Patriots Gather for Media Bypass Anniversary Celebration in Evansville, Ind.

A common front?
Krull spoke eloquently about the way the ICLU does its job. While he emphasized common ground between his organization and the right-wing extremists in the room, he did not highlight their differences in his remarks to the gathering by repudiating the racist and anti-Semitic sentiments of other speakers and audience members.

Krull's address was sandwiched between two speakers far more familiar to this audience. Preceding Krull was Edgar Steele, the attorney who represented neo-Nazi Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler when he was sued by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Steele gave a fiery talk about how "Zionists control America" and persecute "politically incorrect, conservative Christians" like Duke, neo-Nazi leader Matt Hale and Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, whom Steele said was imprisoned for telling the truth about the "so-called Holocaust."

After Krull's speech, conspiracy theorist Pat Shannan fulminated against the Jewish cabal he claims was behind the 9/11 attacks. Shannan's evidence: "no towel-head in a cave" could possibly have pulled off such sophisticated attacks.

During the other speeches, Krull manned an ICLU display and chatted with participants who milled around the neighboring tables, inspecting Christian Identity and antigovernment audiotapes, videotapes, books and pamphlets.

On one side of the ICLU's table, Pat Shannan hawked his book, One in a Million: An IRS Travesty, which purportedly reveals how the Internal Revenue Service secretly spies on Americans. On the other side of Krull was the Union Christian Church, handing out pamphlets with titles like "Caucasian Culture" and "Our Southern Heritage: The Confederate Battle Flag."

In the afternoon, Krull moved back to the podium for a roundtable discussion with the most influential extremists in the room: Hall, Temple, Steele, Shannan, Clayton Douglas (publisher of the Free American, another "Patriot" magazine), outspoken Christian Identity "pastor" Eustace Mullins and Charles Key, a former Oklahoma state legislator who believes there was a government conspiracy behind the Oklahoma City bombing.

The panel brimmed with anti-Semitic and antigovernment conspiracy theories. Asked about the U.S. government's role in the 9/11 attacks, Douglas responded: "So who had to gain by 9/11? Israel. Who wants an office in our homeland security? Mossad," he said, referring to the Israeli security agency.

Mullins chimed in. "I do know that the only person who directly benefited from 9/11 is Larry Silverstein and Silverstein is not an Arab." (He is the developer who acquired the World Trade Center lease shortly before the attacks.) Key said he didn't care about 9/11, but he knew who to blame for Oklahoma City: "the U.S. government killed those babies in that nursery," he said, "just as sure as Janet Reno killed those babies at Waco."