40 to Watch: Leaders of the Radical Right

What does the radical right look like after a year of reverses? The future may lie in the personalities still peopling the fringe

It's been a miserable year for the American radical right.

Since the death in July 2002 of William Pierce, founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, leading activists have been arrested, sent to prison, deported and even killed. The Alliance, which just a year ago was thriving, has lost hundreds of members, seen key players on its board resign in protest against its new leader, and suffered a precipitous drop in both income and prestige.

The second most important neo-Nazi group, the World Church of the Creator, has no active leader and has practically ceased to exist as its long-time chieftain awaits trial for alleged solicitation of murder. At the same time, other activists and groups have risen as part of a general realignment of the radical right.

What follows are snapshots of some of these ideologues and activists from various sectors of the movement — some of them longstanding and well-known leaders, but also a significant number whose importance and roles have clearly changed in recent months.

While this list is far from comprehensive, it offers a window onto the shape that the radical right is likely to take as new groups form and others disappear.

Organizations listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups that were active during 2002 are indicated by an asterisk.

Michelle Bramblett and Nia Hightower contributed to this story.

Gordon Lee Baum, 62
White supremacist // BRIDGETON, Mo.

Rev. Michael D. Bray, 51
Violent anti-abortion extremist // BOWIE, Md.

Bruce Alan Breeding, 35
Neo-Nazi // MANDEVILLE, La.

Boyd D. Cathey, 54
Neo-Confederate // WENDELL, N.C.

Bryant Calvert Cecchini, 32
Neo-Nazi Skinhead // ST. PAUL, Minn.

John Thomas Cripps, 46
Neo-Confederate // LUMBERTON, Miss.

Ronald G. Doggett, 41
Klansman, neo-Nazi and white supremacist // RICHMOND, Va.

Clayton R. Douglas, 57
"Patriot" and anti-Semite // BINGHAM, N.M.

Ronald W. Edwards, 43
Klansman // DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky.

Samuel T. Francis, 56
White supremacist // LANHAM, Md.

Victor J. Gerhard, 39
Neo-Nazi // WILMINGTON, N.C.

Erich J. Gliebe, 40
Neo-Nazi // CLEVELAND, Ohio

Morris L. Gulett, 48
Neo-Nazi // DAYTON, Ohio

Paul Hall Jr.
White supremacist // MARIPOSA, Calif.

J. Michael Hill, 51
Neo-Confederate // KILLEN, Ala.

Charles J. Juba, 31
Neo-Nazi // OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.

David Lane, 65
Racist Odinist, Klansman, neo-Nazi and white supremacist icon // FLORENCE, Colo.

Melody Mackey LaRue, 28
Neo-Nazi // LYNNWOOD, Wash.

Alex R. Linder, 37
Neo-Nazi // KIRKSVILLE, Mo.

Wayne C. Lutton, 54
Anti-immigrant homophobe and white nationalist // PETOSKEY, Mich.

Thomas J. Martin, 20
Neo-Nazi Skinhead // CHARLESTON, W.Va.

Thomas L. Metzger, 65
White supremacist // FALLBROOK, Calif.

Anthony A. Pierpont, 36
Racist Skinhead // SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn.

David Martin Pringle, 34
Neo-Nazi // ANCHORAGE, Alaska

Harold Ray Redfeairn, 51
Neo-Nazi // NEW VIENNA, Ohio

Billy Joe Roper II, 31
Neo-Nazi // RUSSELLVILLE, Ark.

Jean-Philippe Rushton, 50
White supremacist and race scientist // LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada

Kenneth J. Schmidt, 43
White nationalist // UPPER MONTCLAIR, N.J.

Jeffrey S. Schoep, 29
Neo-Nazi // LITCHFIELD, Minn.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, 36
Black supremacist and anti-Semite // WASHINGTON, D.C.

Yusuf Shabazz, 41
Black supremacist and anti-Semite // SAVANNAH, Ga.

Edgar J. Steele, 58
Anti-Semite // SAGLE, Idaho

Elisha H. Strom, 28
Neo-Nazi // EARLYSVILLE, Va.

Samuel Jared Taylor, 51
White supremacist // OAKTON, Va.

Harold C. Turner, 41
White supremacist // NORTH BERGEN, N.J.

Mark E. Weber, 51
Neo-Nazi // COSTA MESA, Calif.

William A. White, 26
White nationalist // SILVER SPRING, Md.

James P. Wickstrom, 60
Neo-Nazi // MADISONVILLE, Tenn.

Steven J. Wiegand, 30
Racist Skinhead // MAPLE SHADE, N.J.

Ron G. Wilson, 56
Neo-Confederate // EASELY, S.C.