republican National Committee Chair Jim Nicholson called for party members to shun the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group that described African-Americans as “a retrograde species of humanity.”


“A member of the party of Lincoln should not belong to such an organization,” Nicholson said at the time.

This past spring, one of my friends at Hardin County High School in Savannah, Tenn. wore a T-shirt on the Day of Silence – a national observance to raise awareness of anti-gay bullying and harassment. Her shirt displayed the slogan, "Lesbian and Proud."

Last month, I stood before 300 Sikhs at a Gurdūārā in Roswell, Ga. I stood there representing the Southern Poverty Law Center as part of an ongoing effort to curb the bullying of Sikh school children across the South.

We honor Sikhs by learning about them


We know little about the motives of the gunman who opened fire yesterday in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Many of us will monitor the news during the day, hoping to learn more about what the shooter thought he was doing, sure to hear more about the heroism and horror inside the building.