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Press Release

The SPLC notifies schools across Alabama that they are violating federal law by requiring Social Security numbers or other information that discourages or denies enrollment to children of immigrants. 

In the wake of a neo-Nazi’s deadly attack at Jewish facilities in Kansas last month, the new issue of the SPLC Intelligence Report explores the white supremacist movement through the eyes of a former racist skinhead and an FBI informant, and examines the role of the Internet in promoting racist violence.

A first-of-its-kind road map from Teaching Tolerance that points the way for teachers to implement anti-bias education at every grade level will help them build classroom environments that encourage diversity, equity and justice, according to the latest issue of Teaching Tolerance magazine, released today.

The SPLC today urged the Justice Department to investigate the Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham, Ala. – an overcrowded lock-up where violence, neglect and abuse are common, especially for children. 

Since entering a Georgia prison in 2012, a transgender woman has been denied the hormones she needs to maintain her gender identity. The SPLC today demanded that prison officials provide the therapy or risk a federal lawsuit.

The SPLC today delivered a petition signed by more than 5,800 people to Florida Gov. Rick Scott demanding that the state stop discriminating against black and Hispanic students by setting lower academic goals for students of color.

The Obama administration has taken an important step to protect every child’s right to a public education, outlining the legal responsibilities of schools to provide equal access regardless of national origin or immigration status.

The fierce grassroots campaign threatening to derail the Common Core State Standards is being fueled by far-right propaganda that relies heavily on distortions, outright falsehoods and demonizing conspiracy theories promoted by antigovernment extremists, according to a new SPLC report.

A federal judge has held Hinds County, Miss., officials in contempt of court for failing to comply with a settlement addressing the abuse and neglect of children at the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center. The agreement was extended by two years to allow more time for compliance.

Poultry workers were forced to endure unsafe and abusive conditions at an Alabama processing plant or lose their jobs, according to a complaint the SPLC filed with OSHA today.