Independent Neo-Nazi Skinhead Crews Look to Team Up

Blood & Honour

Independent neo-Nazi Skinhead crews from around the country convened in Logan, Ohio, for the first gathering of the Blood & Honour USA Council, which aims to create a united front.

The Oct. 22 meeting drew representatives from the Keystone State Skinheads; the Hoosier State Skinheads; the Ohio State Skins; the New Jersey Skins; the Maryland Skinheads; the Canyon State Skinheads; Blood & Honour units in Texas and Ohio; the American Thule Society; the Imperial Klans of America; and the National Alliance.

Some 15 skins passed the mead horn, a ritual in the racist variant of the Odinist religion, during the event. Key players there included (see above photo) Eric "The Butcher" Fairburn (sledge hammer on shoulder), a former guitarist for the racist band RAHOWA, and Brien James (grey sleeveless T-shirt, hands on hips).

Both men were once associated with the Outlaw Hammerskins, a rogue crew formed to defy Hammerskin Nation, long the country's dominant skin coalition, but now are with the Vinlanders Social Club, another skin coalition. They are also key players in the new Blood & Honour grouping, which challenges the Hammerskins' power.