Anti-Semitic Violence Rises in 2000

Oct. 10, France
A synagogue near Paris is firebombed, and another near Versailles is burned to the ground.

Oct. 10, Canada
A Jew returning from synagogue is attacked in Montreal.

Oct. 11, Canada
A Jewish teen is attacked in the Montreal Metro.

Oct. 11, France
Synagogues in Colombes and Creil are firebombed.

Oct. 12, France
Two synagogues and a Jewish bookstore in Paris and a synagogue near Toulon are firebombed. Two Jewish homes near Paris are torched. A Jewish children's school bus is stoned, and an Orthodox Jew is attacked, both near Paris.

Oct. 12, Illinois
In several incidents in Chicago, bullets are fired at a rabbi and Jews are attacked with marbles fired from a slingshot.

Oct. 13, New York
Arson destroys a Syracuse synagogue.

Oct. 13, France
Five synagogues in Paris, along with others in Toulouse and Strasbourg, are firebombed. Bullets are fired at a car and a store owned by Jews in Paris.

Oct. 14, Minnesota
Arson damages a St. Paul synagogue.

Oct. 14, Australia
Molotov cocktails are thrown at a synagogue in Sydney.

Oct. 15, Belgium
A synagogue is firebombed in Brussels.

Oct. 15, Canada
A synagogue is firebombed in Ottawa.

Oct. 15, France
A synagogue is firebombed near Paris.

Oct. 16, France
A kosher butcher shop is firebombed in Toulon.

Oct. 16, England
An Orthodox Jew is stabbed on a London bus in what police call a racially motivated attack.

Oct. 24, Georgia
A man with a shaved head and a swastika tattoo attacks a teenage Jewish girl in Atlanta.

Nov. 1, Canada
Two Edmonton synagogues are firebombed.

Nov. 4, Germany
One thousand neo-Nazis march through Berlin in a political demonstration.

Nov. 10, Bosnia-Herzegovina
A Jewish cemetery is attacked in Sarajevo.

Nov. 20, Russia
A Jewish former government official in Kursk says he was attacked inside a government building by assailants shouting anti-Semitic slurs.

Dec. 7, Australia
A bomb is discovered at a Sydney synagogue.

Dec. 27, Belarus
A synagogue in Minsk is firebombed.

Dec. 28, Romania
Saying they want the "soap made of human fat" supposedly produced at Nazi death camps, vandals attack a Jewish history museum in Bucharest.

Jan. 1, 2001, Nevada
Arson damages the same Reno synagogue that racist Skinheads tried to firebomb in November 1999.