New York, N.Y.

A newspaper reporter once asked the owner of Vinland Winds, a man who identifies himself as "Grimnir Wotansvolk," to explain his vision for the future. "Easy," Grimnir replied. "We would export all the niggers, Jews and newspaper reporters back to a little town called Tel Aviv, where they would be forced to toss Ariel Sharon's salad."

Based in New York, Vinland Winds mostly sells CDs by National Socialist Black Metal bands, many of them European. It also has collaborated with other music labels, including the National Alliance-owned NSBM label Unholy Records, to produce original recordings from bands like the black metal group Grom.

The Vinland Winds Web page, which features drawings of Celtic warriors brandishing swords, links to a site dedicated to freeing convicted German neo-Nazi child-murderer Hendrik Möbus.