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A federal appeals court upheld a lower court’s decision to block sections of South Carolina’s anti-immigrant law today, allowing an SPLC case challenging the law to continue and to potentially block a section of the law that allows police to act as immigration agents and demand an individual’s “papers.”

A judge has denied a New Jersey organization’s motion to dismiss an SPLC lawsuit that accuses the group of consumer fraud for offering conversion therapy services – a dangerous and discredited practice that claims to convert people from gay to straight.

The SPLC and a coalition of civil rights groups announced today the filing of 28 open records requests to ensure a provision of Georgia’s anti-immigrant law is not being used by law enforcement to racially profile residents or to detain people solely to check immigration status.

El Programa de acción de la comunidad del condado de  Jefferson (JEFFCAP) se ha comprometido a tomar las medidas necesarias para garantizar que los niños latinos en edad preescolar gocen del mismo acceso al programa Head Start. JEFFCAP extendió la fecha límite de solicitud para darles a las familias del condado de Jefferson la oportunidad de aplicar para un puesto en el programa. Otras medidas incluyen la prestación de capacitación y asistencia técnica y al personal para asegurar prácticas justas de inscripción.

The SPLC has reached an agreement to improve equal access to Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Head Start program, which had prevented impoverished Latino preschoolers from enrolling – a violation of federal laws and regulations. (en Español)

To celebrate Mandela day The Civil Rights Memorial Center will be offering free admission all day as well as screening "Nelson Mandela: A Journey to Freedom" at noon. Visit the memorial, observe a moment of silence to reflect upon the life and legacy of Mr. Mandela and sign the Wall of Tolerance, making a public commitment to stand for the human dignity of every perso! The CRMC located at 400 Wshington Avenue in Montgomery, AL. Visit our Facebook page for updates.

In an e-mail (pdf) to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Derek Black – the son of a former Alabama Klan leader who operates the world’s largest racist web forum – explains why he is renouncing the white nationalism he has promoted on his radio show. He now calls the ideology “principally flawed” and “an entrenched desire to preserve white power at the expense of others. (Continue to full post by Mark Potok...)

City aldermen in a small Mississippi town have denied a business license to a lesbian who wants to reopen a bar catering to the LGBT community. The SPLC is demanding that the board reverse its discriminatory decision or face a lawsuit.
The immigration bill passed by the U.S. Senate contains important and long-sought reforms but fails to protect guest workers from abuse and exploitation.
The SPLC urged the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights today to address human rights violations in U.S. poultry and meatpacking plants.