Pan-Aryanism Binds Hate Groups in America and Europe

· After discussions in England, the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP) is formed in January with expatriate Briton Mark Cotterill, who is based in Falls Church, Va., as its head.

The group appears primarily concerned with raising funds for the neofascist British National Party (BNP), although it will come to act as a nexus for a variety of American extreme-right groups.

· Later in January, Stan Hess, a long-time anti-immigration activist and founding member of the AFBNP, goes to England to meet with Nick Griffin and Richard Edmonds of the BNP. The men discuss how to improve AFBNP fundraising.

· Stephen Cartwright of the Scottish branch of the BNP travels in March to the Washington, D.C., area to speak at an AFBNP meeting in Arlington, Va. After a brief overview of the BNP, Cartwright asks for money to help the party run in upcoming European parliamentary elections.

In ensuing days, he will appear in Richmond, Va., and in Baltimore, where he speaks to members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. During his visit, Cartwright meets with former Klansman David Duke and stays with AFBNP boss Mark Cotterill.

· American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor travels to London in June to address a meeting of supporters of Right Now!, an English pseudo-academic, "racialist" publication similar to his own. Taylor, the British antifascist magazine Searchlight will report, describes multiculturalism as "a conspiracy to destroy white society."

· Simon Darby, the BNP's webmaster, speaks in July to three private meetings of AFBNP supporters in Virginia and Florida. Darby tells an audience in Fairfax County, Va., that although the party polled only 100,000 votes in recent European parliamentary elections, the campaign "also resulted in large numbers of people joining the Party and many new chapters being set up."

· Starting in late October, William Pierce spends six days at the neofascist NPD's Youth Congress in the Bavarian village of Falkenberg, Germany. Five hundred youths, a third of them Skinheads, hear speakers from Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania and Sweden.

Pierce, the only speaker from the United States, advocates increased collaboration by white nationalists around the world, saying "our destinies are linked."

While in Falkenberg, Pierce finishes taking control of the Swedish white power music label Nordland's stock and U.S. band contracts. According to Searchlight, the acquisition costs Pierce $50,000.

· In December, National Socialist Black Metal musician and convicted murderer Hendrik Möbus flees parole violation charges in his native Germany and flies to Seattle, Wash., to visit with white supremacist Nathan Pett. In June 2000, after an allegedly violent dispute with Pett, Möbus will find refuge at William Pierce's National Alliance compound in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, German officials issue international warrants for Möbus, who is accused of violating parole by mocking the memory of his 14-year-old murder victim and by giving a "Sieg Heil" salute.

· In late January, Stephen Brady (traveling under the pseudonym of Stephen King) of the neofascist British National Party (BNP) comes to the United States, addressing meetings of the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP) in Arlington, Va., and Palm Beach, Fla.

At both, Brady discusses the recent electoral advances of Austrian ultranationalist Jörg Haider's Freedom Party, ending the Virginia gathering with a stiff-armed salute to Haider.

· An international cast of right-wing ideologues attends the Reston, Va., American Renaissance Conference hosted by academic racist Jared Taylor in March.

Among them are:

  • Bruno Gollnisch of the French National Front;
  • J. Phillippe Rushton of Canada;
  • Frank Ellis of England; and
  • Richard Lynn of Northern Ireland.

Lynn says that through immigration, "we are building our own funeral pyre." Rushton recounts the "devastatingly low" IQ scores he claims he found when testing South African university-educated blacks. Ellis, who is attending despite warnings not to from his employer, Leeds University, complains of political correctness.

· Nick Griffin, who took over the BNP in late 1999 from long-time leader John Tyndall, speaks at an April 22 AFBNP meeting in Arlington, Va., along with U.S. white supremacists David Duke and Kirk Lyons, to ask for financial aid.

Visiting from Germany as a reported emissary of the neofascist NPD party, U.S.-born Roy Arthur Armstrong (who in Germany has used the last name of his German wife, Gödenau), complains of "socialist" Germany and claims that a "more united and younger nationalist movement" has arisen in Germany and electoral success is near. A former American serviceman in Germany who had cultivated other extremists over at least a decade, Armstrong will later become a key Duke aide.

