Leading Neo-Nazi Peddles Pornography

A leading neo-Nazi rejects the 'wholesome' polkas and waltzes of his bosses for entertainment of an entirely different kind

Among the many sins neo-Nazis like to ascribe to their mortal enemies, "the Jews," few inspire more righteous invective than pornography and sexual depravity. David Duke, the former Klan leader currently imprisoned for gambling away his followers' donations, has even blamed Jews for inspiring "obscene poets."

"The Talmud's full of things like sex with boys and girls," he claimed in a 1985 interview.

William Pierce, the National Alliance founder who died last summer, could not get enough of the subject. "The Jews have always had a proclivity for ... prostitution, the White slave trade, pornography, and the like," Pierce asserted in a 2001 essay in the National Alliance magazine, Free Speech.

Displaying a certain savvy about the porn industry, Piece added, "In the booming new business of Internet pornography, the biggest operator, the so-called 'Bill Gates of e-porn,' is a nice, Jewish boy named Seth Warshavsky, who owns clublove.com and many other of the largest pornography sites."

The success of big-time porn operators like Warshavsky has inspired more than pious denunciations from the nation's most virulent anti-Semites. It has also apparently encouraged at least one of America's most prominent neo-Nazis to set up as an aspiring porn magnate.

Since last November, 35-year-old Bruce Alan Breeding (see also profile The X-Rated Nazi) — an important figure in the National Alliance and Duke's longtime right-hand man — has been running a New Orleans-based porn site, xsitenola.com, while producing a companion adult magazine, Xsite.

The smut Breeding peddles would make a Playboy reader blush. Far from "soft," airbrushed porn, Breeding trades in mother-daughter sex, bisexuality, anal sex, dungeon rentals and "slave girls for voyeurs."

To say the least, Breeding's porn projects represent a dramatic deviation from the professedly straight-arrow world of organized white supremacy. National Alliance membership is supposedly reserved for "White persons of good character," with bisexuality and homosexuality high on the list of disqualifiers.

The Alliance claims that one of its goals is to offer "a moral compass, so that people once again know instinctively what is wholesome and natural and what is degenerate and alien." Members are advised to get their kicks with "polkas or waltzes, reels or jigs," and never, but never, to "undulate or jerk to negroid jazz or rock rhythms."

Breeding did not disavow this white-bread world when he set up shop as an aspiring porn king — quite the contrary, in fact. Breeding still belongs to the Alliance, the largest neo-Nazi group in America.

More significantly, he serves as national director of Duke's white-rights outfit, the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO). Now, while Duke whiles away his 15-month prison sentence in Texas, Breeding lives at least part-time in Duke's Mandeville, La., home, building his porn empire while running EURO in order to rescue the white race from the depravity of the Jews.

Breeding's efforts to hide his foray into the flesh trade from his co-religionists seem poorly thought out at best. Xsite magazine's masthead lists the co-editor and sales department staffer as "Vince Evans" — not too far removed from one of Breeding's other pseudonyms, "Vincent Edwards." The incorporation papers for Xsite Entertainment L.L.C., filed last September, are less evasive. They list Breeding and a man named Michael B. Vaughn as the company's officers.

Breeding certainly made no secret of his magazine's official launch, a bash held last All Hallows Eve in the Twi Ro Pa Mills, an old New Orleans warehouse that xsitenola.com calls a "Party Palace." After getting down at the former mill, Breeding and some of the magazine's "Xsite girls" carried their party to the Gold Club, an up-market strip joint.

Pictures of the festivities, splashed on xsitenola.com, show Breeding sipping champagne in a limousine, arms flung around the busty models; other photos from the evening feature the "Xsite girls" in flagrante.