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Hate Incidents

Incidents of apparent hate crimes and hate group activities listed here are drawn primarily from media sources. These incidents include only a fraction of the approximately 191,000 reported and unreported hate crimes that a 2005 government report estimated occur annually.

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Detroit, MI
When Matthew Robb left for work the morning after the presidential election, he found the words "N-word-Lover" and "congrats the N-word won" spray-painted in bold yellow letters across the back and both sides of his orange Chevrolet Colorado LT truck. The incident happened in the secured parking garage at his downtown Detroit apartment building. Video cameras show that a single vandal did the damage between 12:30 and 2:00 a.m. on Nov. 7. "I went into the secured parking garage that requires a key card for access and found racial slurs and racial epithets written all over my truck," Robb said. "I was so happy and excited after the election, and to see this just made my stomach sink," Robb said. The APL teacher said he was still in shock later that day when he told his basic law students and co-workers about the incident. (via
Bay City, MI
A white Bay City man has been charged with committing a hate crime, accused of the racially motivated beating of a black man. Twenty-four-year-old Justin Bouza was due in court Thursday for a preliminary examination to decide if he should stand trial on charges of ethnic intimidation and aggravated assault. The intimidation charge carries up to two years in prison. reports that authorities say Bouza and a 21-year-old man attacked 26-year-old Jeremy Love about 2:45 a.m. on Aug. 12. Police say they found Love lying on the ground, bleeding and groggy. He was treated for a concussion. Witnesses say Bouza and his companion used racial slurs while punching and kicking Love on the ground. Bouza was in jail Thursday, and there's no phone listing for him. From:
Interlochen, MI
A swastika and racist graffiti were painted in the middle of a neighborhood intersection.
Dearborn, MI
A storage building owned by the American Muslim Center was set afire and graffiti that included the word `Arabs` was found at the scene.
Grand Haven, MI
Kenneth Schmidt, 56, was charged with ethnic intimidation for allegedly scrawling a racial slur on a wall at an apartment complex on May 8.
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Grand Rapids, MI
Eric Pierson was sentenced to nine months in jail for using racial slurs and pulling a knife on a black man in Solon Township in December 2011.
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Novi, MI
A lesbian couple's residence was set afire and graffiti was written inside.
Ostego Township, MI
Ostego Township 2012-03-30 A racial slur and the word `leave` were spray-painted on a black family's residence.
Battle Creek, MI
A 27-year-old white man allegedly posted messages on Facebook about a black man that included a threat to kill the man and burn his house.
Detroit, MI
Glenn E. Morgan Jr., 41, was sentenced to three months in jail after pleading guilty to mailing a noose and photos of lynchings to a black man and his white wife in 2008. Morgan was also placed on two years' supervised release, ordered to perform 200 hours of community service and fined $2,000.
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