Anti-Semitic Violence Rises in 2000

July 2, Latvia
A Jewish memorial is vandalized in Riga.

July 27, Germany
A bomb at a railway station injures 10 immigrants, including seven Jews, in Düsseldorf.

Aug. 7, Germany
A Jewish family in Bamberg finds a bomb outside their home.

Aug. 9, Texas
An official of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Dallas is suspended and then resigns after making anti-Semitic remarks about vice-presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman.

Sept. 15, Washington
A swastika is burned into the lawn of a Tacoma synagogue.

Sept. 17, Russia
Neo-Nazis invade a Jewish school in Ryazan. Brandishing chains, they destroy an art exhibit and threaten students.

Sept. 18, Italy
Neo-Nazis attack a Jewish schoolteacher in Verona. During the attack they hail Jörg Haider, leader of Austria's far right Freedom Party.

Oct. 1, New York
In the first apparent response to instability in the Middle East, a Jew is attacked and slashed above the eye returning from a Brooklyn synagogue on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Oct. 2, France
The first of many French anti-Semitic firebombings occurs at the Rue Gresset Synagogue in Paris.

Oct. 2, New York
A Jewish man on a Brooklyn subway train is kicked and harassed.

Oct. 3, France
A synagogue is firebombed in Villepinte.

Oct. 3, Germany
A Jewish couple is attacked in Schwerin.

Oct. 3, Germany
On the 10th anniversary of German reunification, a synagogue is firebombed in Düsseldorf, vandals paint swastikas at the former Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald and, within days, a Jewish cemetery in southern Germany will be desecrated.

Oct. 4, Germany
The head of the German Jewish community receives two letter bombs.

Oct. 5, France
A Jewish student is attacked while leaving school in Paris.

Oct. 6, France
Jewish children are stoned leaving school in Savigny sur Orge.

Oct. 7, United Kingdom
Synagogues are bombed in London and Seymour Place and Torah scrolls are burned in Elstree.

Oct. 7, France
An Aubervilliers synagogue and a Paris kosher restaurant are firebombed.

Oct. 8, New York
On Yom Kippur, a bottle full of purple liquid is thrown at a New York synagogue, shattering a glass door.

Oct. 8, France
Arsonists attack synagogues in Lyons, Paris and Marseilles.

Oct. 9, Uzbekistan
Arson destroys a synagogue in Tashkent.

Oct. 9, France
A Creil synagogue and a Jewish high school in Tenoudijo are firebombed. A bullet is fired at one Paris synagogue, and Torah scrolls are destroyed at another. Jews are attacked in Lyons and in Brussels, Belgium.

Oct. 9, Netherlands
An Emmen synagogue is attacked with a Molotov cocktail and another in Oss is invaded by neo-Nazi Skinheads who threaten worshippers.