Profiles of 10 Racist Skinheads

Racist skinhead culture has long brimmed with violence and venom.

Gabriel Carafa

Gabriel Carafa
Never one for discretion, Gabriel Carafa decided to advertise his racist skinhead ideology by having "RAHOWA" (short for "Racial Holy War") tattooed across his forehead in large gothic script. The skin of Carafa's torso is riddled with crudely inked runes, swastikas, SS bolts, and the clear-cut phrases, "Race War" and "Kill Niggers."

A former member of the Latin Kings whose gang name was "King Shaggy," this convicted drug dealer has been a "governor" (the highest ranking member in New Jersey) in the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator (now known as the Creativity Movement) and a member of The Hated, a skinhead crew active in New Jersey as well as Florida.

Carafa's hate crime record includes convictions for bias intimidation and making terroristic threats. These stemmed from an October 2002 incident in which Carafa arrived at a 7-Eleven in Seaside Heights, N.J., to find the store closed. When the store's Hindu manager refused to open the locked door, Carafa punched through the store's front window, then yelled threats and racial slurs, including "let's run this nigger over!" He served three years in prison for his crimes.

Upon his release in 2005, Carafa moved in with former cellmate Craig Orler, a fellow member of The Hated who possessed a large cache of weapons, some of them stolen. Carafa agreed to help Orler find a buyer for the guns in exchange for a split of the profits. On April 25, 2005, Carafa sold a Winchester rifle with the serial number removed for $100 to a man he believed to be a fellow white supremacist, who in fact was a federal informant. Three weeks later, Carafa called the man and offered 11 more guns for sale, quoting a price of $1,000 for seven shotguns, three rifles, and a handgun. The informant accepted.

Next, Carafa offered to sell him an M-16. Then he started talking bombs. Carafa eventually supplied the undercover operative with 60 pounds of urea, a type of chemical fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. When Carafa bragged about the urea he'd obtained being of higher quality than the fertilizer used by Timothy McVeigh, authorities decided to end the six-month undercover operation rather than run the risk of Carafa and Orler actually detonating a fertilizer bomb. Both members of The Hated were arrested and later pleaded guilty to selling guns without a federal license and possessing firearms despite prior felony convictions (Orler had past convictions for burglary and assault).

"We are pleased that this dangerous criminal is going to prison," said New Jersey Attorney General Zulima V. Farber. "This defendant's violent strain of racism and his access to firearms made him a grave threat to our communities."

Now back in prison for up to 15 years, Carafa's tattoos may prove to be a grave threat to his own safety.