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A federal judge today temporarily blocked a provision of Alabama’s notorious anti-immigrant law that threatened to push families out of their homes if they couldn’t prove their lawful status.

The Southern Poverty Law Center called on the Birmingham, Ala. community to demand that city officials stop allowing police officers to use Mace against students in Birmingham’s public schools.

The federal district court in Montgomery temporarily blocked a section of Alabama anti-immigrant law HB 56 that threatens to push families who cannot prove lawful status out of their homes. A civil rights coalition filed a lawsuit challenging this application of Section 30, which demands ‘papers’ for everyone applying for mobile home tags they need to remain in their homes.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and a coalition of civil rights groups filed a federal lawsuit to challenge a provision of Alabama’s harsh anti-immigrant law that threatens to push people out of their mobile homes.

The Southern Poverty Law Center today filed a federal class action lawsuit today on behalf of several aspiring college students who are denied in-state college tuition rates in Florida because they cannot prove the lawful immigration status of their parents. 

In a class action lawsuit filed today, the Southern Poverty Law Center challenged a policy of the Montgomery County Probate Office in Alabama and probate offices across the state that denies undocumented individuals and U.S. citizens whose intended spouses are undocumented their constitutional right to marry.

An appellate court in Kentucky has upheld the SPLC’s $1.3 million verdict against a Klan leader at the center of a large network of neo-Nazis, racist skinheads and other violent white supremacists.

A federal appeals court today blocked certain key provisions of Alabama’s anti-immigrant law while the constitutionality of the law is under determination.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and a coalition of civil rights groups today launched a legal challenge to South Carolina’s anti-immigrant law, charging it is unconstitutional, invites racial profiling and interferes with federal law.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) announced an expansion of its legal department, including the addition of an attorney and two community advocates to its Alabama office today.