Lincoln, Ala.

Despite this label's claim to have a "fully functional, state-of-the-art recording studio," Aryan Nations Records pleads on its Web site for bands to submit pre-recorded hate rock. So far, ANR's Web site only advertises a single music compilation. It's operated by the remnants of the once-powerful Aryan Nations and sells a large selection of recorded speeches by aged or long-dead stalwarts of American white supremacy, men like Wesley Swift, J.B. Stoner, Edward Fields, Tom Metzger, Bob Miles, Louis Beam, Thom Robb, and especially Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler, who died in late 2004.

Despite its online presence, Aryan Nations Records does business only through the practically archaic method of regular mail. Only cash or blank money orders are accepted.

"Please be in prayer for our progress," the Web site adds.