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Hate Incidents

Incidents of apparent hate crimes and hate group activities listed here are drawn primarily from media sources. These incidents include only a fraction of the approximately 191,000 reported and unreported hate crimes that a 2005 government report estimated occur annually.

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Seaside, OR
Two gay men were beaten unconscious on the beach by a group of attackers.
Eugene, OR
"Four people were arrested after a fight between a black student and a white student at a high school. Following the fight William Roberts, 36, the father of the white student, allegedly approached three black students not involved in the altercation and used racial slurs. Meta Reeder, 40, the white student's mother, then allegedly assaulted two of the black students. Another relative, Justin Reeder, 23, allegedly became involved in the attack as well. The white student was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal mistreatment and racial intimidation. Roberts, Meta Reeder and Justin Reeder were charged with assault and Roberts also faces a charge of racial intimidation. "
Legal Developments
Portland, OR
Two Medford men have pleaded guilty to burning the shape of a cross and the letters KKK into the lawn in front of a mixed-race couple's home.
Troutdale, OR
Police discovered graffiti on the walls of Cherry Park Presbyterian Church, including swastikas, gang tags, the letters KKK and expletives targeted at Jews.
Medford, OR
Two men, one with a red swastika armband and one with an SS tattoo on his neck,hit a man with a telescoping baton and shouted "Heil Hitler!"
Aloha, OR
A man allegedly beat a woman after learning she was gay.
Eugene, OR
Raymond Toledo, 28, was charged with intimidation and criminal mischief for allegedly vandalizing a black-owned business and leaving a racist note at the scene.
Newberg, OR
A life-size cardboard reproduction of black presidential candidate Barack Obama was hung from a tree with fishing line on the George Fox University campus. Taped to the cutout was a message targeting participants in a scholarship program geared toward increasing the number of minority and low-income students at several Christian colleges, mostly in the Northwest.
Gresham, OR
A vandal scrawled racial epithets and slurs that included a swastika, and profanity degrading to African Americans on the window of the office for Senator Barack Obama.
McMinnville, OR
Nazi and anarchist symbols and obscenities were painted on the dugouts at a high school softball field.