· The Institute for Historical Review, America's leading Holocaust denial outfit, hosts a May 28 conference in Irvine, Calif., attended by half a dozen key historical revisionists from abroad:

  • John Bennett of Australia;
  • Robert Faurisson of France;
  • Jürgen Graf of Switzerland;
  • David Irving of Britain;
  • Germar Rudolf of Germany; and
  • Ernst Zündel of Canada.

Graf, a former schoolteacher, has lived in exile in Iran since he was sentenced to Swiss prison because of his Holocaust-denying book. Rudolf, a chemist and editor of a German revisionist journal, also reportedly is in exile since an illegal forensic examination of the Auschwitz gas chambers.

· During the summer, former Klansman David Duke makes his second trip to Russia, at the invitation of Alexander Prokhanov, editor of the ultranationalist newspaper Zavtra, and Konstantin Kasimovsky, head of an anti-Semitic outfit called Russian Action.

Duke promotes his latest book, The Ultimate Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question, which is openly offered in the lobby of the Russian Congress for $1.80 and which sells out a 5,000-copy printing in a few weeks. Boris Mironov, who was once press secretary to former president Boris Yeltsin, wrote the preface to Duke's book. In November, after a visit back to the States, Duke will return to Russia.

· In the United States, AFBNP boss Mark Cotterill meets in August with Povl Riis-Knudsen, a former member of Denmark's leading neo-Nazi organization, the Danish National Socialist Movement. In the late 1960s, Riis-Knudsen was general secretary of the World Union of National Socialists, the international neo-Nazi organization long led by American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell.

Riis-Knudsen also is a personal friend of Martin Kerr, the AFBNP member who chairs most of that group's meetings and who also is a former spokesman for the neo-Nazi New Order.

· On Aug. 26, German neo-Nazi musician Hendrik Möbus is taken into custody by federal agents near the National Alliance compound in West Virginia. Based on a German extradition request, deportation proceedings are initiated. As late as July 2001, having been denied political asylum by an immigration judge, Möbus will still be fighting deportation to his native Germany.

· BNP organizer Richard Brook travels to Arlington, Va., to speak at an August AFBNP meeting. Discussing the close links between the radical right in America and Britain, he points out that he has an American wife and asks for money.

· An international conference of "nationalists" planned by David Duke for October fails to come off, Searchlight reports. Duke reportedly had invited BNP boss Nick Griffin and various other extremists from France, Germany and Russia.

· Hundreds of neo-Nazi Skinheads and others from around Europe and the United States attend a Hammerskin "hatecore" concert in Bremen, Ga. The October concert is one of many held annually on both continents that bring together Skinhead bands and audiences from both sides of the Atlantic.

· Jens Puhse and Henrik and Jürgen Distler, officials of the neofascist German NPD party, join 43 U.S. members of the National Alliance in an April 2 protest outside the German embassy in Washington, D.C.

They march to protest the lack of free speech and the "persecution" of dissidents in Germany, including the charges brought against German neo-Nazi Hendrik Möbus, who is facing U.S. deportation to Germany.

Puhse oversees NPD book, video and CD sales, while Jürgen Distler edits the NPD's monthly Deutsche Stimme (German Voice). Both men are on the NPD governing board and had met Alliance boss William Pierce in Germany.

· British National Party (BNP) organizer Paul Thompson tells a February AFBNP meeting in Port St. Lucie, Fla., that officials of the European Union are wrecking Europe's nations so as to create one "super multiracial, multicultural Euro-state."

· BNP National Chairman Nick Griffin, hosted with his wife by AFBNP chieftain Mark Cotterill, addresses three meetings in a week-long visit in May.

In Richmond, Va., Griffin's speech, on the upcoming English elections and ongoing race riots in the English town of Oldham, is co-hosted by David Duke's National Organization for European American Rights. In Fort Lee, N.J., at a meeting co-sponsored by the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, Griffin discusses European nationalist movements.

In Arlington, Va., Griffin's speech is preceded by "a minute's silence" for Byron de la Beckwith, the murderer of civil rights leader Medgar Evers.