U.S. Probes Neo-Nazi Website After 'Death Threat' to Canadians

Police and federal agents in Missouri began looking into American neo-Nazi Alex Linder in late July, after his Vanguard News Network (VNN) website said it would be patriotic to murder a judge and several others in Canada.

The comment, which Linder admits to writing, came after the jailing in Canada of Tomasz Winnicki. Canadian Justice Konrad von Finckenstein sentenced Winnicki to nine months for refusing to obey a court order that banned him from posting racist messages online. The quasi-governmental Canadian Human Rights Commission and Ottawa human rights lawyer Richard Warman, who lodged the original complaint with the commission, were also involved in the case.

"Killing Warman, 'judge' von Finckenstein, or any of the jews [sic] who make up the dictatorial 'human rights' council ... would be a genuine act of patriotism," Linder wrote about a week after Winnicki was sentenced.

Police in Kirksville, Mo., where Linder lives, were looking into the case with the assistance of the FBI, Warman said. Linder's service provider shut down the site when Canadian officials complained, but it went up again a short time later.

Linder told a Canadian reporter that "there was no death threat made," adding that "what I've said is absolutely legal in the U.S." But Warman, who along with the commission has taken added security measures recently, couldn't disagree more.

"To me, it's incitement to murder," Warman told the Intelligence Report. "It's surrounded by violent rhetoric, and then you say that killing a number of people would be a 'patriotic act.' I just don't think there's any question about it."