Neo-Pagans Peter Georgacarakos, David Lane and Richard Scutari Publishing from Prison

Publishing for 'POWs'
How is it that the three Florence inmates have become so influential? The answer largely lies in their connections to three publishing enterprises that focus on racist neo-paganism, all of them currently headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. Each of these enterprises treats these convicts as heroes of the Aryan pantheon.

  • 14 Words Press. Based in the northern Idaho timber town of St. Maries, this publishing outfit was formed by Katja Lane, who married David Lane in the mid-1990s, and Ron McVan, a former editor of Racial Loyalty, the newsletter of the neo-Nazi Church of the Creator.

    14 Words' main publication is Focus Fourteen, a newsletter that often features David Lane's writings. It also sells paraphernalia like "Hail the Order" T-shirts on its web site. Both Katja Lane and McVan, a 6-foot, 6-inch "Aryan warrior," have made appearances at Aryan Nations, the infamous neo-Nazi compound located in Hayden Lake, Idaho.

  • Thule Publications. Dedicated to "our comrades behind the wire," this Portland, Ore.-based organization has ties to Volksfront and Hammerskin Nation, two of the country's most violent neo-Nazi Skinhead groups, as well as racist pagan groups in New Zealand and Scandinavia.

    It publishes Thule: Prisoners Historical, Political, Philosophical and Spiritual Journal, sending it free to "prisoners of war" and mixing calls to violence with erudite-sounding language.

  • White Order of Thule. With its "world headquarters" in Deer Park, Wash., the White Order is apparently headed by Nathan Pett, a racist Skinhead who uses various aliases, including Nathan Zorn. Ideologically, it is a bizarre mix of racist Odinism, Satanism and occult neo-Nazism.

    The White Order has an intellectual gloss, telling joiners that they must advance through "degrees of membership," studying German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche, Adolf Hitler and others. A book about The Order — also known as the Bruder Schweigen — is recommended reading. The White Order also has a post office box in Richmond, Va.

The White Order, which calls itself the "foremost occult Aryan pagan order in the world," is the most prolific of the three publishing enterprises, with two widely read publications. Crossing the Abyss — "on the cutting edge of Aryan thought and spirituality" — is "easily the best publication in the movement in terms of content and presentation," says Alex Curtis, editor of the widely read racist Internet newsletter The Nationalist Observer.

Scutari, for his part, says the magazine is "becoming one of the main voices for our folk." Fenris Wolf is put out by the Pagan Liberation League, the "Pacific Northwest faction of the White Order of Thule."

'McVeigh Had the Right Idea'
Both Scutari and Georgacarakos, a convicted cocaine dealer from Maine, are frequent contributors to the White Order's publications. And so is Mark Kowalski, who is serving a 12-year sentence for bombing an NAACP office in Tacoma, Wash., in July 1993. Kowalski had hoped to ignite a race war with his attack.

Beyond publishing the three Florence inmates, the literature produced by 14 Words, Thule Publications and the White Order of Thule often includes frightening comments from prisoners.

In a recent issue of Fenris Wolf, an Arizona neo-Nazi Skinhead named "Jeremy" says, "It will take a lot more than a few skins beating some nigger to death to get society's attention. ... McVeigh had the right idea, but lacked the knowledge and manpower to carry it out."

Another Skinhead, "Cyclops" of Michigan, tells the same publication that as soon as he is released he plans to "set about hunting for a victim to sacrifice to Odin and Thor for victory!"

Scott Britt, a former neo-Nazi Skinhead who has renounced his past and now works for an antiracist Oregon group, says racist Odinism and young neo-Nazis make a fine match. For Britt, this marriage is exemplified in t-shirts once sold by the racist band Aggravated Assault that depicted "a Skinhead and a Viking sharing a cup of mead [a fermented beverage made with honey, malt and yeast] on a mountaintop."

"Being in the Nazi movement," Britt recalls, "Odin, Thor and his hammer, and Norse religion in general, were things I heard about every day."

Today, the growth of racist neo-paganism is remarkable. Oklahoma Skinhead recruiter Dennis Mahon has become a devout Odinist. Long-time Alabama Klansman and four-time felon Bill Riccio, who also has energetically organized Skinheads, says Odinism is the true religion for Aryans; and one of his former followers now heads the Sonnenkinder Kindred, an Alabama racist pagan outfit.

John William King, the convicted ringleader in the truck-dragging murder of James Byrd Jr., became an Odinist in prison before the infamous Texas slaying. Nathan Thill — a neo-Nazi Skinhead who boasted to television cameras about murdering a black man in Denver — bears Odinist tattoos of Celtic warriors on his right hand and wrist.

And, true to form, Fenris Wolf recently congratulated Thill for his grisly handiwork. "Special Thanks," the magazine exclaimed, "and Blood Regards."