'Paleoconservatives' Decry Immigration

Back to the Future
Fast forward to 2003. Once a relatively mainstream anti-immigration page, VDARE has now become a meeting place for many on the radical right.

One essay complains about how the government encourages "the garbage of Africa" to come to the United States. The same writer says once the "Mexican invasion" engulfs the country, "high teenage birthrates, poverty, ignorance and disease will be what remains."

Another says that Hispanics have a "significantly higher level of social pathology than American whites. ... In other words, some immigrants are better than others." Yet another complains that a Jewish immigrant rights group is helping "African Muslim refugees" come to America.

Brimelow's site carries archives of columns from men like Sam Francis, who is the editor of the newspaper of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a group whose Web page recently described blacks as "a retrograde species of humanity."

It has run articles by Jared Taylor, the editor of the white supremacist American Renaissance magazine, which specializes in dubious race and IQ studies and eugenics, the "science" of "race betterment" through selective breeding.

Recently, VDARE has even begun to publish the writings of Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at California State-Long Beach. MacDonald accuses Jews of "dominating" the "movement to change the ethnic balance of the United States by allowing mass, non-traditional [i.e., non-white] immigration."

He writes that Jews, believing "the masses ha[ve] to be deceived," frame their appeals in universalistic language. But behind that are "the Jewish agendas" of the deceivers. MacDonald also mentions "the famously heavy Jewish role" in television news.

Marching With the Confederacy
Brimelow has some remarkable things to say in his own essays. Among them, he describes the Pioneer Fund — a racist foundation that funds research like that favored by American Renaissance — as "a perfectly respectable institution."

No wonder. Brimelow also runs articles by the Pioneer Fund's new president, Jean-Phillippe Rushton, another British expatriate who teaches at the University of Western Ontario and who has been investigated for violations of Canadian hate speech laws.

Among other things, Rushton has theorized about a supposed inverse relationship between penis and brain size (meaning, in his construction, that blacks on average are more promiscuous and less intelligent than whites and Asians).

In New Orleans, Brimelow joined about 80 people who paid $250 for the two-day session to discuss "America: A European Nation." Unfortunately for him, Sam Francis was the penultimate speaker, discussing how today's immigrants "don't even know how to flush a toilet, the flushing toilet, a European invention, being a marker of civilization."

Francis went on to say that the governors of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas should be tried for treason for meeting with Mexican President Vicente Fox. By the time he was done, Brimelow had eight minutes.

Brimelow raced through his usual speech on immigration, suggesting that Third World immigration had "changed the character of America" and calling for a cap on legal immigration and deportation of all illegals.

Meanwhile, in the atrium outside the conference room where the meeting was held, a band was playing pop hits by black artists for a wedding party. As the music came pounding through the wall, Brimelow denounced it as "crap."

And what would the advocate of a whiter America rather be listening to? A 19th-century Confederate marching tune, he said.

Editor's note: Based on evidence compiled by the Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center is adding VDARE to its list of hate sites on the Web.