National Alliance, Holocaust Deniers React to 9/11 Attacks

Ghaddafi, the Green Book and Western Extremism
Links between Libya and the European far right have been scrutinized in several parliamentary and judicial probes in Italy.

One Italian judicial inquiry found that the Libyan embassy in Rome had provided money to aid the escape of Italian terrorist suspect Mario Tuti shortly after the bombing of an express train near Florence in 1974. Tuti was later captured and sentenced to a lengthy prison term for orchestrating the attack, which killed 12 people and injured 44 others.

Ghadaffi's financial largesse and his militant anti-Zionism has generated support for the Libyan regime among right-wing extremists around the world, including in Great Britain, where the Green Book, Ghaddafi's political manifesto, was promoted by the neo-Nazi National Front.

In 1984, according to former British Nazi leader Ray Hill (who later renounced racism and worked with antiracists), the Libyan People's Bureau put up money for a special anti-Semitic supplement to the National Front's monthly magazine.

In addition, Ghadaffi's government picked up the tab for several junkets so that neofascists from England, France, Canada, the Netherlands and several other countries could visit the Libyan capital.

Col. Ghaddafi is also widely admired by white supremacists in the United States.

The Green Book has been featured as the top online book on the Web site of the American Front, whose professed aim is "to secure National Freedom and Social Justice for the White people of North America."

Asserting that he is "against race mixing," American Front leader James Porazzo praises Libya and says that his group has much in common ideologically with Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, which has its own links to Ghaddafi.

Porazzo also says he has "great respect for the actions of Hamas and Hezbollah," two radical Islamist groups involved in suicide bombings, as long as they "see that their home is in the Mideast and that their religion is great for their people but not intended for all mankind."

'Working for Their Races'
The Philadelphia-based American Front thinks highly of Osama bin Laden, too, describing him as "one of ZOG [Zionist Occupation Government, the name many extremists give to the federal government, which they believe is run by Jews] and the New World Order's biggest enemies."

And it is not alone. Wolfgang Droege, one of 17 Canadian racists who traveled on a "fact-finding mission" to Libya in 1989, is similarly enamored of bin Laden, seeing parallels between bin Laden's struggle and others supporting "racial nationalism" in North America.

"I've had dealings with Black Muslims, I've had dealings with Arabs, I've had dealings with people of various races, and I realize that some of these people are as motivated as I am in working for the interest of their race," Droege told MacLean's magazine.

While they wouldn't want bin Laden, or anyone of non-European descent, living next door, leaders of the hard-core racist movement in the United States have seized upon the Sept. 11 attacks as an opportunity to expand their strategic alliance with Islamic radicals under the pretext of supporting Palestinian rights.

After hijacked airplanes demolished the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, a number of Muslim newspapers published a flurry of articles by American white supremacists ranting against Israel and the Jews.

Anti-Zionist commentary by neo-Nazi David Duke appeared on the front page of the Oman Times, for instance, and on an extremist website based in Pakistan.

Another opinion piece by Duke ran in Muslims, a New York-based English-language weekly, which also featured a lengthy critique of U.S. foreign policy by William Pierce, head of the rabidly racist National Alliance.

In the wake of Sept. 11, several American neo-Nazi websites also started to offer links to Islamic websites.

The psychological dynamics that propel the actions of Islamic terrorists have much in common with the mental outlook of neo-Nazis.

Both glorify violence as a regenerative force and both are willing to slaughter innocents in the name of creating a new social order.

The potential for an alliance between American neo-Nazis and Islamic terrorists — an alliance that could develop into strong operational ties — cannot be ruled out given the long and sordid history of fascist links to the Muslim world.