Extremist Groups React to the 9/11 Attacks

Council of Conservative Citizens*
St. Louis, Mo.

Under the headline, "Dirty Rotten Arabs and Muslims," the Council's main Web site posts photographs of:

  • Robert Khayat ("Syrian Chancellor of Ole Miss. Conducted a jihad against Southern Culture. Black Muslims and Arab Students Welcome!");
  • The former Republican senator from Michigan, Spencer Abraham ("This crosseyed Lebanese ex-Senator lost reelection in Michigan due to his support of lax immigration laws. Osama bin Laden says: 'Thanks, Spence!'"); and
  • Michael Muhammed ("Allah's Boy") of the black supremacist New Black Panther Party.

Under the photographs, the site adds, "Arab treachery and deviousness have been a scourge since biblical times. Islam is a religion of hatred and vindictiveness."

Sam Francis
Editor for the Council of Conservative Citizens*, Alexandria, Va.

"The blunt and ugly truth is that the United States ... started the war in the name of 'spreading democracy,' 'building nations,' 'waging peace,' 'stopping aggression,' 'enforcing human rights' and all the other pious lies... . What is new is merely that this week, for the first time, the war we started came home... ."

David Duke
President of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization*, Mandeville, La.

"The Government and Media, who are in service of a supremacist state in the Middle East [Israel], rather than the American nation, have made millions across the world despise us. ... [O]ur country now reaps the whirlwind. ... Our masters already plan ... a war on our most basic freedoms... .

"In the days ahead, let us free ourselves from the foreign powers that dominate us and put our love for our America and our people first."

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Washington, D.C.

On its Web site, FAIR reran a highly controversial advertisement featuring side-by-side photographs of Osama bin Laden and former U.S. Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-Mich.) under the headline, "Why Is a U.S. Senator Trying to Make It Easy for Osama bin Laden to Export Terrorism to the U.S.?"

FAIR originally ran the ad in 2000 because Abraham, the only Arab-American in the Senate, was backing legislation to allow more skilled workers visas to work in the United States. The ad was condemned nationally.

Institute for Historical Review
Newport Beach, Calif.

"[T]he jolting impact of the September 11 attacks ... will also encourage growing numbers of thoughtful Americans to see through the lies propagated by our nation's political and cultural elite, and its Zionist allies, to impose their will around the world. ...

"[R]age will grow against those who have subordinated American interests ... to Jewish-Zionist ambitions."

Michael Hill
President of the League of the South*, Monroe, La.

"In part, these events spring from an 'open borders' policy that has for the past four decades encouraged massive Third World immigration and thus cultural destabilization. Hence, these acts of violence were also the natural fruits of a regime committed to multiculturalism and diversity, hallmarks of empire rather than of nation. ...

"[T]his is America's wake-up call to forsake its idolatry and to return to its true Christian and Constitutional foundations."

Bill White
Webmaster for Libertarian Socialist News, Silver Spring, Md.

"The acts committed against the United States today were not 'evil' acts — they were acts that proceeded naturally and organically from U.S. policy, and they were acts of justice... .

"My sense of righteousness and justice knows that these acts are good in an absolute sense — because the natural and good result of evil policies is pain... ."

Richard F. Masker
Self-described "conspiratologist", Hayden Lake, Idaho

"Our New World Order treasonous government for sure knew about the plans for the WTC attack several weeks in advance and the Zionists saw the opportunity they had been diligently waiting for. ... When the planes hit the building the Israeli Mossad operatives used radio controlled detonators to bring the building down... .

"No human being has the mental ability to comprehend the degree of abject hatred that the Jew is capable of displaying toward all other non-Jews."

Norm Olson
Co-founder of the Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines, Alanson, Mich.

Saying large numbers of militia enthusiasts are being "reactivated," Olson said he was contacting President Bush to offer his group's help.

"The President knows that millions of patriots across America are equipped, armed and trained to guard and to defend our land. He is obliged and expected to recognize the citizen militia as its primary guardians. ... If America's enemies are among us, we will find them... ."

Micetrap Distribution*
White power music firm, Maple Shade, N.J.

"[A]lthough it would be illegal for me to publicly call for violence against the Muslims, I know there are many angry people out there and I surely support those that decide (on their own) to strike against these internal enemies by physical violence and damage against their homes, shops and places of religious worship. It is my opinion that we must strike fear into their hearts...

"I had originally planned to use all of my many resources to call for attacks against them, but later decided that this would cause me too many problems... . I believe it is up to us to cleanse our streets of their evil and plotting minds."

William Pierce
Leader of the National Alliance*, Hillsboro, W.V.

"This time ... things didn't go smoothly for the Jews and their U.S. bully boy. ... What happened this week is a direct consequence of the American people permitting the Jews to control their government and to use American strength to advance Jews' interests... .

"[T]he people who flew those planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon did it because they had been pushed into a corner by the U.S. government acting on behalf of the Jews... ."

Billy Roper
Deputy Membership Coordinator of the National Alliance*, Hillsboro, W.V.

"The enemy of our enemy is, for now at least, our friends. We may not want them marrying our daughters, just as they would not want us marrying theirs. We may not want them in our societies, just as they would not want us in theirs.

"But anyone who is willing to drive a plane into a building to kill jews is alright by me. I wish our members had half as much testicular fortitude."